Renkiewicz/Rynkiewicz Family Photo's

Renkiewicz/Rynkiewicz Family Photos

by John Rynkiewicz

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RENKIEWICZ/RYNKIEWICZ's from the Mscichy, Zebry and Wasosz areas in NE Poland

Wasosz Catholic Church Wasosz Cemetery

Roman Catholic Church in Wasosz apparently where my Great Grand Parents worshiped. My GF Jan Renkiewicz was born on 19 Nov 1878 and christened on 21 Nov 1878.  His brother Antoni Renkiewicz was born 5 Nov 1880 also in Zebry as well as their sister Anna Renkiewicz who was born on 20 Aug 1887.  I don't have any photos of Antoni Renkiewicz however, I do have one of my GF and his sister Anna in separate photos. 

Marianna's Marriage Certificates on left to Renkiewicz on right to Merchelski

Marianna Chmielewska marriage to Andrzej Renkiewicz on 4 Feb 1878 in Wasosz, Poland
Marianna (Chmielewska) Renkiewicz marriage to Andrzej Merchelski on 6 Feb 1888 in Wasosz, Poland



Here is the pic of my GGP's home #14 Zebry.  Standing to the left of the home is Pani Halina (KLIMASZEWSKA) Merchelska who married 1st husband,  Bronislaw Merchelski and these are direct descendents of my family lineage.  Bronislaw Merchelski died in 1968 and Pani Halina married another of Jozef Merchelski's sons who was named Sabin Merchelski.  Sabin died on 7 Jun 2005.  Jozef Merchelski's wife was BRONIS3AWA SIERBInSKA.My Great Aunt Anna lived with these Merchelski's until her death on 20 Oct 1982. I've also included a photo of the Town "Zebry" where a sign is posted.  In addition, I've enclosed a note written entirely in Polish from my great Aunt Anna written prior to 1939, to a Mr. Karwowski from nanticoke, trying to reach her brother Jan Renkiewicz (My GF) in the U.S.  The translation is alo included as a word document.

Merchelski Funeral-1963



Of note here is that my GF's brother Antoni had a God Father listed as:


ANTONI RENKIEWICZ, b. 5 Nov 1880, Zebry, Poland3, D. 10 Dec 1934 in Nanticoke, PA



Witnesses at the birth certificate:

Leonard Kulikowski, 44 years old

Stanislaw Barglowski, 30 years old

Farmers of Zebry



Wojciech (Albert) Karwowski and Marianna Dobrzynska


So it kind of ties these surnames together along with the note from my great Aunt.  I haven't been able to locate a Mr. Karwowski in the census from nanticoke as of yet.

Jan's Birth Document Jan Rynkiewicz 1935

Jan emigrated into the U.S. at about 25 years of age in 1904 or 1905.  He settled in the Nanticoke, PA area and married Mary Hajduk on 15 Nov 1909 and had five children:
Helen, born 1910
Henry born 1912
Joseph (My Father) born 1914
Edward born 1917
Walter born 1918

Anton's Certificate

Antoni emigrated into the U.S. on 5 Sep 1899 and settled in the Freeland, PA area and eventually moved to nanticoke where his brother lived.  Antoni married Frances Eureka Zarzecka on 22 Jun 1901 in Freeland, PA at St. Casimirs Catholic Church and had seven children:
John Lena Renkiewicz b. 19 Jun 1902, d. 20 Oct 1983
ANNA S. RYNKIEWICZ, b. 28 Jun 1903, d. 5 Oct 1969
SARAH Barbara RYNKIEWICZ, b. 29 Jun 1906, d. 30 Mar 1995
ANTOINETTE RYNKIEWICZ, b. 24 Nov 1908,  D. Jun 1974
BLANCHE Catherine RYNKIEWICZ, b. 5 Jan 1911, d. 10 Aug 1995
IRENE RYNKIEWICZ, b. 17 Jan 1913, d. 31 Apr 1983
ADAM Stanley RYNKIEWICZ, b. 27 Jul 1919,  d. 31 Oct 1984

1 2 3

1) The girl on the left is Frances Eureka Zarzecka & Anthony Renkiewicz's daughter named Antoinette Renkiewicz. The smaller girl is Marion Woynoski (Woynoski) who was Sarah (Renkiewicz) Wojnoski and John Wojnoski's daughter, and last on the right is Jan Rynkiewicz  my Grand Father.

2) Bronislaw Merchelski

3) John Rynkiewicz 1932

Anna's Certificate Anna's Certificate Burial Head Stone

Anna never emigrated into the U.S. and stayed in Zebry, Poland where she married a Jozef Ciecierski and never had any children.  Anna lived to be 95 years young and died on 10 Oct 1982 and is buried in the Roman Catholic Cemetary in Wasosz, Poland. She lived with Sabin and Halina Merchelski on #14 in Zebry, Poland until her death in 1982.  This was the very same area that my Great grand Parents lived in and where my Grand father Jan Renkiewicz was born. 


1963 1963 1968


Zebry, Poland Zebry, Poland Map of Zebry, Poland

This will co-incide with the descendancy list for Andrzej Renkiewicz and Marianna (Chmielewska) Renkiewicz.(below) 



Cemetery Photo's taken at the Radzilow Cemetery in Radzilow, Poland

Anna_Rynkiewicz_1965 Antoni_Jozef_Rynkiewicz_Headstone Antoni_Rynkiewicz_Photo Helena_Rynkiewicz_1982 Helena_Rynkiewicz Henryk_Rynkiewicz_1958
Janina_Rynkiewicz_Photo Jozef_Kamilia_Rynkiewicz_Headstone Jozef_Rynkiewicz_Photo Mikolaj_Stanislawa_Rynkiewicz_Headstone Stanislaw_Apolonia_Rynkiewicz_Headstone Zgymunt_Janina_Rynkiewicz_Headstone


Children of Joseph B. Rynkiewicz

Joseph B. Rynkiewicz Jr. - Stanley H. Rynkiewicz Zygmunt Frances Rynkiewicz

Joseph B. Rynkiewicz Jr.  son of Jozef Rynkiewicz Sr. Born 17 Dec 1894 in Shenadoah, PA
Dr. Stanley H. Rynkiewicz also a son of Jozef Rynkiewicz Sr. born 25 Apr 1882 in Lansing, MI
Zygmunt Frances Rynkiewicz, ESQ, also a son of Jozef Rynkiewicz Sr. born 01 Jan 1886 in Shenandoah, PA
Elizebeth I. Rynkiewicz born 15 Sep 1883 in Shenandoah, PA
Stefania (Sarah) Leona Rynkiewicz born 3 Dec 1880 in Shenadoah, PA
Vonda (Wanda) Clara Rynkiewicz born 05 Mar 1890 in Shenadoah, PA


Rynkiewicz's from the "KRASNOPOL & SEJNY" area in NE Poland

The patriarchs of the family with Felix and Jozeh Rynkiewicz . 

Their parents were Jozef and Victoria (Starlecki) Rynkiewicz.  

Along with the photos are 7 pages of descendancy descriptions for Felix and Dominica and also 6 pages descendancy list for Jozef & Aniela.

Credit for these pics and list are to be given to Mr. John Noel Latzo ( son of Agnes Mary (Rynkiewicz) Latzo.


Felix-Rynkiewicz-1886 Felix-Rynkiewicz-1900 Frank&Felix&Walter-William-RYnkiewicz-1886 Frank-Rynkiewicz-1886
Jozef-Rynkiewicz-Date-Unknown-Nu Walter-William-Rynkiewicz-1886 Krasnopol-RC-Church  



Felix-Rynkiewicz-Descendancy-List-Pg-1   Jozef&Aniela-Rynkiewicz-Pg1
Felix-Rynkiewicz-Descendancy-List-Pg-2   Jozef&Aniela-Rynkiewicz-Pg2
Felix-Rynkiewicz-Descendancy-List-Pg-3   Jozef&Aniela-Rynkiewicz-Pg3
Felix-Rynkiewicz-Descendancy-List-Pg-4   Jozef&Aniela-Rynkiewicz-Pg4
Felix-Rynkiewicz-Descendancy-List-Pg-5   Jozef&Aniela-Rynkiewicz-Pg5
Felix-Rynkiewicz-Descendancy-List-Pg-6   Jozef&Aniela-Rynkiewicz-Pg6

Michal Renkiewicz and Antonina Modzelewska family chart (from Michal J. Marciniak of PolGen in Warsaw; Web site:
(Added 10/17/2009)

Michal & Antonia-Renkiewicz-tree_1.0-multiple_pages[1].pdf
Michal & Antonina-Renkiewicz-tree_1.0[1].pdf
Map showing all the areas that my family of RENKIEWICZ's are from in Poland



Birth Certificates (Updated 11/06/2009)

Jozefata Renkiewicz born 18 Mar 1837 birth transcription in Polish Marianna Renkiewicz born 07 Nov 1839 birth transcription in Polish
Jan Renkiewicz born 13 Oct 1840 birth transcription in Polish Anastazja Renkiewicz born 1843 birth transcription in Polish
18Jan1855-2-birth-certificate-of-Stanislaw_Rekiewicz 1839-76-birth_certificate_of_Marianna_Rekiewicz
1845-24-birth_certificate_of_Adam_Rynkiewicz-Nu 1848-91-birth_certificate_of_Aniela_Rekiewicz_(1)
1850-62-birth_certificate_of_Marianna_Renkiewicz_(1) 1856-44-birth_certificate_of_Piotr_Grudzinski_(1)[1]

Felix and Dominic Rynkiewicz Families

Agnes-Kubilus-Rynkiewicz-1939 Agnes-Mary-Rynkiewicz-1930-Graduation Agnes-Rynkiewicz&Dr-JohnJ-Latzo-Jul1934 Bertha-Rynkiewicz-1900 Bertha-Rynkiewicz-1939
Dr-Ella-Rynkiewicz-Summa-Nov1927 Edward-Rynkiewicz-1931 Ella-Rynkiewicz-1900 Felix-Stanley-Rynkiewicz-1900 Helen-Rynkiewicz-Teenager
Henry_Joseph_Rynkiewicz Walter-William-Rynkiewicz-Sr-1900 Walter-WIlliam-Rynkiewicz-Sr-1939    

Helen Rynkiewicz
Bertha Rynkiewicz
Dr. Ella Rynkiewicz Summa
Felix Stanley Rynkiewicz
Henry Joseph Rynkiewicz
Walter William Rynkiewicz
Agnes Rynkiewicz Kubilus
Agnes Mary Rynkiewicz Latzo
Agnes Mary Rynkiewicz & John Latzo 1934
Edward Rynkiewicz



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