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Porter County Death Index, 1884-1927: H

The following are records that were copied from the Porter County Death Records Index located in the Porter County Public Library in Valparaiso, Indiana. View Our Publications to obtain cemetery indexes.

Last Name First Name Death Date Birth Date Age Place of Birth Place of Death Spouse First Name Spouse Last Name Father First Name Father Last Name Father POB Mother First Name Mother Last Name Mother POB Burial
Haalck John Richard 1/8/1903 6/27/1884 18 Germany Valparaiso     Pete Haalck   Catherina Bolster   Maplewood, Valparaiso
Haalck Peter 3/19/1892   38 Germany Valparaiso                  
Haas Edwin 2/3/1909 1/29/1909 5 days Indiana Porter     William Haas Indiana Elisabeth Michaels Germany Chesterton
Haberley Syrentha Carl 4/11/1908   84   Valparaiso                 St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Haberkorn George William 5/18/1909   2 years 10 months 5 days Indiana Valparaiso     William Haberkorn Germany Katherine Pitrioish Germany St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Habercorn William 3/16/1916 2/29/1868 48 Germany Valparaiso Victoria   George Habercorn Germany       St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hacker Bertha 4/6/1901   38 years 8 months 12 days Sweden Westchester Township   John Hermes   Elenora Lorrence   Toleston, Indiana
Hacker Lora W. 4/13/1900   7 days Indiana Westchester Township   Herman Hacker   Bertha Hearness   Tolleston, Gary, Indiana
Hackett Anne J. 10/4/1914 9/12/1836 78 Indiana 607 Maine St. Valparaiso.   Isaac Weater Mass. Louisa Randall Ohio Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hackett Matilda 4/4/1902 2/22/1831 71 New York Porter County     Amara Fitch   Jane Tinkler    
Hackett Samuel C. 9/29/1903 3/1/1829 74 Ohio Valparaiso     Henry Hackett         Maplewood Cemetery
Hadenfeldt Catherine 2/5/1902 9/18/1841 60 Germany Center Township Claus Hadenfeldt John Kuhel   Mary Long   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hadenfeldt George 7/22/1913 10/16/1839 74 Germany Chesterton Anna   Peter Hadenfeldt Germany Wiedki Dakweden Germany Chesterton Cemetery
Hadley Marshall 11/29/1913       Kouts                 Rochester, Michigan
Haerr Female 10/6/1923   Stillborn Indiana Kouts     Samuel A. Haerr Illinois Louise C. Gieger Illinois LaCrosse, Indiana
Hagan Margaret Ellen 12/31/1920 3/25/1860 60 Indiana Porter County Henry   Issac Kinzie   Margaret H. Conner   Hebron
Hagans Anna S. 2/6/1913 11/25/1845 67 Michigan Chesterton Charles   John Whiting         Chesterton
Hagans Anna S. 1/10/1913 11/25/1845 67 Michigan Chesterton                 Chesterton
Hageman Male 2/13/1920   Stillborn Valparaiso Valparaiso     William Hageman Germany Lulu Kitchell Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hageman Esther 2/2/1922   Stillborn Indiana Liberty Township     William Hageman Germany Lulu B. Ketchell Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hagen Charlotte O. 8/4/1922 8/21/1886 35 Indiana Valparaiso     John Napolion Indiana Elizabeth Ball Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hagen Herman 6/11/1927 9/26/1834 92 Germany 810 Monroe St., Valparaiso.               Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hagen JR. Herman 3/12/1921 11/27/1878 43 Indiana Porter County Margaret   Herman Hagen Germany       McCool Cemetery
Hagen Louisa Frances 2/2/1914 5/26/1886 27 Indiana Portage Herman   William J. Foreman Germany Minnie Frass Indiana McCool , Indiana
Hagen Walter S. (A) 2/18/1922 9/6/1879 43 Illinois Valparaiso Lotta   Andrew Hagen Norway Clara Felton Norway Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hagens Elizabeth M. 4/9/1914 2/16/1848 66 New York 810 Monroe St. Valparaiso. Herman   William Furnor Germany Magdelene Lentz Germany Graceland Cemetery
Hager Anna 7/11/1889   83 Germany Porter County       Petterson          
Hagerman Carrie S. 10/3/1901   53 years 4 months 1 day Ohio Center Township     William Cronney         Maplewood Cemetery, Valpraiso
Hagerty Female 7/24/1925   Stillborn Valparaiso Valparaiso     Albert Hagerty Indiana Carrie Williams Indiana Salem Cemetery
Hagerty Male 11/24/1927   Stillborn Indiana Christian Hospital, Valparaiso.   Albert Hagerty Indiana Carrie Williams Indiana Salem Cemetery
Hagerty Mary 5/3/1905 12/25/1827 77 Ireland Porter County Thomas   Michael Burchill   Nancy Connell   Hobart, Indiana
Hagle Marcellie M. 9/27/1925 11/14/1924 10 months Indiana Boone Township     Theodore Hagle Indiana Lillian Cavander Indiana Smith Cemetery
Haglund Elmer F. 3/25/1913 9/22/1903 9 Indiana Chesterton     Anton Haglund Indiana Grace Demann Indiana Chesterton
Haines Joseph 6/24/1900   35   Kouts                 Spencer Cemetery, Porter County
Haines Martha 6/12/1890   62 Ohio Wheeler       McKimpson          
Halberg Emeal 12/11/1899   17 years 6 months 4 days Indiana Porter     John Halberg   Anney Mendrickson   Chesterton
Hale Adelbert 10/1/1891   21 New York Valparaiso     Hiram Hale     Hamilton    
Hale Jessie 1/19/4999   21 months Indiana Valparaiso     Wayne Hale Kentucky Martha Helley Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso., Indiana
Hale Manning 10/7/1905   7 Illinois Valparaiso     Wayne Hale   Jessie Keller   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso, Indiana
Hale W. W. (male) 1/24/1904     Indiana Valparaiso     Wm. Hale   Jessie Kelly    
Hale Willie Wayne 8/29/1905 5/29/1870 35 Kentucky Union Township Jessie   Willis W. Hale   Martha Gibson   Maplewood Cemetery
Halgren Ida Christine 11/5/1925 7/30/1864 61 Sweden Porter     John Swanson Sweden       Chesterton
Halgren Ralph 12/23/1910 8/2/1891 19 Indiana Chesterton     William Halgren Sweden Ida C. Swanson Sweden Chesterton, Indiana
Halgren Violete C. 8/7/1903 3/18/1903 4 months 19 days Indiana Porter     W. Halgren   Ida C. Swanson   Chesterton, Indiana
Halhinger Charles F. 2/21/1898   40 Ohio Valparaiso                  
Hall Ada 5/23/1909   2 months 6 days Valparaiso Valparaiso     Willis Hall Illinois Martha Harver Indiana Kimball Cemetery
Hall Anna 3/19/1914 6/12/1892 21 Indiana 154 Park St., Valparaiso. George   John Eichenscher Illinois Margaret Hudel Illinois Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hall Collins H. 7/19/1915 5/20/1891 24 Illinois Valparaiso     W. F. Hall Virginia Amanda M. Hill Illinois Anna, Illinois
Hall Howard W. 1/2/1916 10/14/1898 18 Indiana 401 Elm St., Valparaiso.   John Hall Ohio Willimina Kester Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hall Male, infant 1/14/1912   Stillborn Valparaiso Valparaiso     William A. Hall Kentucky Alta Barlow Illinois Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hall Jake 11/30/1912 12/12/1827 63 Indiana Valparaiso     Philip Hall Virginia Isabella Weaston Virginia Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hall John 3/26/1906 7/20/1825 70 Canada Kouts Anna Jane   Edward Hall   Ann Maxwell   Spencer Cemetery
Hall Male 10/17/1921   Stillborn Valparaiso Valparaiso     Harden Hall KY Myrtle Osborn KY Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hall Leland J. 9/16/1925 7/7/1905 20 Indiana Valparaiso     John Hall Indiana       Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hall Leona May 7/20/1922 7/10/1922 10 days Indiana Valparaiso     Carl Hall Indiana Ethel Heiktinoski Indiana Winamac, Indiana
Hall Mary 2/2/1890   75 Indiana Crisman     John Wicks   Sarah Caldwell    
Hall May 12/21/1922 10/16/1922 2 months Indiana Valparaiso     George Hall Indiana Gerde Miller Illinois Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hall Robert 2/12/1920 2/11/1843 77 Indiana Porter County Anna   Edward Hall Ireland Anna Maxwell Ireland Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hall Sanford F. 5/1/1910 5/27/1845 64 Indiana Chesterton Mary Stephenson Loring Hall Mass. Matilda Plimpton Conn. Chesterton, Indiana
Hall Willis H. 3/3/1924 7/24/1855 68 Illinois Valparaiso Mattie   Joseph Hall England Mary     Kimball Cemetery
Halladay John G. 6/26/1900   71 Indiana Valparaiso                  
Hallaw Stephen 5/2/1888   18 Ohio Porter County                  
Hallberg Anna Brita 5/10/1908 1/1/1846 62 Sweden Westchester Township               Chesterton
Hallberg John A. 3/13/1904 2/10/1844 60 Sweden Porter County     John Hallberg   Maria E. Swanson   Chesterton, Indiana
Hallberg Maria 3/27/1907 6/12/1819 87 Sweden Porter Johanes Hallberg Gabreal           Chesterton Cemetery
Halleberg Peter A. 12/12/1905 3/14/1854 51 Sweden Porter County     Johanes Halleberg   Maria S. Gabrilson    
Hallberg William John 1/25/1911 12/18/1875 35 Indiana Westchester Township Amanda Hallberg John Hallberg Sweden       Porter, Indiana
Hallin Harry 7/4/1915 5/30/1892 23 Illinois Center Township Helen   Alvin Hallin Sweden Hilma Unlow Sweden Chicago, Illinois
Hallock Theodore 2/5/1892   20   Valparaiso                  
Halverson Jacob M. 11/27/1925 8/18/1860 65 Sweden Liberty Township Freda   James Halverson Sweden       Chesterton
Haman Frederick Elmer 8/13/1924   11 days Pleasant Township Pleasant Township   Fred Haman Indiana Alma B. Schueneman Germany Lutern Cemetery, Kouts
Hamann Albert 8/23/1919   Stillborn Valparaiso Valparaiso     John Hamann Indiana Matilda Homfeldt Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hamann Ben 12/17/1918 2/9/1885 33 Indiana Porter County Clara   Fred Hamann Germany   Lacht   Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hamann Dorathea Margaret 10/9/1914 12/17/1883 30 Indiana Kouts William   Fred Hermberg Germany Charlotte Mueller Germany North Judson, Indiana
Hamann Evelyn 8/6/1919 4/12/1909 10 Indiana Valparaiso     John Hamann Germany Matilda Homfeldt Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hamann Fred 6/2/1921 5/12/1839 82 Germany Porter County     John Hamann Germany       North Judson, Indiana
Hamann Forest 4/24/1912 3/29/1910 2 Indiana Union Township     Charles Hamann Germany Anna Louise   Germany Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hamann Female infant 9/22/1912   4 hours Union Township, Indiana Union Township     Benj. Hamnn Indiana Clara Fohrman Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hamann Vernon F. 1/3/1912 12/30/1911 4 days Indiana Valparaiso     Fred Hamann Germany Mela Losi Germany Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hamann Wilbke 3/4/1923 1/23/1845 78 Germany Center Township                 City Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hamecker S. Thomas 1/13/1918 3/18/1850 68 Indiana Porter County Ada   John Hamecker Ohio       Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hamelton Gladis M. 1/10/1902 8/13/1902 2 months 1 day Indiana Valparaiso     Charles Hamelton   Eliza Wager     Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hamfelt Andrew 6/6/1919   79 Germany Valparaiso                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hamill Bethsheba 12/15/1897   83 USA Valparaiso                  
Hamill Bathsheba January 1898   83 USA Valparaiso                  
Hamilton Andrew 3/6/1913 3/6/1857 56 Indiana Pine Township     Gavin Hamilton Scotland Angeline Moorehouse New York Chesterton
Hamilton Anna 7/4/1918   53 Ireland Porter County                 St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hamilton Clifford 12/13/1892   12 Indiana Porter County     Alexander Hamilton          
Hamilton E. R. 12/12/1925   56 New Jersey Boone Township Sarah   Patrick Hamilton Ireland Anna Quigley England Chicago, Illinois
Hamilton Floyd 8/10/1893   10 months Indiana Westville     Alex Hamilton          
Hamilton James 11/25/1925 1/1/1855 70 Indiana Westchester Township Freda   Gavin Hamilton Scotland Angeline Morehouse New York Chesterton
Hamilton Margaret 7/8/1894   2 months Indiana Valparaiso     George Hamilton     Salisbury    
Hamilton Mary 4/26/1892   82 West Virginia Valparaiso       Kimberly     Carter    
Hamilton Mary Y. 1/25/1913 1/8/1847 66 Indiana Valparaiso George   John Yordfease England Lucind Ball New York Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hamilton Sarah 12/17/1897   30 Indiana Westchester Township   Hiram Knoff          
Hamlett Anna 7/16/1890   5 Indiana Valparaiso     John Hamlett   Mollie Voss    
Hamlett Charles 7/16/1890   1 year Indiana Valparaiso     John Hamlet   Mollie Voss    
Hamlett Ella 7/16/1890   7 Indiana Valparaiso     John Hamlet   Mollie Voss    
Hamlett John 7/16/1890   3 Indiana Valparaiso     John Hamlett   Mollie Voss    
Hamlett Mollie 7/16/1890   34 Germany Valparaiso       Voss   Mollie Voss    
Hamman Mary 12/27/1899   78 Germany Porter County                  
Hammon Jane Eliza 4/22/1909 5/11/1836 72 New York Jackson Township Harvey Hammon John Mabin Scotland Harriet Dance Holland Chesterton
Hammond Kenneth 9/23/1923   4 Illinois Center Township     Ray Hammond Illinois Myrtle Bonsell Illinois Kankakee, Illinois
Hammond Myrtle 9/23/1923   34 Illinois Center Township                 Kankakee, Illinois
Hammond Ray 9/23/1923   39 Illinois Center Township Myrtle   Sam Hammond Illinois Tillie Sterling Illinois Kankakee, Illinois
Hammond William J. 6/16/1906 12/25/1827 78 Ireland Porter County Martha   William Hammond         James Cemetery
Hammes Peter 12/11/1906 8/11/1827 79 Germany McCool Martha   Nicholas Hammes   Mary Mans   McCool, Indiana
Hanaway Walter Clifford 12/11/1926 7/4/1886 40 Indiana Kouts Johanna M.   Jacob Hanaway Indiana Ridla Bowsher Ohio DeMotte Cemetery, DeMotte
Hankins Albert 1/8/1910 10/21/1839 70 Ohio Pine Township Elizabeth Hankins             Michigan City, Indiana
Hankins Perlva 1/12/1913   84 Pennsylvania Valparaiso     Malby Case Penn. E. Fleacun Penn. Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hankins William H. 7/10/1888   79 New York Hobart                  
Hankinson Albert D. 7/21 1907   23 years 2 months 21 days Indiana Valparaiso     Guston Hankinson Sweden Melinda Calbegy Sweden Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso, Indiana
Hanlon Edward 4/7/1903   25   Kouts                 Louisville, Kentucky
Hanner Anna 10/12/1895   14 Indiana Valparaiso     John Hanner          
Hanner Harriet 10/12/1903   56 Canada Valparaiso     Peter Jackson         Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hanner Mable 11/9/1911 8/5/1911 2 months Indiana Valparaiso     Milan Hanner Indiana Anna Collar Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hanner Peter 10/9/1899   93 Canada Valparaiso                  
Hanner William M. 12/21/1901   19 years 7 months Indiana Wheeler     John Hanner   Mary Summer   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hannon Edward Richard 9/16/1918 8/6/1885 33 Indiana Valparaiso     John Hannon Indiana Johnana Harthnett Indiana Catholic Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hannon Joseph 3/12/1926   Stillborn Indiana Morgan Township     John Hannon Indiana Julia Gannon Illinois Catholic Cemetery, Kouts
Hanowski Michael 10/27/1918 9/29/1897 27 Indiana Chesterton     John Janowski Germany Margaret Losinski Michigan St. Pats Cemetery
Hanrahan William 12/17/1906   49 Massachuttes Porter County                 Kimball Cemetery
Hansen John N. 1/20/1923 8/10/1839 83 Germany Valparaiso Antge   John N. Hansen Germany       Kimball Cemetery
Hansen Male 12/31/1927   Minutes Indiana Portage     Roy Hansen Illinois Mae Blevens Kentucky Oak Hill Cemetery, Gary
Hansey Hanai 9/4/1916 6/22/1836 80 Ireland Chesterton     Francis Walsh Ireland Mary Hanick Ireland Bristol, Illinois
Hansford Mary 8/15/1919 7/21/1864 55 Indiana Valparaiso Johnes   Christ Schroeder Germany Harriet Knickilbine Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hanson Hans 7/20/1909   59 Denmark Jackson Township Mary   John Hanson Denmark Mary Johnson Denmark Luther Cemetery
Harbeck Anna 9/9/1888   1 Indiana Valparaiso     John Harbeck   Louisa Marquardt    
Harbeck Carl L. 5/16/1898   1 Indiana Valparaiso     Jno. Harbeck   Laura Morgon    
Harbeck Louisa 11/25/1919 9/11/1861 58 Germany Porter County John   Claus Marquart Germany       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Harbeck Louise 11/7/1911 4/23/1815 96 Germany Washington Township John Harbeck John Sierke Germany       Old Cemetery, Porter County
Harbrecht August 8/26/1914 2/11/1859 55 Illinois Chesterton Anna   William Harbrecht Germany Fredericka Seiferts Germany Chesterton, Indiana
Harbrecht Ricka 1/21/1910 1/30/1830 79 Germany Chesterton     William           Chesterton, Indiana
Harck Fred 6/23/1914 1/15/1838 76 Germany Center Township Mary   John Harck Germany       Fleming Cemetery
Harden J. A. (male) 9/23/1910   22 New York Valparaiso                 Fort Wayne, Indiana
Harders Henry 10/17/1895   73 Germany Valparaiso                  
Hardesty ? 7/18/188   Stillborn Indiana Porter County     W. H. Hardesty   Flora Moreland    
Hardesty Female 11/6/1889   12 days Indiana Porter County     George Hardesty   Catherine Pearce    
Hardesty Belle E. 1/23/1923 12/14/1857 65 Michigan Valparaiso R. R.   E. E. Fish New York   Potter New York Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hardesty Catherine 1/6/1885   62 Pennsylvania       Jacob S. Shull   Christina Smith    
Hardesty Edward 12/21/1912 10/10/1873 39 Indiana Union Township Mary   Herman Hardesty Ohio       Moshier Cemetery
Hardesty Emma 12/7/1912 4/22/1901 11 Indiana Union Township     George Edward Hardesty Indiana Mary Cathcart Indiana Mosher Cemetery
Hardesty Florence 1/27/1887   3 Indiana       George Hardesty   C. Pearce    
Hardesty Grant 3/13/1907   38 years 4 months Valparaiso       Schull Ohio Jane Mason Ohio Blachley Cemetery, Porter Co, Indiana
Hardesty Herman 4/10/1901   69 years 4 months 1 day Ohio Union Township     John Hardesty   Mary Schank   Mosier Cemetery
Hardestey Harry W. 9/10/1915 9/3/1912 3 Indiana Union Township     George E. Hardestey Indiana Tessie Gahart Indiana Blachley Cemetery
Hardesty Howard 12/24/1912 9/10/1905 7 Indiana Union Township     Edward Hardesty Indiana Mary Cathcart Indiana Moshier Cemetery
Hardesty Isabelle 2/2/1912 8/2/1833 78 Ohio Union Township Harmon   Thomas Cathert Ohio Catherine Peoples New York Blachleys Cemetery
Harding James 9/8/1892     Ireland Valparaiso                  
Harding James 9/8/1892   43 Ireland Valparsiso                  
Harden Janes A. 2/28/1921   54 Michigan Porter County     John Harden Ireland Bridget McGuire Ireland Hubbardsville, Michigan
Hardesty Jr. John 12/25/1912 10/4/1903 9 Indiana Union Township     Edward Hardesty Indiana Mary Cathcart Indiana Moshier Cemetery
Hardesty Female 6/16/1918   Stillborn Porter County Porter County     Wayne J. Hardesty Indiana Hazel Campbell Indiana Blatchleys Cemetery
Hardesty John N. 4/28/1922 6/5/1863 59 Indiana Wheeler Maude   Herman Hardesty Kentucky Isabelle Milliner Ohio Mosier Cemetery, Union Township
Harding Male infant 8/25/1909   2 hours Valparaiso Valparaiso     C. D. Harding Iowa Grace Marchur Indina Maplewood Cemetery
Hargot Edmond 10/8/1922   1 year 5 months Illinois Union Township     Rene Hargot France Harriet Willemain France Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hargot Harriet 10/8/1922 12/31/1884 39 France Union Township Rene               Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hargot Margaret 10/8/1922   3 Illinois Union Township     Rene Hargot France Harriet Willemain France Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hargot Raymonde 10/8/1922   12 Illinois Union Township     Rene Hargot France Harriet Willemain France Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hargot Richard 10/8/1922   8 Illinois Union Township     Rene Hargot France Harriet Willemain France Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hargot Susan 10/8/1922   6 Illinois Union Township     Rene Hargot France Harriet Willemain France Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Hargot Trine 10/8/1922   10 Illinois Union Township     Rene Hargot France Harriet Willemain France Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Harllberg Stella caroline 9/3/1917 5/12/1909 9 Wisconsin Porter County     Peter M. Harllberg Sweden Anna Hecker Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Harlow Male 10/26/1910 10/9/1910 17 Indiana Boone Township     F. W. Harlow Canada Catherine Kern Indiana Hebron Cemetery, Hebron, Indiana
Harlow Clara Ruth 2/14/1909 7/5/1907 1 Indiana Porter     Charles Harlow New York Mane Rose Wisconsin Chesterton
Harming Mary 12/25/1892   64 Germany Valparaiso     Claus Glenderson          
Harmon Autlootte Louise 11/11/1916 9/25/1833 83 New York Union Township     Thomas J. Field New York Louisa Chaplain New York McCool Cemetery
Harmon Etta 3/4/1910 2/3/1859 51 Illinois Wheeler Frank Harmon Andrew Richey Ohio Mannie Anderson Ohio McCool Cemetery, McCool, Indiana
Harmon Frank I. 7/3/1923   69 years 5 months 19 days Illinois Union Township     Justus Harmon Conn. Louisa A. Field New York McCool Cemetery
Harms Anna 2/20/1893   57 Germany Valparaiso       Borhous          
Harms John 3/5/1924 12/17/1875 49 Germany Valparaiso Martha   John Harms Germany       Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Harms John Sr. 5/1/1914 2/10/1838 76 Germany 12 Factory St., Valparaiso. Anna   William Harms Germany       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Harms Male 3/5/1894   Minutes Indiana Porter County     John Harms   Larie Rohlkson    
Harold M. S. (male) 6/23/1889   59   Valparaiso                  
Harold Vevian 9/29/1900   29 Indiana Valparaiso     George W. Bryan   Louise Stevens   Portland, Indiana
Harper Almer L. 11/15/1907 7/23/1845 59 Indiana Chesterton Sarah Harper A. R. Harper   Emily A. Atetawater   Chesterton Cemetery
Harper John 1/5/1890   51   County Asylum                  
Harper Rollin R. 1/14/1918 5/19/1879 38 Indiana Chesterton     Almer Harper Indiana Sarah E. Blachley Indiana Chesterton
Harper Sarah 10/19/1903 2/22/1855 48 Sweden Jackson Township   Danjal Lurdohl   Kisia Johnson   Chesterton
Harper Sarah E. 1/10/1918 10/8/1843 74 Indiana Chesterton     Cornelius Blachley Ohio Christina Laughlin Indiana Chesterton
Harrigan Edward 12/9/1912 12/25/1829 82 Ireland Chesterton Mary     Harrigan Ireland Johanna Sullivan Ireland Chesterton
Harrigan Mary Ellen 7/6/1916 11/15/1848 67 Ireland Chesterton       Handisham Ireland   Barrett Ireland Chesterton
Harrington Anna 11/8/1918 3/6/1893 25 Indiana Porter County Charles   John Sullivan Indiana Mary Hanrahan Indiana St. Paul, Valparaiso
Harrington Anna Louise 1/10/1923 5/10/1839 83 Canada Valparaiso                 Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Harrington Bridgett 10/12/1907 3/29/1827 78 Ireland Chesterton       Knockton         Chesterton Cemetery
Harrington Irving 8/27/1926 3/6/1926 5 months Illinois Christian Hospital, Valparaiso.   Irving Harrington Neb. Hulda Engholhe Illinois Riverside Cemetery, E. Moline, Illinois
Harrington Laura 2/19/1913 7/28/1830 82 Connecticut Valparaiso     John Austin Conn. Laura Stetis Conn. Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Harris Andrew R. 1/13/1884   75 New York       Z. Harris          
Harris Emaline A. 7/21/1904   65 New York Valparaiso Gilbert   John Ehle         Maplewood Cemetery
Harris George 1/19/1927 7/28/1907 19 Greece 18 Washington St.m Valparaiso.   Peter Harris Greece Mary Fotinopone Greece Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Harris Gilbert A. 12/5/1908   71 New York Valparaiso     Oreb Harris New York Mary Johnson New York Maplewood Cemetery
Harris John J. 6/17/1885   40 Indiana Wheeler                  
Harris Josephine 12/10/1924 10/13/1856 68 Michigan Porter County     Andrew Harris         Blachleys Cemetery
Harris Orville C. 1/27/1906   25 Indiana Boone Grove     Gilbert Harris   Emaline Egahle   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso., Indiana
Harris Warren J. 3/7/1902 3/2/1873 29 Indiana Valparaiso     Warren J. Harris   Elizabeth