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Porter County Death Index, 1884-1927: S

The following are records that were copied from the Porter County Death Records Index located in the Porter County Public Library in Valparaiso, Indiana. View Our Publications to obtain cemetery indexes.

Last Name First Name Death Date Birth Date Age Place of Birth Place of Death Spouse First Name Spouse Last Name Father First Name Father Last Name Father POB Mother First Name Mother Last Name Mother POB Burial
Saager August 9/23/1923 6/18/1841 82 Germany Porter Township                 Crown Point, Indiana
Sabinski (male) 5/2/1899   (infant) Indiana Westchester Township                
Sabinski Caroline 1/9/1918 11/11/1830 87 Germany Chesterton     Albert Lune Germany       Chesterton
Sabinski F. W. 11/25/1898   37 Germany Burdick     Andy Sabinski   Caroline Linnes    
Sabkowiak (male) 3/9/1921   (stillborn) Indiana Porter County     M. M. Sobkowiak Poland Mary Gorzonek Poland Otis, Indiana
Saborowski (female) 2/2/1913   (stillborn) Indiana Chesterton     Enos F. Saborowski Indiana Mary F. Early Indiana Chesterton
Sachrison Nels P. 1/8/1917 11/2/1826 90 Sweden Porter County                 Blake Cemetery, Portage
Sackett Clarissa B. 4/7/1925 7/1837 85 Illinois Center Township     James Sackett New Hampshire   Parker   Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Sackett Richard 12/18/1884   77 New York Chesterton                  
Sackman Otto J. 12/22/1913 12/22/1846 67 Germany Burdick Louisa   Fred Sackman Germany Anna Fahler Pennsylvania Chesterton
Saebert Fred 5/7/1913 6/1/1843 69 Germany Valparaiso                 Masoleum
Sager Mary 2/8/1923 4/13/1836 86 New York Center Township     Luther Gifford New York       Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Sager William 5/6/1884   56 Indiana Valparaiso                  
Sagerdoll Lilly 3/18/1885   3 mos. Indiana Valparaiso     William Sagerdoll          
Sagonac Albert 11/2/1899   6 mos., 18 days Indiana Jackson Township   Joseph Sagonac   Rosa V. Tedelski   Otto Cemetery
Saks Harting 8/19/1909   63 Germany Valparaiso                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Salamander Andrew 4/5/1913   47 (Approx.) Sweden Liberty Township Teina               Chesterton
Salamander William 4/2/1901   77 years., 3mos., 12 days Sweden Westchester Township   William A. Salamander         Chesterton Cemetery
Saleman Steven 8/12/1919 12/13/1844 77 Germany Valparaiso Tennie               Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Saline James Alfred 2/4/1919 3/13/1913 5 Illinois Porter County     Harrison Saline Nebraska Hazel Speaks Illinois Galesburg, Illinois
Saline Ruth 1/30/1919   21 days Indiana Boone Grove     Harrison Saline Nebraska Hazel Speaks Illinois Galesburg, Illinois
Salisbury D. J. (female) 8/20/1892   76   Valparaiso                  
Salisbury Marion 9/7/1896   60 United States Porter County     D. J. Salisbury          
Salisbury Marion A. 9/8/1896   60 United States Valparaiso     D. J. Salisbury          
Salisbury Marvin 1/19/1890   9 United States Valparaiso     Marian Salisbury          
Salmander Anna Lena 1/29/1918 1/6/1837 81 Sweden Porter County     Frank Ielson Sweden       Chesterton
Salmon Frank 1/11/1915 12/29/1864 50 Indiana Morgan Township     Steve Salmon Germany Tennasee Bauer Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Salyen George C. 3/30/1903 10/5/1860 42 Indiana Porter County     Don A. Salyen   Mary E. Armstromg   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Salyer Don A. 11/17/1913 9/22/1834 79 Indiana Valparaiso     Z. Salyer New York Zema Salyer New York Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Salyer Dorsey 1/25/1897   39 United States Valparaiso     D. A. Salyer          
Salyer Mary M. 3/2/1904 2/11/1833 77 New York Valparaiso     Charles Armstrong   Polly     Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Salyer Will O. 10/11/1884   10 mos. Indiana Valparaiso     W. S. Salyer          
Salyer Zenia 4/27/1900   86 Pennsylvania Valparaiso     Belden Reed   Charlott Reed   Valparaiso Cemetery
Samberg James P. 3/6/1900   11 years., 10 mos. Indiana Chesterton     Frank G. Samberg   Christina Johnson   Chesterton Cemetery
Samden Charlota 3/1/1906 5/20/1838 67 Sweden Chesterton Carl Gustof Samden Carl Jonson   Anna Snckson   Chesterton
Sames Charles G. 7/22/1893   17 Illinois Sagers Pond, Porter County   L. B. Sames   Jennie Lurper    
Sammuelson G. (male) 2/27/1906   18 days Indiana Porter County     E. Sammuelson   E. Lowenberg   Chesterton
Samp Walter M. 6/15/1922 9/24/1889 32 Illinois Valparaiso     John Samp Germany Anna Falstaff Germany Catholic Cemetery, Valparaiso
Sampson Jane 1/12/1902 7/2/1833 69 New York Hebron     Morris Carmen   Annie Gregg   Hebron Cemetery
Sampson Norma 2/4/1917 1/20/1916 1 Indiana Porter County     Sam Sampson Denmark Amanda Larson Sweden Blake Cemetery, Portage
Sampson T. W. (male) 9/4/1895   28 Kentucky Valparaiso     Joseph Sampson     Kelgruk    
Sams Goldie M. A. 3/1/1913 2/5/1898 15 Indiana Boone Township     John Sams Tennessee Cora Casbor Indiana Valparaiso Cemetery
Samuelson Alfreda 2/19/1886   11 Indiana Porter     S. A. Samuelson   Mary Swanson    
Samuelson Carl 7/19/1917 8/1/1844 71 Sweden Porter County                 Porter, Indiana
Samuelson Carl August 1/3/1912 9/28/1838 73 Sweden Westchester Township Christina   Samuel Pearson Sweden       Burstrom Cemetery, Porter
Samuelson Christie 3/25/1908 12/7/1830 77 Sweden Westchester Township               Burstrom Cemetery, Porter
Samuelson Frank August 9/10/1914 2/24/1856 58 Sweden Portage Township Jessie   John August Samuelson Sweden Otele Wistrand Sweden McCool, Indiana
Samuelson Gustof 6/5/1887   1yr. Indiana Chesterton     Sam Samuelson   Chastiny Nelson    
Samuelson Hilda Sophia 3/7/1917 6/23/???? 70 Sweden Westchester Township John               Porter Cemetery
Samuelson Jessie Anna 10/25/1927 4/12/1864 63 Indiana McCool Frank Samuelson Benjamin Fifield New Hampshire Lavah Spuhler Germany McCool, Indiana
Samuelson Johanna 7/8/1921 2/24/1837 84 Sweden Porter County                 Chesterton Cemetery
Samuelson John 2/10/1907 9/20/1831 76 Sweden Porter County Christina Samuelson Samuel Erickson         Burstrom Cemetery, Porter
Samuelson John F. 2/8/1917 9/24/1842 75 Sweden Porter County                 Porter
Samuelson John Louie 4/26/1919 6/13/1873 45 Indiana Westchester Township Sophia   Samuel A. Samuelson Sweden Mary Swanson Sweden Porter
Samuelson John V. 2/18/1921 3/14/1872 48 Indiana Porter County Hilda   Samuel A. Samuelson Sweden Marie Swanson Sweden Porter
Samuelson Nels M. 10/30/1922   87 Sweden Westchester Township   J. Samulson or Samuelson Sweden       Chesterton Cemetery
Samuelson Nettie Lucile 9/3/1912 5/5/1912 3 mos. Indiana Westchester Township   J. Victor Samuelson Indiana Hildah Charlson Indiana Baileytown Cemetery
Samuelson Samuel August 1/14/1908 1/3/1839 69 Sweden Westchester Township   Erick Samuelson Sweden       Porter
Samulson Howard N. 2/27/1908 4/6/1907 10 mos. Indiana Westchester Township   Nels Samulson Indiana Maud Nester Indiana Chesterton
Sanberg Ruth E. 9/28/1906 1/25/1893 13 Indiana Chesterton     Frank Sandberg   Christine Johnson   Chesterton
Sanborn Mary E. 3/5/1902 11/31/1822 70 New York Valparaiso     James Sanborn   Mary E. Webster   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Sandberg Mabel S. 7/15/1911 8/6/1890 20 Indiana Chesterton     Frank Sandberg Sweden Christina Johnson Sweden Chesterton
Sander Martha Ann 7/2/1914 6/1/1860 54 Indiana Liberty Township William W. Sander William Kipling New York Alice Horner Ohio Chesterton
Sanders Alick Sander 6/24/1908 11/27/1839 68 Sweden Chesterton Christe   Solomen Anderson Sweden Maria Helena Jaconson Sweden Chesterton
Sanders Claud Edward 10/13/1917 7/15/1908 9 Indiana Porter County     Abner Sanders Indiana Elise Hitzman Indiana Chesterton Cemetery
Sanders Hiram 9/28/1925   63 New York Valparaiso                 Joliet, Illinois
Sanders Lucy 9/16/1910 5/18/1886 24 Indiana Valparaiso Joel Sanders Henry Graupe Germany Mary Allsumme Indiana Luther Cemetery, Valparaiso
Sanders William 6/25/1922 5/30/1858 64 Michigan Liberty Township     Abner Sanders New York Lavina Caster New York Chesterton
Sandersen Karl Emil 11/25/1912 11/16/1848 64 Norway Westchester Township   Olsen Sandersen Norway Bertha Nelsen Norway Chesterton
Sandrock Fred 4/26/1892   41 Germany Valparaiso                  
Sanford Harva 4/1/1905   22 Wisconsin Valparaiso     E. E. Sanford   Ella Marlott   Lake Jeona, Wisconsin
Sannahill Clark L. 12/1/1905 9/26/1825 80 Ohio Hebron     Charles Sannahill         Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Sanquist Alfred C. 6/9/1911 11/15/1877 33 Illinois Valparaiso Sallie M. Sanquist             Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Sansom Sarah 2/8/1913 1/31/1835 78 England Kouts Joseph Sansom Simon Hooper England Mary Tremlet England Oak Grove Cemetery, LaCrosse, Indiana
Santacroce Mrs. Nunngio 5/22/1927   35 Italy Christian Hospital, Valparaiso Nunngio Santacroce             Chesterton
Sargeant William 6/20/1893       Valparaiso     William Sargeant          
Sargeant William C. 12/21/1901   73 New York Valparaiso     A. C. Sargeant   Hannah Fulton   Old Cemetery, Valparaiso
Sargent Jerome B. 10/11/1899   74 years., 7 mos., 13 days New Hampshire Portage Township               McCool
Sargent Jerome S. 10/11/1899   74 New Hampshire Crissman                  
Sarnoski Ethel 11/24/1908   2 years., 6 mos. Indiana Union Township     Walter Sarnoski Russia Mary Waski Russia St. Pauls Cemetery, Valparaiso
Sarver Elliott 5/28/1926 9/6/1846 79 Pennsylvania Jackson Township Caroline   Joseph Sarver Pennsylvania Mary C. Glass Pennsylvania Westville Cemetery
Sarver Erlissa 1/3/1927 1/3/1858 69 Indiana Jackson Township Isaah Sarver Joel C. Keeler Ohio Sarah A.   Ohio Westville, Indiana
Sarver Joseph 2/6/1900   83 years., 9 mos., 7 days Pennsylvania Jackson Township   John Sarver   Mariah Strite   Westville, Indiana
Sarver Willie Newbury 3/4/1905 3/7/1886 18 Indiana Porter County     James Newbury         Westville
Sass (female) 4/3/1896   5 days Indiana Valparaiso     Henry Sass          
Sass Henry John 2/22/1908 8/15/1861 46 Germany Pleasant Township Elizabeth   Marcus Sass Germany Adala Blumm Germany Lutheran Cemetery, Kouts
Sass John 8/6/1911 1/18/1839 72 Germany Crocker Frederika Slont             Chesterton
Sauerberg Chris 5/12/1921 1/30/1856 65 Germany Porter County                 Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Saunders Horace M. (Hovas) 3/23/1925 12/7/1848 76 Indiana Valparaiso Emma   Hovas Saunders England       Oakwood Cemetery, Illinois
Sawiyer William L. 5/3/1914 7/17/1843 71 Indiana Porter Township     James Sawiyer Massachusetts Polly Aylesworth Ohio Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Sawtell Elizabeth 3/21/1916 4/25/1859 56 Maine Jackson Township O. E. Sawtell David R. Walker Maine Lucy Walker Maine Chesterton
Sawyer Cornelius D. 10/9/1911 1/6/1837 74 Ohio 10 Erie Street, Valparaiso   James Sawyer New York Polly Aylesworth Ohio Fleming Cemetery, Boone Grove
Sayers Ephriam 6/13/1910 11/20/1832 77   Valparaiso Mary J. Sayers             Rensselaer, Indiana
Sayers Mary J. 2/28/1911 12/2/1841 69 Indiana Valparaiso     Archibold Isreal South Carolina Amy Parr Tennessee Rensselaer, Indiana
Sayler Winfield 12/31/1920 1/12/1849 71 Indiana Porter County     George Salyer Pennsylvania Emma Read Michigan Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Sayles Sarah 2/26/1884   57 New York Porter County     Caleb Foote          
Saylor Mattie B. 8/2/1918 7/31/1869 49 Indiana Valparaiso Ira Saylor John J. Brenner Ohio Sarah J. Kenney Tennessee Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Scanlan Ann 2/21/1908   75 Ireland Chesterton Michael Scanlan Orn Cavanaugh Ireland Mary   Ireland Chesterton
Scanlan Eugene 4/19/1885   14   Crisman     M. Scanlan          
Scanlon Jerrima 8/19/1907   80 Ireland Winfield Township   Thomas Brown         S. E. Grove Cemetery
Scarborough Charles 6/10/1920 12/25/1832 87 Connecticut Porter County     Perrin Scarborough   Lucy Williams Connecticut Wanatah, Indiana
Scarborough Don Theodore 5/17/1916 11/10/1865 50 Indiana Valparaiso     Charles Scarborough Connecticut Clarissa Vail Indiana Morgan Cemetery, LaPorte County, Indiana
Scarborough Freeman 8/30/1913 6/25/1830 83 Connecticut Washington Township   Perrine Scarborough Connecticut Lucy Phipinsllium Connecticut Union Mills, Indiana
Schafe Christian 2/10/1892   45 Germany Valparaiso                  
Schafe John 1/28/1924 2/26/1880 43 Germany Valparaiso     Lewis Schafe Germany Doris Nickelous Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schafe Otto 4/25/1911   27 Indiana Valparaiso     John Schafe Germany Anna Meyers Germany City Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schafer Christof 1/10/1924 2/12/1857 72 Germany Valparaiso Henrietta               Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schaffer Michael 10/30/1917 4/4/1848 69 Germany Porter County Gusta   Michael Schaffer Germany       Wanatah, Indiana
Schanann Amalia 4/14/1900   63 Germany Pine Township     August Schanann   Rose Arndt   Furnessville, Indiana
Schaper Amalie 10/23/1906 5/1/1855 51 Wisconsin Chesterton Edward F. Schaper William Koehue Germany Welhelmiene Band Germany Chesterton
Schaper Edward Ferdinand 5/30/1909 1/25/1851 58 Germany Chesterton     Gottlieg Schaper Germany Johanna Martin Germany Chesterton
Schaw Joseph 6/24/1909   38   Valparaiso                 St. Pauls Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schelin Emma Christine 12/19/1925 7/20/1860 65 Sweden Westchester Township Charles Schelin Lars Carlson Sweden       Chesterton
Schellinger Jessie 11/30/1904 11/28/1840 64 Pennsylvania Center Township Mary   Daniel Schellinger          
Schellinger Roy James 1/21/1920 1/14/1920 7 days Indiana Valparaiso     Daniel Schellinger Indiana Mary Bentley Nebraska Kimball Cemetery
Scheneborn J. S. (male) 11/24/1901   65 Sweden Center Township                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schenek Valentine 4/13/1913   48 Germany Valparaiso                 St. Pauls Cemetery, Valparaiso
Scheurer Marie 1/2/1926 9/16/1842 84 Germany Valparaiso     George Greiner Germany       Oak Hill Cemetery, Hammond, Indiana
Schiffmann Frederick 11/15/1917 1/16/1905 74 New York Porter County Elizabeth               Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schively Matilda 1/17/1903 10/8/1826 78 Germany Washington Township   Christ Shively         Westville, Indiana
Schlachter Maria Clara 12/18/1906   75   Eagle Creek twp.                 Lowell, Indiana
Schleman Delos Wesley 6/13/1926 5/30/1908 18 Indiana 564 Harrison Blvd., Valparaiso   William Schleman Indiana Blanch Hollitt Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schlobahm Henry 11/9/1907 3/23/1843 64 Germany Wheeler                 McCool Cemetery, McCool
Schlobaum Matilda F. 3/18/1912 4/8/1884 27 Indiana Portage twp. Henry Schlobaum William J. Fuhrman Germany Minnie Frasa Indiana McCool
Schlobohm Henry 7/14/1916 10/23/1877 38 Illinois Portage Township   Henry Schlobohm Germany Margaret Johannsen Germany McCool
Schlobohm Wilhelmina 10/12/1903 3/25/1902 1 Indiana Portage Township   William Schlobohm   Minnie Eggers   McCool
Schlundt LaVerne 2/8/1924   (stillborn) Indiana Pine Township     Raymond Schlundt Indiana Ella Kempf Illinois Michigan City, Indiana
Schlundt Walter 1/4/1911 1/1/1911 3 days Indiana Jackson twp.     William Schlundt Indiana Clara Murten Indiana Westville
Schmaltz Martha Louise 2/26/1925 8/1/1924 6 mos. Michigan Jackson Township   Edward Schmaltz Russia Adenia Mensinger Michigan Bridgman, Michigan
Schmerling Louisa 8/3/1900   74 Germany Westchester Township   F. Wollen Slayer         Chesterton Cemetery, Chesterton
Schmidt (female) 10/31/1918   (Stillborn) Indiana Chesterton     Martin Schmidt Indiana Elviara Weidman Indiana Chesterton
Schmidt August H. 9/12/1926 4/7/1861 65 Germany Liberty Township Augusta   Casper Schmidt Germany Christina Longgood Germany McCool
Schmidt Elvira Weidman 10/31/1918   22 Russia Chesterton Martin Schmidt Alfred Weidman Sweden       Chesterton Cemetery, Chesterton
Schmidt Emilie 12/?/1918 1/11/1867 51 Illinois Porter County Fred Schmidt Julius Kasge Germany Ernestine Siebert Germany Chesterton
Schmidt Frank 6/19/1926 4/16/1848 78 Germany Kouts Margaret   Hans Schmidt Germany       Concordia Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois
Schmidt Fred 2/20/1924 1/30/1907 17 Illinois Liberty twp.     Adolph Schmidt Germany Emelia Bhulse Germany Chesterton
Schmidt John Christian Daniel 3/24/1910 10/23/1824 85 Germany Liberty Township Dorothy Schmidt Fred Schmidt Germany Sophia Russow Germany Chesterton
Schneider Agatha 12/17/1901   73 Germany Valparaiso     Jacob Kenney         Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schneider Bessie 12/10/1926 7/31/1890 36 Indiana 701 Chicago St., Valparaiso Carrol Schneider George Wade Ohio Bertha Collins Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schneider Henry 12/15/1926 8/15/1856 70 Indiana 301 Napoleon St., Valparaiso Emma   John Schneider Germany Agatha Kahney Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schneider John 5/23/1912 3/31/1832 80 Germany Valparaiso Augusta               Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schneider Michael 1/14/1925 2/1/1882 43 Russia Center Township                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schnelke Emeline Marie 1/9/1915 2/2/1861 53 Indiana Washington Township Gotlieb Schnelke Gotlieb Wojalw Germany Ernestine Kosanke Germany German Cemetery, Wanatah, Indiana
Schnewind Henry 11/15/1903 7/27/1830 73 Germany Valparaiso                 LaPorte, Indiana
Schoemock Julius Leo 4/9/1919 2/11/1862 56 Germany Porter County Emilie   Leo Schoemrock         Adams Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schoenburn John G. 1/14/1902   5 mos., 15 days Indiana Valparaiso     Joseph Schoenburn   Susie N. Beers   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Scholl Fred 9/11/1889   68 Germany Wheeler           Nancy J. Tryour    
Schomaker Henry Sr. 7/11/1926 5/17/1858 68 Germany Westchester Township Emily               Chicago, Illinois
Schooley John N. 5/19/1888   31 Ohio Valparaiso     John Schooley   Lydia Loney    
Schootmiller Charles T. 9/29/1917 11/20/1858 58 Illinois Porter County Ernestine               St. Mary Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois
Schopf Augusta 6/4/1904 8/1/1847 56 Germany Kouts Charles Schopf   Schulz         Chicago, Illinois
Schopf Charles 1/5/1916 3/22/1839 77 Germany Porter Township     Charles Schopf Germany       St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schrader Ruben E. 1/12/1927 1/10/1867 60 Indiana Christian Hospital, Valparaiso   John Schrader Pennsylvania Julia Keiser Ohio Eberharts Cemetery, Columbia City, Indiana
Schrader William 8/26/1916 9/17/1856 59 Germany Porter Amelia   Frederick Schrader Germany Frederika Tesek Germany Chesterton
Schramm August 2/3/1917 4/28/1833 83 Germany Porter County Bertha   Peter Schramm Germany       Michigan City, Indiana
Schrock August Carl F. 2/11/1905 6/1/1904 8 mos. Indiana Porter County     August C. Schrock   Mary Lahayne   McCool
Schroder Frederick 2/19/1927 9/30/1840 86 Germany 356 Greenwich St., Valparaiso               Fletchers cemetery, Hamlet, Indiana
Schroder Raymond 3/14/1923 1/9/1908 15 Indiana Pleasant twp.     Eddie Schrader Indiana Mertie DeArmond Indiana Wheatfield, Indiana
Schroeder Albert 7/20/1909 12/23/1876 32 Indiana Union Township     John Schroeder Germany       Blachley Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schroeder Fredrich 9/26/1904 12/7/1827 76 Germany Porter County     Fredrich Schroeder         French Lick Cemetery, French Lick, Indiana
Schroeder Henry 4/24/1891   27   Porter County                  
Schroeder James 6/22/1899   52 Germany Valparaiso                  
Schroeder John 9/22/1906 1/9/1823 83 Germany Porter County Sophia               Blatsleys Corners, Indiana (note: may be Blachly Cemetery, Valparaiso)
Schroeder Magdeline 9/7/1908 3/7/1908 6 mos. Indiana Liberty Township     John Schroeder Indiana Anna Grogys Indiana St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schuelke Yotlute August 5/30/1917 10/22/1853 63 Germany Porter County Emertine Schuelke August Schuelke Germany       Wanatah, Indiana
Schuffenhauer Earnest 7/25/1901   4 mos. Illinois Kouts     Arthur Schuffenhauer   Kate Fisher   Kouts
Schuldt Wiebke C. E. 11/27/1927 11/30/1847 79 Denmark 301 Indiana Avenue, Valparaiso Peter Schuldt Daniel Rathjeu Geremany       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schults August 6/13/1909   67 Indiana Morgan Township     John Schults Ohio Mary Jane Leeper Ohio Adams Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schults Rebecca 3/27/1907   61 Pennsylvania Morgan Township Agustus Schults Aadam Leeper   Sarah Smith   Adams Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schultz (female) 4/7/1920   (stillborn) Indiana Porter County     William F. Schultz Indiana Tillie Wandry Indiana Lutheran Cemetery, Kouts
Schultz Augusta 8/15/1905 10/20/1884 20 Indiana Waverly Theodore Schultz William Harbrecht   Etta Smith   Chesterton
Schultz Augusta 4/7/1921 7/4/1843 77 Holland Porter County Julius Schultz John Himtz Holland Augusta Himtz Holland Valparaiso
Schultz Charles 6/25/1899   50 Indiana Valparaiso                  
Schultz Earl William 5/31/1911   (a few minutes) Indiana Morgan Township     Ed Schultz Indiana Carnie Mokeke Indiana  
Schultz Edwin Theodore 9/22/1903 2/16/1902 1 Indiana Westchester Township   Lewis Schultz   Eliza Regelin   Chesterton
Schultz Effie L. 6/1/1906 8/10/1904 1 Indiana Westchester Township   Louie W. Schultz   Lizzie Reglein   Chesterton
Schultz Elizabeth 3/28/1927 7/2/1869 57 New York 1002 Franklin St., Valparaiso Charley Schultz H. C. Dodd New York Mary Parker New York Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schultz Julius 8/26/1923 4/22/1830 83 Germany Valparaiso     Jacob Schultz Germany       Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schultz Ricky 12/31/1893   85 Germany Porter County                  
Schultz Sophia 7/23/1910 12/26/1834 75 Germany Chesterton Theodore, Sr. Schultz Fred Pascheu Germany       Chesterton Cemetery
Schultz William, Sr. 4/18/1913 8/13/1845 67 Germany Pine Township Sophia               Michigan City, Indiana
Schumacher John 2/4/1905 1/23/1835 70 Germany Valparaiso Sopha   Chris Schumacher         Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schumacker Raymond William 2/7/1921 9/22/1914 6 Indiana Porter County     Frank Schumacker Indiana Eliza Foreman Indiana Crown Hill Cemetery, Hobart, Indiana
Schumacker William Henry 4/26/1918 10/30/1899 28 Germany Porter County Else   Frank Schumacker Germany       Chesterton
Schumaker Martha 3/30/1920 12/9/1886 33 Illinois Porter County     William Ludeka Germany Mary Algrahm Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schurr Emmerson 7/16/1909   26 Indiana Valparaiso     George W. Schurr Indiana Louise Erchman Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schuster Margaret 3/4/1893   27 Ireland Valparaiso     Dennis Gilmaster          
Schuster Mary 10/15/1913 6/24/1827 86 Germany Valparaiso     John Briet Germany Mary Briet Germany Chicago, Illinois
Schuster Walter 8/12/1890   9 mos. Indiana Valparaiso     Joseph Schuster   Maggie Delmartin    
Schwair Francis 2/27/1921 1/23/1890 31 Indiana Porter County Fred Schwair Robert Retseck Canada Joseie Wittman Indiana Michigan City, Indiana
Schwartz Agusta 9/18/1914 8/28/1876 38 New York Valparaiso Frank Schwartz Gollip Lehman Germany Polina Lutz Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schwartz Maria 9/19/1918 3/12/1853 65 Germany Porter       Denlosse         Chesterton
Schwartz Mary 7/5/1900   73 years., 3 mos. Germany Jackson Township   Henry Kuirck   Mary Holtz   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schwartz William 9/26/1917 10/9/1841 76 Germany Porter County Wilemiania Schwartz John Schwartz Germany Mary Myer Germany Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schwartzkopff Christopher 11/13/1902 7/28/1832 70 Germany Valparaiso                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schwaryenberger Joseph 4/28/1911 3/22/1824 87 Germany Valparaiso Catherine               Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Schwarzkoff Bertha 12/8/1890