Wroblewski Family Photo'

Wroblewski Family Photo's


The Joszef and Katarzyna (Korpal) Wroblewski Family


JOSZEF  WROBLEWSKI the son of Joszef and Elizabeth Wroblewski was born about 1832 in Gorki Zagajne, Krolikowo Parish, Poland, and died January 04, 1885 in Otis, IN.  He married KATARZYNA KORPAL November 24, 1863 in the parish of St. Katherine of Alexandria, Brzyskorzystew, Poland, she is daughter of MICHAEL KORPAL and ANNA NOWAK and sister of Roche Korpal, South Bend Merchant and Politico. (See Korpal Family Photo Page)  She was born November 25, 1838 in Gorki Zagajne, Krolikowo Parish, Poland, and died September 21, 1924 in Calumet City, IL.


The family emigrated to the Otis, Indiana area about 1874 and attended St Mary’s Church in that city. Joszef was a farmer in the area. Seven Children will be born to this union: Stanislaus 1863, John 1865, Balbina 1867, Mary 1871, Veronica 1872, Joseph Jacob 1875 and James 1876.


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The Jacob & Balbina (Wroblewski)  Lewandowski  

Jacob Lewandowski was born in 1861 Gorki Zagajne, Krolikowo Parish, Poland and emigrated to America about 1875. He settled in the Otis, Indiana area and in about 1885 he marries Balbina Wroblewski the daughter of Joszef and Katarzyna (Korpal) Wroblewski in St Mary’s Catholic Church in Otis.


Four children will be born to this union; Raymond (aft. 1885), Mary (1886), Francis (1890) and Martha (1897). Balbina will pass in 1929 and Jacob will follow in 1930. They both rest in St. Mary’s Church Cemetery, Otis Indiana

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The Martin & Veronika (Wroblewski) Makowski Family

Martin Makowski was born about. 1869 in Russian Poland, and died November 17, 1951 in Chicago, IL.  He married Veronika Wroblewski 1896 in St Mary’s Catholic Church, Otis, IN, she is the daughter of JOSZEF WROBLEWSKI and KATARZYNA KORPAL. She was born November 17, 1879 in Otis, IN, and died September 01, 1951 in Chicago, IL.

 Eleven Children will be born to this union and nine will survive to adulthood : Anna (1897-1897),  Edward  (1909-1909), Albert (1898-1974), Thomas (1901-1962), Alexander (1903-1953), Max (1906-1982), Cecelia (1911-1943), Regina (1914-1921), Gertrude (1916-1993), Lucille (1918-1997), Leo (1921-1998)   


50'th Wedding Anniversary 1946   Back Row  L to R   Leo Makowski, Max Makowski, Max's wife Helen, Albert Makowski, Alexander Makowski, Thomas Makowski Jr., Thomas Makowski Sr.,  John Sujewicz,(Husband of Gertrude Makowski)    Front Row  L to R   Lucille Makowski, Veronica Wroblewski, John Sujewicz Jr., Martin Makowski, and Gertrude Makowski

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