Southern Indiana Genealogical Society Quarterly Table of Contents 2001-2010

Table of Contents 2001-2010 PAGE
January 2001  
President’s Message 1
George Dean Family 2
Ancestors 2001 4
Extracts from “Our Church Visitor” - St. Mark’s Evan. Church, Feb 1920 6
Census Taker 9
Selected Articles, Public Press, New Albany Floyd County 1891, 1901 10
Social Security Numbers & Where They Were Issued 17
Old Occupations List 18
Ahnentafel of Jeffery Allen Foster 20
Posey Township and Elizabeth High School and Grade Commencement 27
The Palmyra Gazette (selected articles) 3 Aug 1939 28
Rules of Etiquette from the Late 1800’s, by Sandi Gorin 29
The Spencer Greys – Part 1 30
Sympathies – Edwin Keith Adam 34
Queries 35
New Publications Available by SIGS 36
April 2001  
President’s Message 45
Membership Information 45
The Spencer Greys – Part 2 47
Men of Southern Indiana 48-54
Book Reviews  — The Farnsleys of Kentuckina 55
Editor’s Note 55
1910 Indiana Census Wood Township, Clark County, Indiana — Surname Index 64
City Cemetery Concerns Or “An Hour Among the Tombs” In the Northern Burying Ground” 68
Colloquial Names for Common Diseases 70
Drastic Rules to Save Fuel in Force (New Albany, Floyd Co., Indiana) 75
Cedar Farm, Famous for Old Time Hospitality 76
Red Cross Nurse Brings Message from France (Miss Amy Patmore) 77
Floyd County Enumerators, New Albany Daily Ledger 6 Dec 1919 78
Harrison County Enumerators, from the New Albany Daily Ledger 12 Dec 1919 78
Lamb’s in the 1910 Census of Harrison Co. IN 79
Gold Star Roll of Honor of 36 Floyd County Boys 80
Obituaries [of Former Hoosiers], from the Los Angeles Times, Orange Co. Register 82
Queries 84
George Bicknell 85
July 2001  
Society Information 90
Message from the President 91
From the Editor 91
SIGS Members Since Its Beginnings  
Index to SIGS Ancestors A thru L 103
October 2001  
Society Information 148
Message from the President 149
Editor’s Note 149
2001 Index to SIGS Ancestors M thru Z 150
January 2002  
President’s Message 3
Editor’s Note 3
SIGS Constitution 4
SIGS Bylaws 6
SIGS Officers 1980-2001 16-Aug
Members Change of Address 17
New Members 17-18
Deceased Members 18
Sue Pearson Carpenter, Life Member 19
2001 General Meeting Topics 19
Rev. John Edmund Peter Schmitt 20-22
Extracts from the Public Press 22
Family Corner 23
Fairview Cemetery Volunteers 24
Revolutionary War Pension & Warrant Application Files 25
Potters Fields – County Farm Cemeteries 26, 27
Spencer County, Indiana Divorces (Goodman) 28
Mortality Schedules, Spencer County, Indiana (Goodman) 28
Goodman Information 28
Spencer County Cemeteries 29
Death Notices, Spencer County 30
Index to Birth and Death Records, Perry Co., Indiana 30
Ancestors of Conrad Becker/Baker 31
Lang letter 32-33
Covey Family Bible Records 34
Garvin Deed 35
National Archives to Release 1930 Census 36
Adam and Susanna Engleman Spitler 37
April 2002  
Society Page Inside Cover
President’s Message 41
Editor’s Note 41
Congratulations Gold Leaf Volunteer Award Recipients! 42
SIGS Needs YOU!  Be a Volunteer 43
The Family Bible, written by Sandi Gorin 44
Dawson’s Hollow, written by Pam Peters 46
Enlistment Application for William Dawson 50
“Steve’s Kingdom Come” and “Ole Tom,” – Poems by Alpha Starr Poutch 51
County Organization 1868, from the Floyd County Gazetteer 52
1914-1919, Men of Floyd Co. Who Departed This Life While in Service of Their Country During WW I, submitted by  Margaret Atchley 53
Queries 53
Misfit Marriages, from Public Press 16 Jul 1890 54
Called to the Colors, submitted by M. Atchley 56
Naming Patterns 63
Finding Ancestors’ Birthdates 63
A Letter From the Public Press, submitted by Margaret Atchley 64
Letter List, July 1890, Public Press 65
Will of Mary Dean, Harrison County, Indiana, 1855, submitted by Carpenter 66
Steamboat Explosion, The Lucy Walker, 1844 67
Must Be “A Bird”, from the Public Press, 1891 71
Teachers Assigned, Public Press 1890 72
More Newspaper Abstracts from the Public Press 1890 73
Century Old Diary of Hoosier Reveals that 49’er Accepted Hanging, Drownings In Stride 76
Proverbs Adapted to the Twentieth Century   Public Press 1901 77
Washington Frederick Deed, Floyd Co., IN 78
What Would they Say Today? 78
July 2002  
President’s message 83
Editor’s Note 83
Our Deepest Sympathy 83
Deed to Fairmeade Cemetery on Payne Koehler Road (Floyd Co.) 84
Amanda Ross, Our Oldest Citizen, Dies at Age 107  85
Union Soldiers Buried in State of Indiana During the War of the Rebellion 85
Draft Exemption Rules 86
Examining the Drafted 88
White Caps, abstracted from Public Press, June, July 1890 90
Shakers, submitted by Barbara Whiteside 91
Parson’s Family Tree, written by May Parsons Hunter about 1975 97
Life in Indiana 1800-1820 – Part 1, by Rollo M. Hogue, submitted by Susan Covey 100
Pension Application of a Civil War Widow in Crawford County, by Barbara Hanspire 102
Sharkey Church, submitted by Evelyn Lang Ferguson 105
Perry County’s Crime of the Century, (Alice Martin), from Perry Co. News 7 May 1998 106
Taylor Phillippi Killed by Horse, from Evening News, Jeffersonville, Indiana, 31 Mar 1886 109
Contagious Diseases Jan uary 1901 – April 1917 (Floyd Co.) 110
School Photo — Georgetown, Indiana, Class of Miss Flossie Nobblitt 114
Revolutionary War Bounty Land Warrant Applications and Pensions (needed) 116
“Our Church Visitor”, St. Mark’s Evan. Church Jan 1930 118
New Albany Marble Works, John Vernia & Co. (ad) 122
Vernia Monuments 123
Queries 130
October 2002  
President’s Message 135
SIGS June Meeting, 2002 136
Genealogical Hints from the Louisville Free Public library 136
Miller and Clark Family Records, submitted by Katherine Coats Bullard 137
Dating Old Photos by Clothing, by Sandi Gorin 140
Benjamin Downing, Sr., of Ky., A Family Composite, submitted by Mary Cuzzort Clipp 144
Benjamin Downing, 1750/60 – 1803, by Mary Cuzzort Clipp 145
Beginning Genealogy Workshop 2002, with Queries 147
Marriage Returns Made, from Public Press 30 Jul 1926  148
Marriage of George Hitner, from New Albany Ledger 1 Jan 1926 148
Local and Regional Research Centers 149
Henry Dean 150
Life in Indiana 1800 – 1820 (Part 2), by Rolla M. Hogue 152
Civil War in Indiana, by Alan Garbers 155
Millard Tyler, Ex-Georgetown Principal, Dies 159
Georgetown High School Memories 160
Queries from Our Members 164
The Tyler and Truman Families – Local Branches, by Carol Shipp 165
Delilah Tyler Polk: Courageous Kentuckian, by Susan Covey 167
A Cuzzort Family, by Mary Clipp (Cossart/Cazert/Crozart/Cusort) 169
The Cossarth Family, by Mary Clipp 171
Selected Obituaries, NAWL 1 Jan 1926: (Smith, Taylor, Tellon, Weisbach, Fogle, Coyle) 177
January 2003  
A Message from the President 3
New Officers Elected 4
From the Editor 5
A Note from the Microfilm Chairperson 5
Vice President’s Note 6
Mt. Rainer and Something About the State of Washington, From a Former Floyd Co. Lady, Yelm, Washington, July 29, 1915 6
New Members 2002 7
Our Sincere Sympathy 7
Address Changes 8
Ancestors Submitted in 2002 9
Books New to the Indiana Room in Nov 2002 11
Blacks in Harrison County 12
The Legend of the Reno Gang, by Alan Garbers 18
Early Military Pension Records, by Susan Covey 22
Genealogy Around the Kentucky and Indiana Area 24
Monuments, Records from Book Donated to SIGS, [assumed] Vernia Monument Co. 25
Abstracts from Our Church Visitor, St. Mark’s Evangelical Church, New Albany 29
Fullenwider Cemetery, Crawford Co., IN 33
From the Dutch Fork Settlement of Donegal Twp., Wash. Co., PA, by Raymond Martin Bell 34
Crawford County Cemeteries, by Town and Township 37
Index to 1882 Plat Map of Scott Township, Harrison County, Indiana 40
Sixty-Five Graduates from the Grammar Schools to the High Schools 41
Ancestor Charts Submitted by Members 42, 43
1930 Census of the Cornelia Memorial Orphan’s Home, New Albany, Indiana   44
A Tidbit From the Public Press 45
April 2003  
A Message from the President 51
Vice President’s Notes 52
The Editor’s Corner 52
The Howard Steamboat Museum's 11th Annual Victorian Chautauqua 53
Speakers’ Spotlight 53
Publishing Your Family Records Part I, by Sandra Gorin 54
One Example of Why You Could Not Locate a Family in the Census 56
The Indiana Legion, Fifth Regiment, Second Brigade Perry County, Indiana 57
The Tobin Guards, submitted by Susan Covey 63
New Articles from the Tell Cit y News, submitted by Susan Covey 65
You Thought Dixie Highway was only in Louisville? 65
William Speake, of Louisville, KY, New Albany, and Sullivan Co, IN and His Descendants , by Helen Benter  
Book Review:  The Taming of the Wilderness, by Susan Covey 72
Index to Floyd Co. Decrees Establishing Birth Dates—Oct 10, 1941-Mar 22, 1966 73
Queries From Our Members 74
Jacob Holmes, Pioneer 75
New Publication Announcement 75
Harrison County Seminary 76
Tradition of the Hills, submitted by Susan Covey 77
Harrison Co. School Children Enumeration Facts 77
Rules and Regulations for the Government of Pilots, sub by Carol S. Seals and Mary Stauble 78
Annual Commencements and List of Graduates and Honors–Daily Ledger 2 Apr 1888 80
Benjamin Adams-Corydon’s First Doctor, by Roger Gleitz 81
Vernia Monuments, submitted by Margaret Atchley 85
July 2003  
A Message from the President 95
Vice President’s Note 96
Our Sincere Sympathy 96
3rd Annual IGS Society Management Seminar 97
Virginia Launches Lewis, Clark Celebration 98
Our Newest Publications 99
Just Plain Folk Medicine by Sandi Gorin 100
Old Borden Cemetery submitted by Pat and Paul Coffman 102
Abstracts from Our Church Visitor, St. Mark’s Evang. Church, New Albany (May 1930) 116
Matrimonial Matters 1837-1841 from Public Press 1882 submitted by Mary B. Stauble. 117
Visit Jeffersonville, Indiana, City of Opportunities 125
New Year’s Eve, New Albany, IN 1878, from the Public Press 125
Queries 127
What New Albany Has, Public Press 1882 128
Interrogatories Propounded and Answers Received for the Benefit of Public Press Readers. 129
1930 Census of the Cornelia Memorial Home 130
Monuments, Records from Book Donated to SIGS, [Assumed] Vernia Monument Co. 131
October 2003  
A Message from the President 143
Our Sincere Sympathy 144
Vice President’s Note 144
Matrimonial Matters 1842-1845 from Public Press 1882 submitted by Mary B. Stauble. 145
Abstracts from Our Church Visitor, St. Mark's Evangelical Church, New Albany (June, July, Aug 1930) 152
Answers to Lewis and Clark Quiz 155
IGS Announcement 156
Book Review—Crawford County, Indiana Guardian Bonds 1848-1896, by Donna Foster 156
Records of the James Akers Family (Floyd Co.), submitted by Pat and Paul Coffman 157
List of Deaths of Indiana Soldiers at Nashville, Tenn., 17th to 24th Jan., 1865 (Public Press) 158
From The Floyd County Gazetteer 1868 159
Ancestors (A Poem) 162
Governor Willard Buried Here, Submitted by Mary Clipp 163
More News from the New Albany Daily Ledger (Abstracts) 166
Ahnentafel Chart, Submitted by Rhodella Martin 167
Question Submitted to Library of Congress 168
Crawford County, Indiana Information—Rev. Soldiers Buried in Crawford Co., IN, 169
Robersons in Crawford County 170
Abstracts from the Palmyra Gazette, 1939 (Harrison County) 172
One Hundred Twenty-Five Years Ago (1879) from New Albany Ledger Standard, submitted by Carol Seales 174
Descendants of John W. Speake, Submitted by Helen Benter 181
Queries from Our Members 184
January 2004  
A Message from the President 3
The Vice President's Corner 4
From the Microfilm Chair 4
The Meeting Place for Local Genealogy, by Susan Covey 5
From the Editor's Desk 6
New Members 7
Address Changes and Corrections 8
Recently Deceased Members 8
Our Newest Publications 8
The O'Neills of Floyd County, Indiana, by Ron Darrah 9
E-Mail Addresses Submitted by Our Members 11
Our 25th Anniversary     1979—2004 11
Charter Members of SIGS 12
Ancestor Submissions From Our Members 13
Catholic Church Records in Clark and Floyd Cos. 19
Hursttown 21
Plum Run Cemetery, Clark Co., IN 22
SIGS and the Ballad of Lewis and Clark, by Karen Harmon Gleitz 26
Abstracts from Our Church Visitor, St. Mark’s Evangelical Church, New Albany (October-December 1930) 27
Resources New to the Indiana Hist. Room in 2003 31
Genealogy Inspires Old to Dig Roots, from the New Albany Tribune 30 Sep 1981 32
Libraries' Special Collection Hold Hoards of Local Lore, from the N. A. Tribune 30 Sep 1981 33
An Unplanned Visit Yields a Valuable Surprise, by Diane Z. Murphy 35
Coroner's Inquest for C. S. Dunham, Harrison Co., IN 1908 37
Matrimonial Matters 1846 (Floyd Co.) from Public Press 1882 submitted by Mary B. Stauble 38
Resources New to the Indiana Room in 2003 31
Large List of Donors for the Orphan's Home, New Albany Daily Ledger December 1931 40
Queries From Our Members 41
James A. Satterfield Family Group Sheet 42
Marriages in Harrison Co., IN During Jan., Feb., Mar. and April 1884 by Bill Ang  44
April 2004  
A Message from the President 51
The Vice President's Corner 53
Announcements 54
Rev. War Bounty Land Warrant Applications & Pensions by Margaret Lamb Atchley 55
From the Editor's Desk 57
A Toast to the Late Great Historical Society by Sandi Gorin 58
Society Seminar a Success by Susan Covey 60
Obituaries — Richard Lord Jones 60
Memorial Day – 1899 from the Public Press 61
J.C. Doolittle & C Dunham, of Crawford Co. submitted by D. Leistner 62
Old Time Residents 1913 New Albany Tribune  63
“Presidents” — a poem, by Karen Harmon Gleitz 70
Abstracts from Our Church Visitor, St. Mark’s Evangelical Church, (Jan – Mar. 1931) 71
Crawford Co. Cemeteries (abstracted) 74
Matrimonial Matters 1847-1849 (Floyd Co.) from the Public Press 1882 sub. by Mary Stauble 78
Man Turned To Stone from Public Press 1901 86
Queries From Our Members 87
Surname Index 88
Genealogy Fair Announcement Center page
New Publications Center page
July 2004  
A Message from the President 95
The Vice President's Corner 95
Some Photos Taken at Our 25th Anniversary Celebration 96
Getting to the Root of Family Research" by Cheryl Fiscus Humphrey, from NAT 2 Jul 1993 97
Announcement: Southern Indiana Genealogical Fair 23 Oct 2004 98
From the Editor's Desk 99
Schedule of SIGS Meetings — August thru December 2004 99
Our Newest Publications 100
Aged Men in Franklin Township, Floyd Co., Indiana — 1882 101
Old Time Residents — New Albany Tribune 13 Oct 1913 102
Our Church Visitor — St. Mark’s Evan. Church, New Albany, Ind. — April- June 1931 108
Matrimonial Matters 1850-1852, submitted by Mary B. Stauble 112
George Riley Fox, submitted by Greg Seidl 121
Reunions. . . . Mayfield Reunion Announcement 124
Looking Backward, submitted by Anna McKim Frederick 125
Bits and Pieces from the New Albany Daily Ledger 1888 128
James Whitcomb Riley, submitted by Tim Fout 129
East Cemetery from the Crawford Countian used with permission 130
Queries From Our Members 136
October 2004  
Message From the President 143
The Vice President's Corner 143
Schedule of SIGS Meetings October – December 2004 144
Where Do We Go From Here? — Our Next Project, by Marie Byatt 144
Revolutionary War Bounty Land Warrant Applications and Pensions 145
From the Editor's Desk 146
With Sincere Sympathy 146
The Revolutionary War, by Roger Gleitz 148
Our Newest Publications 149
Fairview Cemetery Burials with Double Numbers, by Fairview Cemetery Committee 150
"On Cemetery Board", Newspaper Article from New Albany Tribune 7 Jul 1953 158
Unidentified Photos 159
New Albany Female Seminary, New Albany, Ind., 1880, sub.  by Donna Kepley Foster 160
Some Public Press Personals – 1901 168
Our Church Visitor, St. Mark's Evan. Church, abstracts, 1931 169
Matrimonial Matters, 1853-1954, from the Public Press, submitted by Mary Bayer Stauble 171
Unidentified Photo – Metal Cemetery Marker in Galena Cemetery 179
Monies Sent by Members of Capt. Jordan's Co. of the 66th Indiana Reg. (Harrison Co.), submitted by Donna Kepley Foster 180
McCutchen Bible Records, submitted by Anna McKim Frederick 182
Bits and Pieces from the Public Press – 1900 183
Queries From Our Members 184
January 2005  
From the President 3
A Letter From Our Out-Going Vice Pres. 4
SIGS Officers 2005 4
Letter from the Editor 5
The Year 1904 6
Welcome New Members 7
Address Changes and Corrections 7
E-Mail Address Submitted by Members 8
Deceased Members During the Past Year 8
Ancestor Submissions 9
Revolutionary War Pension Applications, by Sandi Gorin 13
Revolutionary Pension Applications 15
Lookup Request Form 16
[Some] Deaths of Indiana Soldiers Who Died at Andersonville, 1864 17
Cover Photo: 1859 Map of Floyd County 20
Abstracts from Our Church Visitor,  abstracted - St. Mark’s Evan. Church, Oct-Dec 1931 21
Social Security Death Index Updated 23
Charles Seston, Civil War Veteran 24
Cedar Farm, A Tribute (Harrison County) 26
Medical Beliefs in 1837 27
Matrimonial Matters 1855-1856,  submitted by Mary B. Stauble 28
Queries From Our Members 33
Obituaries and News from the New Albany Daily Ledger Jan 1864 34
Family Charts - Mathias Spangelberger  36
Family Charts - George Loebig 37
From a Taste of Old Madison, by Lynne Watrous Hamel 38
Fox Fruit Cake, by Catherine Keennan Fox 38
Some Harrison Co. Newspaper Extracts-1830,  submitted by Roger Gleitz 38-41
Little Orphan Annie, by James W.  Riley 42
Nathan Robertson, Pioneer Methodist, by Margery Robertson Hallum 43
April 2005  
A Message from the President 51-52
From the Editor’s Desk 52
SIGS Meetings – Jan. thru Dec. 2005 53
Queries from Our Members 54
The Proctor – Dean House 55
Proctor Genealogy 56-67
The White Caps in Crawford Co. 58
Richard Eastridge 58
Crawford County Establishment Day 58
Newhouse: New Albany Tribune 58-59
Harrison-Crawford Heritage Day 59
Our Church Visitor – St. Mark’s Evangelical Church January – Feb 1932 60-62
Signs for Flags Over Corydon 63
Flags Over Corydon Presentation at Harrison County Achievement Day 63
Harrison County Historical Markers 63
Harrison Co. Historical Society News 63
Buildings from Capital Period 64-65
Meteorite That Hit Buena Vista 66-67
“De Paw” house – Ad 67
Cold Friday History 68-69
The Mills Along Blue River 70-71
Rothrock Mills – Genealogy 72
Rothrock Reunion 72
Ancient Rules for Ancestors 73
“Old Times Were the Best”, (Riley) 73
Leonard Carter House 74
Cemetery Comm. Plans Events 74
Tell City – Perry Co. Public Library 75
Scott Co. Genealogical History 75-76
Scott Co. Heritage Center & Museum 76
Washington Co. Historical Society Events 77
Ancestral Trails Historical Soc. Events 78
Morgan’s Comin’ 78
Settlers of Painted Stone Station 79
Union Fort Duffield – Feb. Mtg.  79-80
LGS Upcoming Events and Dates 80
“A Taste of the Past” 81
Mini Fold Up Photo Albums 82, 83
World War II Honor Roll 84, 85
Grand Presidential Ball 86
Census Information 86
Ancestors by the Numbers 87
Matrimonial matters 1857 (Floyd Co.) 88-90
Where to find Revolutionary War Pension Files 91
How Old is Grandma? 92
Map of Indiana Inside Back Cover
July 2005  
A Message from the President  99
From the Editor's Desk 99
SIGS Meetings thru December 2005 100
Corrections to January 2005  Quarterly 100
County Origins 101
County Name Biographies 102-105
Crawford County: Wyandotte Cave History 106
Crawford County: Heritage Day / Cemetery Stroll 107
Floyd Co:  1893 County Fair Notices 108-109
Floyd Co:  St. Mark’s “Our Church Visitor” 110-114
Floyd Co:  Tyler History 115-118
          Harrison Co.: 2006  119
               Color Photo Calendars 119
               Family History Book 119-120
               Historic Sites Guidebook A-Z 121
Harrison Co.: Death Notice Books 121
Perry Co.: News from Perry County 122
Scott Co.: Genealogical Research Rooms 122-123
Scott Co.: Events thru December 2005 124
Scott Co.: IGS Annual Conference Information 125-126
Washington County: Veterans Memorial Symbolism 127
Washington County: List of Veterans 128-131
Washington County: Veterans Memorial Photo 131
Fort Duffield Memorial 132
Grave Dowsing – Witches or Ghosts 133
Looking Backward 134-137
Queries from Our Members 138-139
DNA and Genealogy 140-141
October 2005  
President’s and Editor’s Messages 145
Historical Society Receives Grant for Cemetery Project 146
Floyd County Historical Society Program for 2005-2006 147
Some Harrison Co. Obituaries found in New Albany Newspapers 149
Henry Frans Family of Harrison County, Indiana, by Donald E. Edds 150
Tribute Tours 153
Burial Permits Issued from New Albany Daily Ledger 1 March, 1887 152
School Trustees 1839-1905 155
The Riley Bible, submitted by Mary Cuzzort Clipp 156
Martha Riley and John Stalcup, by Mary Cuzzort Clipp 157
My Family Has A Rich Heritage with NAHS, by Cathy Clipp May 159
Regents of Fairview Cemetery (as of 1904) 160
Matrimonial Matters 1858, submitted by Mary Bayer Stauble 161
Book Review: “Henry’s Story. . . (Descendant of David and Elizabeth Wise Miller) 164
Arthur Martin Scott 1777-1800, and 66th Annual Scott Reunion, by Karen Gleitz 165
Flags Over Corydon, by Karen Gleitz 168
Stones Along the Bank’s Of the Ohio River, by J. R. Hardin 172
History of Leavenworth-Lang-Cole Hay Press and Barn 173
A Note from the English Ambassador in Dresden, 1793, submitted by Marie Byatt 174
The Fight at Brandenburg Crossing, Corydon Weekly Democrat 175
Fatal Affray in Harrison County – Col. John Timberlake Killed, New Albany Daily Ledger 176
The Twelve Townships in Harrison County, Indiana - Who or What They Are Named For 176
List of Casualties in the 53d Indiana, from June 10th  - July 31st, 1864, NADL 177
“Our Church Visitor” Jan. 1933, from St. Mark’s Evangelical Church 180
Rothrock Mill Bridge, submitted by Norm Lynch 183
Esarey Family, submitted by Norm Lynch 184
Newspaper Article on John Morgan from the Cannelton Newspaper, July 10, 1863 185
Queries 185
January 2006  
New Officers for 2006 3
President’s Message 4
Vice President’s Message 4
New Members 5
Address Changes and Corrections 6
Recently Deceased Members and Sympathy Note 6
Ancestor Submissions 7
E-Mail Addresses Submitted by Members 10
Gold Leaf Volunteer Luncheon – Mary Bayer Stauble Honoree 11
Family History Seminar and Book Fair at John Hay Center 12
Crawford County, Ind. Century Notes by Doris B. Leistner 13
Obituary Abstracts from the Daily Ledger Standard, Submitted by Mary Bayer Stauble 25
Fairview Notables, submitted by Mary Cuzzort Clipp 29
Fairview Cemetery Entrance (Cover Story) 29
Perry Co., Ind. Century Notes, by Doris B. Leistner 30
Floyd Co. Marriages, submitted by Mary Bayer Stauble 33
Entries in the Henry F. Giere Bible, submitted by William R. Schuler 41
New Material In the Indiana Room 42
Queries from Our Members 43
April 2006  
Editor’s Message 51
Queries from our Members 51
Local Upcoming Events:  
            Family History Seminar and Book Fair 52, 53
            A Victorian Chautauqua 54
Cover story: The Quartermaster Depot -aka “The Quadrangle”, by Matt Dattillo 55
Hunting Your Civil War Ancestor, by Vic Pfau 59
Harrison Co., IN – New Salisbury Post Office Dedication – 1964 62
History of New Salisbury, submitted by Donna Kepley Foster 63
The House of Yenowine, submitted by Anna McKim Frederick 65
Matrimonial Matters – Marriages – 1861 from Public Press, submitted by Mary Bayer Stauble 77
Crawford Co. Century Notes, from Crawford Co. Democrat and English News, submitted by Doris Leistner 79
July 2006  
Message from President 99
Note from the Editor 99
Upcoming Area Events  
Carnegie Center Announces New Exhibit 100
Genealogy and Family History Book Fair — Sep  30, 2006 101
Beyond the Index: “Proof of Marriage”, by Michael John Neill 102
Captive of Abb’s Valley, submitted by Don Evans 104
A Tidbit from the Past, New Albany Daily Ledger Dec 1849 105
A Civil War Battle, submitted by Anna McKim Frederick 106
The Murder Case of Moses Box, by Sharon Gullett 107
Will of Jacob Beanblossom, submitted by Bonnie Clark 111
Will of Martha Smith, submitted by Bonnie Clark 114
Georgetown Christian Church - Entries from Record Book, abst. by Anna McKim Frederick 115
A Wright Family of Harrison County, Indiana, submitted by Barbara Adams Whiteside 121
Snapshots in Time: Episode 1 – The 1917 Tornado, by Sharon Gullett 122
Origin of Odd Fellowship in Indiana, abstracted by Anna McKim Frederick 123
Harrison Township Commencement, 1923, abstracted by Anna McKim Frederick 125
Crawford Co., Indiana – Century Notes — 1906, submitted by Doris Byrd Leistner 126
Queries 140
October 2006  
President’s Message 147
Editor’s Message 147
Announcement — 35 New Rolls of Microfilm at New Albany Library 148
Reminiscing — Interesting River — By Captain Fred Zoll, submitted by Yvonne Huff Zoll 149-153
Here and There, from New Albany Ledger 26 Jan 1883 153
Priest Genealogy, Submitted by Sharon Priest Darnell 154-156
Genealogy Taglines With a Laugh, copied 156
Early Marriages from the Public Press, 1862, submitted by Mary Bayer Stauble 157-159
Definition of “ANCESTOR”, copied from Kishwaukee Genealogists May-Jun 1998 159
Our Church Visitor, Abstracts, February 1933, submitted by Sue P. Carpenter 160-164
Harrison County Wills – Will of Susan Lynn, 1852, submitted by Bonnie Clark 164
Borden, High School [Photo of Basketball Team], submitted by Donna Kepley Foster 165
Overseer of the Poor, from William Anderson’s Papers, submitted by Anna McKim Frederick 166
Hiring A Slave — from the Anderson family papers brought to Indiana from Virginia by William Anderson, submitted by Anna McKim Frederick 167
List of Officers and Soldiers of the 66th Indiana – Partial Lists of the Killed, Wounded, and Paroled, from the New Albany Daily Ledger 8 Sep 1862, submitted by Sue P. Carpenter 168-172
Crawford County, Ind. Century Notes by Doris B. Leistner, abstracts from The Crawford County Democrat and The English News, Oct., Nov., Dec. 1906, submitted by Doris Leisner 173-187
January 2007  
A Message from the Editor 3
Upcoming Events: 4
200th Birthday Anniversary Celebration -Sarah Albin Smith—1807-1897 4
Indiana Territory Festival 5
Finding Indiana Ancestors LIVE! – Workshop presented by Indiana Historical Society 5
Genealogy Information Exchange 6
2007 Speaker’s Schedule 7
Sympathy 7
New Members 8
Address Changes 8
Ancestor Submissions from Our Members 9
The Year 1907 11
More on the Census, by Sandi Gorin 12
Back in the “Grove” [Silver Grove], by James R. Munford, Jr., Silver Grove Historian 15
Matrimonial Matters 1863 and 1864, submitted by Mary Bayer Stauble 16
Gleanings from Daily New Albany Democrat – 1849 23
John Mayhew Wible — Additional Information, submitted by Dwayne Meyer 24
Richard Lord Jones (Cover Story) 28
The Youngest Soldier of the Revolution — Richard Lord Jones, submitted by Mary Clipp 29
Abstracts from Our Church Visitor March, April, May 1933, abstracted by Sue P. Carpenter 33
City Officers — Chiefs of Police, Superintends Metropolitan Police 1904 36
Harrison County Wills — Nathan Dean, George Spencer, John Stephens, submitted by Bonnie Clark 37
Linsey and Rebecca (Clark) Wade of Clark County, Indiana, submitted by Katherine Coats Bullard 40
Extracts from the New Albany Weekly Ledger 15 Jul 1932, submitted by Patricia Foster 41
Queries from our Members 45
April 2007  
SIGS Scheduled Speakers for 2007 53
Upcoming Events  Louisville Genealogical Society Annual Fall Book Fair/Seminar 53
Louisville Genealogical Society Topics for April 54
Bullitt Co. Genealogical Society 54
A Victorian Chautauqua 54
Editor’s Notes 55
Indiana State Library (March Presentation) 56
Town of Silver Grove—A Memory Almost Forgotten, by James R. Munford, Jr. (cover story) 57
McCulloch Cemetery, submitted by Walker K. McCulloch 60
Earliest Death Records on Microfilm, With Notes, submitted by Sue Carpenter 66
Back in the “Grove” [Silver Grove], by James R. Munford, Jr., Silver Grove Historian 74
Directory Directly And Some of the Curiosities That it Contains In Advance  75
Excerpts from Dr. Ashael Clapp’s Diary 77
Wills, submitted by Bonnie Clark 80
     Harrison County Wills:   
            Bates, Caleb  
            Collins, David  
     Floyd County Wills:   
            Dannecker, Frederick Albert  
            Edwards, David  
            Eicholz, John  
            Heib, John  
            Korb, Margaret  
Ancestral Paper  — Fannie Huff, Piankeshaw Chapter NSDAR 93
Queries from our Members 97
Membership Form—Publication Order Form 98
July 2007  
A Message from the Editor 103
SIGS Scheduled Speakers July thru December 2007 103
In Memoriam — Samuel R. “Sam” McDowell 104
Happenings at the Howard Steamboat Museum and Mansion 104
New Books in the Indiana Room - 2007 105
A Reunion Photo – Clark County, Indiana — (Thought to be Apple or Enders Reunion) 108
Orphan Train Riders, by Dorothy J. (Bibb) Rice   (April Presentation 2007) 109
Burial Permits Issued  [two articles 1886 and 1887 from the New Albany Daily Ledger] 111
Bible Records — Benjamin B. Tompkins and Sarah Ann (Miller), submitted by Mary T. Phelps 112
Indiana Soldiers — 2nd Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry Mexican War Company I, submitted by Anna McKim Frederick 113
Cornelia Memorial Children’s Home — A History of the Cornelia Memorial Children’s Home, by Ruth Ann Kramer 121
Copy of Deed Found in Plat Book at Fairview Cemetery — Mary Stager, Owner, submitted by Mary Clipp 129
Fairview Cemetery, New Albany, Indiana — Plat Owners for Plat 1, Ranges 1 and 2, submitted by Sue P. Carpenter 130
Floyd County, Indiana Wills, Submitted by Bonnie Clark  
Samuel W. Newburger 132
Elizabeth Borkenheim 134
A Floyd County Story — The Memoirs of Grandmother Susie (Hopper) Ott, submitted by Jack Ott 136
Queries 144
October 2007  
A Message from the Editor 151
SIGS Scheduled Speakers October, November, December 2007 151
Federation of Genealogical Societies 2007 Conference  152
The Genealogy Center of the Allen County Public Library (see photo on cover) 154
Indiana Territory Festival 155
Floyd County Historical Society Scheduled Programs for 2007-2008 156
Preserving the Past for the Future: Indiana's Statewide Cemetery Registry, by Jeannie Regan-Dinius 157
A Look at Social Security, by Sandi Gorin 160
Numerous Middle Names of Many of the Prominent Citizens of New Albany, Public Press 163
Fairview Cemetery, New Albany, Indiana — Plat Owners for Plat 1, Ranges 3, 4, 5, 6, submitted by Sue P. Carpenter 165
Wills, transcribed and submitted by Bonnie Clark 169
          Floyd County:   
            John H. Anthony  
            John Antwyne  
            John C. Barbey  
            John C. Blum  
            John Brown  
            James H. Blossom  
            Mary Bostock  
                    Harrison County:   
            Reuben Ash  
            Andrew Blunk  
The Good Old Days . . . From the Public Press – F. W. Woolworth Add, 1931 177
Civil War Letters from Henry Jackson, submitted by M. Money 178
Letters of Susan Secrist Jackson, submitted by M. Money 185
Warmen School, Carr Township, Clark County, Indiana 1915 (photo), submitted  by M. Money 187
Family Corner, submitted by Doris Byrd Leistner 188
Printers and Stationers. An Old Book and Job Printing Establishment, from the New Albany Ledger, Submitted by Mary B. Stauble 190
Queries from our members 191
January 2008 Vol XXIX Nr. 1  
A Message from the Editor 3
Genealogy Information Exchange 4
SIGS Scheduled Speakers 5
New Members 6
Address Changes or Corrections 7
With Sincerest Sympathy 7
Ancestor Submissions 8
Lifetime Achievement Award, Doris Byrd Leistner 9
Donna Foster Receives Volunteer Award 10
Fairview Cemetery, November Presentation, by Mr. Joe Hook 11
Sehlbrede Family Bible, submitted by Connie McCafferty Strandberg 15
Marker Dedications, William Prewitt and Isaiah Cuzzort, submitted by Doris B. Leistner 22
Philip Engleman, Revolutionary War Soldier, submitted by Donna Foster and Anna McKim Frederick 24
Huff Cemetery, Buried Tombstone Located 25
My DNA Experience, by Don Evans 25
Morgan's Raid – Battle of Corydon, from papers of Albert Redden 26
The White Caps, from papers of Albert Redden 28
Floyd Co. Asylum Record Bk 1, 1866- 1877 (List of inmates 1866-1870), submitted by Anna Frederick 29
Marriage records transcribed by Julie Hornung 34
Floyd County Wills, transcribed and submitted by Bonnie Clark  
Benjamin Conner 1852 36
William C. Conner  1858 37
Pedigree Chart for Beverly Lynne Stuart 38
Queries from our members 39
Our Newest Publication – Selected Floyd County Birth Announcements & Decrees 40
Tell City's Founding Was Planned 102 Years Ago, edited and submitted by Doris Byrd Leistner 41
Fairview Cemetery, Plat Owners – Plat 1, Ranges 7, 8, 9 45
April 2008 Vol. XXIX Nr. 2  
Society News  55
President’s Message 55
Upcoming Meetings for 2008 55
A Victorian Chautauqua 56
Upcoming: Family History & Genealogy Conference by HIS 57
Burned Counties, by Michael John Neill 58
Independent Order of Odd Fellows, aka I. O. O. F. 60-62
Tell City's Founding, Part II, abstracted by Doris B. Leistner 63
Back in the Grove, submitted by Jim Mumford 67
Descendants of Jehue Burkett, submitted by Anna McKim Frederick 68
A Sale Bill of the Personal Property of Jehue Burket, by Anna McKim Frederick 70
Asylum Record Book I  1871 – 1875, Floyd County, Indiana, submitted by Anna Frederick 73
The County's Poor, from New Albany Ledger-Standard, 5 Oct 1878 77
Harrison County, Indiana Asylum of the Poor, abstracted by Donna Kepley Foster 81
Fairview Cemetery, New Albany, Ind., Plat Owners – Plat 1, Ranges 10-22 and Beeler Gore 83
Fairview Cemetery in the News – Early Clippings, Abstracted by Sue Carpenter 87
Crawford County Herald Facts, submitted by Mary Bayer Stauble and Carol Seales 88
Floyd County, Indiana Wills, abstracted by Bonnie Clark  
            Davis, Squire  90
            Dayton, Caleb C. 91
            Diebel, Mary 93
            Didelot, George 94
            Drysdale, Thomas 95
Information from the Family Bible of Mrs. Eva Shaw Ross, submitted by Steve Ross 96
July 2008 Vol. XXIX Nr. 3  
SIGS Member Mary Clipp Recognized at Gold Leaf at Volunteer Recognition Luncheon 107
Upcoming SIGS Monthly Membership Meetings 107
Genealogical Workship 107
January 2000 Membership Meeting Cancelled 108
Upcoming Neighborhood Events 108
Glenwood Place 109
Silver Grove Neighborhood Association 109
Indiana Historical Society Hosts Midwestern Roots 2008 Conference 110
Where Did TheyGo?, - Obituaries, submitted by Lon Fink 111
Asylum Record Book 1   1871-1875, Floyd Co., IN 112
Fairview Cemetery Plat Owners – Plat 2, Ranges A, B, 1, 2, 3 123
Wills, transcribed by Bonnie Clark 127
            Gottlieb Eismann, Floyd Co. 127
            Jonathan Ellwanger, Harrison Co. 130
            Catherine Freeman, Floyd Co. 131
            Marshall Mason Fitch, Floyd Co. 132
            John Farrell, Floyd Co. 134
            Theodore Elliott, Floyd Co. 129
            David Foutz, Harrison Co. 136
Grayfriar-McMillan Graveyard, by Homer and Norma Cole 137
More Pioneers of Georgetown, Newspaper article, Sept. 1879 139
Queries from Our Members 141
October 2008 Vol. XXIX Nr. 4  
Editor's Corner, by Sue P. Carpenter 151
Beginning Genealogy, by Vic Pfau 152
Southern Indiana Genealogical Society Joins New Albany Floyd County Public Library in Presenting A Workshop in Beginning Genealogy (Photos taken during the workshop) 161
Upcoming Events 162
Floyd County Historical Society 162
Christmas Open House and Victorian Tea (Scribner House) 162
Queries from Our Members 163
Around and About, extracted from the Public Press 24 Jun 1902, abstracted by Sue Carpenter 164
Fairview Cemetery Lot Owners from Plat 2, Ranges 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 (Continued) 169
Back in the Grove, submitted by V. Munford 173
Wills from Floyd and Harrison Counties, submitted by Bonnie Clark   
            Jacob Funck - (Harrison Co.) 174
            Sophia Garletz - (Floyd Co.) 175
            John P. Gillig - (Floyd Co.) 176
            Francis Graff - (Floyd Co.) 177
            Joseph Hagan - (Floyd Co.) 177
            Ann Haslett - (Floyd Co.) 178
            Stephen Hedden - (Floyd Co.) 179
            Frank Henn - (Floyd Co.) 180
            Alexander Hamilton - (Floyd Co.) 181
Asylum Record Book I -  1871-1875, Floyd Co., IN, from the Commissioner's Office, (continued from July issue), submitted by Anna McKim Frederick 182
January 2009 Vol. XXX Nr. 1  
Editor’s Corner 4
Sincere Sympathy 5
New Members for 2008-2009 and E-Mail Address of Some SIGS Members 6
Ancestor Listing 7
Parsons Indiana Counties Project, by Michael Parsons 9
Officers of Floyd County, Indiana, Georgetown Township, submitted by Sue P. Carpenter 10
Free Queries in the New Albany Tribune and Genealogy Exchange File 17
Perry County Funeral Notices, submitted by Doris B. Leistner 18
Floyd County Wills:   
BASEDOW, Frank L.  19
BAUMGART, Maria (Weigand)  20
BAUR/BAUER,Walburger (Will) 21
BOHM, Talitha (Poehlein) 22
HUGGER, Charles/Carl  23
FROEHLICH, Johanna (Strub)  24
HERMANN, Andreas/Andrew J. 25
Appointments of Preachers of Indiana Conference, submitted by Mary B. Stauble 26
Newspaper Tidbits from the Courier Journal, Feb. 1899, submitted by Mary B. Stauble 29
Queries From Our Members 32
Family Group Sheets:  
      VINE, Edward Charles Vine 33
      BYRNE, James E. Byrne 34
      BYRNE, Spencer Byrne 35
      BYRNE, Raymond Spencer Byrne 36
      FUNK, Abraham Clark Funk 37, 38
      HOLLIS, Tillmon Hollis 39
      PRIEST, Fielding L. Priest 40
      SHARP, SHARPE, Joseph 41
      SPERZEL, Lewis 42
      BLACK, William 43, 44
The Y. M. C. A. Really Isn't Something New in New Albany, New Albany Tribune Sept. 1912 38
April 2009 Vol. XXX Nr. 2  
Scheduled Meetings 51
Book Review: The Bruner-Robinson Family History and Genealogy, by Gerald J. Bruner 52
"Valuable Gift –Bound Volume of Old Newspapers Present to Library" . . .   
New Albany Argus 1837-1839 and New Albany Gazette of 1842  -   
Includes an Index to the parts that are connected with the History of New Albany and Floyd County. 53
News From Indiana – Feb. 12, 1899, submitted by Mary Bayer Stauble 66
Hoosier Flashbacks – Early Days of the Floyd County Fair, submitted by Donna K. Foster 69-72
Queries from Our Members 70
Newspaper Tidbits 72
Wills, Transcribed and submitted by Bonnie Clark: 73- 76
Annie Kirkwood, Floyd County, Indiana  
Mrs. Francis Lake, Floyd County, Indiana  
Thomas Lane, Sr., Harrison County, Indiana  
Perry County Ancestors, By Doris B. Leistner 77-79
July 2009 Vol. XXX Nr. 3  
A Walk Through Fairview Cemetery, by Sue P. Carpenter, Editor 83
Upcoming Meetings  84
Obituaries for Two of Our SIGS Members 85
Upcoming Events 86
Re: Microfilmed KY Death Certificate Collection – Louisville Free Public Library 86
Our Heroes' Tree 87, 88
Book Review: Walnut Hill Cemetery, Borden, Indiana "The Golden Book of Names" 89
Free Queries in the New Albany Tribune and Genealogy Exchange File 90
Early War Pension Records, by Susan Covey 91
Newspaper Tidbits [1899], submitted by Mary Stauble 95
Wills, submitted by Bonnie Clark 99
Harrison Co.:   
David Huston  
John Leffler  
Floyd Co.:   
Mary Hicks  
Andrew F. Israel  
Frances Jennings  
Peter Kegler  
Gregore Kihn  
Perry County Ancestors, (Part 2), submitted by Doris B. Leistner 106
Indiana Soldier Tells Civil War Experiences, 1864, submitted by Beth Day Nolan 109
Outhouses, by Jim Fieldler, submitted by Susan Covey 114
Queries 116
October 2009 Vol. XXX Nr. 4  
Happenings, submitted by Susan Covey  123
Letter from the Editor 123
Guardian Bonds, submitted by Doris Leistner 124
Land Grants, submitted by Susan Covey 125
Roll of Honor, from New Albany Daily Ledger 30 Aug 1862 129
Sick Indianaians in Hospital, from New Albany Daily Ledger 20 Aug 1862 130
Asylum Rec. Bk. 1, 1871-1875, Floyd Co., from Commissioner's Office, submitted by Anna McKim Frederick 131
Receipt from Briggs Hardware Store, submitted by Susan Covey 136
Wills transcribed by Bonnie Clark 137
       Harrison Co.:   
John McGinnis  
James Miller  
Joseph Rice  
       Floyd Co.:   
Garrett Mallory  
John Merriwether  
Michael Missy  
Francis R. Nelson  
John Nicholson  
George W. Payen  
Sally Ann Plumer  
Wm. Plummer  
Isaac Redmamn  
Cornelia Reilly  
Henry Rice  
Hebron Church/Concord Church, Staples Neighborhood, Scott Co., IN,  submitted by Jeannie Noe Carlisle 153
Scott County Tidbits, submitted by Jeannie Noe Carlisle 154
Queries  157
January 2010 Volume XXXI Nr. 1  
Society News  Inside front cover (pg. 2)
Society Name Change 3
Editor's Corner 4
Proposed Topics for 2010 Membership meetings 5
New to the Indiana History Room 6
Attention: Researchers (Louisville Free Public Library) 7
New SIGS Members 2009 8
Deceased SIGS Members 8
Address Corrections 9
E-mail Addresses for some SIGS Members 9
Ancestor Listings From Our Members 10
Wills, submitted by Bonnie Clark  
Isaac Richards 17
Nicholas Stein 19
Perry County Land Records, (Barger & Terry Families), by Doris B. Leistner 20
Marengo – Facts, from the Polk City Directory 1882-1883 22
Deaths of Indiana Soldiers Who Died at Andersonville – Daily Ledger 23 Nov 1864 23
Asylum Records Book 1 1871-1875 (continued), submitted by Anna McKim Frederick 27
April 2010 Volume XXXI Nr. 2  
Society News  39
Letter from the Editor 39
E-Mail Submissions; Address Changes; Queries 40
Proposed Topics for 2010 Continued 41
Did you Know – New Albany Floyd Co. Public Library Offers Wireless to the Public 42
Free Queries in the New Albany Tribune 42
Wills – Peter Ross, Senior, Floyd County; Rebecca Rough, Floyd County 43-46
Picturesque New Albany, Representing the Business, Official, Religious, Educational and Social Relations - Book Compiled by S. Holmes Wood – 1923, submitted to SIGS by Donna Kepley Foster 47
Newspaper Tidbits, Scott Co., IN, submitted by Steve & Jeannie Noe Carlisle 55
Pullout section – Membership Renewal Form and List of Publications for Sale by SIGS 57-60
Newspaper Tidbits, Scott Co., IN, submitted by Steve & Jeannie Noe Carlisle (cont'd) 61
A Panther Fight, by C. F. Harrod, submitted by Steve & Jeannie Noe Carlisle 62
Facts from the Polk City Directory, 1890, submitted by Doris Leistner 63
Asylum Record Book 2 1888-1884 (continued), submitted by Anna McKim Frederick 68
July-October 2010 Volume XXXI Nr. 3 & 4 (combined issues)  
Society News and Announcements, Name Additions and Corrections 83
Queries from Our Members 84
Southern Indiana Genealogical Society, Inc. Monthly Meetings, by Susan Covey 85
Upcoming Monthly Meetings 85
2010 Recipients of the Annual Gold Leaf Award – Angelia Barger and Sue Carpenter 86
New Albany Bicentennial – 2013 "City By the River", May Presentation, by Doris Leistner 88
Digitizing Your Family History – June Presentation, by Donna Kepley Foster and Alex Clements 89
Indiana Room Resources - Presentation, by Nancy Strickland 94
John & George Kepley Brothers, My Most Unforgettable Ancestor, by Donna Kepley Foster 96
Dedication Program of the United States Post Office, New Salisbury, Indiana, by Donna K. Foster 97
The Wood – Kepley Murder and Suicide, by Donna Kepley Foster 98
Division Street School, October Presentation, by Vic Meginity 99
Perry Lindsey, Tuskegee Airman, World War II 104
Polk Family Diary- Part 1, submitted by Susan Covey 105
Harrison County, Indiana Wills   Elizabeth Simler, Timothy Wheeler, Simon VanArsdale 116
Floyd County Commissioner's Records – Records of the Floyd Co. Asylum  Book 2 –   
1877-1884, submitted by Anna McKim Frederick 119
Yarbrough Family Research, submitted by Margaret Lamb Atchley 124
Scott County, Indiana Items, submitted by Jeannie Carlisle 129
Strawberry Industry Has Interesting History – by Al Scharsberg, submitted by Donna Foster 131
Memories of Men and Events in Crawford Co., - by S. A. Beals, submitted by Basil Kimes 132
Aydeville 133
Cannelton Commissioned High School, Cannelton, Indiana, submitted by Susan Covey 134
Real Estate Transfers, from the Public Press 2 November 1915 141
Index to Southern Indiana Genealogical Society Quarterly Volume XXXI Nr. 3 & 4 142

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