The Michael Chmielewski and Mary Szczodrowski Family


Michael Chmielewski was born in 1850 in Wasosz, Subinski, Prussian Poland the first son of  Peter and Francis “Gorka” Chmielewski. He is the brother of my Great  Grandmother Emelia Piechorowska. In 1875 he will marry Mary Szczodrowski, of  Krolikowo, in the village church ay Slupy. The marriage will produce 15 children, 14 of whom will survive to adulthood. They will remain on the family farm in Terra Coupee, Indiana until Michael’s death in 1929, at which time Mary will live with her daughter Mary on Studebaker street until her death in 1935.


Picture From Left to Right

Front Row

Mrs. Francis Jerzakowski, Michael Chmielewski, Frank Chmielewski, Mary ’’Szczodrowski”  Chmielewski , Mrs Bernice Wroblewski

Second Row

Mrs. Mary Turczynski, Mrs. Hattie Zbieranski, Mrs. Lottie Kazmirski, Mrs.Stella Adamski, Joseph Chmielewski, Mrs. Cadia “Carrie” Janowski, John Chmielewski, Mrs. Wally “ Valeria” Kitkowski

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The Michael and Mary Szczodrowski Chmielewski  Family 1890      

Left to Right, Lottie 1884, Frances 1877, Hattie 1890 (infant), Mary 1855, Bernice 1876 (in back), Mary 1879 (front), Michael 1850, Valeria 1886 (front), Joe 1882, Carrie 1880.

The 50'th Wedding Anniversary Photo 1925 (Added 08/13/2007)


The 50'th Wedding Anniversary Party 1925 Michael & Mary far right others unknown  (Added 08/13/2007)

(From left to right) Joseph Szczodrowski and his wife Rose Chmielewski, woman in the center could be Francis Gorska or Francis Szczodrowski, Mary Szczodrowski and Husband Michael Chmielewski

Mary Chmielewski Obit 1935

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Photos of Joseph & Stella are compliments of Karen Sue Janowiak

The Joseph & Stella Kitkowski Chmielewski Family

Joseph Chmielewski was born March 07, 1882 in Terre Coupe, Indiana to Michael & Mary (Szczodrowski)  Chmielewski who had recently emmigrated from Wasosz, in Prussian Poland. They were farmers by profession and I have visited the farm they once worked. Joseph was the fifth of fifthteen children born to this union.   On October 02, 1907 Joseph will marry the former Stella Kitkowski the daughter of  Stanislaus & Catherine (Kosiurski) Kitkowski at St. Stanislaus Church. Nine children will be born to this union Martha, Wladyslaw, Sophie, Josephine, Marie, Alice Esther, Stanilaus, Leonard & Virginia.   Joseph will pass following a four month Illness March 27, 1951 and Stella will follow February 21, 1957. They rest together at St Joseph's Polish Cemetery.

Photo's sent by Jim Piechorowski

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