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TWIGS is the bi-monthly newsletter of the Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society (NWIGS). TWIGS my be purchased by the year or by the issue. Go to the Our Publications for more information concerning how to purchase past issues of TWIGS.

Jun. - NWIGS Membership at end of 1977
Sep. - By Laws

Jun. - Description of Probate Records by Colin James, Attorney
Jun. - Article about Court Records

Mar. - NWIGS Membership List 1979-1980
Jun. - Corrections, Additions and Omissions for NWIGS Membership List
Dec. - Membership List 1980-81

Sep. - NWIGS Cemetery Committee lists cemeteries and location in Porter Co.
Dec. - NWIGS By-Laws
Dec. - NWIGS Membership List

Jun. - From Weekly Herald, LaPorte, June 4, 1891 - List of dead Union soldiers whose graves were decorated Sat under auspices of Patton post:
Dec. - NWIGS Membership List for 1982/1983

Jun. - Info on Soc. of Ind Pioneers and residency requirements by county
Sep. - Info on Federal Land Records
Dec. - NWIGS Membership List 1983-1984
Dec. - Frequently Used Genealogical terms and their Definitions

Mar. - Using the Library: Learn Catalog System by Victoria Wilson
Mar. - Researching in Small-Town Libraries

Mar. - NWIGS Membership List 1984-1985
Jun. - List of Cemeteries and Addresses in Lake Co.
Sep. - Map and Addresses of Ill. Reg. Archives Depository System (IRAD)
Dec. - Article from Post Tribune, July 1981 on Merrillville Cemetery

Mar. - History of Klassville, Lake Co.
Mar. - NWIGS Membership 1985-86
Jun. - ALLEN Ancestors in Porter Co. by Margaret E. Goddard
Jun. - Population and Housing census Questions 1790 - 1970
Sep. - The History of Boone Town and the Town of Hebron
Sep. - Suggestions and Items to Consider in Writing Your Personal History (from Lake Co. Lib)
Dec. - NWIGS Membership - 1986-1987
Dec. - Article on Old Settlers' Cemetery, Hobart from Hobart Historian

Mar. - Spellings of Months in Various Languages
Mar. - What NOT to throw Out when cleaning House
Jun. - Early Lettering Patterns
Jun. - Will of Adolph Mueller, 1916
Sep. - Deer Creek Cemetery and Hickory Point Cemetery by DAR
Dec. - Burials in Plum Grove Cemetery, Eagle Creek Twp, Lake Co

Mar. - Map of the German Empire 1871-1918
Jun. - What to Do When the Courthouse Burns
Sep. - Villages of the Past by Kathy Lund (Essex Twp., Tassinong and Liberty View)
Sep. - The Egality of Ancestory by Daniel L. Padberg
Sep. - The Naming of Porter Co. by Nancy Shepler Howell
Sep. - List of States, Birth & Death Reg.
Sep. - How the American Can Locate His German and Other European Ancestors
Sep. - History of the NWIGS by Fern Eddy Schultz
Dec. - Cont. History of NWGIS by Fern Eddy Schultz
Dec. - Time Marches On, But at Least Once It Skipped: The Effects of calendar Changes on Genealogical Research, Daniel Padberg

Mar. - European Research Resources
Jun. - Choosing a Number System by Daniel Padberg, Ph.D. Pres NWIGS
Jun. - Using Maps to Answer Family History Research Questions
Jun. - German and Swedish Research in the United States
Jun. - Your Social Security Number and What It Means, from The Family Almanac, 1989
Sep. - List of Burial Records of Some Winfield Township Residents
Sep. - Lake Co. Census History of Winfield Twp.
Sep. - Article - New Index for New York Ship PassengerList (1847-1897), by Ken Scheeringa, Lafayette, Ind
Sep. - Porter Co. Ind Deaths 1884
Dec. - Porter Co. Ind. Death Records, 1885
Dec. - Burial Records of Some Winfield Twp Residents
Dec. - Story of Deaths of Amelia Hameloth and her 4 children
Dec. - Lake Co. In Winfield Twp Census History (1850-1910 Ba - Bur) by Gloria Stevenson

Mar. – Membership List for 1989-1990
Mar. – Naturalization Book Adelhard-Berry
Mar. – Winfield Township - Some marriages and deaths
June – Burial Records of Some Winfield Twp. Residents
June – Lake Co. Ind, Winfield Twp., Census History 1850-1910, Fairchild-Gunther
June – Calendars: 1801-2000
Sept. – Death & Marriages, Crown Point Register, Jan-Sept 5, 1890
Sept. – Interpretation of Symbols on Gravestones
Sept. – Nicknames
Sept. – Summary Census on film and in books
Sept. – Some Naturalization Records for Porter Co.-Abraham-Johnson
Sept. – List of Mayflower Passengers – 1620
Nov. – From Crown Point Reg. July 19, 1877, Oldest person living in each township
Nov. – Marriage and Death Records from Crown Point Reg. Sept 12-Dec. 28, 1890
Nov. – List of Membership for 1990-1991
Nov. – Hobart School Census, 1880
Nov. – Porter Co. Naturalization Records, Johnson-Musseleavick

Jan. – DAR Surname Index by the Crown Point Chapter, Julia Watkins Brass, 1960-1961 from bible records of their membership
Mar. – School Enumeration Records, 1890 for Center Township
Mar. – Crown Point Register Deaths and Marriages, Jan. 5-Aug. 31, 1894
Mar. – Obituary for Irene Stallings, August 1990
Mar. – Report of Lake Co. School Supt. to Supt of Public Instruction, Sept 1, 1894 Giving a list of graduates
May – List of Lake Co. School Enumeration Records, 1896, Boecker-Gruel
May – Crown Point Register, Sept 26, 1889, Enumeration of White males of Center Twp. Above 70
May – Crown Point Register, Sept. 7, 1894, Dinwiddie Family Reunion
May – Crown Point Register, 1889, 1st Annual Commencement of Hobart H.S.
July – A list of Lake Co. School Enumeration Records, Calumet Twp., 1885
July – Article "Irish Genealogical Research Centers" by Kitty Ryan O’Connor
July – Porter Co. Naturalization Records, Roca-Slanger
Sept. – Article: City Removes Bodies from Old Graveyard (in Whiting)
Sept. – Index of Surnames found in the pamphlet "Lake Court House" written in 1949
Sept. – Lake Co. School Enumeration Records, North Twp. 1885
Sept. – Article on The German Connection, 1984 IGI
Nov. – Membership List for 1991-1992
Nov. – Lake Co. School Enumeration Records, North Twp. Morgan-Zypp

Jan. – A Letter from a Civil War Soldier, near Chattanooga, TN, Dec.2, 1863
Jan. – Surnames from Members’ Pedigree Charts, Aartse-Humphreys
Jan. – Ways to Find A Maiden Name, from Pasadena, CA Genealogical Soc, Feb 1989
Mar.- Surnames from Member’s Pedigree Charts, Hunsley-Stalcup
Mar.- Census and Soundex for 1920
May – Crown Point Marriages & Deaths, 1869-1870
May – Members Pedigree Charts Surnames, Stambach-Zeeder
July – Article, Lake Co. Star, May 24, 1907, "An Ancient Burial Place Forgotten
July – Lake Co. Star, Oct. 19, 1906, Eight Ex-Sheriffs Living
July – 1887 Lake Co School Enumerations, North Twp
Sept. – Crown Point Register, Jan. 2, 1919, Death of Mrs. Mary Hirtzel
Sept. – Gossett/Hageman Cemetery, Liberty Twp. Porter Co
Sept. – Goff Family Cemetery, Cedar Lake, IN
Sept. – List of Lake & Porter Co. Cemeteries and Addresses
Sept. – Crown Point Register, Aug. 2, 1934, Turning Back to Fifty Years Ago, Those Who Attended Lake Co. 50th Anniversary in 1884
Sept. – 1887 Lake Co. School Enumeration Records,
Nov. – Membership List for 1992-1993
Nov. – Guernsey Cemetery, Porter Twp., Porter Co
Nov. – Mound/Meyers Cemetery, Hanover Twp., Cedar Lake, IN
Nov. – Thompson Cemetery, West Creek Twp., Lake Co
Nov. – New History of the 99th Indiana Infantry, men who served in Co A from Lake and Porter Co.

Jan. - ALLMAN surname from Lake Co. Star, Jan. 1914
Jan. - Chester Cemetery, Hobart,  Row by Row
Jan. - Sturdevant/W. T. Dennis Cemetery
Jan. - Newspaper articles Lake Co. Star – Fireman Elected, Jan 3, 1913; Graduates Cedar Creek Twp Schools, May 16, 1913; Crown Point Grad.; Hebron graduates, May 16, 1913
Jan. - 1920 Cedar Creek Enumerations Lake Co.
Mar. - Article How Tombstones Started
Mar.  - Cont. 1920 Cedar Creek Enumerations Lake Co.
Mar. - Porter County Jail Records 1917
Mar. - Flint Lake/Kinne Cemetery, Valpo
May - Porter County Jail Records 1917
May - Riechers/Ziesniss Cemetery, Center Twp., Lake Co.
May - Cont. 1920 Cedar Creek School Enumeration
May - List of men from Crown Point in service, Lake Co. Star, May 4, 1917
July - Porter Co. Jail Records 1917-1918
July - Adams Cemetery, Morgan Twp., Valpo
Sep. - Fighting Strength of Center Township Lake Co. Star, June 15, 1917 (Long)
Sep. - Adams Cemetery
Sep - Porter County Jail Records 1918
Nov. - NWIGS Membership 1993-1994

Jan. - Adams Cemetery Row by Row
Jan. - Porter County Jail Records, 1918
Mar. - Porter County Jail Records, 1919
Mar. - Kimball Cemetery Row by Row, Liberty Twp. Porter Co.
Mar. - Lake Co. Star, July 20, 1917 - Where Some of the Boys are Now Located
Mar. - Lake Co. Star, Aug 11, 1916 - Masonic Lodge Members (Past Masters)
May - Volunteers Recognized
May - List - Is Your Name Listed in Our Pedigree Files?
May - Kimball Cemetery Cont
May - Porter County Jail Records 1919
July - Article by Daniel J. Hay, Heritage Quest #50 - Copyright Clarity
July - Porter County Jail Records 1919-1920
Sep. - The Milliner of Hammond, IN by Marilyn Toyne Susoeff (2 pages)
Sep. - Accessing Courthouse Records by Mail Painlessly by Lillian H. Carmer IGS Dist Director at Large
Sep. - Kimball Cemetery
Nov. - Account of trip to Colo written by Florence Frazee (1871-1891) d/o Cicero & Delila Sylvester Frazee
Nov. - Immanuel United Church of Christ Marriages

Jan. - Epidemics in U.S. - 1657 - 1918
Jan. - Index Immanuel United Church of Christ, Marriages 1893-1969 (McCray, Patricia-Zweig, Mary)
Mar. - 25th Anniversary of Offices of NWIGS
Mar. - Indians Lived, Fought in Calumet Region from Gary Ind Post Tribune, July 14, 1974
Mar. - Kimball Cemetery, Liberty Twp. Porter Co. Continued from Sept. 1994
Mar. - Continuation of Porter County Jail Records 1920
May - Volunteers Recognized
May - Article from Lake Co. Star, Aug. 17, 1934 – The Beginning of Lake Co.
May - Continuation from March 1995 - Porter Co. Jail Records 1920-1921
July - From Ind. Genealogist, Vol. 5, Mar 1994 - Subscribers to Telephones 1896, Lake Co. IND
July - From Ind. Genealogist, Vol. 5, Mar 1994 Lake Co. Star Excerpts Dec. 19, 1895
July - Native American Tribal Distribution BEFORE the White Man Came. MAP
July - Kimball Cemetery Cont. March 1996
Sep. - Indiana's Civil War Surgeons: Finding the Physician Among the Misconceptions. By Nancy L. Eckerman
Sep. - Woodvale Cemetery, Ross Twp., Lake Co
Nov. - Union St/Old City Cemetery
Nov. - Pastors of St. Bridget's Church
Nov. - Dates States Joined the Union
Nov. - Germania in Amerika by Paul Davis started Nov. 1995 and runs in each issue

Jan. - Early History of Crown Point, Pioneer Tells of Citizens Back in the Sixties, Lake Co. Star Newspaper, Sept 5, 1930
Jan. - Union Street/Old City Cemetery, Cont. from Nov. 1995 TWIGS, Rows E4 and 5
Mar. - Cont. Union Street/Old City Cemetery from Jan. 1995, E5, E6 and E7, W1
May - Cont. Union Street/Old City Cemetery from Jan. 1995, W1. W2, W3, W4
May - Short history of Riley School Land in Hammond July - Volunteers Recognized
July - Union Street/Old City Cemetery Cont. May 1996 - W4, W5, W6
July - Porter County Indiana Cemetery Locations
Sep. - Lake County Indiana Cemetery Locations
Sep. - Union Street/Old City Cemetery, Rows W6, W7
Nov. - Soc Sec. Numbers assigned by State
Nov. - Union St./Old City Cemetery - W7, W8, W9

Jan. - Symbols that might appear on tombstones
Jan. - Index of Union Street/Old City Cemetery - Center Twp., Porter Co. (A-M)
Mar. - Map & short history (1 page) on The National Road 1811-1838
Mar. - Continuation of Index of Union St/Old City Cemetery (M-W)
May - 2 Poems - I'm My Own Grandpa and Today Dear Lord
May - Miscellaneous  Info on Forgotten Public Records (i.e., Business Licenses, etc.)
July - Volunteers Recognized
Sep. - No articles
Nov. - An Excellent Resource for Publishing Your Genealogy - Terence L. Day, Genealogist, Journalist on Washington State University faculty
Nov. - Gleanings from Lake Co. Star - May 24, May 31, and June 7, 1889
Nov. - Time Line for Christmas - what is happening around the world at Christmas Time 1852 - 1990 – not every year)

Jan. - Articles from Lake County Star Newspaper – Jun 7, Jun 14, Jun 21 and June 28, 1889
Jan. - Poem - Grandma Climbed the Family Tree
Mar. - Article on Twenty Ways to Avoid Genealogical Grief (2 pages)
Mar. - List of Microfilm Holdings of Porter Co., Ind., County Records
Mar. - First Census Takers Had Their Problems
May - How Griffith Became an "Official Town" with List of 1904 Census
May - Articles from the Lake Co. Star Newspaper – June 28, Jul 5, & Jul 12, 1889
July - An Eyewitness May Have Seen Your Ancestor, Genealogy in Diaries
July - Articles from Lake Co. Star - Jul 12, Jul 19, and Jul 26, 1889
July - Article from New Dispatch newspaper - Pine Twp. takes over aging rural cemetery
July - Points to Remember About the U.S. Census Records
Sep. - Naturalization Records by Prudence Groff Michael
Sep. - Articles from Lake Co. Star - Jul 26, Aug 2, and Aug 9, 1889
Nov. - Pioneer History by Richard C. Schmal - Dunn's Bridge, S.E Porter Co.
Nov. - Articles from Lake Co. Star - Aug 9, Aug 16, Aug 23, 1889
Nov. - Autobiography of Mary Antrim Roberts

Jan. - Articles from Lake County Star, Aug. 23, Aug. 30, Sept 6, 1889
Jan. - History of East Chicago Schools
Jan. - Teacher's Rules, 1829 Valpo
Jan. - Article on Pioneer Ancestors of Indiana Pioneers, IHS 1983
Mar. - Membership by State/City
Mar. - Salute to Past and Present Officers NWIGS
Mar. - Articles from Lake Co. Star - Sept. 13, 1889
Mar. - Volunteer Awards
May - Articles from Lake County Star - Sept 20, Sept 27 and Oct. 4, 1889
May - Index of E.C. H.S. Students who served in W. W. I
May - List Dyer Town Boards and Town Councils
May - Post Offices and Post Masters 1849
July - Articles from Lake County Star Newspaper-Oct. 4, Oct 11 & Oct. 25, 1889
July - Cont. Index of E.C. H.S. Students who served in W.W.I
July - New waterwheel for Wood's Mill at Deep River County Park
Sep. - Small map of Early Post Offices in Porter Co.
Sep. - Cemetery Preservation Law July 1, 1999
Sep. - Articles for Lake County Star newspapers - Nov. 1, Nov. 8, Nov. 15 and Nov 22, 1889
Sep. - History of Munster, Brass tavern/Stallbohm Inn, Heritage Park, Kaske House Nov. - Articles from Lake County Star newspaper - Nov. 22, Nov. 29, Dec. 20, Dec 27, 1889 and Jan 10, 1890
Nov. - List of Civil War Soldiers Reference Index of Porter Co., IND (A & B)
Nov. - Poem of Census taker
Nov. - Teachers of 1884 by T. H. Ball

Jan. - List of the collections at the Calumet Archives, IUN as of Jan. 2000
Jan. - Lowell Tribune newspaper abstracts, written 1934 dating 1830-1886
Jan. - Extractions from Lowell Star, Jan 16, 1875
Jan. - Porter Co. Indiana Soldiers Reference cont.
Mar - Continuation of List of Porter Co. Soldiers
Mar - List of LADY Teachers Lake Co. IN 1884 by T.H. Ball
Mar - Times Obit Abstracts, Lake Co. IN, Jan. 1, 2000
Mar - NWIGS Survey
May - Rules for Teachers - 1872
May - List of Teachers for Cedar Creek Twp. Schools 1875-1882
May - Early School Districts for Cedar Creek Twp.
July - History of Eagle Creek Twp. Schools
July - Bio on William DeHart
Sept. - History of Merrillville (Ross Township) Schools
Nov. - Extractions from Valpo Republic newspaper, 1860
Nov. - History of Munster Schools

Jan. - History of Hobart Twp. Schools (1 page)
Jan. - History of Hanover Twp. Schools (1 page)
Mar. - Continuation - listing of Ind. World War Records (WWI) Gold Start Honor Roll
Mar. - From Valpo Republic newspaper 1860
Mar. - History of Center Township Schools (1 page)
Mar. - History of Highland Schools (1 page)
May - History of St. John Township Schools (Dyer, Schererville, St. John)
May - Chart and graph of Settlement of Foreign born people according 1880 census in Lake County, IN
July - Continuation of History of St. John Schools
July - List of Letters Remaining in the Valpo P.O., Jan. 1, 1862
July - Chronologies listed from Gary Daily News, 1908
Sept. - Continuation of History of St. John Schools
Sept. - Continuation of Chronologies listed from Gary Daily News, 1908
Nov. - Lowell School Curriculum of 1888
Nov. - Continuation of Chronologies listed from Gary Daily News, 1908

Jan. - Continuation of Lowell School Curriculum of 1888
Jan. - Extractions from early Lowell newspapers
Jan. - Tombstone Symbolism
Mar. - Continuation of Lowell School Curriculum of 1888
Mar - Continuation of Lowell Star extractions  Jan. 2, 1875
Mar. - Continuation of Tombstone Symbolism
May - Continuation of Lowell Star extractions  Jan. 2, 1875
May - Continuation of Tombstone Symbolism
May - Continuation of Lowell School Curriculum of 1888
July - Continuation of Lowell H.S. Curriculum of 1888
July - Continuation of Tombstone Symbolism
July - Jan.-Mar 1894 Hammond Debating & Literary Soc. meetings
Sept. - History of North Township Schools and beginning of  Hammond concentration
Sept. - Continuation of Tombstone symbolism
Nov. - Continuation of History of North Township Schools - Hammond

Jan. - Continuation of History of North Township Schools - Hammond
Jan. - School Enumeration Records - history, uses, etc.
March - Continuation of History of North Township Schools (Hammond concentration)
May - Article from Gary Daily News, Sept. 15, 1908 on R.R. accident in Chesterton
June – Extractions from the Gary Daily News, Oct. 15, 1908
Sept. – Volunteers Recognized
Sept. – Continuation of extractions from Gary Daily News, Oct. 15, 1908
Sept. – Extracts from Lake and Calumet Region of Indiana, Historical Vol. 1, by Cannon, Loring & Robb
Sept. – History of present townships – Porter Co. Boone, Center, Jackson & Liberty Townships
Sept. – Bailly Cemetery: A Window into Our Past, by Janice Slupski, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Historian
Sept – From Hammond Times, Sept 2, 1948, subject, Frank Thiel and Johann Thiel Descendants to Hold Reunion
Sept. – Orphan Train Society Relocates by Becky Stewart Higgins
Sept. – Difference between Miracode and Soundex, by Myra Vanderpool Gormley, RootsWeb Review, Jan. 10, 2001
Nov. – Expert Advice: Does and Don’ts of Paper Storage, by Bev Kirschner Braun, from "New Ideas for Crafting Heritage Albums"
Nov. – Extracted from Lake and Calumet Region of Indiana, Historical Vol. 1, (continued from Sept. issue TWIGS), Porter Co., Morgan, Pine, Pleasant, Portage, Porter and Union Twps.
Nov. – From newspaper from Hammond Public Library, Suzanne Long Room – August Brumm at 90th Birthday Celebration
Nov. – History of Whiting in War, (lists Civil War, Spanish-American War and WWI of Whiting soldiers) by Martha Latko

Jan. – Extracted from Lake and Calumet Region of Indiana, Historical Vol. 1, (Continued from Nov. 2003), Porter Co., Washington and Westchester Townships.
Jan. – A History of the Whiting Schools, taken from the 1939 Historical Edition of the Whiting Times, 50 Years of Progress
Mar. – Continuation of A History of the Whiting School (Jan. 2004)
Mar. – Extracted from Lake and Calumet Region of Indiana, Historical Vol. 1, (continued from Jan. 2004), Lake Co, Calumet, Centre, Cedar Creek & Hobart Townships
Mar. – Newspaper Extract "Klan Meeting at Robertsdale" (Nov. 2, 1923, Lake Co. Times Newspaper)
May – History of Whiting Schools (Cont. from Jan & Mar 2004) Listing of the Senior Classes from 1900-1913
May – Extracted from Lake and Calumet Region of Indiana, Historical Vol.1, by Cannon, Loring, and Robb, Lake Co., North, Ross, St. John and Winfield Townships
May – Expert Advice: Ten Tips for Online Genealogists, by Nancy Hendrickson, from "Finding Your Roots Online"
July – History of the Robertsdale School System
July – Extracted from Lake and Calumet Region of Indiana, Historical Vol. 1, by Cannon, Loring & Robb, Lake Co, Hanover, Eagle Creek and West Creek Twps.
Sept. – Underground Railroad in Northwest Indiana, by Alex Rakowski, coordinator, Northwest Ind. Freedom Trails
Sept. – Transcription of Hammond Debating and Literary Soc, Hammond, Ind., 1897
Sept. – Expert Advice: Source certainty, by Emily Anne Croom
Nov. - Tornado Sweeps Over This Section, Town of Hebron Hit Hard

Jan. – Newspaper Extract of 80th Birthday of Emma Hohman Mott
Jan. – Program for Hammond Technical-Vocation High School 12th Annual Commencement, May 29, 1936 and Senior Class of 1936
Jan. – Article on Chicago/Calumet Underground Railroad Effort Steams Ahead
Mar.-  Newspaper Extracts, Lake Co. Star, Feb. and March 1863
Mar. – Newspaper Extract March 7, 1872, Death of Mrs. Solon Robinson
Mar. – Newspaper Extracts, Crown Point Reg. – Jul. 1872, May, 1873, Apr, 1887
May – Letter to the Editor of the Lake County Star newspaper from T. H. Ball on “Education in Our Public Schools, 1873
May – Letter from T. H. Ball to the Lake County Star newspaper on “West Creek Burial Place, Feb. 6, 1873
May – Newspaper Extracts, Lake Co. Star, Apr.22 and Sept. 2, 1887
May – Newspaper Extracts, Lake Co. Star, Jan. 10, 1890 – Marriage Licenses Issued
May – Newspaper Extracts, Lake Co. Star, Jan. & Feb. 1890
July – Newspaper Extracts, Crown Point Register, 1872 and 1873
July – Newspaper Extracts, Lake County Star, Sept. 1887
Sept. – Article by Ted Fetkenheuer, Riches in Richland:  Settlement of Lake County Germans in Sac County, IA
Sept. – Newspaper Extracts, The Evening Messenger, Porter Co., May 26, 1916 – Kouts Has Commencement, including lists high school and 8th grade graduates
Sept. – List of Newspapers on Microfilm and Indexes Available at the Lake Co. Library
Nov. – Newspaper Extracts from Kouts Tribune, May 29, 1913
Nov. – Newspaper Extracts from Lake Co. Star, Sept. 16, 1897
Nov. – Article by Mark Howells on Genealogy Mailing Lists

Jan. – Newspaper Extract, Kouts Tribune, May 29, 1913
Jan. – Article by Mark Howells on Genealogical Mailing List (Con’t. from Nov.)
Mar. - Newspaper Extract, Kouts Tribune, May 29, 1913 (Con’t from Jan.)
Mar. – Article by Jean Lee “’Only’ an 8th Grade Education??”
Mar – 2 article from Family Tree Magazine – Researching Castle Garden
Mar. – Newspaper Extract, Lake Co. Star, Apr. 28, May 5, 12, 19, 1882
May – Genealogical Notes from the Porter Co. Vidette Newspaper, Apr. 11, 1901
May – Article by Kathleen Wellington-Nassios – “The Koselke Milk Transfer Route”
May – Article by David L. Dwiggins – Locating Families of WWII Indiana Servicemen Buried in Manila

July – Clingan Family Letters by Lynne Horst

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