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Alexander and Anna Maczki Farkas

At one time, Alexander (aka “Sandor”) and Anna Maczki Farkas lived in Homokszentgyorgy, Somogy County, Hungary. In 1918, Anna was living in Hrastrovac, Pozsega County, Hungary as a widow. Alexander was born (presumably) between 1850-1855 in Somogy County, Hungary; the date and place of his death could not be found. Anna was born in 1857; she died on January 03, 1919 in Hrastovac, Croatia (in the previous year, 1918, Hrastovac was in Pozsega County, Austro-Hungary). Alexander Farkas was a master wagon-maker and woodsman. He often carried his grandchildren on his shoulders so they could mark the trees suitable for cutting.

Three of their children were born in Homokszentgyorgy, Somogy County, Hungary. Birth records were found to two of their sons in a Catholic church in the nearby town of Szulok, Somogy County, Hungary (Homokszentgyorgy did not have a Catholic church). When the marriages to two of their sons occurred, Alexander and Anna were living in Trojeglava, Pozsega County, Austro-Hungary. Two more children were found that claimed their birth or death place as Trojeglava, Pozsega, Austro-Hungary. Last, the marriages to some of their sons were found in Dezanovac, Pozsega, Hungary parish records (Dezanovac is currently under the auspices of Croatia). Indeed, the Farkas families had lived through many tumultuous and political upheavals and land acquisitions.

To date, the following children could be found to this marriage:

    * *Anna Farkas*, born December 11, 1873 in Homokszentgyorgy, Hungary, (US records state her birth as December 12, 1874).
    * *Stephen Farkas*, born December 25, 1878 in Homokszentgyorgy, Hungary. (US records agree with the birth date).
    * *Alexander Farkas*, born December 22, 1880 in Homokszentgyorgy, Hungary (US records state his date of birth as November 15, 1880).
    * *Katalin Farkas*, born April 04, 1896 in Homokszentgyorgy, Hungary, died April 23, 1904 in Trojeglava, Hungary.
    * *Jurai Farkas*, born about 1897 in Homokszentgyorgy, Hungary, died in Trojeglava, Hungary. Jurai married *Terez Vegh* and they had one known daughter, Ana, born July 04, 1916 and died July 08, 1916 in Trojeglava, Hungary.

Note: Jurai is translated to George in English, György in Hungarian (Gyuri, Gyurika as nicknames or terms of endearment) and George in Croatian.

It is not uncommon to find birth conflicts with dates.

The pictorial story continues with Anna, Stephen and Alexander Farkas, the three siblings that settled in *South Bend**, **Indiana*.

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