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Cedar Grove Cemetery Inscriptions

Cedar Grove Cemetery Inscriptions

South Bend –St Joseph County, Indiana

By Gene (Genevieve) Stachowiak Szymarek


Transcribed: Jim Piechorowski  2008   


Gene and her late husband John F. Szymarek co-authored / compiled this work through the painstaking recording the names and associated relationships obtained by walking the cemetery grounds. In addition data received from families and other genealogical sources were verified and added as received.


With the permission of the surviving family and the knowledge and consent of the publisher, Heritage Books Inc. we have transcribed the second of three genealogical works developed by the sisters. Our purpose was not to copy every entry verbatim, but to provide the user with a tool to use the additional detail contained in the hardcopy book.


These books are available at our local St. Joseph County Libraries for independent study or personal copies may be obtained by contacting.


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Additional Sources of Cedar Grove Information


The South Bend Genealogical Society under the direction of Chairperson Toni Cook has undertaken a detailed transcription of Cedar Grove burials, including the verification of here to fore missing burials due to marker damage, loss or vandalism. A portion of this transcription may be viewed on line at:


A completed work may be purchased from the Society in the near future


 Cedar Grove Cemetery 

Fr. Edward Sorin, C.S.C., established Cedar Grove Cemetery in 1843, a year after he founded the University of Notre Dame. At that time, Cedar Grove was on the far outskirts of campus and run by the same Holy Cross priests and brothers charged with keeping a fledgling university afloat. The Holy Cross brothers established a mortuary in these early years, ran operations from the basement level of what is now a women’s residence hall, and used a horse-drawn hearse to transport coffins from Sacred Heart Church in the center of campus out to the cemetery. The mortuary operation, one of the first in the state of Indiana, was sold in 1911 to a local owner still in business today.

Throughout the balance of the 19th century and for most of the 20th, Cedar Grove was a Catholic cemetery open to the public, thus its local and historic interest in Northern Indiana. Ownership and responsibility for the cemetery transferred from Holy Cross to the University in the 1970’s. In 1977, it became a private cemetery open only to Notre Dame faculty, staff, and retirees with the requisite years of service.

After two significant expansions in 1977 and 1999, Cedar Grove Cemetery now encompasses 22 acres, with the newest areas located on land once used as a golf course. Even so, limited in-ground burial space remains.

All Souls Chapel


All Souls Chapel, the original chapel at Cedar Grove Cemetery, was designed and constructed in the early 1850’s by Brother Francis Xavier. Brother Francis was among the original band of faithful to accompany Fr. Sorin on his journey to America. A skilled carpenter and self-taught architect, Brother Francis contributed to the design of many of the 19th century buildings found on campus.

In addition to its pastoral purpose, All Souls Chapel has served as a mortuary, carpenter shop, and office. In 1926, the original roof and steeple were destroyed by fire but immediately rebuilt. Aside from painting and other minor repairs, the Chapel had never undergone a renovation until 2004.

Recognizing the Chapel’s historical significance to the University and local community, a University Chapel Renovation Committee was formed. Through a gift to the University, the Chapel’s sweeping overhangs and steep sloped roof were refurbished and a replica of the original onion-shaped steeple was installed. Entry doors and windows were replaced, new stained glass was installed in the transom above the front door, and exterior surfaces were cleaned and painted to return them to original condition.

The interior of the Chapel was renovated to create a sacristy at the back of the chapel and six simulated stained glass windows with backlighting were installed to provide soft lighting for the chapel interior. The Chapel floor was raised and carpeted and the walls and ceilings were repaired and painted. New furnishings were provided and seating was expanded to allow for up to 40 guests.

Addition informationand archival pictures are available at the Cemetery Web Site

Transcription from Book

Cedar Grove Cemetery Inscriptions



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