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Porter County Death Index, 1884-1927: J

The following are records that were copied from the Porter County Death Records Index located in the Porter County Public Library in Valparaiso, Indiana. View Our Publications to obtain cemetery indexes.

Last Name First Name Death Date Birth Date Age Place of Birth Place of Death Spouse First Name Spouse Last Name Father First Name Father Last Name Father POB Mother First Name Mother Last Name Mother POB Burial
Jackmore Joseph 12/4/1907   87 France Valparaiso                 St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso, Indiana
Jackson Frank 11/5/1918 04/01/1894 24 Missouri Porter County Lilla Mae   George E. Jackson Pennsylvania Clara Walter Ohio Missouri
Jackson James 1/25/1905   68   Poor House, Porter County               Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jackson Mary Elizabeth 9/14/1903 01/10/1848 55 Ohio Porter County     Sam Cogswell   Harriet Haris   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jackson Matilda 9/19/1915 04/11/1835 80 Canada 209 Academy St, Valparaiso   Joseph Barcomb Canada Matilda Barcomb Canada St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jackson Medday Wixon 4/26/1923 03/17/1854 69 Indiana Porter     Jonathan Wolfe Ohio Catherine Wilson Ohio Pin Hook, Indiana
Jackson Mons 3/17/1915 01/17/1836 79 Sweden Porter                 Chicago, Illinois
Jackson Nellie 12/14/1885   35 Indiana                    
Jackson Peter 06/27/1891   79 Canada Valparaiso     John Jackson          
Jackson William E. 11/4/1907 11/16/1823 78 Indiana Pleasant Township Cynthia Craig William E. Jackson   Sarah Shanklin   Crawfordsville Cemetery, Crawfordsville, Indiana
Jacobs (male) 9/16/1912   Stillborn Washington Township Washington Township   August Jacobs Indiana Elizabeth Ruge Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jacobs Anna Elizabeth 11/28/1925 07/17/1885 40 Indiana Washington Township Gus   Claus Ruge Germany Abbie Ohlfest Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jacobs Bertha 10/19/1925 07/08/1855 70 Germany Washington Township   John Bramer Germany Freda Schmidt Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jacobs Clara 8/2/1922 04/08/1888 34 Wisconsin Valparaiso Louis   Fred Luedtke Germany Augusta Buchert Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jacobs Dorothea 1/21/1908   89 Germany Washington Township   John Krug Germany Emma Benkie Germany Luther Cemetery
Jacobs Frederick 5/14/1912 04/10/1840 71 Germany Washington Township Mary   William Jacobs Germany Mary Geist Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jacobs Rose 10/4/1927 06/06/1897 30 Indiana Washington Township Walter   Jos. Gast Indiana Frances Eichensehr   Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso, Indiana
Jacobson Carl 3/25/1916 06/19/1829 86 Sweden Liberty Township     John Jacobson Sweden       Chesterton
Jacobson Christine 4/19/1914 4/11/1914 9 days Indiana Liberty Township     William Oscar Jacobson Indiana Anna Christine Bihl Illinois Chesterton, Indiana
Jacobson Jacob 1/21/1903 12/17/1860 42 Sweden Kouts                 Spencer Cemetery, Kouts
Jacobus William S. 11/19/1902   29 Illinois Chesterton     James S. Jacobus   Almetta I. Waynard   Chesterton, Indiana
Jacoby James H. 10/8/1917 03/08/1852 65 Kent. Porter County Alice J.   Jacob Jacoby Kent.       Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jacova Mabelle 9/30/1903 12/05/1881 21 Illinois Valparaiso     J. H. Jacova   Alice Facova   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jaeger Taresa A. 12/28/1914 02/18/1847 69 Germany Valparaiso     Joseph Jaeger Germany       St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jaehnke Edward 7/20/1927 6/2/1908 19 Illinois Weschester Township   Charles Jaehnke Germany Wilhelmina Schultz Germany Chicago, Illinois
Jaeshke Emil 10/26/1922 01/01/1859 63 Germany Valparaiso     Henry Jaeshke Germany Josephine Helm Germany Flemming Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jager Albert 03/02/1897     USA Valparaiso                  
Jahnz Elmer Raymond 10/17/1906 6/11/1906 4 mos. Indiana Kouts     Gustave Jahnz Indiana Bertha Funks Illinois Lutheran Cemetery, Kouts, Indiana
Jahnz Whilelminia 10/26/1923 07/24/1849 74 Germany Morgan Township     Ludwig Steinke Germany Etta Millestatz Germany Woods Cemetery
Jalenz Frederick W. 10/27/1904 03/04/1810 94 Germany Morgan Township Minnie               Luthern Cemetery
James Charles Lewis 6/21/1918   Stillborn Porter County Porter County     Landon James Kentucky May Nolan Maryland St. Paul’s Cemetery, Valparaiso
James Emily E. 4/9/1902 08/??/1815 87 New York Valparaiso                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
James Rose Anna 1/20/1925 03/08/1861 63 Indiana Portage Township John   T. B. Louderback Indiana       McCool
James Vira M. 6/23/1917 09/24/1880 57 Indiana Porter County     Lemore James Indiana Anna B. Eaton Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jamison Lizzie 01/05/1888   44 Indiana 8 Chicago St., Valparaiso   Daniel McKaue   ?? Vorhees    
Janes Helen Mankey 5/5/1913 02/18/1843 70 Canada Union Township     Adam Mankey Scotland Janet   Scotland Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Janowaki John 1/24/1918 01/02/1862 56 Germany Porter County Margaret Janowaki Napolion Janowaki Germany       St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Valparaiso
Janowski Adam 1/1/1927 12/24/1831 95 Poland Chesterton     John Janowski Poland       St. Patrick Cemetery, Chesterton
Janowski Alexander A. 5/30/1925 6/26/1918 6 Indiana Jackson Township   Frank Janowski Indiana Laura Egelski Illinois Chesterton
Janowski Andrew 1/10/1923 4/14/1920 2 Indiana Jackson Township   Frank Janowski Indiana Laura Gogelski Indiana Chesterton
Janowski Clemence Joseph 12/22/1909 6/26/1909 5 mos, 26 days Indiana Westchester Township   Jos. Janowski Poland Celia Bishop Michigan Chesterton
Janowski Dorothy 9/19/1911 4/23/1911 4 mos. Indiana Chesterton     Joseph Janowski Indiana Katherine Smegielsku Germany Chesterton, Indiana
Janowski Frances A. 6/2/1912 11/20/1888 23 Indiana Chesterton Frank   William Korytowski Poland Mary Lasinski Poland Chesterton
Janowski Helen 8/31/1912 4/21/1912 4 mos. Indiana Chesterton     Frank Janowski Indiana Francis Konoski Indiana St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Chesterton
Janowski Julia 9/9/1910 12/26/1904 88 Poland Westchester Township Napoleon Janowski ?? Devetski Poland       Chesterton, Indiana
Janowski Katheryn 9/21/1914 11/24/1850 63 Germany Chesterton Adam   Frank Kotchmark Germany Frances Chrimsky Germany St. Patrick Cemetery, Chesterton
Janowski Lucelia 10/20/1922 4/19/1903 19 Indiana Pine Township Sylvester   Andrew Katzmarek Poland May Woziak   St. Patrick Cemetery, Chesterton
Janowski Marziana 7/7/1908   Stillborn Chesterton Chesterton     Joseph Janowski Germany Cecelia Biskowski Michigan Chesterton
Janowski Napoleon 3/24/1910 12/31/1904 83 Poland Westchester Township Julia Janowski ?? Janowski Poland Julia Devetski Poland Chesterton, Indiana
Jante Charles 11/29/1916 11/15/1837 79 Germany Porter Township Catherine   David Jante Germany       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jante Paul John 1/29/1919 06/11/1898 20 Indiana Porter County     Chalry Jaunte Germany Mary Boster Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jaqua Abbie 4/20/1904 08/15/1825 78 Canada Porter County                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jarash John 2/24/1921 06/18/1840 80 Poland Porter County     John Jarash Poland       St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Chesterton
Jardine Doris Martha 2/11/1902   17 days Indiana Jackson Township   Edward Jardine   Mattie Beach   Westville, Indiana
Jardine Ephraim 3/8/1901   78 years, 5 mos, 12 dys Ireland Jackson Township   James Jardine         Westville, Indiana
Jarnecke (female) 6/27/1921   20 mins. Kouts Kouts     Fred Jarnecke Indiana Rose Rogowski Illinois Kouts Cemetery
Jarnecke (female) 6/27/1921   15 mins. Kouts Kouts     Fred Jarnecke Indiana Rose Rogowski Illinois Kouts Cemetery
Jarnecke (female) 7/27/1921   20 mins. Kouts Kouts     Fred Jarnecke Indiana Rose Rogowski Illinois Kouts Cemetery
Jarnecke Herbert A. 4/3/1904   1 mo, 11 dys Indiana Kouts     William F. Jarnecke   Carrie Belloff   Kouts, Indiana
Jarosh John 1/31/1920 03/22/1878 42 Indiana Porter County     John Jarosh Poland Mary Groff Poland St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Chesterton
Jarosh Mike 10/3/1909 10/13/1885 23 Indiana Liberty Township     John Jaroski Poland Mary Groff Poland Chesterton
Jarowski John 9/25/1920 04/27/1872 48 Poland Chesterton Martha         Martha Brzoezwski Poland South Chicago
Jaunchwaski John 11/14/1907 1/28/1905 52 Poland Liberty Township Mary Jaunchwaski J. Jaunchwaski         South Chicago Cemetery, South Chicago, Illinois
Jefferies Allen 6/16/1908   27   Valparaiso                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jefferson Martha 8/21/1904   75 Indiana Porter County     James Grant   E. Wise   Luther Cemetery
Jeffery (male) 4/30/1912 4/14/1912 16 days Indiana Crisman     Robert Jeffery Indiana Pearl McPherson Indiana Blakes Cemetery
Jeffery Laura M. 3/18/1907 10/18/1906 4 mos. Indiana Portage Township   Robert Jeffery   Pearl McPherson   Hobart, Indiana
Jeffery Pearl 1/23/1921 03/29/1887 33 Indiana Porter County Robert   Elmarion McPherson Indiana Mary Tharp Indiana Blakes Cemetery, Hobart
Jennings (female) 7/23/1916   Stillborn Indiana 106 Jefferson, Valparaiso   A. L. Jennings Connecticut Cora Hadley Georgia Connecticut
Jennrich Elsie 8/6/1918 12/25/1892 25 Illinois Valparaiso Frank   Fred Borchardt         Chicago, Illinois
Jenoske Martha Bozai 3/21/1908 01/07/1872 36 Indiana Jackson Township Theodore   Matias Bozia Poland Regina Jonsiski Poland Chesterton
Jensen Anna 4/8/1927 03/17/1854 73 Sweden Center Township Alfred               McCool Cemetery, McCool
Jensen Anton 9/17/1918 01/05/1859 29 Denmark Valparaiso                 Kouts
Jensen Dusine 4/28/1916 10/16/1900 15 Europe Boone Township     Christian Jensen Europe Marie Polsen Europe Graceland Cemetery
Jensen Emanuel 8/20/1916 4/13/1916 4 mos. Illinois Pleasant Township   Edmund Jensen Denmark Anna Christicnson Denmark Graceland Cemetery, Kouts
Jensen Gladdis 11/12/1918 4/1/1918 7 mos. Indiana Porter County     Antone Jensen Denmark Elbeva Hansen Denmark Graceland Cemetery, Kouts
Jentzen John 8/23/1919 03/28/1839 80 Germany Porter County Mary   Fred Jentzen Germany Laura Schrader Germany McCool Cemetery
Jentzen Martha 1/5/1923 05/21/1838 83   Crocker     John Heron Germany       McCool Cemetery
Jentzen Mary Rhoda 2/28/1926 2/14/1926 14 days Indiana Westchester Township   Herman Jentzen Indiana Minnie Rhoda Indiana Chesterton
Jepperson Charles W. 9/28/1915 01/24/1893 22 Indiana Valparaiso     William H. Jepperson Illinois Mary Jones Illinois Oak Hill Cemetery
Jerosenvig Peter 7/15/1911 7/10/1911 5 days Indiana Porter County     Joe Jerosenvig Russia Flora Borian Pennsylvania St. Patrick Cemetery, Chesterton
Jesse Althea 4/26/1918 04/15/1873 45 Indiana Porter County     M. H. Winslow Maine Anna Wilkins Wales Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jesse Theodore S. 2/13/1918 12/31/1870 47 Indiana Porter County     David Jesse Indiana Mary Morrison Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jessen Mary 05/10/1891   46 Germany Valparaiso                  
Jeziro Joseph 11/1/1927   24 Illinois Union Township                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Jmme Fred W. 3/11/1916 3/4/1905 26 Germany Valparaiso     R. Jmme Germany       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Joel Julia 11/15/1919 10/09/1843 76 Germany Porter County Fred   Isaac Adler Germany       Chicago, Illinois
Joers Caroline 7/5/1927 11/27/1903 23 Indiana Pine Township Robert   Joseph Mark Indiana       Michigan City, Indiana
Johann Eva 2/19/1904 08/31/1831 72 Ohio Wheeler     Ira Young   Sophia Crippin   McCool, Indiana
Johann Ira 9/11/1901   30 Indiana Center Township     August Johann   Eva Young   McCool Cemetery, McCool, Indiana
John Lydia 2/13/1923 05/15/1855 66 Pennsylvania Hebron Corando   David LaRue Pennsylvania Lydia Gar Pennsylvania Hebron Cemetery
Johnaski (male) 09/18/1884   10 mos. Indiana       Theodore Johnaski          
Johnsen Peter 3/30/1908 05/15/1828 79 Germany Porter Township                 Salem Cemetery, Valparaiso
Johnson (female) 12/13/1895   2 Indiana Valparaiso     A. H. Johnson          
Johnson (female) 1/15/1903   Few minutes Indiana Porter County     Charles E. Johnson     Anderson   Chesterton, Indiana
Johnson (male) 09/18/1892   6 mos. Indiana Valparaiso     John Johnson          
Johnson (male) 12/27/1897   88 Sweden Porter County                  
Johnson (male) 3/19/1911   Stillborn Indiana Porter     Louis Johnson Sweden Frida Westergren Sweden Chesterton, Indiana
Johnson (male) 3/28/1916   Stillborn Indiana Westchester Township   E. L. Johnson Indiana Alma M. Anderson Indiana Porter, Indiana
Johnson Addie 01/30/1894   5 Indiana Valparaiso                  
Johnson Adelia 01/30/1894     Indiana Valparaiso     Frank Johnson     Colson    
Johnson Amanda 11/20/1886   7 Indiana       J. P. Johnson   Charlotte Gustafson    
Johnson Amanda J. 11/1/1918 05/06/1894 24 Indiana Chesterton John   John Johnson Sweden Charlotte Gustafson Sweden Porter, Indiana
Johnson Andres P. 11/15/1910 04/19/1835 75 Sweden Liberty Township Louise Johnson Johann Peterson Sweden       Chesterton, Indiana
Johnson Andrew 01/23/1889   65   Washington Township                
Johnson Ann M. 4/18/1915 12/15/1829 85 Massachusetts Christian Hospital, Valparaiso               Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Johnson Anna A. 07/22/1886   2 mos. Indiana       Otto Johnson   A. M. Bloom    
Johnson Anna Augustana 1/5/1916 05/01/1857 78 Sweden Westchester Township Nels   John Pierson Sweden Anna Johnson Sweden Porter, Indiana
Johnson Anna Charlotte 2/16/1919 08/06/1854 64 Indiana Chesterton John   Peter Gustafson Sweden       Porter, Indiana
Johnson Anna M. 7/28/1900   15 years, 10 mos, 20 dys Sweden Jackson Township   Jone Erickson   Maria Erickson   Garman Cemetery
Johnson August 8/13/1913 08/13/1841 72 Sweden Valparaiso     Henry Johnson Sweden       Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Johnson Barney 09/07/1889   16 mos Indiana Wheeler     James Johnson   May Curtis    
Johnson Betsey 1/2/1918 02/05/1854 64 Sweden Chesterton Charles   Carl Grant Sweden Anna Weidman Sweden Chesterton
Johnson Blenda Jane 6/4/1926 06/12/1895 30 Indiana Chesterton Julius   Herman - - Germany Clara M. Domke Indiana LaPorte, Indiana
Johnson Carl August 1/5/1918 03/15/1855 63 Sweden Porter County Anna   John Peter Swanson Sweden Carolina Carlson Sweden Chesterton
Johnson Carl Edward 12/27/1907 06/10/1887 20 Indiana Westchester Township   John P. Johnson   Lottie Gustafson   Porter Cemetery, Porter, Indiana
Johnson Carl Gustaf 7/30/1909 10/27/1823 85 Sweden Chesterton                 Porter Cemetery
Johnson Charles 9/16/1905   78 Sweden Porter County Eva               Lake Station Cemetery
Johnson Charles 4/24/1913 11/28/1847 65 Sweden Jackson Township   Jonis Johnson Sweden Minnie Johnson Sweden Chesterton
Johnson Charles G. 6/19/1909 09/11/1861 47 Sweden Westchester Township   Joseph Johnson Sweden Johana   Sweden Baileytown, Indiana
Johnson Charlotta 4/2/1912 04/01/1843 69 Sweden Crisman     Peter Johnson Sweden       Blake Cemetery, Portage
Johnson Chris 4/27/1923 1/6/1905 90 Sweden Valparaiso                 Porter
Johnson Christ Lee 10/25/1918   Stillborn Chesterton Chesterton     Christ J. Johnson Denmark Elsie May Hageman Indiana Chesterton
Johnson Christina 7/2/1919   42 Indiana Porter     Fred Pashen         Chesterton
Johnson Clara 4/13/1912 11/17/1830 81 Sweden Westchester Township     Magnuson Sweden       Burstrom Cemetery, Porter
Johnson Clarence 8/18/1918 07/27/1897 21 Indiana Porter County     Gus A. Johnson Sweden Elizabeth Anderson Sweden Chesterton
Johnson Claus William 8/17/1902 7/14/1901 1 yr, 3 days Indiana Portage Township   C. E. Johnson   Emma C. Johnson   East Gary, Indiana
Johnson Clause 12/02/1885   30                      
Johnson Dena Louise 6/2/1900   6 years, 7 mos, 17 dys Indiana Westchester Township   Frank A. Johnson   Louise E. Lindstrom   Burstrom Cemetery, Porter
Johnson Earl Gustaf 3/16/1909   4 hrs.   Portage Township   Gust Johnson Indiana Amelia Bacon Illinois Burstrom Cemetery, Porter
Johnson Edward C. 2/19/1913 04/30/1897 16 Washington Valparaiso     C. D. Johnson Illinois Cora Dean New York Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Johnson Eliza Marie 7/22/1915 09/12/1824 80 Sweden Liberty Township     Bring Peterson Sweden       Hobart, Indiana
Johnson Elizabeth 8/27/1914 05/07/1858 56 Sweden Liberty Township Gust     Anderson Sweden       Chesterton, Indiana
Johnson Emerillas 6/20/1916 12/06/1853 63 Indiana Pleasant Township James F.   James E. Merriman Indiana Susan Ingram Ireland Columbia City, Indiana
Johnson Emil A. 4/8/1919 11/08/1881 37 Sweden Porter County     Julius Johnson Sweden Emma Nordin Sweden Porter, Indiana
Johnson Emily P. 2/27/1927 09/06/1844 72 Sweden Center Township Peter               Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Johnson Emma 8/14/1903 08/10/1834 68 Indiana Porter County     Edmond Tratba   Hannah Thomas   Chesterton
Johnson Ester D. 3/27/1907 2/2/1907 1 mo. Indiana Porter     Gust Johnson   Alma Charlot Ekdahl   Baileytown Cemetery, Baileytown, Indiana
Johnson Florence Myrtle 19/05/1913 (Note: as typed could be 10/5/1913) 09/24/1896 17 Indiana Westchester Township   Frank A. Johnson Sweden Louise Lindstrom Sweden Burstrom Cemetery, Porter
Johnson Frank 04/17/1885   4         James Johnson   Mary Johnson    
Johnson Frank 6/5/1924 02/28/1854 70 Sweden Westchester Township Matilda   Johann Johnson Sweden Johanna Erickson Sweden Chesterton
Johnson Frank August 9/2/1911 11/23/1848 62 Sweden Portage Township Wilhelmina Johnson             Blake Cemetery, Portage
Johnson Frank R. 10/9/1915 12/02/1877 37 Sweden 259 Washington St., Valparaiso Jennie   Andrew Johnson Sweden       Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Johnson Fred A. 3/13/1926 2/26/1908 18 Illinois Liberty Township     Fred W. Johnson Sweden Hanna Lundquist Sweden Chesterton Cemetery
Johnson Garry H. 12/21/1905 05/08/1868 37 Indiana Porter Chresten   Jacson Johnson   Maria S. Gabrilson   Chesterton, Indiana
Johnson Gretchen 3/7/1903 2/20/1903 15 days Indiana Woodville     W. V. Johnson   Emma Treatdbes   Chesterton
Johnson Gustof F. 12/23/1904 03/31/1829 75 Sweden Porter County Helena Sofia   Jonas Jonasson         Chesterton, Indiana
Johnson Helen M. 11/24/1910 03/15/1835 75 New York Valparaiso H. C. Johnson Enoch Corvatro         Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Johnson Irma A. 12/3/1915 08/01/1875 40 Indiana Porter Virgil   Clark Young Indiana Kate Hawbrook Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Johnson J. M. (male) 12/9/1905 05/01/1862 43 Sweden Porter     M. N. Johnson         Chesterton, Indiana
Johnson Jennie 03/04/1889   2 Indiana Wheeler     James Johnson   Mary Curtis    
Johnson Johan Alfred 8/23/1902 12/29/1858 44 Sweden Porter County     John Johnson   Joahanna Carlson   Burstrom Cemetery, Porter
Johnson Johan Peter 11/25/1906 12/20/1904 90 Sweden Porter County     Johanes Johnson Sweden       Burstrom Cemetery, Porter
Johnson Johanna F. 6/14/1926 05/01/1832 94 Sweden Pine Township Johan   Carl Carlson Sweden       Burstrom Cemetery, Porter
Johnson John 08/07/1899   68 Norway Pleasant Township                
Johnson John 7/14/1911 02/10/1820 90 Sweden Pine Township Johannah F. Johnson - - Johnson Sweden       Burstrom Cemetery, Porter
Johnson John 10/4/1916 04/08/1825 91 Virginia Washington Township               Chesterton Cemetery
Johnson John A. 07/30/1888   11 mos. Sweden Valparaiso     John Johnson   H. M. Rosander    
Johnson John E. 05/18/1891   45   Porter County                  
Johnson John Fredrick 2/25/1923 02/02/1858 65 Sweden Liberty Township Hilda   John P. Swanson Sweden Carolina Carlson Sweden Chesterton Cemetery
Johnson John P. 6/7/1925 08/20/1848 76 Sweden Westchester Township               Baileytown Cemetery
Johnson Julia 5/20/1912 11/27/1828 84 Indiana Center Township Russel   James Bunday Pennsylvania Maria Coffin Pennsylvania Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Johnson Justine 1/13/1927 04/16/1849 77 Sweden Hebron Gustave   Andrew Anderson Sweden Charlott Larson Sweden Hebron Cemetery, hebron
Johnson Laurie 03/04/1889   2 Indiana Wheeler     James Johnson          
Johnson Lillie Marie 3/2/1925   2 days Porter Township Porter Township     Frank G. Johnson Sweden Agnes Marie Johnson Sweden Oak Hill Cemetery
Johnson Loring R. 3/15/1922 05/01/1889 32 Iowa Porter Township Edith               Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Johnson Louise 4/26/1914 05/30/1843 70 Sweden Liberty Township     Olof Falls Sweden       Chesterton, Indiana
Johnson Lucy 03/09/1888   77   Jackson Township               Westville
Johnson Madge Ruth 8/26/1912 08/17/1897 15 Indiana Valparaiso     W. O. Johnson Indiana Alice Hineline Indiana Chesterton Cemetery
Johnson Marian Arline 9/4/1924   7 days Valparaiso Valparaiso     A. V. Johnson Indiana Hazel Bundy Indiana McCool, Indiana
Johnson Martha S. 3/20/1917 10/27/1836 80 Sweden Westchester Township Johannas   Peter Peterson Sweden       Chesterton
Johnson Mary 7/12/1909 10/23/1842 66 Sweden Porter Swan Johnson Swan Johnson Sweden       Porter, Indiana
Johnson Matilda 4/2/1902 11/22/1845 57 Sweden Valparaiso     P. Johnson         Baileytown, Indiana
Johnson Minnie Pauline 10/30/1926 03/04/1870 56 Illinois Pleasant Township Frank   Michael Denzine Germany   Nicholson Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Johnson Mrs. William 07/08/1885   46 USA         Quartermas          
Johnson Nels 3/6/1922 08/02/1830 91 Sweden Westchester Township   John Johnson         Porter
Johnson Nels A. 8/8/1925 04/12/1847 78 Sweden Liberty Township Marie   Jeppe Johnson Sweden       Chesterton
Johnson Nettie G. 5/11/1923 12/16/1894 28 Illinois Hebron     Gustave Johnson Sweden Justine Anderson Sweden Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Johnson Nilla 3/19/1918 09/25/1817 100 Sweden Porter County     John Johnson Sweden Nilla Nelson Sweden Chesterton
Johnson Nina A. 1/20/1914 05/25/1896 17 Indiana Jackson Township   Charles Johnson Sweden Nellie Pearson Sweden Chesterton, Indiana
Johnson O. Frederick 11/20/1886   3 Indiana       Charles S. Johnson   Betsey Grants    
Johnson Ola 11/24/1927 01/10/1849 78 Sweden Chesterton Ellen               Chesterton
Johnson Olaf 7/31/1900   63 years, 3 mos, 24 dys Sweden Portage Township   Johanas Johnson         Porter County
Johnson Oscar 02/03/1895   51 Sweden Christman                  
Johnson Oscar 04/25/1899   42 Sweden Valparaiso                  
Johnson Oscar 1/1/1905   23   Valparaiso     P. A. Johnson   Louisa L. Utg   Osceola, Nebraska
Johnson Otto Alfred 1/10/1920 11/23/1840 19 (Note: as typed, age or dates wrong) Sweden Porter County Amelia   John Johnson Sweden Martha   Sweden Chesterton Cemetery, Chesterton
Johnson Otto H. 2/1/1902   40 Sweden Porter County                 Chesterton, Indiana
Johnson Par A. 4/22/1925 02/27/1851 74 Sweden Chesterton                 Chicago, Illinois
Johnson Peter 1/22/1927 06/16/1840 86 Sweden Center Township Emily               Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Johnson Rose Violet 4/22/1924   11 hrs. Westchester Township Westchester Township   Elmer L. Johnson Indiana Violet Lily Carlson Indiana Porter Cemetery, Porter, Indiana
Johnson Russell Charles 10/20/1917 11/9/1915 1 Indiana Chesterton     Oliver Johnson Wisconsin Augusta Stephens Illinois Chesterton
Johnson Sarah Ann 9/19/1902   80 Ohio Hebron     Isaac Algea         Hebron, Indiana
Johnson Stacy A. 12/8/1916 12/09/1846 76 Ohio Chesterton     Will Coslett   Stacy A. Coslett   Chesterton
Johnson Stephen Russell 10/5/1907 12/29/1904 82 New York Union Township     Stanley Johnson   Ada Sivert   Luther Cemetery, Porter County, Indiana
Johnson Steven D. 4/14/1903 05/13/1829 73 Connecticut Kouts     Moses Johnson   Eunice Lyman   Spencer Cemetery, Kouts
Johnson Steven Dayton 11/1/1919 09/14/1875 44 Indiana Porter County Jennie   Steven Dayton Johnson Connecticut