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The Jozef & Antonia (Kiefer)  Turczynski Family ( Brazil)
  Jozef was born in 1878 in Prussian, Poland to Karol and Rozalia Turczynski. About 1904 he married Antonia Kiefer in Poland and in 1905 a daughter Marie was born to this marriage. In the period 1905 to 1907 he decided to relocate his young family to the America's and made his way by Steamer to Brazil.  Jozef, spent two years exploring various settlements and decided upon the extreme west territory of the Department of Santa Catarina e Rio Grande do Sul. In 1910 Antonia and Maria joined Jozef, in a simple house filled with all their worldly goods from Poland.  

Madam Turczynski, to protect her family from cold and wind of the very harsh environment  was forced to puts carpets on walls of the home. We are told the home later burned resulting in the complete loss of all objects and effects that came  from Europe including documents of  immigration and photographs.

Antonia was a fragile person, not use to such harsh conditions. She was unable to get over the shock having lost all of the families material objects which came from Europe, and fell into a crisis of depression which led to her death on December 21, 1913, at the age of 49.


Second Wife: Hilka Van Helden   


The above picture of Jozef and his second wife Hilka was taken in the mid 1920's  


Standing: Maria Turczinski (daughter of Josef's first marriage)
Seated in the chairs: Hilka Van Helden Turczinski and Josef Turczinski
In the lap of Hilka: Iná Antonia Turczinski (Assenheimer)
In the ground: Mário, Osvaldo and Bernardo Turczinski.
   Jozef will die in 1935 during a fever epidemic. At this writing we are not certain of Hinka's fate .    

 The Osvaldo and Maria (Turczynski) Suffert Family


Maria Turczynski (1905) the daughter of Jozef and Antonia will marry Osvaldo Suffert. They will make their home in Porto Alegre the capital of the department (State) of Rio Grande do Sul. Two children will be born to this marriage Gilberto and Norberto, both deceased. Maria and Osvaldo died in the 1980's 


Francine Turczinski 2007  

Francine the Brazilian Super Model is the Great Grand Daughter of Jozef and Hilka. She was born in Ljuí - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil and makes her home in the modeling capitols of the world.   http://www.fashionmodeldirectory.com/models/francine_turczinski/

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The Children of Jozef Turczynski 1930-4  

Girls: Matilde, Hilda, Iná, Elza, Helma and Henriquieta. Boys: Osvaldo and Bernardo

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