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Descendents of Joseph Hosinski

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The Hosinski Brothers, Franciszek and Antonio Pre-1920

Franciszek & Rozalia Hosinski Home of Francizek & Rozalia Hosinski

The Franciszek Hosinski and Rozalia Kujawa Family


Franciszek Hosinski was born in 1834 the second of six children born to Joseph and Magdalena Cholewinski of Srebrna Gora, Zninski, Prussian Poland. In 1867 he married Rozalia Kujawa in the village church at Rekowo:


In a letter of his son Brother Peter Claver in 1943.


Source Brother Peter Claver Letter 5-17-1943
Father ran away from Polish Germany during the Franco Prussian War, and was for a short time in Bronson, Michigan cutting down trees in the forest, but he moved to South Bend. In 1868 he sent for Mother and worked on the NYC RR laying tracks for .75 cents per day. Finally he worked for Oliver Plow until his death. Father brought Mother, his Mother , also three brothers and two sisters to the USA at different times.


The marriage will produce six children, among them a priest and a brother of the Order of Holy Cross, a Federal Marshal, and a State Representative. Franciszek and Rozalia worked very hard to educate their children and provide them with the tools necessary to succeed in the New World. They will build a fine home on Division Street (Western Ave) pictured above. Like so many first generation immigrants of the day their sacrifices made the path for the children to succeed. Franciszek will pass in 1918 of old age and Rozalia will follow him in 1932.


Brother Peter Claver aka Michael Hosinski
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Albin and Bertha Hosinski
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Albin Marion Hosinski was born in South Bend, Indiana, January 10 1880, the fourth child of Franciszek and Rozalia (Kujawa) Hosinski. He and seven siblings were raised on the industrial “West Side: of South Bend at 2717 West Division (today Western Ave). Albin will court and marry the former Mary Bertha Janowiak born February 11, 1883, the daughter of Jacob Helen (Minchowski) Janowiak at St Hedwig Catholic Catholic Church, August 17, 1904. Eight children will be born to this union; Clara Marie 1907, Antoinette 1911, Dorothy 1912, Albin L. 1915, Leona Rose 1916, Maria 1922, Helen Dolores 1923. All of the children will survive to adulthood, residing at 1117 Harvey in South Bend. Albin will pass February 05, 1950 and Bertha will follow July 31, 1967, they rest together at Highland Cemetery, South Bend, Indiana.

Bertha-Frank-Rosaliaand children1916

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A 1916 photo of Bertha Hosinski (Mrs. Albin), Rozalia, Clara, Franciszek and seated Antoinette and baby Dorothy taken at the 2717 West Division Residence


Albin and Bertha WholeFamily

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This circa 1924 picture captures Bertha and all the Hosinski children

These Photo's and narrative by: Barbara Hosinski Cser


Leo John Hosinski and Louise Barbara Kowalski

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Wedding party portrait for Leon John Hosinski and Louise Barbara Kowalski

St Hedwig, South Bend, IN … August 21, 1899


Leon is the son of Frank Hosinski and Rosalia Kujawa born March 18, 1875 in South Bend, IN and married to Louise Barbara Kowalski August 21, 1899 at St Hedwig Catholic Church in South Bend. He died in Los Angeles, CA on February 9, 1953 and rests with Louise Barbara at Calvary Mausoleum in Whittier, CA. He had been living with his son Theodore John Hosinski at 224 Oakland, Avenue in South Pasadena, CA at the time of his death, although his actual death was at St. John of God in West Los Angeles.  Louise Barbara Kowalski was born in South Bend on July 3, 1878, the daughter of Frank and Catherine (Andrzejewski) Kowalski, she died in Los Angeles November 7, 1938. The couple had one surviving child Theodore John Hosinski born January 27, 1903. Leon is 24 years old and Louise 21 at the time of this photo.


Seated to the left is Cecilia Hosinski, sister to Leon John born March 10, 1883 she will marry Lott (William-Wladyslaw) Korpal on August 7, 1906 in South Bend. She will pass October 8, 1940 and is 16 at the time of this photo.


Standing between Cecilia and Leon is Nicholas Hosinski the son of Antoni Hosinski (brother of Frank Hosinski and brother in law to Rosalia Kujawa Hosinski) and Rosalia B. Kowalski (sister to Frank H.Kowalski and maternal aunt to Louise Barbara Kowalski). Nicholas was born May 13, 1878 and will pass October 7, 1930 in South Bend. He is 21 years of age in this photo.


To the right of Louise Barbara is her brother,Leonard (Leo) S. Kowalski. He is 19 at the time of this photo and will marry in 1908. Seated on the right is Sophie Bierwagen, a cousin of Louise Barbara, she is single at the time of this photo.

These Photo's and narrative by: Barbara Hosinski Cser

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The Antonio and Rozalia Kowalski Hosinski Family  1851 - 1928   Antonio Hosinski was born in 1851 the fourth child of Joseph and Magdalena Hosinski at Srebrna Gora, Zninski, Prussian Poland. He is the younger brother of Franciszek. He comes to the USA about 1870. On February 15, 1874 he marries Rosalie B Kowalski at St. Patricks Catholic Church in South Bend. He is employed as a teamster. The marriage produces twelve children nine of which survive to adulthood. He passes in 1928 of Pneumonia and she follows in the same year of heart disease.   Antonio's obituary is the testament of the man:   "Mr. Hosinski is pointed out by those who knew him as an example to the young man who desires to get along in the world. After living in America in his boyhood and endowed with a spirit of courage and self denial he realized that hard work was necessary to make a success of life. He took an interest in religion, becoming one of the organizers of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church in South Bend "   In the picture ; Left to right Sitting: Father John, Antonio, Rozalia, Sister Severina Standing: Helen Hosinski Meers, Joseph, Stella Hosinski Piechorowska, William "Big Bill", Joanna Hosinki Gorka, Nicholas, Laura Hosinski Piechorowska  


Hosinski Memorial Cards


Victor "Chmielewski" Meers and Helen Hosinski Family 1889 - 1984   Victor Chmielewski was born in Chicago in 1889. In May, of 1925 he marries Helen Hosinski, the youngest daughter of Antoni and Rozalia Hosinski at St. Stanislaus Church, South Bend, Indiana.     This marriage is reminiscent of the movie "Love Story"   An underage Victor "Chmielewski" Meers, runs away to join the Navy in WW1 . His false identification bore the name "Meers" and it stuck for his lifetime. He was trained in the navy as an electrician mate and Joined I& M Electric following the war.   He was electrocuted in 1926 when his body came in contact with a 37000 to 27000 volt line. Helen will never remarry. One child Helen Marie will be born to the union in January of 1926   In 1936 his wife Helen "Hosinski" Meers, will adopt the children of Frank and Laura Piechorowski and change their name to "Meers". Her act of kindness kept this family of orphan children together, but ended the male line of the Piechorowski family originally decended from Joseph Piechorowski, brother of Jan, son of Andrew and Josepha Tzebratowska.  

Source: Jim Piechorowski September, 2005    

Our grandfather, Victor Chmielewski Meers, was originally interred in Cedar Grove Cemetery as you report.  However, in 1964, after my parents bought plots at Swan Lake Memorial Gardens, my grandma decided she wanted to be buried next to my mom.  Thus, she bought the two plots next to my parents and had my grandfather's body moved there.  My mother died August 29, 2003, and is buried next to her mother.   Source:  Ann Timm Rimkus, Chantilly, VA   20151-2450. The oldest daughter of Jerome Joseph Timm and Helen Marie Meers Timm.  Thus, her maternal grandmother was Helen Hosinski Meers. Dec 2004  

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Helen Dolores Hosinski  

Helen was born in South Bend, Indiana on April 20, 1923 the daughter of Albin & Mary Bertha (Janowiak) Hosinski. She spent her career dedicated to the University of Notre Dame as the Secretary to Rev. Rev John Cavanaugh, President 1943 to 1949 and then Rev Theodore Hesburgh from 1950 to 1990. She will pass in 2000 and rests in Highland Cemetery.   She is remembered as the only person who could tell Father Hesburgh to get a haircut.   "Helen was the quintessential gatekeeper in an office often besieged with request from on behalf of  the  worldwide responsibilities of its occupants. In a day when "Assistants to the President" are omnipresent in the corridors of American academe, Helen did the work of half a dozen without the title. New staff had a probationary period with Helen, mine was about two years, during which your judgement particularly as to need for Father Hesburgh, was met with seasoned Skepticism"  

Richard Conklin, Notre Dame VP University Relations

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