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Porter County Death Index, 1884-1927: G

The following are records that were copied from the Porter County Death Records Index located in the Porter County Public Library in Valparaiso, Indiana. View Our Publications to obtain cemetery indexes.

Last Name First Name Death Date Birth Date Age Place of Birth Place of Death Spouse First Name Spouse Last Name Father First Name Father Last Name Father POB Mother First Name Mother Last Name Mother POB Burial
Gabel Charles 11/13/1900   74y 6m 23d Germany Westchester Township   Alex Gabel         Robins Cemetery
Gabel Johney L. 9/22/1900   5m 15d Indiana Chesterton     Lewis Gabel   Viola Davis   Chesterton Cemetery
Gable (female) 2/24/1902 2/23/1902 1 day Valparaiso Valparaiso     Charles Gable   Smath Wilson   Chesterton, Indiana
Gable Cynthai 9/27/1913 8/2/1864 49 Ohio Valparaiso     John Wilson Ohio       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gacik John 7/6/1919   32 Austria Porter County     Mike Bocik Austria Mary Kocik Austria Calvary Cemetery, East Gary Indiana
Gagel Henrietta P. 7/13/1920 7/22/1846 73 Germany Porter County     August Bartels Germany       Chesterton, Indiana
Gagel John W. 1/18/1925 12/29/1881 43 Illinois Pine Township Minnie   Henry Gagel Germany Henrietta Bartels Germany Chesterton, Indiana
Gagle Henry 1/30/1896   56 Indiana Porter County                  
Galagher Anna Yack 12/15/1900   20 mos. Indiana Valparaiso     Frank G. Galagher   Laura Yack   Columbia City, Illinois
Galbreath Luella 3/14/1894   19 Indiana Porter County     George Pearce          
Galinnis John 8/25/1919   23 Greece Porter County     Angel Galinnis Greece       Gary, Indiana
Gallas Agness 3/27/1902 3/20/1902 7 days Chesterton Chesterton     Stephen Galles   Antonia Nortosk   Chesterton, Indiana
Gallaway L. R. (male) 3/29/1915 8/3/1891 24 Indiana Valparaiso     Horace Gallawy Ohio May Rabinow Indiana Kimball Cemetery
Galloway Lottie 3/14/1900   15y 5m 5d Indiana Valparaiso     Noris Galloway   Nellie Ransome   Rumble Cemetery
Galloway Norris 12/1/1908   56 Nebraska Liberty Township                 Kimball Cemetery
Galloway Samuel R. 6/1/1904 8/29/1825 79 Ohio Valparaiso Eliza   Thomas Galloway     Brunett   Morgan Cemetery, LaPorte County, Indiana
Gannon Mary Ellen 3/11/1923 6/15/1886 37 Ohio Valparaiso Leonard   William Forbes Ohio Mary Huston Ohio St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gant Albert Oliver 5/18/1915 5/17/1915 1 day Indiana Valparaiso     Clarence H. Gant Indiana Myrtle Beardsley Illinois Luther Cemetery
Gant Dorothy Angel 2/14/1905 2/10/1905 4 days Indiana Valparaiso     P. A. Gant   Anna Hagen   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gant Martha May 5/16/1920 11/7/1919 8 mos. Indiana Porter County     Charley Gant Indiana Clara Shinabarger Indiana Blachleys Cemetery
Gardiner Isreal W. 12/9/1888   93 USA Valparaiso                  
Gardner Christina 8/17/1909   81 Germany Valparaiso     Frederick Kleist Germany       Hobart Indiana
Gardner Henry B. 6/10/1902 5/9/1828 77 New York Porter County     Martin Gardner   Elizabeth Morgan   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gardner Joseph 10/29/1906   85 New York Valparaiso     Robert Gardner Ireland Martha M. Gardner Ireland Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gardner Margaret 11/6/1894   60   Porter County                  
Garettson William H. 1/29/1917 4/26/1851 64 Ohio Porter County Luella   Albert Garrettson Pennsylvania       Flint Lake Cemetery
Garlach John Valney 3/14/1925 11/28/1908 16 Indiana Pleasant Township   John Garlach Illinois Mary Wiler Illinois Catholic Cemetery, Kouts
Garman Ambrose B. 8/22/1927 12/4/1866 61 Indiana Center Township Elnia   Noel W. Garman   Elizabeth Frank   Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Garringer Floyd 11/27/1927   27 Indiana Portage Martha   Edward Garringer Indiana Hester Hall Indiana Red Kay, Indiana
Garrison female 6/23/1927   6 hrs. Indiana Valparaiso     Arthur Garrison Illinois Lillian Jisha Illinois McCool Cemetery
Garrison John V. 6/6/1912 11/25/1839 73 New Jersey Jackson Township   Jacob Garrison   Mary Springston   Dillingham Cemetery
Gart Andrew, Jr. 11/19/1906   3 days Indiana Porter County     Andrew Gart Indiana   Fitzgarrel Indiana St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Garvey Linda Avis 1/5/1918 7/14/1858 59 Indiana Hebron Jerry   Royal O. White Vermont Martha Lamphier Ohio Hebron
Gasser Fred 4/8/1912 1/4/1828 84 Switzerland Valparaiso                 Watertown, Wisconsin
Gassett Grace 2/21/1921 12/13/1874 46 Indiana Porter County     Alphus Shreve Ohio Rebecca Keller Ohio Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gast Albert C. 1/25/1922 6/4/1891 31 Indiana Center Township Amanda   John Gast   Peteranilla Dolch   St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gast Andrew 9/3/1917 11/30/1844 73 Germany Porter County     George Gast Germany Honora Fitzgerald   St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gast Christina 4/5/1901   15 Indiana Union Township     John Gast   Peteranilla Dolch   St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gast female 6/27/1901   1 day Indiana Center Township     George Gast   Katie Knoizer   St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gast female infant 8/27/1908   Stillborn Valparaiso Valparaiso     Joseph Gast Indiana Francis Eichensehr Indiana St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gast Frances 8/15/1914 3/15/1847 67 Germany Union Township Andrew   Sebastian Bentley Germany Theresa Link Germany St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gast Francis 8/26/1908   31 Indiana Valparaiso           Margaret Stickbaum Indiana St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gast John B. 8/12/1908   65 Germany Valparaiso     John Gast Germany       St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gast Lois Lorraine 9/11/1924 8/25/1924 17 days Indiana Valparaiso     Clarence Gast Indiana Levata Freeman Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gast Louise L. 8/2/1905   3 mos. Indiana Valparaiso     Joseph Gast   Francis Eichensehr   St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gast male 1/30/1897   16 Indiana Jackson Township   Fred Gast   Catherine Knevser    
Gast Walter John 10/13/1916 3/24/1906 10 Indiana Center Township     George Gast Indiana Catherine Knevser Illinois St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gaston Adda Alida 4/17/1916 11/18/1873 42 Illinois Valparaiso Rasio   Joseph Burton Ohio Mary Ann Longshore Illinois Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gaston Sarah N. 1/27/1922 4/22/1841 80 Ohio Valparaiso     James Wallace         Seaman Cemetery, Seaman Ohio
Gates Elizabeth Meeker 5/7/1914 3/11/1831 83 Indiana County Asylum, Center twp.   Clark Meeker Indiana   Gates Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gates Jonas 2/10/1927 6/20/1837 89 Ohio Valparaiso     Moses Gates Vermont   Pennock   Fleming Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gates Larson 1/30/1908   82 Vermont Valparaiso                 Maplewood Cemetery
Gates Lucinda E. 12/16/1920 4/9/1840 80 Indiana Porter County Jona   George Ansley Indiana Elizabeth Davis Kentucky Fleming Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gates Moses 12/19/1901   73y 7m England Porter Township     John Gates         Fleming Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gates Theodor 9/28/1927 12/18/1874 53 Indiana Valparaiso Mary   Johnes Gates Ohio Mary Smith Ohio Fleming Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gatrell Dale Bruce 9/13/1926 5/27/1926 3 mos. Indiana Valparaiso     Frank Gatrell Indiana Fern Dresenburg New York Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gatrell Franklin Edward 2/21/1925 10/10/1924 4 mos. Indiana Valparaiso     Frank E. Gatrell Indiana Fern Dresenburg New York Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gatrell Marjorie Laurel 12/14/1927 9/7/1927 3 mos. Indiana Valparaiso     Frank Gatrell Indiana Fern Dresenburg New York Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gatrell Paul Harold 2/4/1923 7/17/1922 6 mos. Indiana Valparaiso     Frank Gatrell Indiana Fern Dressenberg New York Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gavagan Andrew 10/18/1918 11/1/1845 72 Ireland Chesterton     Roger Gavagan Ireland       Hilesdale, Michigan
Gay infant male twins 3/10/1920 stillborn   Valparaiso Valparaiso     Frank Gay Indiana Fiola Bunch Indiana Adams Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gay, Jr. Frank Milton 7/15/1918   2 days Valparaiso Valparaiso     Frank Gay Indiana Viola Bunch Indiana Adams Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gaye Robert 8/12/1908   94   Valparaiso                 Valparaiso
Gee Alick 8/3/1887   30 USA                    
Geese Gottlieb John 5/28/1914 11/27/1839 74 Germany Kouts Gusta   Martin Geese Germany Rosa Pontor Germany Lutheran Cemetery, Hebron, Indiana
Geibe (Geiese) Antge 3/6/1913 11/13/1837 75 Germany Valparaiso     Philip Specht Germany Dorothy Eggers Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Geilow Christena 4/13/1904 7/29/1856 47 Germany Pleasant Township John   Ernest Rohr   Caroline Herthe   Luthern Cemetery
Geise William F. 8/25/1919 3/13/1831 78 Germany Porter County     Fredrick Geise Germany       Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gelow Bertha F. 12/2/1904 10/3/1877 27 Indiana Chesterton     John Gelow   Sophia Rordans   Chesterton, Indiana
Gelow Mary Sofia 1/4/1905 6/26/1843 61 Germany Chesterton John B.   Gus Rordang   Soffia Foss   Chesterton, Indiana
Geoham Aug 12/6/1898   63 Germany County Farm                  
Gibb Claire E. 11/21/1909   4 Indiana Valparaiso     Frank Gibb Indiana Nelllie Biggs Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gibbons David 12/1/1920 6/7/1840 80 England Porter County Henrietta   John Gibbons England Elizabeth Monen England Westville, Indiana
Gibbs William 1/27/1907 4/6/1829 77 Ohio Hebron Mary A. Gibbs Hiram Gibbs   Elizabeth Shanks   Hebron Cemetery
Gibson (male) 3/25/1888   1 mo. Indiana Burdick     Jay Gibson          
Gibson E. L. 2/26/1885   17                      
Gibson Mary E. 10/29/1890   64 Pennsylvania Hebron                  
Gidley John 5/22/1887   71 England Hebron     John Gidley          
Gidley John A. 12/31/1908 12/31/1849 59 Indiana Hebron     John Gidley Indiana Mary David England Hebron Cemetery
Gidley Juilia J. 10/31/1926 4/19/1855 71 Pennsylvania Hebron Andrew   William Rickenbrode Pennsylvania       Lowell Cemetery
Gidley Mary 4/27/1904 10/20/1820 83 Kentucky Hebron John   A. Davis         Hebron, Indiana
Gidley Viola J. 9/12/1906 8/28/1856 50 Indiana Porter County Andrew   Hyram Lambkin     Kirkpatrick   Hebron Cemetery
Gierke Caroline 2/20/1910 4/6/1860 49 Germany Westchester Township Charles Gierke             Hammond, Indiana
Gierke Minnie 7/25/1912 1/30/1859 53 Germany Pine Township     John Wegner Germany Sophie   Germany Chicago, Illinois
Giffens John 4/6/1890   73 England Furnisville     George Giffens     McRemie    
Gilbertson Edward Anton 6/19/1909 3/17/1868 40 Indiana Westchester Township   Henry Gilbertson Norway Hilda Bondsen Sweden Chesterton
Gilbertson H. C. (female) 11/29/1905 1/22/1842 63 Sweden Porter County Henry   Johnson Bandus   Mary     Chesterton
Gilbertson Victor J. 7/31/1913 9/20/1870 42 Indiana Westchester Township   Henry Gilbertson Sweden Helda Johnson Sweden Chesterton
Gilbon William 1/30/1902 1/12/1902 18 days Indiana Hebron     Daniel Gilson   Clara Martin   Lowell, Indiana
Gilbreth Byron 9/26/1886   30 Indiana       Joseph Gilbreth   E. Bricker    
Gillburg Mildred J. 10/18/1919 9/26/1899 20 Indiana Porter County     Oscar Gillburg Sweden Jennie Graceland Indiana Fowler, Indiana
Gillett Helen 6/9/1903 3/16/1835 68 New York Valparaiso     John Stitt   Louisa Hatch   Old Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gillett Hon. Hiram A. 12/16/1903 3/19/1831 73 Vermont Valparaiso     A. Gillett   L. Jones   Old Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gillies Walter S. 7/22/1916 Oct. 1891 24 Wisconsin Westchester Township   William D. Gillies Wisconsin Julia Hosley Wisconsin Evansville, Wisconsin
Gilliland John 5/5/1909   57 Pennsylvania Valparaiso           Jennie Robinason   Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gilliland Josephine R. 1/18/1916 5/16/1868 47 Missouri Valparaiso                 Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gilmartin Dennis 9/7/1894   67   Wheeler                  
Gilmartin Harry 4/10/1904 8/2/1903 1 Indiana Chesterton     Andrew Gilmartin   Cora Gallegher   Chesterton, Indiana
Gilmartin Nora 3/16/1913 5/15/1826 86 Ireland Wheeler Dennis   Mike Dwin Ireland Margaret Leurey Ireland Valparaiso
Gilson Cecil 10/30/1899   14 days Indiana Boone Township     Clinton D. Gilson   Rosa Reve   Cornell
Gilson Clinton D. 4/12/1925 9/28/1853 71 Ohio Boone Township Rosa   David Gilson   Margaret Beeler Ohio Hebron, Indiana
Gilson Daniel 1/9/1927   71   Center Township     Jos. Gilson         Hebron
Gilson Edward 12/2/1924 12/19/1841 82 Indiana Hebron Emma   Joel Gilson         Hebron Cemetery
Gilson Eleanor 2/16/1901   78y 1m 21d Ohio Hebron     Louis Sweney         Hebron Cemetery
Gilson Wanietta 1/3/1909 1/17/1849 59 Indiana Hebron Edward Gilson George Reed Ohio Anna Mangison Ohio Hebron Cemetery
Gilson William H. 10/23/1899   52 Indiana Hebron     Joel G. Gilson   Elner H. Sweney   Hebron
Giltinon Michael W. 6/24/1911 6/24/1866 45 Ireland Kouts Margaret Giltinon John Giltinon Ireland       Mt. Olive Cemetery
Gingher Catherine E. 2/22/1913 2/20/1910 3 Indiana Valparaiso     Foye Gingher Indiana Elva Bower Indiana Larwell, Indiana
Ginter Albert Russel 2/4/1912 1/4/1912 1 mo. Indiana Valparaiso     Bert Ginter Ohio Lydia Rooks Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Ginter Cora 12/3/1909   27 Indiana Valparaiso     John Vantiese Ohio C. J. Rich Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Ginter Hazel Barbara 4/16/1917 7/9/1912 4 Indiana Porter County     William B. Ginter Kentucky Ida Burger Illinois Fleming Cemetery, Valparaiso
Ginter William Merlin 3/8/1915 9/27/1910 4 Indiana Porter Township     W. B. Ginter Kentucky Ida Berger Illinois Fleming Cemetery, Valparaiso
Glafcke Charles 3/11/1926 4/30/1851 74 Germany Pine Township     John Glafcke Germany       Michigan City, Indiana
Glafcke Rose May 2/25/1922 5/21/1919 2 Indiana Pine Township     Henry Glafcke Indiana Esther Grischow Indiana Michigan City, Indiana
Glafcke Wilhelmina 11/7/1924 2/25/1853 71 Indiana Pine Township Charles   Henry Casten Germany Fredericka Grischow Germany Michigan City, Indiana
Glass Jackson Christ 6/9/1911 3/10/1838 73 Pennsylvania Kouts R. Glass C. C. Glass Pennsylvania Matilda   Pennsylvania Plymouth, Indiana
Glass Margaret Rebekah 9/11/1914 1/1/1848 66 Ohio Pleasant Township   George Florin France   Wise France Plymouth, Indiana
Glauer Joseph 1/28/1890   77 Virginia Valparaiso             Reed    
Glenn Mary E. 11/13/1900   72 Pennsylvania Hebron     Moses Shookey          
Glissman Elizabeth 2/28/1924 4/3/1855 68 Germany Kouts     Fred Tent Germany Christena   Germany Graceland Cemetery, Kouts
Glissman Gertrude 1/31/1918 9/24/1916 2 Indiana Porter County     Henry H. Glissman Indiana Barbara Misch Indiana St. Mary's Cemetery, Kouts
Glover Eliza J. 1/3/1920 11/13/1848 71 Ohio Porter County Thomas   William Haskins Ohio Martha Eaton Ohio Chesterton
Glover Hazel E. 11/7/1905 8/10/1905 2 mos. Indiana Porter County     Clark A. Glover   Edith M. Holmes   Spencer, Illinois
Glover Helen 1/9/1926 12/17/1908 17 Indiana Flint Lake     Charles Glover Indiana Zelda Cole Indiana Adams Cemetery, Valparaiso
Glover Joseph 1/12/1925 4/1/1849 75 Pennsylvania Valparaiso Emaline   Joseph Glover Pennsylvania       Adams Cemetery, Valparaiso
Glover Nellie 11/29/1887   5 Valparaiso       Albert Glover   P. Goodyer    
Gloyeske John 4/11/1897   63 USA Porter County                  
Gloyeske Walter 9/17/1917 7/4/1916 1 Indiana Porter County     Frank Gloyeske Germany Mary Payamoki Germany St. Patrick Cemetery, Chesterton
Goddard Evaline Wilson 11/9/1919 5/18/1862 57 Indiana Porter County     William W. Wilson Ohio Sophia McGuire Ohio Crawfordsville Indiana
Godfrey Julius 6/22/1914 9/12/1873 40 Belgium Valparaiso Mary               Tarentum, Pennsylvania
Godham Charles M. 5/22/1908   64 New York Valparaiso     John Godham Ireland Jane Shefforey Ireland St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Godpaster Deborah 7/20/1902 7/10/1815 87 Ohio Kouts     Henry Meeker   Jane Miller   Spencer Cemetery, Kouts
Goeldner William 6/6/1926 6/14/1848 78 Germany Valparaiso     Carl Goedmer Germany       Chicago, Illinois
Goetzelman Theodore F. 5/13/1891   52 Indiana Chesterton                  
Gogan Bridget 12/23/1917 12/25/1846 71 Mass. Porter County     Thomas O'Connell Ireland Anna Reasden Ireland St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Goldberg Nathan 9/22/1916 12/25/1890 25 Russia Westchester Township Stella   Philip Goldberg Russia Ester Gelauhoush Russia Chicago, Illinois
Golden L. (female) 6/10/1898   34 Indiana Porter County                  
Goldstein Martha 2/27/1921 1/30/1891 30 Michigan Porter Phillip   Phillip Bernstein Russia Barbetla Frank Germany Detroit, Michigan
Goldstein Phillip H. 2/27/1921 12/15/1891 29 New York Porter Martha   Harry Goldstein Russia       Detroit, Michigan
Golis C. A. 10/25/1893       Valparaiso                  
Gondrom Herbert George 2/3/1889   1 yr. Indiana Wheeler     Henry Gondrom   Matilda Lidky    
Good Warren Paul 9/17/1924   6 days   Pleasant Township   William R. Good Illinois Mabel Reinhardt Illinois New Mennonite Cemetery, Kouts
Goodger John 1/18/1901   85y 9m England Valparaiso                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Goodpaster J. (female) 3/27/1898   16 years. Indiana Porter County     Louis Goodpaster   Nancy Asher    
Goodpaster Nancy 3/11/1923 2/17/1850 73 Indiana Kouts Louis   Ben Asher Ohio Mary Heinline Ohio Graceland Cemetery, Kouts
Goodpaster Stoie 1/1/1912 5/27/1879 32 Indiana Pleasant Township   Lewis Goodpaster Indiana Nancy Asher Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Kouts
Goodwin Elizabeth 2/12/1917 10/14/1831 86 Indiana Porter County     John Daniels         Hebron Cemetery
Goodwin John M. 7/17/1902 5/28/1848 54 Indiana Porter County     William Goodwin   Elizabeth Daniels   Hebron Cemetery
Goodwin William Henry 12/9/1921 1/11/1847 74 Illinois Pine Township Anna   John Goodwin New York Sarah E. Biggs New York 8 Square Cemetery
Goodwin William M. 6/12/1912 7/14/1825 86 Maryland Hebron     Benjamin Goodwin Maryland   Hildreth Kentucky Hebron Cemetery
Goodyear Mrs. John 2/19/1899   78 Indiana Valparaiso                  
Goodyohn Henrietta 6/9/1924 5/14/1837 87 Germany Union Township     John Motz         Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Goodyon Julius 12/30/1915   77 Germany Center Township Mary               Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gooley Pauline 2/14/1916 12/19/1817 99 Canada Valparaiso     Frank Dye Canada Pauline Abor Canada St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Goranson Rose 7/16/1905   3m 28d Indiana Waverly     Charles Goranson   Mathilda Carlson   Chesterton, Indiana
Gorden Rachel 10/6/1916 2/24/1830 86 Ohio Morgan Township     Robert McCalas Ireland Lefa Wilson New York Luther Cemetery
Gorden Samuel 3/5/1903 9/17/1828 75 Vermont Porter County Mary   Daniel Gordon   Sarah Moorman   Luther Cemetery
Gordon Joseph 12/28/1906 11/24/1844 62 Indiana Porter County     Joseph Gordon     Fort   Blackely Corners Cemetery
Gordon Mary E. 2/28/1889   28 Michigan Wheeler     William Walshe   Elizabeth J. Palmer    
Gorico Henry G. 11/22/1914   47 Illinois Valparaiso                 Decatur, Illinois
Gossett Allen 12/1/1918 8/11/1873 45 Indiana Porter County Grace   M. Gossett Ohio Cynthia J. Thatcher Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gossett Benjamin 8/7/1915 2/14/1842 73 Ohio Valparaiso                 Hebron
Gossett Charlotte A. 10/22/1910 10/6/1850 60 Indiana Hebron G. F. Gossett William Goodwin Iowa Elizabeth Daniels Indiana Hebron Cemetery, Hebron
Gossett Edna J. 10/17/1915 3/15/1882 33 Indiana Valparaiso Roy   William Tyhtford Indiana Ida Allen Indiana Hebron, Indiana
Gossett John 4/19/1887   69 Indiana       William Gossett   Charity Gossett    
Gossett male 6/8/1900   21days Indiana Valparaiso     Allen Gossett   Grace Shreve   Cornel Cemetery, Porter County
Gossett Schutler 12/27/1909   39 Indiana Valparaiso     Micheal Gossett Ohio Martha Baird Ohio Cornell Cemetery
Gostopson Robert 1/19/1903 4/1/1902 8m 25d Center Township Center Township     Antone Gostopson   Mabel McConkey   Fleming Cemetery
Gotens Della C. 5/28/1913 6/3/1864 48 Indiana Chesterton Henry   A. J. Johnson Indiana Stacy Ann Coslet Indiana Chesterton
Gotens Henry J. 1/6/1921 8/31/1864 56 Germany Chesterton Anna               Chesterton
Gotleib August 9/30/1921 6/17/1854 67 Germany Morgan Township                 Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso
Gott Carl A. 2/3/1922 11/18/1894 27 Indiana Union Township Sadie   B. A. Gott Ohio Martha Lansing Indiana McCool Cemetery
Gott female 2/3/1914   Stillborn Indiana Wheler     Jno. Gott Ohio Laura Lansing Indiana  
Gott Henry A. 1/15/1923 11/17/1842 80 Ohio Wheeler     Burr Gott Ohio Percilie Obitts   McCool Cemetery
Gott Jack LeRoy 5/12/1923 1/2/1921 1 Indiana Valparaiso     Thadius Gott Indiana Irene Johnson Indiana McCool Cemetery
Gott Laura M. 2/8/1914 4/18/1877 36 Indiana Wheeler John   Robert Lansing Indiana Witlha Young Ohio Janes Cemetery
Gott Lucy A. 10/20/1888   19 Ohio Wheeler     W. L. Gott   Harriet Wilcox    
Gott Maria 7/18/1887   48 USA                    
Gott Read 11/6/1919 10/24/1919 1m 14d Indiana Valparaiso     Thadeus R. Gott Indiana Jean I. Johnson Indiana Janes Cemetery
Gott Roy 10/25/1919   9 hrs. Indiana Valparaiso     Thadeus R. Gott Indiana Jean I. Johnson Indiana Janes Cemetery
Gould A. R. (female) 9/12/1895   73 USA Valparaiso                  
Gowdy Martin L. 12/10/1912   40 Indiana Chesterton     Ambrose Gowdey Ohio Elizabeth Metcalf Ohio Elkhart, Indiana
Gower Kenneth F. 9/9/1907 6/12/1906 1 Michigan Chesterton     Floyd Gower   Hulda Marquardt   Chesterton Cemetery
Gowland Samuel M. 5/6/1923 5/15/1855 67 Canada Valparaiso Martha   William Gowland Canada       Fargo, ND
Grace Harry H. 2/28/1906   26 Indiana Valparaiso     Richard Grace         Logansport, Indiana
Gradle Tillie 8/12/1903   4 days Porter County Porter County     Anton Gradle   Trasey Schneider   Crown Point, Indiana
Graff Frank 12/17/1925 12/31/1855 69 Germany Jackson Township Anna   John Graff Germany Anna Gruskie Germany St. Patricks Cemetery, Chesterton
Gragert Elizabeth 3/22/1903 6/3/1829 73 Germany Kouts     Conrad Schultz         Chicago, Illinois
Graham Harry P. 1/16/1911   23   Valparaiso                 Sandusky, Ohio
Graham Henrietta 10/20/1907 6/6/1835 72 Ohio Kouts John Graham John Kelley   Sarah Burgis   Graceland Cemetery,Valparaiso
Graham Joe (Mrs.) 6/19/1899   40 USA Valparaiso                  
Graham male 5/22/1899   4 days Indiana Valparaiso     Leler Graham   Stella Forsyth    
Graham Sarah McCay 2/4/1923 1/6/1850 73 Ireland Valparaiso     John McCay Ireland Elizabeth Ross Ireland Crown Point, Indiana
Graham Thomas 1/12/1921 8/31/1855 65 Michigan Porter County Sarah   William Graham Ireland Margaret Simpson New York Crown Point, Indiana
Grainic George 6/11/1913   20 Austria Liberty Township                 Chesterton
Gramps Frank I. 1/30/1913 1/8/1844 69 Germany Pleasant Township