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Porter County Death Index, 1884-1927: N

The following are records that were copied from the Porter County Death Records Index located in the Porter County Public Library in Valparaiso, Indiana. View Our Publications to obtain cemetery indexes.

Last Name First Name Death Date Birth Date Age Place of Birth Place of Death Spouse First Name Spouse Last Name Father First Name Father Last Name Father POB Mother First Name Mother Last Name Mother POB Burial
Nails Mary 2-28-1889   64 Yrs Canada Valparaiso                  
Names H. N. (Male) 7-11-1894   9 Wks Indiana Valparaiso     Charles Names   Effie Cooltes    
Names H. N. (Male) 7-11-1894   9 Mos Indiana Valparaiso     Charles Names   Effy Culter    
Naparella Stella 10/26/1906 4-3-1895 11 Yrs Indiana Pine Township     Steve Naparella Indiana Helen Boedekay Indiana Otis, Indiana
Naparrella X (male) 10/17/1905 10/17/1905   Indiana Pine Township     Steve Naparella   Helen Bosicarvitz   Otis, Indiana
Napiralla Stanislaus 11/14/1912   30 Minutes Pine Township Pine Township     Stephen Napiralla Germany Helen Poczaki Indiana Michigan City, Indiana
Napshal Tilda 8-14-1886   10 Weeks Chesterton Chesterton     Not Stated     Julia Napshal    
Naragon Nettie E. 2/13/1920 4/7/1918 1 Indiana Porter County     George Naragon Ohio Martha McQuistion Indiana North Liberty, Indiana
Nash Irene Wiseman 12/29/1922 4/9/1903 19 Indiana Chesterton Harry Nash Frank Wiseman Indiana Mary Ameling Nebraska St Patrick Cemetery, Chesterton
Nash William 4-18-1891   3 Yrs USA Valparaiso     Patrick Nash     Teirney    
Nauschafer Johanna 7/27/1908   75 Germany Pleasant Township Julius Nauschafer Otto   Germany       German Luther Cemetery
Navanski Julius 2/8/1904 3-26-1879 24 Yrs Indiana Porter Co     William Navanski   Kate Kittowski   Michigan City, Indiana
Nawaj Thekla 10/16/1919 3-25-1894 25 Austria Porter County John Nawaj Joseph Phita Austria Agnes Stashik Austria Otis, Indiana
Nays E. H. (male) 12-25-1890   66 Yrs Not Stated Cobring, Indiana                  
Neeley Effinger D. 5/15/1901   14 days Indiana Chesterton     John Neeley     Horner   Croubals Cemetery
Neeley John W. 11/22/1922 9-9-1855 66 Indiana Chesterton Victoria   Robert Neeley Pennsylvania Narcises Zane Ohio Kimball Cemetery
Neeley Pearl Agnes 2/17/1905 1/26/1905 22 days Indiana Chesterton     John Neeley   Victoria Horner   Chesterton
Neely Robert 2/19/1908 3-1-1822 85 Pennsylvania Chesterton     Robert Neely Ireland       Chesterton
Neff Mary M. 5/23/1922 2-22-1869 53 Indiana Valparaiso Jonathan Neff Henry Unrhue Ohio       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Neff Nancy 6/20/1903   79 Not stated Union Township                 Zion City
Neff William McClellan 4/2/1915 2-21-1862 53 Yrs Indiana Chesterton Dot   William Neff         Chesterton
Negosinske Michael 6/2/1922 9-25-1833 89 Poland Union Township                 St Patrick Cemetery, Chesterton
Negozenski Mary 2/17/1917 5-10-1839 77 Yrs Poland Porter County Michael Negozenski             St Patrick Cemetery, Chesterton
Nehring John 7/13/1900   1 mos 7 days Indiana Crisman     Fred Nehring         Valparaiso
Nehring Paulina 12/6/1927 4-20-1868 59 Germany Jackson Township Fred D. Nehring             Chesterton
Nellessen Henry J. 1/12/1926 10-14-1869 56 Illinois Chesterton Cecelia   Joseph Nellessen Germany       Calvary Cemetery, Chesterton
Nelsen Mary 7/25/1916   70 Yrs   Center Township                 Chesterton Cemetery, Chesterton
Nelson Anna C. 11/1/1904 11-28-1848 25 Yrs Sweden Porter County       Johnson         Chesterton
Nelson Arthur W. 2/13/1919 5/6/1918 9 Mos Indiana Porter County     Charles Nelson Indiana Minnie Bentley Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Nelson Cecelia Marie 4/5/1909   1 day Chesterton Chesterton     Emil W. Nelson Indiana Dorothy Nelson Indiana Chesterton
Nelson Charles 5/12/1922 5-1-1863 59 Indiana Center Township Minnie   Charles Nelson Ohio       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Nelson Charles W. 4-19-1887   3 Yrs Indiana Chesterton     John Nelson   Emily Rapp   Not stated
Nelson Christina 7/24/1925 12-24-1836 88 Sweden Westchester Township   Nels Larson Sweden       Hobart
Nelson Clarice E. 5/26/1903 9-16-1884 19 Indiana Valparaiso     Jerome Nelson   Ida Albian   San Pier, Indiana
Nelson Cora V. 4/11/1907   41 Yrs Indiana Valparaiso     George W. Massom Scotland Henretta Burnside Scotland Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Nelson Elzie LaVern 1/26/1920   4 days Porter Porter     Ernest L Nelson Indiana Jessie M. Kline Michigan Chesterton
Nelson female 7/28/1916   Stillborn Indiana 1003 Beech St. Valparaiso   Charles E. Nelson Indiana Minnie Bentley Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Nelson Fred T. 12-19-1889   13 Yrs Sweden Porter County     August Nelson   Emma Johnson    
Nelson Frederik 7/28/1917 2-14-1859 58 Yrs Norway Porter County Anne P.   Fritz Nelson Norway       Mt. Olive Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois
Nelson George A. 11/10/1920   77 Sweden Porter County                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Nelson Helena E. 4/8/1927 4-14-1862 64 Illinois Chesterton     Charles W. Florence Sweden       Chesterton
Nelson Ida 4-1-1890   7 Mos Indiana Porter County     Clint Nelson   Not stated      
Nelson Jackson 6/1/1904 5-14-1829 75 Yrs   Porter County           Eversola Sarton   Chesterton
Nelson Johanes 2/14/1904 5-1-1825 88 Yrs Sweden Jackson Township               Chesterton
Nelson Johanna 7/24/1910 4-29-1830 80 Yrs Sweden Westchester Township John August Nelson John Peterson Sweden       Porter
Nelson John 3/3/1900   68 Yrs Norway Center Township                  
Nelson Lars 3/15/1911 4-29-1823 87 Yrs Sweden Liberty Township Eliza Nelson M.P. Nelson Sweden       Porter
Nelson Lydia A. 10/13/1919 6-19-1839 80 Pennsylvania Chesterton     Charles Hill New York Betsy Hill   Furnessville, Indiana
Nelson Mary H. 3/13/1903 9-25-1839 63 Sweden Chesterton       Peterson         Chesterton
Nelson Nels John 4/8/1922 5-12-1833 88 Sweden Westchester Township Christina   Nicholas Monson Sweden       Baileytown Cemetery, Baileytown, Indiana
Nelson Niles 6/30/1917 10-23-1846 71 Yrs Sweden Porter County Anna   Swan Nelson Sweden       Chesterton
Nelson Peter 4/22/1901   63 Yrs 3 Mos 24 days Sweden Chesterton                 Chesterton Cemetery, Chesterton
Nelson Roy 1/29/1918 12-11-1890 27 California Chesterton Anna   Claus T. Nelson Sweden       Chesterton
Nelson Stelena 7/22/1906 11-18-1819 87 Yrs Sweden Porter Co Gustop Nelson Peter Carlson         Burstrom Cemetery, Porter
Nelson Stella 1-7-1897   9 Yrs Illinois Valparaiso     Isaac Nelson   Lulu Hillis    
Nelson Thadrach J. 11/26/1918 4-1-1859 59 Indiana Porter County Ellie   William Nelson Indiana Mary Huiltz Ohio Star City
Nelson Walter Arnold 10/23/1911   7 Wks Indiana Westchester Township   Elmer P. Nelson West Virginia Elsie S. Meltz Indiana Chesterton
Nelson William L. 11/28/1912   65 Indiana Valparaiso     William L Nelson New York Helen Monell New York Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Nelson William M. 6/4/1909 1-10-1841 68 Pennsylvania Hebron Elsie   William Nelson   Susan Akers   Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Nemec George 7/4/1919 4/3/1901 18 Illinois Porter County     James Nemec Bohemia Mary Noeck Bohemia Chicago, Illinois
Nerger Deloris June 5/15/1924 3/14/1924 2 Mos Wheeler Wheeler     Ralph A. Nerger Illinois   Gott   McCool Cemetery, McCool
Nesbit Beatrice 3/10/1907   3 Yrs Indiana Valparaiso                  
Nesbit Catherine 9/27/1912 1-12-1820 92 Pennsylvania Hebron                 Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Nester Elizabeth 11/11/1918 1-29-1885 32 Illinois Porter Charles   Charles Stephens Germany Elizabeth Sunerley Germany Chesterton
Nester John 3/1/1904 5-24-1854 49 Germany Porter Co Lorila               Chesterton
Nethery John 5/23/1913 10-18-1840 72 Ireland Hebron     Robert Nethery Ireland Fannie Nunter Ireland S.E. Grove Cemetery
Neubauer Rhinhatl 1/29/1919 6-4-1872 46 Germany Porter County     John Neubauer Germany Henrietta Boltz Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Neuliep Frank 5/10/1915 5/8/1915 2 days Indiana Liberty Township     Herman Neulip Germany Freda Lorenz Indiana Chesterton
Neuliep Louis R. 7/3/1916 6/29/1916 4 days Indiana Liberty Township     Herman Neuliep Germany Freda Lorentz Indiana Chesterton Cemetery, Chesterton
Neuman female 3-2-1896   90 Yrs Ireland Valparaiso                  
Nevers Frederick 3/28/1925 3/16/1922 3 Indiana Chesterton     Steve Nevers Indiana Francis Krysiak Indiana Chesterton
Newberry Albion 3-14-1885   72 Connecticut Porter County                  
Newberry Female 11-26-1890   41 Yrs Indiana Chesterton       Simmons          
Newberry Laura 9-27-1886   6 Mos Indiana Furnessville     James Newberry   Alice Simmons   Not stated
Newberry Mrs. 11-25-1891   44 Indiana Chesterton       Simons     Wolf    
Newhouse Henry 6-18-1895   73 Yrs Germany Valparaiso                  
Newhouse Sophia 1/25/1910   78 Yrs Germany Valparaiso     August Neutling Germany       City Cemetery, Valparaiso
Newland Amanda 4-15-1899   86 Yrs USA Jackson Township                
Newland Belle 2/1/1913 8-18-1862 52 Indiana Valparaiso William Newland Aaron Stanton   Caroline Malone Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Newland James H 6-21-1889   69 Yrs Indiana Valparaiso     John Newland   Agnes Allen    
Newland Mary E 3-25-1889   53 Yrs Ohio Valparaiso     George Reeves   Elizabeth Brown    
Newman Daisy 2-13-1891   16 Indiana Valparaiso       Newman   Jennie Shultz    
Newman Herman 6/3/1920 1-26-1842 78 Germany Porter County                 Chicago, Illinois
Newman Minnie 5/13/1914 10-10-1829 85 Yrs Germany 206 E Chicago St., Valparaiso   John Warden Germany Austa Dayton Germany Michigan City, Indiana
Newquist Katharine 12/28/1906 1/6/1905 73 Yrs Sweden Porter County John E Newquist Johannes Rask Sweden       Chesterton
Newshofer Julius 2/19/1908 4-8-1830 77 Germany Pleasant Township               Kouts
Nicholas Catherine 11-1-1895   56 Yrs Pennsylvania Valparaiso     Samuel Douglass   Susan Thornton    
Nicholas Charles Edward 4/17/1915 10/29/1914 5 Mos Indiana Liberty Township     Hiram Nicholas Ohio Della Kitchell Indiana Chesterton
Nicholas Female 2-2-1897   2 Yrs Indiana Porter County     Cyrus Nicholas   Alma Johnson    
Nicholas George 12/18/1918   72 Greece Chesterton                 Chicago, Illinois
Nicholes C.J. 9-29-1891   21 New York Valparaiso     Leonard Nicholes   E.L. Stillman    
Nichols Edwin L. 9/5/1910 9-3-1888 22 Yrs Michigan Westchester Township   Ernest J. Nichols Michigan Hattie Rose Michigan Grand Rapids, Michigan
Nichols G. H. 8/12/1919 3-15-1834 85 Pennsylvania Valparaiso Sarah         Catherina Kauyher Pennsylvania Blachly Cemetery, Valparaiso
Nichols Henry A 3/30/1927 2-26-1883 44 Canada 503 Madison St., Valparaiso Mae   Alfred Nichols Canada Josephine Smith Canada Hammond, Indiana
Nichols Male 3/9/1911   Stillborn Indiana Boone Township     J. J. Nichols Indiana M Martin Illinois Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Nichols Martha 9/1/1925 3-22-1862 63 Indiana Hebron     Thomas Davis Ohio Mary King Ohio Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Nichols Martin 5/15/1923 7-18-1842 80 Ohio Hebron Fannie   John Nichols Ohio       Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Nichols Mary L 5/15/1908 11-28-1868 39 Indiana Hebron Eaton Nichols Eli Sigler Maryland Anna Allen New York Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Nichols Phebe M 3-30-1886   57 Ohio Valparaiso     Alfred Ward     Loomis    
Nichols Scott 8/5/1916 1/31/1905 58 Yrs   County Asylum                 Chesterton
Nichols William 10-5-1887   87 USA Hebron                  
Nicholson Alys Jeanne 9/17/1926 4/9/1924 2 Indiana Westchester Township   John W. Nicholson Illinois Anna C. Johnsen Illinois Chesterton
Nicholson Bertha R. 2/5/1903 8-17-1886 16 Indiana Crisman     Nels Nicholson   Annie Anderson   Miller, Indiana
Nicholson Eva Caloline 6/3/1926 8-23-1887 38 Illinois Portage Township Urbin J Nicholson Erick Larson Sweden Mary Johnson Sweden McCool, Indiana
Nicholson Female 10/25/1904 10/23/1904 2 days Indiana Crisman     Samuel Nicholson Sweden Sophia Johnston Indiana Blachly Cemetery, Valparaiso
Nicholson Hannah 9/7/1927 7-30-1869 58 Sweden Portage Township Peter Nicholson Hoken Hasselgren Sweden Caroline Corlin Sweden McCool, Indiana
Nicholson J. (Female) 2/9/1906   36 days Indiana Porter County     E. Nicholson   Jennie Ellis   Porter County
Nicholson Sophie C. 5/5/1921 11-26-1869 51 Indiana Porter County                 Blakes Cemetery, Hobart, Indiana
Nickerson Comodor Chancy 3/27/1917 1-10-1842 75 Yrs Indiana Porter County Mary Alice   Chancy Nickerson Canada Mary Gurley   Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Nickerson Perry 7/4/1926 2/2/1910 16 Indiana Christian Hospital, Valparaiso   Otis Nickerson Illinois Bessie Cottrel Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Nickles Alfred 1/16/1904 5-5-1822 81 Yrs Rhode Island Valparaiso     William Nickles         Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Nielsen female 7/15/1910   Stillborn Indiana Valparaiso     Mads Nielsen Denmark Christine Anderson Denmark Adams Cemetery, Valparaiso
Nielson Leon 12/20/1920 12/19/1920 2 days Valparaiso Valparaiso     William Nielson Denmark Jennie Haslund Denmark Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Niles Charles 5/30/1900   33 Yrs Indiana Porter County     Joel Niles          
Nilson Almer 12/27/1907 9/28/1907 3 mos Indiana Porter     Amel Nilson   Gathred North   Porter Cemetery, Porter
Nilson Carolina 11/27/1909 4-20-1850 59 Sweden Porter     Oskar Larson Sweden       Chesterton
Nilson Ida 5-22-1893   6 USA Valparaiso     Sevon Nilson          
Nilson W. (Male) 12/2/1919   Stillborn Indiana Porter     Emil Nilson   Gertrud North   Porter
Nilson Walter Albin 3/15/1916   36 hours Indiana Porter     Emil Nilson   Gertrud North   Porter Cemetery
Nilson Zachary 11/21/1902   68 Indiana Porter County     John Nilson   Eva Maldon   Furnessville, Indiana
Nimon Mary J. 9/29/1902   45 Minnesota Kouts     William Price   Mary Rose   Spencer Cemetery, Kouts
Nisle Max C. 6/6/1927 8-21-1868 58 Wisconsin Liberty Township Fredricka   Max C. Nisle, Sr         Hammond, Indiana
Nithery Mary 12/29/1904   51 Yrs 5 Mos 17 days Ireland Porter County     Charles Condy Ireland Anna Stewart Ireland Salem Cemetery
Nitsche Joseph 3-5-1894   15 Yrs Indiana Valparaiso     Joseph Nitsche   Mary Holoplel    
Nixon Davis 2-13-1886   3 Mos Indiana Hageman     William S. Nixon   Medday Wolf    
Nixon James W. 3-22-1886   2 Yrs Indiana Chesterton     William S. Nixon   Medda Wolf    
Noble Americas 8-11-1885   42 USA Jackson Township   John P. Noble   Mary A. Noble    
Noble Male 6/22/1906   3 days Indiana Washington Township   J. V. Noble   Lillian Miller   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Nolan Bridget 5/15/1910 9-5-1842 67 Yrs Ireland Hebron     William Summers Ireland Elizabeth Dunn Ireland Catholic Cemetery, Crown Point, Indiana
Nolan James Martin 4/26/1912 10/13/1911 6 Mos Indiana Kouts     James Noland Indiana Blanche Frazier Ohio Catholic Cemetery, Kouts
Nolan John 8/5/1901   35 Yrs Indiana Kankakee River, near Hebron   Martin Nolan   Bridget Summers   Crown Point, Indiana
Nolan Kathryn Thelma 6/12/1910 6/2/1908 2 Yrs Indiana Kouts     James Nolan Indiana W. Blanche Fraizer Ohio Catholic Cemetery, Kouts
Nolan Martin 8-10-1891   60 Ireland Hebron                  
Nolan Rebecca 11-29-1899   84 Yrs 9 Mos New York Valparaiso     John McIntosh   Mary Casky   Cameron Mills, Indiana
Nolan Rosa 12-8-1888   8 Yrs Indiana Hebron     Martin Nolan   Mary A. Wallace    
Nolen Elizabeth 8/28/1912 8/26/1912 2 days Indiana Hebron     William Nolen Indiana Della Fry Indiana Crown Point, Indiana
Nolen Samuel 8/26/1912   Stillborn Hebron Hebron     William Nolen Indiana Della Fry Indiana Crown Point, Indiana
Nolta Mabel 7/12/1926 9-12-1862 63 Pennsylvania 403 Napoleon St., Valparaiso   W. Easman Pennsylvania       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Noran John (Mrs) 4-24-1890   30 Yrs Indiana Porter County       Nickell   Not stated      
Norling Albert A. 2/18/1917 5-3-1867 50 Yrs Sweden Porter County     Andrew Norling Sweden       Chesterton Cemetery, Chesterton
Norling Andrew P. 2/13/1911 5-17-1837 73 Yrs Sweden Liberty Township Anna Norling             Chesterton
Norling Anna Elise 2/9/1910 6-26-1841 68 Yrs Sweden Westchester Township Andrus P. Norling   Magnuson Sweden       Porter
Norling Murtel M. 9/23/1907 4/16/1907 5 Mos Indiana Westchester Township   Albert Norling   Matilda Jackson   Chesterton Cemetery, Chesterton
Norris Charles T. 7/31/1927 6-30-1894 33 Pennsylvania Center Township Mary   Patrick Norris Pennsylvania       Chicora, Pennsylvania
Norris Eli N. 12/5/1915 10-24-1857 58 Yrs Ohio 104 College, Valparaiso Lucetta   Ellen D. Norris Maine Nancy Wolf Ohio Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Norris Male 8-14-1888   1 day Indiana Valparaiso     E. N. Norris     Jones    
Norton Albert D. 4-17-1897   66 Yrs Connecticut Valparaiso     Hiram Norton   Caroline Weidham    
Norton Augusta C. 1/8/1902 9-16-1878 23 Sweden Westchester Township   Swan Peterson         Baileytown, Indiana
Norton Gustaf E. 10/12/1901   27 Yrs 10 Mos 26 days Sweden Westchester Township   John Nilson   Christina L. Ericks   Burstrom Cemetery, Porter
Norton Melvin 5-1-1887   14 Yrs Indiana Hageman     Oliver Norton   Matilda Parker   Hageman, Indiana
Novick Michael 5/30/1924   15 Pennsylvania Valparaiso     John Novick Russia       Chicago, Illinois
Novnich Steve 2/7/1920   10 days Porter Porter     Tony Novnich Austria Anna Podoleritz Austria Chesterton
Nowlen Samuel 9-28-1891   79 New York Porter County     Samuel Nowlen          
Nulf David Edward 12/29/1914 11/26/1914 34 days Indiana Liberty Township     Edward Nulf Indiana Nellie Kaluf Indiana Valparaiso Cemetery, Valparaiso
Nulf Edith Mary 10/1/1917 9/10/1917 21 days Indiana Porter County     William Nulf Michigan Agnes Linderman Indiana Chesterton Cemetery, Chesterton
Nulf Edward T. 5/26/1924 9-24-1850 73 Indiana Liberty Township     David Nulf Pennsylvania Elizabeth Sanders Indiana Chesterton
Nulf Mae 6/7/1913 11-2-1886 26 Indiana Crocker William Nulf Marion Baker Indiana Mary Davidson Indiana McCool, Indiana
Nulf Mary M. 11/14/1923 5-24-1850 73 Indiana Liberty Township Edward Nulf Thomas Gray Ohio Sarah Houser Ohio Chesterton
Nunn Loyd R. 10/12/1926 12-25-1891 34 Indiana Liberty Township     W. O. Nunn Indiana Mila Fulton Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Nuppnau Charles D. 3/3/1917 11-12-1862 54 Yrs Germany Porter County Emma K.   Paul Nuppnau Germany Ida Dalen Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Nuppnau Female 1/21/1902   Minutes Valparaiso Valparaiso     Charles Nuppnau   Emma K. Blause    
Nuppnau Paul 12/16/1915 10-11-1820 95 Yrs Germany Valparaiso     Henry Nuppnau Germany Margaret Sirks Germant Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Nyberg Elna Marie 7/14/1902 10/16/1901 8 Mos 28 days Indiana Westchester Township   John P. Nyberg   Klara L. Erickson   Babytown

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