Orange History

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Lindley House



This building, once called the Sherrod Residence was rebuilt after the fire of 1885. It was built to reflect the same style as it was before. This building has housed several businesses. Dr. Sherrod had his office as well as his residence here. The Sherrods sold the building to the Tomato Products Co. who used the building as an office and a laboratory. After that, it was used as an emergency school while the school which was located on 150 East was being built. The High School moved there in 1927, but several elementary grades were taught there as well. The County then used the building as an Annex before turning the building over to the Orange County Historical Society. The Society now houses a museum there with artifacts, collections of antique clothing, school equipment, church records, early court records, and primitive tools to name but a few of the items.



Residence and Office of Dr. James Sherrod. This picture was copied by Don Mauger from an Orange County Map of 1869 (some of the facing is flaking off the face of the map resulting in the damage seen).