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Porter County Death Index, 1884-1927: P

The following are records that were copied from the Porter County Death Records Index located in the Porter County Public Library in Valparaiso, Indiana. View Our Publications to obtain cemetery indexes.

Last Name First Name Death Date Birth Date Age Place of Birth Place of Death Spouse First Name Spouse Last Name Father First Name Father Last Name Father POB Mother First Name Mother Last Name Mother POB Burial
Pacheskey John 12/8/1898   62 years old Europe Pine Township                  
Page George 7/7/1911 1873? 38 yr. old   Westchester Township               Porter County
Page Sherman 2/8/1897   17 years old USA Valparaiso     Norman Page          
Page William 3/6/1903 10/9/1826 76 Michigan Chesterton Sarah Page Dan Page   Maude Hocket   Chesterton
Pagek Carolin Louise 5/27/1919 5/24/1884 35 Indiana Porter County [Father: Henry]   Gustave Rosenbaum Indiana Emilie Benkie Germany Luther Cemetery, Kouts
Pagel Julia A. 10/17/1906 2/6/1845 61 years old Germany Kouts     - - - Wagner         Luthern Cemetery, Kouts, Indiana
Pagel William 2/6/1897   71 years old Germany Pleasant Township                
Pagels Maria 7/4/1903 1/4/1849 54 Germany Porter     Charles Schout   Maria Hagemaster   Chesterton
Pagin Harry 2/23/1927 1/8/1843 70 Indiana 504 Lafayette St., Valparaiso. Ida   Samuel Pagin Indiana Elizabeth Malone Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Pagin James R. 1/3/1927 5/1/1864 62 Indiana 108 Michigan St., Valparaiso. Lou   Samuel Pagin Indiana Elizabeth Malone Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Pagin John 10/3/1908   55 Indiana Valparaiso     Dr. Samuel Pagin Ohio Catherine Malone Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Pagin Joseph Wilson 4/14/1905 6/6/1862 42 years old Indiana Porter County Carrie   Samuel Pagin   Elizabeth Malone   Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Pagles Welamnia G. 6/23/1909   55 Germany Valparaiso     John Barskofske Germany Mary Olskback Germany Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Pahl William 5/13/1920   64 Indiana Porter County Pauline   Louis Pahl Germany Julia VerDier Germany Lutheran Cemetery, Kouts
Palaske John 11/16/1902   37 Germany Porter County                 Chesterton
Palen male 12/29/1927   Stillborn Indiana 1007 Beach St., Valparaiso.   Edward Palen Indiana Tena Maullpach Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Palmasteer Mrs. 8/4/1891   46 Indiana Chesterton     John Coulter          
Palmer Dennis 4/10/1919 8/21/1830 80 Ohio Porter County     Dennis Palmer Mass. Olive Terril Connecticut Salem Cemetery
Palmer Francis M. 5/21/1902 5/21/1842 61 Indiana Porter County     Edmar W. Palmer   Eliza Swersor   Hebron Cemetery
Palmer male infant 12/12/1919   Stillborn Valparaiso Valparaiso     H. E. Palmer Mass. Ruth Sederburg Illinois Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Palmer Sirbrina 5/2/1905 7/24/1842 62 years old New York Hebron Frances   - - - Thomas   Eliza M. Vandecar   Hebron Cemetery
Palmer Thomas 6/30/1893   33 Canada Valparaiso                  
Palmer William E. 6/26/1905 7/7/1866 38 years old Indiana Porter County     Francis Palmer   - - - Thomas   Hebron Cemetery
Paluszewski Alexander 10/31/1913   44 Russia Chesterton                 Chesterton
Papineau Rose 2/15/1920 11/15/1858 62 Indiana Porter County     Moses Dumos Canada Julia Perry Canada St/Pauls Cemetery, Valparaiso
Paradise Ella 2/9/1899   18 years old USA Valparaiso     - - - Chichester          
Paradise Thomas 5/17/1911 1/14/1827 84 yr. old Canada Valparaiso. Emma Paradise Steven Paradise Canada Julia Dunn Canada St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Paramore Mary E. 10/3/1900     Ohio Kouts     Sam Knod   Betsey Herr   Hebron Cemetery
Paren Sofia 3/6/1908 6/30/1848 59 Sweden Chesterton                 Chesterton
Parey Sarah 8/30/1922   89 New Jersey Valparaiso     John Parey England       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Parish Clarence 12/9/1896   12 years old Indiana Porter County     Calvin Parish          
Parish Elva 3/28/1888   2 years old Indiana Kouts     Joseph Parish   Sophia Cannon    
Parish Gusta 10/22/1894   37 years old Germany Valparaiso     Mike Gruelky   Anna Allich    
Parker Eliza 1/13/1923 2/5/1841 82 New York Valparaiso     John Ferman         Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Parker George 7/13/1887   50 USA Porter County                  
Parker Harriet 1/8/1918 4/13/1826 91 England Porter County     James J. Hill England       Chesterton
Parker Melissa 6/20/1902 10/1/1822 79 New York Chesterton     J. Eaton   Rebecca Carter   Chesterton
Parker Mortimor F. 4/2/1914 2/22/1868 46 yr. old New York 502 Lafayette, Valparaiso. Nettie   Charles H. Parker New York Elizabeth Furman New York Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Parker Mrs. 2/25/1893   79 New York Valparaiso                  
Parker Thomas C. 3/5/1919 2/20/1851 68 Wisconsin Porter County Mary   Arza Parker Mich. Harriett Cooper England Chesterton
Parker W. B. (male) 12/16/1894   29 years old Indiana Valparaiso     W. M. Parker   Evaline Rain    
Parkerton Robert 7/2/1905 3/1/1835 75 years old Ireland Morgan Township Mary   Francis Parkerton   Mary Wier    
Parkhurst Harry J. 8/21/1921 4/9/1915 6 Ill. Boone Township     Harry Parkhurst Ill. Mae Sams Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Parkinson Betsey E. 1/4/1902 12/18/1821 80 New York Hebron     Samuel Hogan   Helen Mercy   Hebron
Parks Aaron 5/9/1911 1/17/1833 78 yr. old Ohio Valparaiso. Jane Parks E. W. Parks Vermont Mary Gilbreath Ohio Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Parks Alice 8/17/1891   36 USA Valparaiso     Aaron Parks   ["Jane" handwritten] Cook    
Parks Bess 3/7/1906   15 years old Indiana Valparaiso     F. B. Parks   Bonnie Osborn   Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Parks Catherine 3/21/1908   81 New York Valparaiso     Abraham B. Perkins New York Harriett Hopper New York Old Cemetery
Parks Franklin Benton 8/31/1926 11/28/1865 60 Ohio Valparaiso. Bonnie   Christopher Parks   Sarah Nolan   Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Parks Jane 4/26/1911   74 yr. old New York Valparaiso. Aaron Parks Samuel Cook New York Olive Hayner New York Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Parks Samuel 9/18/1908   44 Indiana Valparaiso     Arron [as typed] Parks Ohio Jame Parks New York Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Parmelee Ada E. 7/22/1923 7/31/1868 54 Illinois Valparaiso     William Ottoway England Sarah Benton Massachusetts Chicago, Illinois
Parmetis Frank 1/30/1893   16 Indiana Valparaiso     Frank Parmetis   Eliza Berman    
Parowsky Hristo P. 5/16/1912   38 Not stated Wheeler Gena               Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Parr Ruhannah D. 7/22/1901   80 years, 3 months, 20 days old Ohio Hebron     John Duke   Elizabeth Wheeler   Hebron Cemetery
Parret Sarah Etta 9/21/1905 12/17/1843 61 years old New York Porter County     - - - Storms         Robinson Cemetery
Parrott Cordelia 6/3/1891   82 Virginia Valparaiso     Adam Hider          
Parrott Ollive 4/7/1886   9 years. Indiana Valparaiso     Wilford Parrott   Laura Cane ["Cook" handwritten]  ["Old City Cemetery" handwritten
Parry Christine Marie 8/30/1927 6/7/1902 25 Indiana 603 N. Garfield, Valparaiso. Kenneth   George Gast Indiana Katherine Knoiser Illinois Garceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Parry Sex unknown 5/23/1921   Stillborn Porter County Porter County     George Parry Indiana Grace E. Gott Indiana McCool
Parshall Elizabeth 3/13/1904 5/5/1821 82 years old Pennsylvania Washington Township   James Bundy         Lutheran Cemetery
Parsons F. J. 7/25/1886   27 Indiana Sagers Pond                  
Parsons Martha 3/20/1884   68 England Porter County     Not stated Not stated   Not stated Not stated   Not stated
Pary David Elias 4/5/1923 3/17/1847 78 New York Valparaiso Fanny   William Pary Wales Catherine Pierce Wales Adams Cemetery, Valparaiso
Pary Kenneth D. 4/16/1923 5/23/1923 1 Indiana Wheeler     George Gott Indiana Grace Gott Indiana McCool Cemetery
Pary Sarah F. 1/15/1905 12/27/1844 60 years old Finland Valparaiso Olof               New York
Pashen Fredrick 5/20/1886   47 Germany Hageman     Fredrick Pashen         Hageman, Indiana
Pashen Hattie F. 4/26/1915 11/28/1849 65 yr. old Germany Porter     Frits Zuhlke Germany       Chesterton
Passidy Mary 9/23/1923   58   Center Township                 Kankakee, Illinois
Passwater Vernon William 1/10/1924 1/6/1901 23 Ohio Valparaiso     Judson Passwater Ohio Nance Smith Ohio Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Patrick J. Harry 6/13/1912 4/25/1846 66 Ohio Valparaiso     James Patrick Ohio Nancy Culberton Ohio Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Patrick Jacob 3/24/1906 1/29/1823 83 years old Ohio Porter County     William Patrick   Olla Wilsie   Hebron Cemetery, Hebron, Indiana
Patrick male 9/3/1913   Stillborn Hebron Hebron     J. E. Patrick Indiana Rose Jordan Indiana At home
Patrick male 11/5/1913   Stillborn Hebron Hebron     J. E. Patrick Indiana Caroline Jones Pennsylvania At home in Hebron
Patrick Melinda E. 4/24/1926 8/21/1845 80 Ohio Valparaiso Thomas H. Patrick Dr. Wm. Paramore England Eliza Ellis New York Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Patrick Rhoda 3/20/1902 1/5/1825 77 New York Porter County     James Thomas   Catherine Moore   Hebron, Indiana
Patrick Thomas H. 5/23/1907   66 years, 9 months, 23 days old Ohio Valparaiso     James Patrick Ohio Malinda Patrick Ohio Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Patten Nancy 11/18/1889   62 years old USA Porter County     Henry Adams   - - - Flemming    
Patterson Leonora 11/9/1895   15 years old Indiana Valparaiso     W. H. Patterson   Rose Loader    
Patton John Newton 7/19/1909 12/14/1854 54 Indiana Morgan Township Ada   John Patton Ohio Nancy Ann Adams Ohio Adams Cemetery, Valparaiso
Paul Deborah 1/18/1906   78 years old New York Valparaiso     William Paul         Plymouth, Indiana
Paul Fred 11/29/1907   47 years old Indiana Valparaiso     Louis Paul Germany       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Paulsen female 2/24/1905   2 days old Indiana Valparaiso     Emil Paulsen   Katie Frakes    
Paulson Marjorie Helen 3/26/1926 6/14/1922 3 Indiana Chesterton     Frank Paulson Austria Loretta Ameling Indiana St. Patrick Cemetery, Chesterton
Pavslikosy P. J. 2/29/1913 5/14/1892 21 Poland Valparaiso     S. J. Pavslikosky Poland Mary ? Poland Spangler, Pennsylvania
Pawelclxak male 4/3/1911   Stillborn Indiana Burdick     Vincent Pawelclxak Germany Agnes Telin USA Not stated
Pawelczak Agnes 11/14/1926 11/10/1874 52 Poland Chesterton Vincent               Otis, Indiana
Payne Frank R. 10/12/1912 12/3/1892 19 Indiana Furnessville     Horace Payne Indiana Mary A. Way Indiana Furnessville, Indiana
Payne Lewis 3/15/1908 4/22/1834 73 New York Furnesville     William Payne England       Furnessville, Indiana
Peabody Serens C. 8/26/1927 7/30/1850 67 Illinois Wheeler Mary T.   Stephen G. Peabody Indiana Roxana Ayres New York Marselles, Illinois
Peacock Ella 1/26/1912 2/16/1856 55 Indiana Hebron     Enoch Peacock Indiana Rachel Cox   Darlington, Indiana
Pearce Catherine E. 9/3/1914 12/10/1827 86 yr. old Pennsylvania Union Township     Joseph McEllra Ireland Mary Rockerfield Ireland Blachly Cemetery, Valparaiso
Pearce Columbus F. 11/9/1924 2/13/1849 75 Maryland Valparaiso Mary   Ephriam Pearce         Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Pearl Janet Theorell 8/7/1922   2 hrs. Indiana Porter     James Pearl Penn. Julia Theorell Sweden Chesterton
Pearl Natalie Theorell 6/7/1919   7 days Porter, Indiana Porter, Indiana     James Baker   Julia Elfriede Theorell   Chesterton
Pease Iva A. 10/13/1913 7/12/1844 69 New York Valparaiso     Goryden Pease Vermont Amy Nelson Vermont Knox, Indiana
Pearson Anna W. 9/1/1926 8/23/1872 54 Sweden Union Township Olaf   Carl Nelson Sweden       Chesterton
Pearson Charles G. 4/6/1891   36 Sweden Stillwell                  
Pearson John E. 12/21/1927 Feb. 1849 78 Illinois Chesterton                 Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois
Pearson Maryetta 4/2/1891   2 years. Indiana Valparaiso     Charges G. Pearson   Anna Bergman    
Peck David B. 1/6/1925 10/26/1840 84 Pennsylvania Porter Township     Oren Peck Pa Elmyra Bartrum Pennsylvania Blachlys Cemetery, Union Township, Indiana
Peck Elizabeth 4/2/1920 1/5/1842 78 Indiana Porter County     William Frame Ky Jane McCarathers Ireland Blachly
Peck Elizabeth C. 4/5/1917 8/1/1842 74 yr. old Indiana Porter County Johnathan   Boyd Blachly Ohio C. Lauthlin Ohio Blachly Cemetery, Valparaiso
Peck female 7/14/1898   4 days old Indiana Porter County     Frank Peck   May Rockett    
Peck female 2/20/1889   30 weeks of age Indiana Porter County     Clinton Peck   Ida Cadwell    
Peck May B. 3/21/1919 5/16/1865 43 Virginia Porter County Grant   Withland Rockett New York Ella Kunuff Virginia Blachly
Peck Rinda 5/27/1896   22 years old Indiana Valparaiso     Rhfus Peck   - - - Frame    
Peck R. O. 1/25/1925 9/5/1842 82 Pennsylvania Union Township     Orrin Peck Conn. Almira Bertram Connecticut Blachly Cemetery, Valparaiso
Pegg William Jr. 2/8/1917 12/12/1827 89 yr. old England Porter County Mary   William Pegg England K. Wilton England Deep River Cemetery
Peirce Joseph 2/12/1890   74 years old Pennsylvania Valparaiso     Andrew Peirce   Rebecca McKibben    
Pelham Charles D. 6/18/1903   61 Ohio Chesterton     Joseph Pelham   Grace Baker   Chesterton
Pember Clara M. 7/17/1908   33 Indiana Valparaiso     John Eley Ohio Jane Spencer Ohio Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Pencikewicz Regina 12/25/1922 2/2/1862 60 Poland Pine Township                 Chesterton Cemetery
Pennington Annie M. 9/10/1908   4 months, 21 days Indiana Porter County     William Pennington   Millie France Indiana Salem Cemetery
Pennington Harry 5/7/1903   20 Indiana Westchester Township   George W. Pennington         Momence, Illinois
Pennock Benjamin L. 10/27/1911 4/24/1846 65 yr. old Indiana Garfield Avenue, Valparaiso Nancy E. Pennock Lewis Pennock New Hampshire Hannah Purmont Vermont Fleming Cemetery, Porter County
Pennock Ethel 5/30/1888   6 months old Indiana Valparaiso     Thomas Pennock   - - - Soper    
Pennock Lewis 5/27/1898   83 years old USA Valparaiso                  
Pennock Mary C. 9/12/1910 7/16/1848 62 yr. old Missouri Valparaiso Norman Pennock - - - Sandusky Kentucky       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Pennock Norman L. 4/9/1920 11/8/1837 82 Vermont Porter County     Lewis Pinnovk Vt       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Penny J. A. (male) 3/5/1906   1 years, 14 days old Indiana Porter Township     J. H. Penny   Jennie Adam   Salem Cemetery
Penny Susanna Alexander 8/6/1912 1/1/1849 63 Indiana Kouts E. P. Penny William Alexander Ohio Elizabeth Snether Kentucky Kentland, Indiana
Peoples Frank 4/18/1917 9/19/1871 45 yr. old Indiana Porter County Flory   Jake Peoples Ohio Anna M. Babeck Indiana Luther Cemetery
Peoples Jake 6/1/1917 6/27/1843 74 yr. old Ohio Porter County Anna   John Peoples Ohio Mary Davis Ohio Luther Cemetery
Perdew Esther 8/20/1914 4/11/1911 2 yr. old Indiana Wheeler     W. Perdew Penn. - - - Alison Indiana James Cemetery, Union Township
Pernan Carl 8/12/1927 12/10/1903 23 Illinois Washington Township   Oswald Pernan Germany Theresa Pernan Germany Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Perrine James B. 2/12/1903   27 Indiana Union Township     B. F. Perrine   Lile M. Ramsey   Janes Cemetery
Perry Audrey 5/31/1926 10/14/1924 1 Indiana Jackson Township   Frank Perry Pennsylvania Anna Keel Indiana Westville Cemetery
Perry Catherine 8/24/1903 3/28/1903 4 months, 22 days Indiana Porter County     David Perry   Francis Hopkins   Adams Cemetery
Perry female 10/11/1887   6 years. Indiana Kouts     William Perry          
Perry George 11/13/1922   58 yr., 3 months, 13 days Illinois Hebron                 Hebron Cemetery
Perry Ida V. 1/4/1892   30 Indiana Porter County     Reuben C. Dewitt   - - - Westbrook    
Perry Jennie E. 1/5/1916 5/18/1858 57 yr. old Indiana Valparaiso Theodore   Agustis Winkler Penn. Julia Hawkins Pennsylvania Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Perry Lettie 1/5/1892     USA Valparaiso       DeWitt          
Perry male 7/10/1892   22 months Indiana Valparaiso     Daniel Perry     DeWitt    
Perry Nellie 1/17/1898     USA Porter County     Jules Perry   - - - Johnson    
Perry William 10/11/1887   44 Not stated Near Kouts                  
Persson Fredrick William 7/4/1917 5/4/1894 23 yr old Illinois Porter County     John E. Persson Sweden Elince Johnson Sweden Oakwood Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois
Perwitz female 6/16/1921   6 hours         Charley Perwitz Indiana Irene Spore Indiana Janes Cemetery
Peters Anna Elizabeth 5/21/1919 11/27/1854 64 Germany Porter County John   Claus Marquart Germany       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Peters Carl 8/24/1903 2/11/1855 48 Germany Valparaiso     John Peters         Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Peters Charles C. 8/22/1891   5 days Valparaiso Valparaiso     Peter Peters   Lena Fisher    
Peters Edward 11/25/1912   Approx. 32   Liberty Township                 Valparaiso Medical College, Valparaiso
Peters Frank 3/29/1902   38 Pennsylvania Valparaiso     Lenord Peters         Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Peters Jr. Frank 12/23/1920 10/3/1920 2 months Porter County Porter County     Frank Peters Indiana Leona Grace Gibbs Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Peters Henry 8/22/1927 11/26/1861 65 Germany 53 Bush St., Valparaiso   Henry Peters Germany       Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Peters male 10/27/1897   Stillborn Indiana Valparaiso     Peter Peters   Lena Fisher    
Peters Margaretha 11/1/188_   35 years of age Germany 20 Washington St., Valparaiso   - - - Harbeck   - - - Schwartz    
Peters Minnie L. 6/1/1904     Indiana Valparaiso     W. H. Peters   Mable Fox   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Peters Pheobe 11/11/1917 10/9/1820 97 yr. old Germany Porter County     Chris Mashaff Germany - - - Oaus Germany Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Peters Reuben 10/14/1899   4 years, 8 months, 20 days old Indiana Valparaiso     Frank Peters   Anna Reinenchnider   Valparaiso
Peterson A. C. (female) 2/9/1898   72 years old Sweden Porter County                  
Peterson Albert 7/7/1916 9/17/1891 24 yr. old Indiana Crocker     Frank E. Peterson Sweden Ida Gustafson Sweden Porter
Peterson Andrew John 6/19/1919 12/27/1839 79 Sweden Porter     Peter York         Porter, Indiana
Peterson Anna Charlotta 12/3/1908 6/23/1823 85 Sweden Porter                 Porter, Indiana
Peterson Anna Louise 12/21/1920 3/14/1840 79 Sweden Porter                 Baileytwon, Indiana [as typed]
Peterson Anna Sophia 1/8/1916 8/13/1840 75 yr. old Sweden Porter John   John Salmquist or Malmquist       Porter Cemetery
Perterson Carl Johan 10/31/1899   73 years, 7 months old Sweden Westchester Township   Swan Peterson         Chesterton
Peterson Carl John 10/25/1901   78 years, 9 months old Sweden Portage Township               Mission Cemetery
Peterson Carl John 9/21/1913 1/1/1830 83 Sweden Westchester Township Emma   John Peterson Sweden       Burstrom Cemetery, Porter
Petersonn Charles A. 8/28/1925 3/22/1852 73 Sweden Chesterton     August Peterson Sweden       Chesterton
Peterson Charles Arthur 4/11/1907 6/11/1906 10 months old Indiana Westchester Township   Peter A. Peterson   Othelia Gagel   Furnessville Cemetery, Furnessville, Indiana
Peterson Christina 1/22/1904 12/15/1831 72 years old Sweden Westchester Township   Peter Hokanson         Baileytown, Indiana
Peterson Christina 3/23/1912 9/29/1829 82 Sweden Chesterton Peter               Chesterton
Peterson Christina Charlotte 7/5/1915 1/20/1827 88 yr. old Sweden Westchester Township   Peter Jorgen Sweden Martha Lawrence Sweden Chesterton
Peterson Emma Christina 6/29/1908 11/20/1846 62 Sweden Porter County     J. Johnson Sweden       Porter, Indiana
Peterson Eric 12/18/1926 1/10/1841 85 Sweden Westchester Township Sophia               Chesterton
Peterson Gustaf A. 7/15/1926 6/24/1860 66 Sweden Westchester Township Hannah   Peter Peterson Sweden Johanna Anderson Sweden Rose Hill Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois
Peterson Henry 12/18/1908   63 Sweden Valparaiso                 Valparaiso University
Peterson Johana 3/31/1914 2/10/1820 94 yr. old Sweden Portage Township Johana   - - - Olson Sweden       Blake Cemetery, Hobart
Peterson John 6/13/1884   9 months Indiana Porter County                 Not stated
Peterson John A. 11/27/1897   73 years old Sweden Bailytown                  
Peterson Katurina 12/31/1901   61 years, 10 months, 9 days old Sweden Jackson Township   D. F. Lundquist   Kalonna Johnson   Chesterton Cemetery
Peterson Katy 9/19/1921 9/27/1851 69 Sweden Chesterton Axel   Peter Anderson Sweden       Chesterton
Peterson Leroy R. 7/29/1905 1/22/1898 7 years old Illinois Porter     Claus R. Peterson   Hilda C. Carlson   Chicago, Illinois
Peterson Lleander W. 1/15/1925 11/28/1848 76 Sweden Chesterton     Peter Jonason Sweden Christina ?? Sweden Chesterton
Peterson Mary 2/10/1919 9/5/1833 85 Sweden Porter County                 Chesterton
Peterson Mildred A. 1/2/1919 5/7/1917 1 Indiana Chesterton     Albert Peterson Indiana Esther Carlson Indiana Porter Cemetery, Porter, Indiana
Peterson Nels 9/28/1920   88 Sweden Porter County                 Chesterton
Peterson Nils August 3/29/1901   58 years, 5 months old Sweden Westchester Township   Jonas Peterson         Burstrom Cemetery, Porter
Peterson Oscar B. 2/1/1916 5/30/1889 26 yr. old Illinois Chesterton     Axel Peterson Sweden Katty Anderson Sweden Chesterton
Peterson Oscar Seth 2/21/1907 1/2/1837 70 years old Sweden Chesterton Christina Peterson John Peterson   Ann Carrie Luidstead   Chesterton Cemetery, Chesterton, Indiana
Peterson Peter 3/20/1911 Jan. 1833 78 yr. old Sweden Chesterton Sarah   Peter Peterson   Carrie - - -   Chesterton, Indiana
Peterson Salms Sophia 5/2/1900   35 years old Sweden Westchester Township   C. G. Ljunfewn         Chesterton Cemetery
Peterson Sophia Ulricha 1/26/1911 11/19/1882 28 yr. old Illinois Westchester     Axel Peterson Sweden Catherine Peterson Sweden Chesterton
Peterson Swan 9/30/1904 5/19/1833 71 years old Sweden Porter Emma C.               Porter, Indiana
Peterson Virg. / J. E. 3/3/1924   2 days Porter, Indiana Porter, Indiana     Pete Peterson Indiana Mabel Foss Indiana Chesterton
Peterson Yels J. 10/7/1924 11/17/1856 67 Sweden Westchester Township   Charles J. Peterson Sweden Christiana Peterson Sweden Chesterton Cemetery
Petitt Cynthia J. 6/23/1920 2/8/1842 78   Porter County                 Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Petroarch Lawrence 7/22/1907 7/2/1840 67 years old Germany Valparaiso Mary Petroarch             St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Petroch L. W. (male) 7/22/1907   67 years, 20 days old Germany Valparaiso                 St. Paul Cemeterty, Valparaiso
Petrovitch Mary 3/20/1906   58 years olf Poland Vaparaiso     - - - Bysroskir         St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Petrow Della 10/22/1907 8/15/1888 19 years old Indiana Jackson Township   James Petrow         Westville Cemetery, Westville, Indiana
Petterson Clara Lucile 3/9/1912 2/27/1912 10 days Indiana Porter     Frank Petterson   Amanda Pillman   Porter, Indiana
Petterson Clarence Walter 8/17/1908 7/26/1908 21 days Porter, Indiana Porter, Indiana     Albert G. Petterson Sweden       Porter, Indiana
Pettinger Almeda Sophia 9/30/1920 4/11/1835 85 Ohio Porter County     Marcus Pierce Connecticut Laura Sherwood Connecticut Warsaw, Indiana