Sometimes it's not easy to identify a cemetery by a certain name.  They are often 
known by a different names as time go by.  Below is a list of places I've used or
 heard of from other folks on our email list.  It can be a challenge, but don't give up.
All cemeteries need to be recorded in your County as well as the State Burial Registry
Please share these lists and your GPS locations with your local libraries.  Also look in;

Indiana State Historic Architectural and Archaeological Research Database (SHAARD)

To many have been destroyed already. 


   The cemetery record compendium : comprising a directory of cemetery
               A Guide to Contact Information for U. S. Cemeteries and Their Records.
~ Research Wiki on Family Search


       * You may have to do a Google search for you own County offices.   Here is an Indiana map.


  1. Start with all the libraries in your County.  

  2. Old city directories.

  3. If it is a small town, find out who the Genealogy historian is or better yet, the County Historian.  Try to find a cemetery list for the whole township and see if you can pin point each one in each section of that township.  You may be surprised.

  4. County Historical Societies collections

  5. Township Trustees office, call past trustees for their grounds keepers.

  6. County GIS information sites are adding cemetery locations.  And this one.

  7. County Area Plan offices may have maps and databases  This one is Tippecanoe.

  8. Recorders office  Tools for researching deeds and locations.

  9. Surveyors office

  10. County Highway office, they have maps

  11. Funeral Homes in the area and any big ones in surround Counties

  12. Area Burial Vault companies.  A few in the state.

  13. Local Veterans office

  14. State Veterans Homes  &   Tippecanoe County

  15. Local American Legions [many still put out the flags]

  16. Civil War groups in the area

  17. Check Public Libraries surrounding your home county.  You will be surprised.

    STATE Resources

  18. Indiana State library check their cemetery database and vertical files and county resources

  19. The State Historical Society collections and library

  20. The State Historical Bureau

  21. The State Archive 

  22. Villages and Towns in Indiana

  23. Fort Wayne library catalog and PERSI for periodicals published from Ft Wayne

  24. Specific County websites.  Allen County Indiana Church Burial Records

  25. Indiana Genealogy Society has been publishing locations for the whole state
    Their 4th & final CD will be ready to release April 25, 2009.

  26. Genealogy Societies and Genealogist  

  27. Society of Indiana Pioneers

  28. LDS catalog search on 

  29. Indiana DAR chapters

  30. SAR chapters

  31. Area Genealogy Societies [example - Tri County Genealogy Society]

  32. The Hoosier Genealogist and past indexes plus online connections 

  33. Underground Railroad

  34. Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War 

  35. Indiana Churches they may have the records, also State Archives for churches

  36. Message boards for County boards-Cemetery boards- State boards too.

  37. Find-A-Grave site search by County or name

  38. Internment. Net 

  39. Billion Graves

  40. Rootsweb Tombstone Transcription Project

  41. Rootsweb Indiana Resources page

  42. Indiana 1998 Digital Orthophotography

  43. Indiana Topographic Maps Index

  44. Indiana Department of Natural Resources Identifying Cemeteries

  45. National Preservation Institute

  46. Death and Burial Information on EXPLORE


 Can anybody else contribute ideas?
L.A. Clugh



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