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The Henry Andrew and Hedwig/Hattie (Andrysiak) Glon Family      

Henry Andrew was the first child of Joseph and Francis (Duszynski) Glon to be born in the United States on October 15, 1881. His parents emigrated in 1880 from the area near Kcynia, Posen  where they were married on November 1,  1875. Henry was raised on the family farm near Terre Coupe, and later moved to South Bend where he was employed as a blacksmith at J. D. Oliver Plow.   

Photo circa 1945 The Glon Family Virgina, Hattie, Esther

On May 30 1904 he marries Hedwig / Hattie Andrysiak the daughter of Jozef & Antionette (Banach) Andrysiak in St Casimir Church, South Bend. The marriage will be blessed by nine children Ted (1906),  Joseph (1908), Frank (1910), Casimir (1913), Irene (1914),  Benedict (1917), Esther (1920 ), Virigina (1923 ), Alice (1925). The 1930 Census describes the family as renters of a home valued at $2500 at 1630 Florence Ave.,  neither Henry or Hattie were formally educated but they could both read and write English. The children of the time still at home were described as students. They will later reside at  116 So. Walnut. They are parishioners of St. Hedwige's Catholic Church.       

Henry will pass June 30, 1947, being struck by the auto of Mr. Frank Gish, while standing on the corner of Washington and Walnut Streets talking with a friend. The Gish auto had been struck in turn by a City Ice Truck operated by Peter W. Kalman, forcing his car to jump the curb onto the sidewalk. Police charged the driver of the Ice Truck with disregarding a Stop Sign.  Hattie will follow in 1971 following an illness of six weeks . They both rest in St. Joseph's Cemetery, South  Bend.  

Children of Henry A and Hattie Glon circa 1943 Standing: Joe, Irene, Ben (holding baby Dot),  Adeline/Alice, Bottom: Esther, Virginia, Ted


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The Ben & Virginia (Strychalski) Glon Family  

Benedict V. Glon was born February 14, 1917 the last son born to Henry and Hattie Andrysiak Glon in New Carlisle, Indiana. He was baptized at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church. He spent his early days on the family farm in the are and later moved to South Bend,   In 1941 he married the former Virginia "Jean"  Strychalski in South Bend.   Two sons will be born to this union Patrick Lee and James Louis. The family will reside at 1142 Elmer Street where Ben will operate a watch repair business. They were parishioners of Holy Cross Catholic Church.   Ben will pass May 17, 1953 after an illness of three weeks. He rests in St Joseph's Cemetery. Virginia will remarry William Budny,  who will pass March 29, 1976. Virginia will pass of natural causes May 13, 2003 and rests in St. Joseph Cemetery.

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Frank Pat  and Regina (Kubiak) Glon Family  

Frank Pat was born December 30, 1910 in South Bend the third son of Henry Andrew and Hattie (Andrysiak) Glon. His early years were spent at 1630 Florence Ave and later 116 So. Walnut.   On August 21, 1937 he married the former Regina Kubiak the daughter of Vincent W & Constance (Celishowska)  Kubiak at Corpus Christi Catholic Church, South Bend Indiana. The marriage was blessed with four children Frank, Reginald, Louise, and Gloria.   Frank was employed at South Bend Range as a stove maker, the family were parishioners of Corpus Christi Catholic Church.   Frank will pass May 31, 1961 after an illness of six months, Regina will follow November 24,  2003 of natural causes.   They rest in St Joseph's cemetery.  

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Theodore H. Glon ... 1907 to 1949  

Ted was the born November 9, 1906 the first son of Henry Andrew and Hattie (Andrysiak) Glon in South Bend, Indiana. He was affectionately known as "Teddy Boy" to his sisters.   He spent his entire life in South Bend residing at 116 Walnut Street, was a bachelor and a member of St. Hedwig Parish. He is pictured in this 1920's wedding photo, the young lady is unidentified.   He died July 05, 1949 in route to Memorial Hospital of a hemorrhage due to complications of tonsillitis at age 41. He rests in St Joseph's Cemetery.

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The Walter & Irene Marie (Glon) Szynski  

Walter Szynski was born March 25, 1910 in South Bend.  

On April 25, 1936 he marries the former Irene Marie Glon in St. Casimir's Church, South Bend, Indiana. The family will reside at 523 So. Kosciusko Street, attend St Adalbert's Catholic Church and Walter will provide for his family as an employee of Allied Products. Irene was also employed by White House Manufacturing in South Bend. The family was blessed with four children  Barbara, Cecillia, Elizabeth and Walter Jr..  

Irene will pass in March of 1971 following a years illness and Walter will follow in May of 1971 following an illness of two weeks. They rest in St Joseph's  Cemetery.

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Esther Glon 1933


The Walter & Esther (Glon) Heintzelman Family  

Walter was born March 21, 1913 in South Bend, Indiana the son of Oscar and Alma (Pittman) Heintzleman.     

On May 13, 1940 he marries the former Esther Glon, the daughter of Henry A. & Hattie G (Andrysiak) Glon in a civil ceremony at the St. Joseph County Courthouse.  The family resides at 26240 Brush Trail and attended Corpus Christi Catholic Church. Walter was a US Army veteren of WW II and provided for his family as a self employed carpenter. Esther was also employed and retired from Bendix as an inspector.  

This union is blessed with five children Darlene Virginia (1940), Joseph Henry (1947), Michaelene (1945), Kathleen Elaine (1951), Dean (1958).  

Walter will pass following an extended illness in May of 1982 and Esther will follow in February 2002 of natural causes at the age of 81. They rest in St. Joseph's Cemetery.   

Christmas 1947

L to R   Corner - Mickey (2yr), Unk Lady, Esther (standing), Gloria (Child), Ben , Unk, Pat 

L to R: Esther (sitting), Ben (standing), Mickey, Hattie, Alice (holding Kathy), Darlene, Pat Jr. (Bens Son) (Added 06/10/2007) Kathleen Glon & Husband Joseph Cornelis (Added 06/10/2007)

L to R Sister Kathy, Mickey, Harold Koch (Virginia's Husband), Brother Dean   (added 06/09/2007)


The Gerald L & Michaelene "Mickey" (Glon) Lane Family  

Gerald Louis Lane, son of Blanche Marie (Beck) and Charpel Eversole Lane was born July 4,1941 in South Bend, Indiana.  

Mickey was born December 16, 1945 in Detroit, Michigan the daughter of Esther Glon and Step-Daughter of Walter Heintzelman. From Detroit she went to what is now The Family & Children's Center in Mishawaka, Indiana. There she stayed until December of 1946, when her Grandmother Hattie, and her Aunts Virginia (Koch) and Adeline were appointed her guardians.  An adoption was to have taken place at the same time the family attorney was filing suit in the death of her Grandfather Henry Andrew in June of 1947. But it was not until she was 28 years old (following Hattie's death) that she discovered the adoption had never taken place. Mickey lived in Hattie's home until the time of her marriage.

On August 28, 1965 Gerald will marry the former Michaelene "Mickey" Glon in Holy Cross Church, South Bend, Indiana. The family will reside at McComb's Street in South Bend and Gerald will be employed by Lucent Technologies until retirement.    

Their first child, James Beck Lane was stillborn on September 4, 1968, he is buried at St. Joseph Valley Memorial Park in Mishawaka.  They were blessed with April Suzanne Lane on April 9, 1970, and Eric Andrew on May 26, 1971.   

Mickey worked part time for Sears & Roebuck for 10 years while the children were in school and also worked in the medical arena as secretarial/clerical positions.  She is currently with Hospice Life Transition Center, the grief counseling branch of The Center for Hospice and Palliative Care in South Bend.

Gerald, having started with Indiana Bell and with the subsequent spin offs went with A T & T and did contract work with Avaya after retirement.

They have lived in South Bend all their lives and are now blessed with 5 beautiful grand children.  April ( a single mom) has twin girls, Alexandra Biancia Dolz-Lane, and Madeleine Louisa Dolz-Lane who were born on July 10, 1997.  Eric, who married Trish (Gondeck)  July  1996, has 3 sons, Jack Christian, born May 26, 1998, Charles Andrew born March 21, 2000 and Jensen Alexander was born November 7, 2006.  They live in Granger.  

Life is Good !

Circa 1945: L to R Virginia, Esther, Dot, Ted L to R : Mickey, Virginia, Dot, Harold's Niece

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The Harold & Virginia (Glon) Koch Family  

Harold Koch was born about 1923 in South Bend, Indiana.  

On September 29, 1951 he will marry the former Virginia Glonthe daughter of Henry Andrew and Hattie G (Andrysiak) Glon. Virginia was born January 09, 1923 in South Bend, Indiana.   

Harold and Virginia were not able to have children but instead became surrogateparents to all the Glon children.  Virginiawas Micky's  guardian and when she had children they called them Grandma & Grandpa.   

Virginiaretired from Bendix after 35 years, working in the brake department.  Harold worked for South Bend Window Washing for several years until he went independent. They have lived in South Bend all their lives.  Harold served in the Navy.    They are living a Happy Retirement in South Bend. 

Credit for the Pictures and Contact info goes to:   Mrs. Mickey (Glon) Lane

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