Photo's of The  Deraneck / Deranek / Derenek Family

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The  Derenek  / Deranek / Deraneck Family  

History of the Derenek (Deranek / Deraneck) Family
Source: Wolfgang Derenek

Schiltach,  Germany 2005   About 1876 / 1877 Franz Adalbert Derenek (Deranek / Deraneck) born 1822 goes with his family to Berlin. Franz Adalbert goes to America while his wife Julianna, stays with the children in the region around Berlin. Franz Adalbert settles and finds a job in South Bend, Indiana and sends for his family. In the following years, the children and his wife follow him to Indiana,   But Franz and Peter stay in Germany. Peter goes to Hessen and takes a wife and Franz stays in the north of Germany. Peter's first marriage is to Johanna Katharina Odenwald. The child of Peter and Johanna is  Heinrich Adolf Reinhold. Johanna Katharina Odenwald dies a short time after birth of Heinrich Adolf Reinhold. Lutzi and Willi are the children from his second wife,  Johanna Zehner   Franz Adalbert and Juliana marry April 21, 1845 in Zolondowo, West Prussia (now Poland) and 10 children will be born to the marriage, 8 will survive to adulthood living their lives in America.   What will follows in additional family vignettes is the story of the family who came to America.  . 

Peter and Wolfgang Derenek

about 1963 in Germany

Wolfgang Derenek 2005


Added 12/19/2005 Jan Deranek 1918 Standing: far right (added 12/28/2005)

John W. and Wilhelmina (Wolf) Deranek Family  

John W Deranek was born July 25, 1854 the son of Franz Adalbert and Julianna (Miklas) Derenek in Nekla, West Prussia, now Poland. About 1877 he marries Wilhelmina Wolf born in Garts,  Germany, February 02, 1859.   The family emigrates to this city about 1881 and in 1905 they reside at 723 Birdsell and John is employed as a Blacksmith.  John is one of the original founders of St Stanislaus B & M Catholic Church and very involved in the affairs of the parish. Five children will be born to this union;Ladislaus, Helen, Clara, John K., Felix.   Julianna will pass March 14, 1936 and John will follow September 02, 1940. They both rest in St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery.    

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The Felix F & Katarzyna (Hosinski)  Deranek Family

Spouse 2: Helen Bogacz Borgart  

Felix was born July 02, 1881 in South Bend, the son of John W & Wilhelmina (Wolf)  Deranek of Zolondowo, Bydgoszcz, West Prussia. On August 27, 1907 at St Hedwig Church he will marry the former Katarzyna Hosinski the daughter of John & Victoria (Hejduk) Hosinski.   They will reside on Kenwood St. in South Bend: she is a dress maker and he is employed by Bendix as a tool and die maker all of his carrier retiring in 1952. Four children will be born to this union; Raymund F, Joseph S, Albin and Dennis F.   Katarzyna will pass in 1919 a victim of the epidemic and in 1920 Felix will marry Helen Bogacz Borgart; no children will be born to this union. Helen will pass in 1943 and Felix will follow in 1960. They rest in St Joseph Cemetery. 

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The Joseph P Julia (Kertai) Deranek Family  

Joseph P Deranek was born June 03, 1927 to Joseph F and Hattie (Stachowiak) Deranek in South Bend, Indiana. He is the Grandson of Louis (Ludwig) and  Francisca Wegner Deranek of Nekla, West Prussia, now Poland. On August 04, 1951he will marry the former Julia Kertai in this city. Three children will be born to this union; June Marie 1954, Jack Joseph 1958 and Joan Kathleen 1959.   Joesph was employed by Singer Sewing Machine Corporation and was an avid athlethe all of his life. He will pass in 2002   

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Singer Cabinetmaker, 1953 Dick is directly behind the Trophy next to Joe


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The Joseph F & Hattie (Stachowiak) Deranek Family

Spouse 2: Sophie Grandys Polinski  

Joseph was born October 08, 1889 in South Bend the son Ludwig & Francisca (Wegner)Deranek who immigrated from Nekla, West Prussia. On January 22, 1912 he will marry Hedwig "Hattie" Stachowiak in St Casimir's church in South Bend. They will reside at 1038 Adams Street and Joseph will spend his career as a tool and die maker at Bendix corporation in South Bend. Eight children will be born to this union; Alex R (pictured below), Robert J, Richard H, James L, Casimir , Chester A, Raymond D, Joseph P.   Hattie will  pass July 05, 1947 and is buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery. Joseph will marry  Sophie Grandys Polinski and no children will be born to the union. Joseph will pass December 22, 1960 and Sophie will follow in 1975. They rest in St Joseph's Cemetery.


The Photo's of The Casimer and Bertha (Lepke) Deranek Family are Provided by:

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The Casimer and Bertha (Lepke) Deranek Family  

Casimer was born August 15, 1841 in the area of Bydgoszcz, West Prussia the son of Jozef & Catherine (Schultz) Deranek. We have not determined a village or church at this writing. He will emigrate to this country with his wife arriving about June 28, 1881 on the S.S. Habsburg, From Bremen to Castle Garden, NYC. The family will make its home in Cleveland, OH.   He marries to  Mary Jablonski in Poland. One child will be born to the union   

JOSEF DERANEK.  b. 19 Mar 1867, Bydgoszcz, Prussia; d. 13 Apr 1922, Cleveland, Ohio;

  He marries (2) Bertha Raszkowski Lepke, daughter of Kazmier Raszkowski and Anna Smigel. She was born 26 Mar 1848 in Bydgoszcz , and died 08 Oct 1933 in Cleveland, Ohio.   Five children will be born to this union; HELENE DERANEK, b. Abt. 1872, Bydgoszcz, MARTHA DERANEK, b. Abt. 1874, Bydgoszcz,  JOSEFA DERANEK, b. Abt. 1877, Bydgoszcz, PAULINE DERANEK, b. May 1881, Bydgoszcz, ANTON DERANEK, b. 17 May 1882, Cleveland, Ohio; d. 12 Oct 1961, Cleveland, Ohio;   Both Bertha and Casimer had been married previously. Bertha's first husband's last name was Lepke. Bertha was a midwife and delivered all of her daughters’ children.   Casimer will pass in 1923 in Cleveland and Bertha will follow in 1933. They rest in Calvary Cemetery

Bertha Deranek seated with three of her daughters behind (Mary is not present so I think they are Helene, Josefa and Martha)

Mary Deranek with sister (perhaps Josepha?), sister's husband & 2 children


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