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Porter County Death Index, 1884-1927: V

The following are records that were copied from the Porter County Death Records Index located in the Porter County Public Library in Valparaiso, Indiana. View Our Publications to obtain cemetery indexes.

Last Name First Name Death Date Birth Date Age Place of Birth Place of Death Spouse First Name Spouse Last Name Father First Name Father Last Name Father POB Mother First Name Mother Last Name Mother POB Burial
Vader Fay 2/17/1905   4 days old Indiana Wheeler     Freeman H. Vader   Rugh Jones or Tones   Wheeler Cemetery, Wheeler, Indiana
Vageli Mary 2/28/1920 12/18/1862 57 Indiana Porter County Nicholas Vageli George Dinsmore   Helen Thompson   Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Vail Celestia 11/4/1906   62 Indiana Valparaiso     Orsen Starr New York Julia Hatch Ohio Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso, Indiana
Vail Sarah W. 4/7/1890   86 USA Valparaiso                  
Vail William H. 1/12/1920 9/20/1841 78 Indiana Porter County     William S. Vail   Sarah McLellan   Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Valiguette Leo O. 1/19/1900   4 months Ohio Jackson Township   Victor Valiguette   Mary     Toledo, Ohio
Valine Peter 1/14/19/17 4/25/1854 62 Sweden Chesterton     Carl Johan Wahl Sweden       Chesterton
Van Dolson Arvilla J. 1/13/1913 11/7/1843 69 Indiana Washington Township   Samuel VanDolson New Jersey Judith Arnfold Tennessee Luther cemetery
Vana female 4/4/1920   Stillborn Chesterton Chesterton     Paul Vana Austria   Sophjk Austria Chesterton
Vanatta Clara B. 8/3/1884   21 months 12 days Valparaiso Valparaiso     James Vanatta   Sarah Sheats    
Vanatta Sarah 12/18/1904 10/1/1844 60 Ohio Valparaiso James A. Vanatta Henry Sheets   Hannah Coppersmith   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Vanatter James 1/19/1918 6/17/1841 76 Indiana Porter County                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
VanDaren male 5/13/1910   Stillborn Indiana Valparaiso     William VanDaren Germany Lillian Bowers Indiana  
VanDein Carl 7/23/1891   5 months Indiana Valparaiso                  
Vandemplas female 5/12/1910   Stillborn Indiana Porter     Victor VanDemplas Belgium Julia Warren Illinois Chesterton, Indiana
VanDemplas Grace Marjorie 4/14/1915 10/6/1913 1 year Indiana Chesterton     Victor VanDemplas Belgium Julia Warren Illinois Chesterton
Vanderbilt Edward 7/3/1920 3/26/1847 73 Pennsylvania Porter County Ella               Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
VanDerHeydens Thomas 4/18/1924   17 Not stated Valparaiso                 Buffalo, New York
Vanderwater Ruth 9/26/1915 9/20/1915 6 days Indiana Portage Township   O.C. Vanderwater Indiana Jennie Anderson Pennsylvania Blake Cemetery
Vandewater Louise Bernice 3/26/1926 11/9/1920 5 Indiana Portage Township   Loyd Vandewater Indiana Louise H. Foreman Indiana Blake Cemetery
VanDolson Elvisa C. 2/9/1913 12/10/1827 85 Indiana Washington Township Samuel Van Dolson Frank Atkins New Jersey Judith H. Arnold Tennessee Luther Cemetery
VanDusen Frank 3/19/1917 3/18/1858 59 France Chesterton Madgolene               Chesterton, Cemetery, Chesterton
VanNess Amanda 1/28/1921 9/3/1845 83 New York Porter County     Sylvester Brown         Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
VanNess Elliott Teador 12/16/1925 1/1/1857 68 Michigan Valparaiso Rachel   Daniel K. VanNess New York Adelia York New York Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
VanNess Female 8/1/ 1890 ` 3 years Indiana Valparaiso                  
VanNess Jeremiah W. 3/29/1902 10/21/1829 73 New York Center Township Sarah VanNess Jacob VanNess         Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Vanouse Josephine 1/21/1921 10/27/1858 64 Canada Porter County Thomas Vanouse Mose LaGess Canada Mary Nolan Canada St. Paulís Cemetery, Valparaiso
Vanover Lillie 9/18/1897   5 years Kansas Porter County     A. Vanover   Josephine LaGess    
VanPiper Alvin 2/27/1921 3/14/1851 69 New Jersey Porter County Mary   John A. VanPiper New Jersey Leah Zobseskie New Jersey Michigan City, Indiana
VanPiper Annette May 2/27/1921 5/12/1865 55 Indiana Porter County Alvin VanPiper Hamilton Dolson Canada Elizabeth Clough Indiana Michigan City, Indiana
Vanriper Nettie J. 4/24/1902 4/17/1902 8 days Indiana Crisman     Preston Vanriper   Ellen Anderson   Not stated
Vanselow John F. 2/11/1914 1/7/1829 85 Germany Jackson Township   Mathew Vanselow Germany       Westville, Indiana
Vanselow Lloyd Lewis 10/1/1903 3/3/1903 6 months 28 days Indiana Porter County     Lewis Vanselow   Emma Storms   Chesterton, Indiana
VanTreece John 2/24/1920 2/7/1852 68 Ohio Porter County Caroline   Daniel VanTreece Pennsylvania Mary Downs Maryland Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
VanTreese Grace 12/20/1884   5 Indiana Valparaiso       VanTreese   Not stated     Not stated
VanWagner Alfred 3/10/1910 10/14/1832 77 New York Valparaiso Martha VanWagner             Kimball Cemetery
VanWay Lenard E. 5/18/1924 6/24/1922 2 Indiana Valparaiso     William VanWey Indiana Maggie Lucas Nebraska Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
VanWert Goldie S. 11/30/1895   10 Indiana Valparaiso                  
Varner Susie L. 10/28/1901 or 11/9/1901 1 year 6 months 2 days Indiana Valparaiso     William Varner   Lizzie Popenhagen   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Varner William Henry 2/17/1912 7/13/1866 45 Indiana Westchester twp. Lizzie   Chambers Varner Pennsylvania Trude Williams Pennsylvania Valparaiso
Vartorues Amelia 9/26/1905   1 month 2 days Illinois Liberty Township     Charles Vartorues   Anna Bruezkroski   Chesterton Cemetery
Vasbinder Aurelia M. 12/27/1900   39 years 2 months 4 days Indiana Valparaiso     Ephram Vasbinder   Mary J. Lewis   Lutheran Cemetery
Vasilas Alex 7/15/1910   3 yr. 6 months Indiana Valparaiso     Nicholas Vasilas Greece Silva Franco Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Vasiloff Nanus 1/12/19/16   30 Belgium Wheeler                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Vaudine Isaac 4/3/1915 2/6/1905 51   County Asylum                 Valparaiso University, Valparaiso
Vauselow Louise 9/8/1901   69 Germany Jackson Township               Westville, Indiana
Vedel Adolfe 3/23/1910   53 yr. 3 months 7 days Chesterton                  
Vedell Adolph Alfred 3/22/1910 5/19/1856 53 Sweden Chesterton Anna Vedell Gustaff Vedell Sweden       Chesterton, Indiana
Vedell Gustoffe 10/7/1907 9/25/1907 12 days Indiana Chesterton     Adolph Vedell   Anna Johnson   Chesterton Cemetery, Chesterton, Indiana
Veden Charles 6/3/1926 6/27/1856 69 Sweden Westchester Township   John S. Veden Sweden       Baileytown Cemetery, Baileytown , Indiana
Veden Christine 1/14/1920 3/29/1859 60 Sweden Porter County Charles Veden Gust Johnson Sweden       Old Porter Cemetery, Chesterton
Vedun Frances Rosina 4/9/1915 2/20/1898 17 Indiana Westchester Township   Charles Verdun Sweden Christene Swanson Sweden Baileytown Cemetery
Vergin Kenneth Edward 2/22/1915 5/31/1913 1 year Indiana Kouts     Harry Vergin Indiana Fannie Maxwell Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Kouts
Vergin Male 9/15/1921   Stillborn Porter County Porter County     Richard Vergin Indiana Doshia Walton Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Vesbinder Ephraim 4/26/1910 12/3/1833 76 Pennsylvania Valparaiso Mary Jane Vesbinder James Vesbinder New Jersey       Luther Cemetery, Porter County
Vetter Edward Christian 11/25/1919   2 days Chesterton Chesterton     Hans Vetter Illinois Lily Nickel Indiana Chesterton
Vetterly Adolph 10/25/1905 9/12/1905 1 month Indiana Furnessville     Henry Vetterly   Tena Grieger   Furnessville, Indiana
Vetterly Freda 10/23/1905 9/12/1905 1 month Indiana Furnessville     Henry Vetterly   Tena Greiger   Furnessville, Indiana
Vetterly Rudolph 10/23/1905 9/12/1905 1 month Indiana Furnessville     Henry Vetterly   Tena Greiger   Furnessville, Indiana
Vevia Frank 11/1/1891   62   Valparaiso                  
Vica (Vick) Albert 4/11/1913 9/5/1878 34 Wisconsin Valparaiso     Fred Vica(Vick) Germany Fredia Walchon Germany Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Vickberg Augusta 9/18/1914 5/31/1834 90 Sweden Chesterton     John Vickberg Sweden       Chesterton Cemetery, Chesterton
Viedell Emma 1/25/1888   27 Sweden Chesterton     P. Johnson   Mary Oldson    
Vietner Louis 7/8/1917 2/25/1905 34 Italy Porter County Gelsomena Vietner             Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Vincent Aby 1/25/1917 4/29/1853 63 Illinois Porter County     George Potter New York Maldred Brown Ireland Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Vincent Anna 1/3/1911 8/19/1849 61 Illinois Valparaiso     Thomas McKie Scotland       Three Oaks, Michigan
Vincent Hannah 5/23/1890   77 USA Valparaiso       Buel          
Vincent James 2/2/1914 10/7/1850 63 Indiana Napoleon & Erie St., Valparaiso Abbie   Martin Vincent New York Mercry Pierce New York Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Vist Frank 9/16/1912   Approx. 40 Poland McCool                 Chesterton
Vitoux Joseph 3/24/1924 1/25/1914 10 Indiana Valparaiso     A. Vitoux Germany Marie Poter Germany St. Paulís Cemetery, Valparaiso
Vitoux Lucian 10/28/1916 1/18/1897 19 Indiana Christian Hospital, Valparaiso   August Vitoux Germany Mary Cotel Germany St. Paulís Cemetery, Valparaiso
Volgah Ernest C. 1/14/1903 8/1/1826 77 Germany Valparaiso     E. S. Volgah          
Volk Marguerite 10/25/1918 5/12/1849 69 Germany Porter County Henry Volk John Lesselman Germany       Wanatah, Indiana
Volke Esther 11/12/1908   77 Canada Washington Township   George Ferman France Catherine Weaver France Sherr Cemetery
Vondobren Wiebke 9/20/1918 1/5/1859 59 Germany Valparaiso                 Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
VonDoehrand Lillian Bowes 10/25/1910 8/11/1885 25 Indiana Valparaiso William VanDoehrand William E. Bowes Indiana Lena Schroeder Indiana Michigan City, Indiana
Vondohren John P. 3/28/1918 7/6/1851 66 Germany Porter County   Weibke             Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Vore Steve 3/21/1921 7/24/1920 7 months   Porter     Mike Vore Austria Anna Krumphatch Yugoslavia St. Patrickís Cemetery, Chesterton
Voreis Trella Mae 12/5/1919 11/2/1887 32 Kansas Porter County     A. B. Truex Indiana Lizzie     Burroack, Indiana
Vosburg Harry 1/20/1899   22 months Indiana Porter County     Grover Vosburg   Ida Eaton    
Vosburg Ida 12/16/1903   37 Indiana Porter County     Samuel Eaton   Marie Coouse   Luther cemetery
Vosburg Nellie 3/12/1920 2/19/1860 60 Indiana Porter County William Vosburg William T. Ros Kentucky Mary Jane Calduse Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Vosburg William 3/24/1900   76 years 11 months 3 days New York Valparaiso     Mathew Vosburg         Luther Cemetery, Porter County
Vosburge Sarah 4/7/1902 3/7/1827 75 New York Valparaiso     Frederick Hitchcock   Lavina Stork   Luther cemetery
Vroman male 2/16/1893   80   Valparaiso                  
Vrooman Female 1/10/1891   70   Valparaiso                  

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