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James Alexander
He was born 1/1/1888 in Maine and was taken in by Mason family, and was adopted by them in Jay Co., came to Portland in 1892,  married Fanny Swartzentruber and fathered 11 children. He died in 1952.
Information on James(Alexander) Mason from his great grandaughter, Shelli Antisdel

George Bauner
born 1844 in Germany and came to the US with a brother, his parents had died in Germany.  They lived with a Aunt for a time.They rode train to Hamilton Co. in 1859, given out in Madison Co. In, to the Sebrell family.  His brother was sent on to California.  He enlisted in the Union 19th Indiana Infantry (Volunteer), leaving the farm and marching off to war.  He was a member of the Iron Brigade.  He was taken prisoner at the Battle of the Wilderness and was sent to Andersonville Prison.  He survived the war and Married Nancy Jane Cook.  From 1869,He was a blacksmith,  and raised a family of 6 children.  He lived and died  in 1906 in Perkinsville, Madison Co. Indiana. He is buried in the old Perkinsville Cemetery with wife Nancy and Minnie Bauner Garrison (and twin grandbabies) nearby. Info from his great great great grandaughter Connie Atkinson

b. 5/26/1847 New York and died 12/17/1918 in Sitka, Alaska. Lived with the family of Judge John Green, of Tipton Co. In. He married Elizabeth Jane Patton in 1887 in Sitka, Alaska. Children: John Green Brady Jr., Hugh P. Brady, Sheldon Jackson Brady, Mary Anna Brady and Elizabeth P. Brady.  He attended Yale University, and was a Presbyterian minister, missionary, Lawyer and was the Governor of the territory of Alaska. He is buried in Sitka, Alaska.(Source I3)

b. c. 1852, New York, lived with the Horace Mallery family and no further information is available.(Source I4and I 1)

b. 5/15/1850 New York, and died 11/17/1918 in Roswell, New Mexico. He lived with the Darwin W. Bulter and Andrew Kline families. He married Caroline F. Cleveland in 1879 in New York Mills, Minnesota. Children: Twins, Ada Burke Mrkvicka and Amy Burke Johnson. He was a Civil War Veteran of Co. D, 75th Indiana Regiment, where he served as a drummer boy. He served as governor of North Dakota from 1890-1893.(Source I3)

b. 11/22/1850 New York, his parents were John Burns and Mary Kiblain, both born in Ireland. He died 10/13/1920 in Huntington, Indiana. He lived with the James Rees family, and later with the William V. Wheeler family when he was a school teacher. He married Emma B. Ford, no date and place known. No children were found.(Source I3)


 Born on August 8, 1850 in Galway, Ireland to Mark and Catherine Butler. By 1857 he had become a street waif in New York City.  In 1859 he came on the orphan train to Princeton, Gibson Co. In. where he went to live with M.J. Brady. He was known later as Johnny Butler, the Drummer Boy of the 17th, Indiana Reg. formed in Gibson Co. In. He reenlisted in 1864 in the 120th Reg and served till 1/8/1866 and was honorably discharged.  He later moved to Franklin Pa. to work the oil fields and later became President of Butler Oil.. It is known that he took a business course in Vincennes at one time. H died in 1927 in Pennsylvania. Info from the Gibson Co. History, written by Gilbert Stormont and published in 1914 and Martha Earles


He was born 8/9/1895 in New York City and rode the train to Franklin Co. Indiana in 1898, where he was adopted by Bernard and Philomena Dahmus in Oldenburg, Ray Twp. Franklin Co. In.  He married Ellen Holdener and had two daughters, Mary and Margaret.  He died 11/5/1949 in Alton Memorial Hospital, Madison Co. Illinois and was buried in the Cavalry Cemetery, Edwardsville,  Madison Co. Il.  He died after his clothing was ignited by an electric flash at the Shell Oil refinery in Wood River I.l.  Hew was burned over 90% of his body.Info from Phil DiMatteo


b.4/3/1885 in Massachusetts, adopted by Henry Edwards, in Howard Co. in 1889, name changed to Ira Claude Edwards. Married to Julia Brower in Howard Co.



born May1, 1848 in New York City, parents unknown, was a neglected street kid at age 11 .  In 1859 he was sent on Orphan Train to Montgomery Co. In and placed with James and Mary Broadie.  In October 1864 he enlisted at Indianapolis in the 16th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery, Indiana Volunteers and received a distiguished service honoralbl discharge in July, 1865.  He was only 16 when he enlisted and was shown as a farmer. He signed the papers with an X.  Soon after the war ended, he went to Kansas and spent time near Lawrence and Fort Leavenworth.  Although it is not known what occupation he followed then, he did have a perchance for engaging in saloon brawls and street fights.  In 1874 at age 25, he was living and working as a farm laborer in Elk County Kansas on the farm of John Keeper.  In 1877 he married Indiana born Amanda Ann Evans, whose father was killed in the Civil War at the battle of Corinth, Mississippi in 1862.  Christopher and Amanda lived on the Keeper farm and had two sons. Henry b. 1880 and James b. 1881 and a daughter Cora who died in infancy.  Aoon after the birth of James, Amanda and Christopher packed their belongings in a covered wagon and with one year old Henry by their side and newly born James, tucked in a shoe box, they headed to Creek, Colorado.  After nearly starving to death, they return to Oak Valley, Kansas where they remained until the turn of the century.  In 1901, the family moved to a 160 acre farm that they purchased for $1500 near Roper, Wilson Co. Kansas.  They dis- assembled their farm house in Oak Valley and carried it on a wagon to Wilson Co. where they reassembled it.  They also transported cattle, horses and a team of mules.  During WWI, in partnership with his sons, Christopher bought and sold mules in the surrounding counties and shipped them to the army at Fort Riley, Kansas.  Christopher died January 22, 1929, survived by his wife, one son, 11 grandchildren and 1 great grand child. Info from great granddaughter  Diane


In 1861 he arrived and lived with William Conway in Jefferson County In. He was born 3/7/1851NY. His fathers name was Daniel, his mother Elizabeth, both foreign born his father went to California around the Cape.
He married Louisa Reinier on 9/27/1881 and they had three children  He died in 1922 . According to family search's, he had a sister named Emeline. Nothing is known about her.

Information on Levi Correll, from his grandaughters, Waneta Cooper and Reatha Femyer


b.c. 1851 in New York and lived with the Albert P. Sanders family. No further information is known.(Source I5 and I1)


b. c. 1853, lived with Elijah Cottingham family, died at age 14 in 1870 in Hamilton Co. In, no burial info available .(Source I5, I1and Internet)



b. c. 1917 in New York. at the New York Foundling Hospital. She was adopted by the Lupinski's cause she had dark hair and eyes like their sons. however, she was treated like a maid, not a daughter.  She ran away when she was 16 and got pregnant by a man who was later murdered in Calument City, Illinois.  She returned to New York and the NYFH where she had her baby girl.and raised her.  She died in 1987 of liver cancer.  She had 8 more children after marrying.. Info from her grandaughter Pat Konvalinka


born 1/13/1889 in Massachusetts and was given out to the Worthington family in Plymouth, Marshall Co. In. He rode the train with his brother and sisters.  One brother John stayed in Massachusetts.  Their mother died when Lena was born in 1890 and the all but John were sent to the NEHLW .  Their father died in 1894 and the children were put on the train after his death.. Info on the children from ggg grandaughter of William, Esther Murry


Born 6/4/1879. and she road the train to Argos, Marshall Co. In. and was placed with the Gould family, she later married the son of the Gould's. Esther Murry


born May 22, 1890. was sent to Argos and was placed with Minnie Allerman.


born 4/18/1894 in Massachusetts. He rode the train with his sister Grace, brother Charles and sister Lena May.  William was given out to the Meckling family in Plymouth, Marshall Co.,  Indiana  Info from his ggg grandaughter, .Esther Murry

William Sidney Emay

Born in 1853 in New York. He lived with Cook/Duncan starting in 1862 in Rush Co. In. Taken from the Orange County, NY Poor Farm in Goshen NY to the Childrens Aid Society.   He had a sister that was left behing in Goshen, NY.
He was with a group of 35 children escorted by Mr. Friedgen.
Information on William Sidney Emay provided by Becky Higgins


Joseph Riley Finch

Joseph Riley was born August 28,1882 in Massachusetts.  He was given out in Portland, Jay Co. In. in 1892.   He was adopted by Adam Hamilton Finch and Eliza Jane Allen Finch.  With his adopted brother, Selma Finch who was 10 years older, he operated a grocery store in Portland and in College Corner.  He married Vernia Cromer and they had no children.  He died September 18, 1967 In Portland.  Information provided by his great niece Cynthia Finch Powers


b.c. 1852, New York, lived with William Slaback family in Tippecanoe Co. In., was in Hamilton Co. in 1870, no further information available. (Source I1, I5, I3)


b.c. 1849 New York, lived with Charles Moffit family. He was convicted in 1900/1901 of the murder of John Parker, on the Kerrigan farm, northwest of Noblesville. He served a term at Michigan City, Indiana Penitentiary. In 1909, it was learned that he was incarcerated at the Sing Sing Prison in New York on a charge of safe blowing. His sentence was for 21 years.
Information on William Flinn/Flynn from the Noblesville Ledger, August 4, 1909, Page 1. Information supplied to the Ledger by Squire David Supple, another Orphan Train Rider


b. 8/2/1854 New York, she stated her real first name was Camata and her step-fathers name was Foley. She lived with the John Wheeler family and married James Roudebush, 3/10/1874 in Hamilton Co. In. Children: Elden, Flossie (Kinnamen), Ida (Wood), George, Lou, Nora and Frank. She died 11/5/1927 in Hamilton Co and is buried in the Gravel Lawn Cemetery, Fortville, Hancock Co. In.(Source-I1, I 2, I3, I5, I6) and Christine Driver


She was born 1851/1852 in New York and rode the train to Hamilton Co. In, in 1859. She was given out to the family of William and Zeruah Stoops. She died between Aug. and Oct. 1865 in Hamilton Co. Indiana.  In from Zeruah Burk Stoops will and  Fred Knudsen

George Washington (Fowler) Fulton

He was born 1/29/1841 in Orange Co New York to Francia and Eliza Fowler. He had siblings Frederick, John, Edward, Josephine and Frances Hope.  He was put on a train in 1859 and was taken in by Benjamin Pawling in 1859 in Wabash, Wabash Co. In., He then went to the Hamilton Family and finally with the Rev. Baker family
He moved with the Bakers to Missouri and in 1861 married Nancy Dixon in Caldwell County. He changed his own last name to Fulton.


He was born in 1845 place unknown, may have been Wales/Ireland/New York, he was given out to the Worden family in Monticello, White Co. In., in 1859 Info from his gg grandaughter Kelley


b. c. 1850 New York, lived with William Owens family. Married Margaret A. Owens, 9/3/1871, Kissia Kerr, 7/12/1876, and Emily Myers, 9/14/1878, all in Hamilton Co. Indiana. Children: Marry (Bolen), Pearl (Shumack). He worked as a farmhand and teacher. No death information found.(Source I1, I2, I3)


b. 4/22/1849 New York, parents were Michael Higgins and Julia Higgins both b. Ireland. He lived with Samuel Bramble in Tippecanoe Co. In. He married Annie Wittenberg 9/4/1878, place Unknown. Children: Fredrick B. , Harry L., Ruth B. (Reeve).  He was a Civil War Veteran, Co. B, 51st Regiment. He worked as a Tinner, in Insurance and Abstract work, was the County Recorder and County Attorney of Newton Co. Indiana. (He trained himself in law, while he was Co. Recorder) No death information available (Source I1, I3, I7)

Robert (Unknown )Hurley

He was b.c. 1864 and was taken in by the Hurley's in Hancock Co. In in 1868,
he was four years old when he was put on the train was very well dressed and polite
the Hurleys found him at Noblesville, but he was so frightened that all he could tell them was he was four and his name was Robbie, therefore his birth name is unknown. The Hurley's took him home and adopted him. He was a teacher.
Information on Robert Hurley fromSue Long

John Robert (Unknown)Koehring

He was born in New York 8/14/1859 and had a twin sister who did not come west
He was given out to the John G. Koehring family who adopted him in Wayne Co. In
He married Anna W. Kamp 10/3/1882 in Richmond, In and they had seven children. He died 5/17/1929 in Richmond, In.
Infor on John Koehring fromLinda


b.c. 1851 in New Jersey. Lived with Thomas Reed family in Hamilton Co. No further information available. May have moved out of state as neither he or the Reed family is listed on 1870 Census in Indiana( I1, I3


born in 1852 in New York City to Michael and Mary Long.  Michael was in the Navy and died at sea in 1858. Their mother was very ill in gave Hanora and her brother up and she died in 1898 in New York City.  She rode the train to Clark Co. in 1863 and nothing more is known about what happened to her. She may have gone to Kansas. Infro provied by g-grandniece Mary Zalesky and great grandaughter Rebecca Paul


He was born in New York City in 1858 to Michael and Mary Long (see above). He rode the train to Washington Co. In, in 1863. He was first placed in a home with a doctor who was very strict, so he ran away.  He was then placed with the John Bogle family. In 1880 he was listed as a car builder in Jeffersonville, Clark Co. Indiana. and living in a boarding house. He later went to Nebraska with his foster brother Bob Bogle.  He died in Holbrook, Furnas Co. Nebraska on June 10, 1921.  He never saw his sister again or apparently knew she was on the train. Info provided by his gr. grandaughter Rebecca Pauland g-grandniece Mary Zalesky



b. 2/5/1854 in New York, lived with the William D. Platter family, Goshen In. Elkhart Co. Never married.
He was a pump maker, bank director and was elected Mayor of the city of Goshen, Indiana. He died 9/17/1919, leaving an estate of $100,000.00, which finally went to the state of Indiana after no relatives were ever proven.(Source I3, I5)


b. 5/3/1880 Boston. Adopted by Joshua Leffel in 1885 in Kosciusko Co.
He had a son James M. Leffel b. 6/22/1909 in North Manchester Indiana. The son had three children who may be living.


His birth name was Steware and it is believed that he had a brother on the train with him. He was born 1859, in New York.  He was adopted by the William and Hanna Moore family in Monroe Co. In by a priest.  He is buried in the Moore Cemetery on Moore's Pike in Bloomington, Indiana.  Information from his great great grandson Jason Haughey


b. c. 1849 New York, lived with the Andrew Lacy family, no further information found(Source I1, I3, I5)


b.c. 1851 New York, lived with William Hamble family, no further information found (Source- I1, I3, I5)

Alice Francis Norris
Born 7/22/1883 and was taken in by James Mote family in Kosciusko Co. In.  Married Owen Earl Emerick in 1908. Died 3/9/1949.

John Norris
He was born 5/7/1887 and was taken in by William Goshert family in Kosciusko Co. In.
Married Grace Klinger on 5/9/1909 and they had six children. He died 2/3/1971.
Information on Herbert, Alice and John Norris from Flora Warner

Bertha O'Donnell
Birth date unknown, lived with the Breckner's in 1898 in Wabash Co. In.
She was a sister to Florence, and married Asher Long. Had a son name Clarence. She also had a brother named Charles.
Father was Frank O'Donnell of Brockton MA.

Florence O'Donnell
born in 1887 and was taken in by George Ober in Grant Co.In, in 1898, married a man named Mr. David
Had a son named Jerome.  Sister to Bertha and also had a brother Charles.
Information on Bertha and Florence O'Donnell from Marilyn Long


b. c. 1842 New York, lived with E. B. Cole family. Married Jabez L. Miller 6/18/1863 in Hamilton Co. Indiana. No further information found.

Pembrook Children My husband's great grandmother was Ida Madge Pembrook. She came west to Indiana from Boston on the orphan train with two of her brothers: Ida Madge Pembrook b. 15 Dec 1881 Birmingham, England Alfred James Pembrook b. 25 Mar 1884 Birmingham, England Leonard Vincent Pembrook b. 6 Feb 1886 Aston, England Here is her story (quotations in her own words}: "We landed in Boston and lived in Maplewood, Mass. about a year when mother was taken sick, then Alfred, Leonard, & myself were taken to an Orphen's home (Little Wander's Home) in Boston, Mass. The next spring the last of May they brought a lot of children to Warsaw, Ind. to find homes for them and Alfred, Leonard & I were in the lot. A short time after we left the home Mother took Harold there. I guess she thought he would grow up to be a better man by being put in a good home in the country than he would to grow up with her in the wicked city. I was taken from Warsaw 3 miles south to the farm home of Thomas Walton. There I stayed until September. I was only 10 and didn't like work. They were old people and wanted a girl 16 or 17 years old that would be a help to them. So I was taken by Joseph Hollar of Hastings, [Kosciusko Co.] Ind. They had a family of 9 children 7 boys & 2 girls. The girls had died when small. I was about the age of there eldest daughter. I was there 8 years. When I was 21 years & 4 months old I was married to Jesse Keck...." - Ida Pembrook Keck The following narrative depicts some of the events and times in the life of Ida Madge Pembrook Keck. It is based on several sets of notes which were handwritten by Ida in 1968, 1969 and one set written in 1928. This is an attempt to put these events and times in chronological order. Ida Madge Pembrook was born on December 15, 1881 in Birmingham England, the daughter of Charles Vincent Pembrook III and Helen Jane (Brown) Pembrook. To her parents were born eight children. They were: Charles William Rupert, Walter Herbert, Harold Earnest, Agnes Mabel, Ida Madge, Alfred James, Leonard Vincent and Edith Agnes. When Ida was about two years old Agnes died, cause unknown. At age 6 Ida's parents parted and she lived with her Grandfather Pembrook and Aunt Nellie Sutton. She lived with them for about two years. [Her father remarried a woman named Annie, and had one known child with her, Winifred A. Pembrook born ca 1892 in Nechells, England.] When Ida was about 8 years old her mother decided to take the seven children and go to America. They came across the ocean in a large ship and landed in Boston, Mass. in October 1889. Her mother had some friends named Brockford who had left England some years earlier and came to America. Upon arriving here they lived close to the Brockfords in Maplewood, Mass. After about a year her mother became very ill and could not care for the children. Edith was adopted by a middle aged couple in Malden, Mass. Alfred, Leonard and Ida were taken to the Little Wanders Orphans Home in Boston, Mass. Ida spent her 9th birthday in the home. In May or June, 1891 some people from the home got a group of 10 or 12 children together and took them to Warsaw, Indiana to find homes for the children. Alfred, Leonard and Ida were in that group. In Indiana the group was put up for adoption. Ida was taken by Thomas Walton, who lived on a farm about three miles from Warsaw. They were an older couple and needed someone who could help with the work. Since Ida was not yet 10 years old and did not know how to work she was not much help to them. She stayed with them until September when she was taken by Joe Holler of Hastings, Indiana. They had a family of 9 children, 7 boys and 2 girls. The 2 girls had died when small and Ida was about the age of the older girl. She stayed with the Hollers for 8 years until she was 18 years old. For the next three years she worked in peoples' homes. On April 9, 1903, at age 21, Ida married Jesse Keck in Milford, Ind. They were married by the Elder Andrew Pittman and set up housekeeping a week later just West of the Union Cemetery Church in an old brick house owned by Jesse's dad, Joe Keck. To Ida and Jesse were born eight children. Rowland Eugene was born January 21, 1904. In March 1904 Joe Keck sold the house they lived in and they moved a quarter mile east of the Ulery School house. Glenice Lavon was born January 20, 1905 in this house. In February 1905 Ida's Grandfather Charles Pembrook died in England at the age of 85. In March 1905 they moved to a small house one and one quarter mile Southeast of the John Artz farm. Paul Russell was born there on September 4, 1906. Having to move again in the spring of 1908 they bought one and one half acres with an old house on it one mile East of the Artz farm in the marsh. Ruth Violet was born here on May 11, 1909. Merl Monroe was born on November 4, 1911. Alfred Lincoln was born on August 14, 1914. When Alfred was 1 year and 8 months old they moved one and one quarter mile West to the Henry Wysong Farm. In April 1916, on a very windy Monday, the house and barn burned down. The wind blew the fire East to Cal Stuckman's farm and also burned his barn down. Jesse lost his clover seed huller in the fire. The cow, which was loose in the stable, escaped the fire when Rowland opened the stall door and let her out. They then moved back to the house in the marsh. Blanch Laurene was born on March 31, 1917. Orpha Edna was born on December 31, 1918. In 1920 when Orpha was about two years old, they moved to a farm in Conrath, Wisconsin. They lived there for about nine years. Blanch died of pneumonia in Wisconsin on March 8, 1924 shortly before her 7th birthday. In February 1927 Ida's father died in England at the age of 72.In September 1929 they sold the farm in Wisconsin and returned to Indiana where they lived on a farm in Milford Junction for about 6 years. In December 1930 Ida's mother died in Lynn, Mass at the age of 75. In January 1935 Ida's Aunt Nellie Sutton died in England at the age of 87. Ida received an inheritance, which was the remainder of Grandfather Pembrook's estate after her Aunt Nellie died. With this inheritance she bought the McClary farm one mile south of Leesburg, Indiana and they moved there on February 16, 1937. They would live there the rest of their lives. Jesse died on April 3, 1967 at the age of 87. Ida Died on January 13, 1974 at the age of 92. Alfred came west on Train with Ida Pembrook. He lived in Fort Wayne, then moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. In 1937 Alfred and Rose moved from St. Petersburg to Clearwater. He was owner and operator of Al's Shoe Repair in Clearwater. Leonard came west on Train with Ida Pembrook. He lived with a David Dausman family. He moved from Indiana to North Carolina. It's not known if he met his wife before or after he moved to North Carolina. He and his wife had no children. Leonard owned and operated a Gulf service station in Greensboro, and lived at 2510 High Point Road, Greensboro, NC for 40 years. He is reported to have been a very nice man.Susan Davis

MICHAEL QUILLIAN b. c. 1848 New York, lived with Leander Grainger family. No further information available.


b.c. 1850 New York, lived with Calvin F. Mallery family. He apparently left this family and went west to Kansas. (Source- I1, I3, I5)

John Lawrence Smith
He was born in 1861 in New York. and was taken in by John P. Neiderauer in Warren Co. In. in 1867
According to John's bio, he was given to a farm family and put into servitude, he was brutally beaten, and after leaving the farm, he was forced to serve, at age 13 in the family saloon.  He ran away when he was 15 and hired himself out to another farm family. He was a teacher, newspaper publisher, Postmaster of Dana, Indiana.   He married Kate Jordan and they had two children. He died in 1930 at the age of 70

Katherine Mae Smith
was born 2/22/1864 in New York and was on an Indiana train, she was taken in by Josiah Grant in Rossville,Il in 1867, she and her brother John Lawrence were seperated, but lived fairly close to each other. In 1881 she moved with the Grant family to Huron, Dakota Territory .She married Isaac Dial in Huron, Dakota Territory in 1886 and they had one child, Laura Belle. She died in Fairbury, Il. 2/14/1961 at the age of 97.

Minnie Smith
She was born in 1866 in NY and was given out in Tippecanoe Co. In.
According to the bios of Katherine and John, Minnie died at the age of one year, at Randell's Island , New York, and was not an Orphan Train Rider. Was it possible that they did not know about their sister being on the same train?
Information on J. L and Kate Smith from Orphan Train Riders, Their Own Stories, Volume Four


born in 1893, he was an emigrant.  He later became a medical doctor.  He died in 1995 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. His sister Anna Quenzer Steurer was on the same train and they were given out to Father Schmitt, in Whitley Co. Indiana Great Grandson

CHARLES C. STEVENSborn 2/22/1855, he was brought to Carroll Co. Indiana about 1870. He lived with two sisters, Martha and Jane Ashfield. He married Emma R. Beeler and they had 5 children, Cora Belle, Elsie Pearl, Martha Jane, Luella Grace, and George Franklin. Charles died 3/4/1932. Info from his descendent Unknown

DAVID SUPPLE b.c. 1847 New York, brother of Catherine Supple, lived with Alfred Burroughs family , married Sarah Green 9/26/1872 in Hamilton Co. In. Children: Charlie F., Frank, Laura, Walter, Carl, Harry, Golda and Jesse.
He was a teacher and Justice of the Peace in Hamilton Co. He died 2/6/1912 in Hamilton Co. In. and is buried in Crownland Cemetery, Noblesville, In(Source- I1, I2, I3, I5)

Andrew Charles Tremps
He was born 2/15/1851 in New York and given out to the Yungrich family in Wayne Co. Indiana
He was in the 34th Company escorted by Mr. Fridgen in 1863. Also lived with Thort Turner Family
He married Mary E. Fertig in 1879 and moved to Marion Co.and back to Wayne Co.
He died 4/26/1934 and is buried in Bryants Chapel Cemetery. He had nine children ,seven girls and 2 boys
Information on Andrew Charles Tremps from Frances E. Tremps

Laura Tucker
born June, 1, 1888 in Massachusetts. Was taken in by Milton and Margarette Whaley in Jay Co. In.
Was a twin to Lottie, and sister to Nettie and Florence. Married Emil I Loucke 1/16/1908 in Jay Co.

Lottie Edna Tucker
Born June 1, 1888 in Massachusetts, twin to Laura, sister to Nettie and Florence  Taken in by Milton and Margarette Whaley in Jay Co. In.  She married John Ullom 2/23/1907 in Jay Co. She died in June 1971 in Jay Co.

Nettie Tucker
She was born 8/12/1884 in Massachusetts. She was given out in Delaware Co. In.
She married Leroy Gateswood George 8/18/1902 in Muncie, In. She died 10/30/1958 in Muncie.
Information on Tucker Sisters from Jenny

born Buffalo, New York 3/22/1883, parents may be John and Sarah Ward.
One brother's name is Elmer, born 7/11/1889 in Auburn In. had three brothers, one sister
and was left at orphanage in Mishawaka In. Charles went to Nebraska in 1890 and was raised in Frontier County by J.W. Gerlits family

WILLIAM LAWRENCE WATSON he was born 5/5/1879 in New York and was brought to Grant co. In in about 1895 where he went to work in the glass factories. He had a brother Thomas and his parents names were Susan Riley and Joseph A. Watson. He married Della I. Olinger 12/30/1904 and they had 7 children. He died 10/26/1955. Info from his grandaughter Shelia Watson

John Weldon

Born October 6, 1857 in New York.  He is living with the Obediah Foreman family in Huntington Co. In on the 1860 census.Information from his great granddaughter Katy Hestand

SETH WORTMAN- View his and Frank's story at: Little Boys Lost

Born 1848 in New York, , lived with Daniel Purcell and Ebenezer Applegate family,  He apparently traveled with his brother,Frank who lived in Broad Ripple Indiana with the Purcell Family
Seth and Melissa Beeson Worthman had eight children, two of whom died at birth or in infancy. Those who lived to adulthood were John H. (1881 - 1965), Selena (1883 - 1944), Emma (1885 -1973), Frank J. (1887 - 1968), Anna M. (1892 -1982) and Richard E. (1895 - 1918).
This is my connection to the Orphan Train Riders through marriage to my Goetell family(Source-I3, I5)

FRANK WORTMAN was born in 1845 in New York. He contacted the Children' Aid Society in 1868 looking for one of his siblings, that was the last anyone heard from him.


Born May 1887 in Massachusetts, she, her brother elliott and sister Lucy were sent to Fulton Co. In. in 1893.  Their fathers name was George.  She was given out to the Peter Biddinger family.  On 7/27/1912 she married Charles Hall in Fulton Co. In .Dan and Marcia Ferguson


Born July 1884 in Massachusetts, he and two siisters were sent to Fulton Co. In. in 1893. According to the 1900 census, he was with the John B. Gregory family in Richland Twp.   On 4/10/1909 he married Alice Slusher in Rochester, In. and they had one child. Elliott died 2/22/1956 in South Bend, St. Joseph Co. In.Dan and Marcia Ferguson


Born December 8, 1885 in Massachusetts, she and her brother and sister were sent to Fulton  Co. In. in 1893. In the 1900 census, she is shown with the family of  Charles Grey.  On 5/16/1908, she married William E. Maguire in Benton Co. In. and they had six children. She died August 1972 in Oxford, Benton Co. Indiana. Dan and Marcia Ferguson




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