Dawn Hicks

Dawn (Willis) Hicks' Great Grandfather's Photo Collection

From the collection of John Charles Willis 1884-1956

He was born in Scranton, PA., ran away (on the train) at the age of 16, got off in Valparaiso.  There he married Alta May Baker 1882-1934.  At some point they moved to South Bend, had two children... Anna Geraldine Willis (Usher) and John (m. Ruth Merrefield).


It is labled "Automobile Dept 61- Trim Railers - Studebaker - May 15, 1916. 

Photo was taken by Ault.  It shows 13 men sitting on a stoop, unknown names

(If anyone can identify any of these men please let us know. Contact County Coordinator)

Added 01/24/2006

I have no idea what this is..... other than John Charles Willis is front and center.

(CC Note: I would venture to say that these men are Security Guards for Studebaker)

Added 01/24/2006

I have no clue what this is........

Added 01/24/2006

Again.... no info

Added 01/24/2006

And again... have no idea... other than John Charles Willis... back and center with arms crossed.

Added 01/24/2006

This is John Charles Willis and Alta May (Baker) Willis.  This was a taken by Vogue Studio

Added 01/24/2006

John Charles Willis and Alta May (Baker) Willis

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