Photo's of Mahler's, Giel's and John's Families

These pictures are of the Mahler's, Giel's and John's. All three were old families of the  Mishawaka and South Bend area. I can't identify most of the pictures, which looks like early 1900 . They are studio pictures from LA Smith's Studio, Mishawaka, IN., -  Elite Studio from South Bend, IN. 127 Washington St.,  - Ostiander Studio, Mishawaka.   Some of the pictures are of family members that had moved to other area. All are beautiful studio pictures. Hopefully some family members will come forward and identify some of these people.   My husband's mother was a Mahler and this was his grandfather Lafayette Mahler's album.   Thanks, Joann Coleman 

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This photo was marked with names and was made abt. 1895.

Elite Studio, 127 W. Washington Street. South Bend, IN  

Theresa 11

Louisa   7

Josephine 2  

These girls belonged to Jacob John and Barbara Giel. Barbara was the daughter of
Balthasar and Margaret Giel.  Balthasar and Margaret were born in Germany and long time residence of Mishawaka, IN.


I will write exactly what was on the photo.

These are the same John girls. However, the writer doesn't identify himself or herself, or ....who Maw and Pa are.

They also leave the same break between Maw and Paw as I have.

Louisa 15




Josephine 10

Teresa      19

This picture is probably Joseph and Cora "Amlin" Giel. They are in the 1910/1920 Los  Angeles Census.  This picture was taken in Los Angeles, CA. at the Lamson Studio.   Joseph B. Giel, born about 1864, to Balthasar and Margaret ' Huennerkopl' Giels. Died, September 21, 1925 in CA.   Cora 'Amlin' Giel, Born December 24th., 1874 in Colorado, to John and Hannah Amlin. Cora died November 24, 1950 in Los Angeles, CA.   This was a picture postcard. On the back,  one can see the glue marks from being sealed. This inscription was visible, Mrs. Giel, Compton PO Box 113, Los Angeles, CA. I'm not sure if this was the return address or the person to whom it was being sent.

The next two pictures were taken at the A.W. John Studio, in Los Angeles, CA. I believe these men are the same, and are somehow connected to Joseph Giel. Perhaps someone could be of help.

This picture was marked, The Mahler family, of St. Joseph Co. IN.

This picture was taken at the Elite Studio, South Bend, IN. The inscription on the card read, Mrs C.B. Giel, Compton  PO. 113, Los Angeles, CA. This was probably sent to Cora Belle Giel, in CA.

This pictures was marked, Mary Luella, 5 months old.

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