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Porter County Death Index, 1884-1927: F

The following are records that were copied from the Porter County Death Records Index located in the Porter County Public Library in Valparaiso, Indiana. View Our Publications to obtain cemetery indexes.

Last Name First Name Death Date Birth Date Age Place of Birth Place of Death Spouse First Name Spouse Last Name Father First Name Father Last Name Father POB Mother First Name Mother Last Name Mother POB Burial
Fabing Frances Joseph 4/10/1916 11/15/1915 4 months Indiana Valparaiso     Frank B. Fabing Indiana Esthel Carson Indiana St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso
Fairchild R.S.S.(male) 3/26/1901   86 years 1 month 4 days Vermont Center Township     Fred R. Fairchild         Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso
Fairfield Edith V. 12/7/1904 12/3/1879 25 Indiana Chesterton George A.   Morris Robinson   C. Talbot   Chesterton, Indiana
Fales Charles J. 2/2/1925   60   Jackson Township               Chesterton Cemetery
Fall Harry Howard 11/14/1918 1/1/1898 20 Ohio Porter County     G.G. Fall Ohio Osa Harrison Ohio Graceland Cemetery, Kouts
Fall Phoebe 2/18/1846   64 Ohio Kouts J. Fall W. Ereheart Maryland Louisa Licklider Ohio Pikeville, Ohio
Falls Albert D. 5/13/1920 9/11/1898 21 W.VA. Porter County     John H. Falls W.VA. Minnie Carter W.VA. Fort Springs, W.VA.
Falsom Male 2/25/1885     Indiana       Henry Falsom          
Fanner Morman B. 7/25/1912 5/28/1829 83 Ohio Liberty Township     David Fanner Ohio Ruth Cochrane Ohio Kimball Cemetery
Fanning Julia H. 5/21/1899   98 Ireland Porter County                  
Fareman Clara E. 12/8/1918 11/6/1918 1 month Indiana Porter County     Michael Foreman Germany Jennie Moffitt Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Fargart Chester F. 10/8/1899   3 years 11 months 20 days Indiana Liberty Township     S. Fargart   Mary E. Johnson   Chesterton
Fargo James Loomis 10/19/1911 5/12/1832 79 Connecticut Valparaiso. (207 Washington St.) Maria J. Fargo Morris Fargo Connecticut Charlotte Loomis Connecticut Rose Hill Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois
Farmer Ruth Irene 4/16/1927   1 hour Indiana Kouts     Melton Farmer Indiana Delma Wade Indiana LaPorte County
Farnsley Mary J. 4/29/1925 9/15/1844 80 Indiana Center Township     Daniel Martin VA Mary Tyler Indiana Medaryville, Indiana
Farnum Edward 9/2/1924 11/7/1902 21 Indiana Valparaiso Violet   Bert Farnum Indiana Jessie Crawford Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Farrington Caroline 10/21/1900   5 years 2 months 1 day Illinois Center Township     Hugh B. Farrington   Bertha J. Kinner   Old Cemetery, Valparaiso
Farrington Julia 7/23/1888   44 Ireland Chesterton                  
Fasel Cecil H. 12/28/1924 7/4/1920 4 Indiana Jackson Township   Frank Fasel Indiana Emma Guinn Illinois Carters Cemetery
Fathauner Henry 3/10/1902 7/2/1884 18 Illinois Valparaiso     Fred Fathauner   Emilie Rincker   Crete, Illinois
Falkner Lydia 3/23/1900   82 years 8 months 12 days Ohio Chesterton     A. King Paine     Jones   Westville Cemetery
Faust Frances 4/22/1904 9/9/1847 56 Germany Westchester Township Edward   Karl F. Hemming   Adeline Poppendick   Porter, Indiana
Fay Ferris G. 10/18/1918 4/20/1899 19 Michigan Porter County     Louis H. Fay Michigan Dasey Wright Miss. Battle Creek, Michigan
Fechman Noble 8/23/1887   9 months Valparaiso             Rose Brainard    
Fehoman Aaron W. 4/14/1916 10/3/1860 55 Indiana 204 Jefferson, Valparaiso. Mary C.   Christian Fehoman Canada Minnie Misner Germany Hebron
Felker John M. 4/13/1886   21 Indiana       William Felker   Nancy C. Phares    
Felker William 7/11/1904   26 New York Chesterton                 Kimball Cemetery
Fellows Dominick 6/28/1911 4/10/1887 24 Italy Valparaiso     Patrick Fellows Italy       St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Felton John M. 12/19/1894   65   Porter County                  
Feltwell Harold 3/21/1924 7/10/1907 16 Indiana Wheeler     Harry Feltwell Pennsylvania       Evergreen Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Fergerson Male 6/14/1886   Stillborn Valparaiso Valparaiso     John W. Fergerson   Catherine Chamber    
Ferguson Abraham 9/4/1899   26 Indiana Porter County     Ezra Ferguson     Marimins    
Ferguson George Franklin 2/2/1927 12/28/1881 46 Indiana Valparaiso     John Ferguson Canada   Chambas   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Ferguson John 8/31/1910 1/16/1840? 70 Canada Valparaiso Etta Ferguson Charles Ferguson Canada       Maplewood Cemetery Valparaiso., Indiana
Ferm Albert P. 1/12/1906   18 Indiana Valparaiso     Albert P. Ferm   Anna Joecher   Tell City, Indiana
Fernekes Charles 2/3/1915 2/10/1834` 80 Germany 454 Main St., Valparaiso. Katherine   Antone Ferneke Germany       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Ferneks Charles H. 2/23/1902 8/7/1866 35 Indiana Chesterton Mary   Charles Ferneskes         Valparaiso, Indiana
Fernekes Mary 2/23/1902 1/13/1875 27 Indiana Chesterton Charles   Charles Gable   Almira Little   Valparaiso, Indiana
Fermekes Philip 3/9/1909   26 Indiana Valparaiso     Charley Fermekes Germany Kate Donth Illinois Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Ferrell Timothy 11/15/1909   84   Valparaiso                 Furnessville, Indiana
Ferrington Bertha 11/29/1918 1/20/1873 45 Indiana Porter County     John Stevens Ohio Catherine Babboth Indiana Kimball Cemetery
Ferris James J. 2/28/192 6/17/1834 78 Indiana Valparaiso Adaline     Ferris Kentucky       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Fessler William 8/3/1924 8/22/1881 43 Illinois Porter Township Gertrude   Dominic Fessler Germany       Ludington Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Fiakes Helen May 9/15/1918 8/27/1917 1 Indiana Valparaiso     Paul Fiakes Indiana Clara Hutton Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Fickle David B. 8/30/1926 1/8/1864 62 Indiana Hebron Jorie   Hugh Fickle Ohio Susanna McGill Penn. Hebron Cemetery
Fickle Female 11/25/1900   3 months 6 days Indiana Hebron     John Fickle   Mary Doyle   Hebron Cemetery
Fickle Susannah 1/4/1903 7/8/1836 66 Pennsylvania Hebron     Robert McGill   Susan Alexander   Hebron Cemetery
Fiddler Elizabeth 9/6/1926 8/20/1864 62 Illinois Christian hospital, Valparaiso.   John Fiddler Germany Laura King Germany Antioch, Illinois
Field Frank 4/12/1902 1/10/1830 72 New York Valparaiso     Thomas Field   Lucy Chapman   McCool Cemetery
Field George E. 7/17/1915 12/23/1849 65 Indiana 1001 Oak St. , Valparaiso. Lavica   Benjamin Field   Elen Jones   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Field Lavica 11/18/1922 8/3/1857 65 Ohio Valparaiso     Samuel Hinkle Penn. Nancy Kolan Penn. Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Field Mary Ellen 9/23/1902 6/17/1894 8         George E. Field   Lavica Hinkel   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Field Mary N. 12/21/1918 2/20/1879 38 Illinois Porter County Robert   John Fortiner N.J. Laura Ewirg KY Oakwood, Illinois
Field Rose 1/26/1919 9/10/1884 34 Indiana Porter County Walter   Joe Wilscam Canada Rose Trudel Canada Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Field Violet Emma 2/27/1916 2/24/1916 4 days Indiana 805 Oak St. , Valparaiso.   Walter Field Indiana Rose Wiskham Indiana Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Fields Infant 10/7/1906   4 months Indiana Valparaiso     A.C. Fields   Mary E. Whitcomb   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Fifield Benjamin 4/7/1905 11/27/1827 77 New Hampshire Porter County Laura   Thomas H. Fifield   Elsie Carter   McCool Cemetery McCool, Indiana
Fifield Benjamin F. 9/14/1891   3 years Indiana Porter County     Eugene Fifield   Maggie Wise    
Fifield Beulah M. 9/22/1904 5/18/1904 4 months Indiana Porter County     Asa Fifield   May Gossett   Robins Cemetery
Fifield Clarence E. 3/3/1925 8/25/1868 57 Indiana Valparaiso Maggie   Benjamin Fifield VT Lena Sphuler Germany McCool Cemetery
Fifield Edgar 8/12/1903 3/17/1903 4 months 27 days Indiana Porter County     Asa Fifield   May Gusett   Robins Cemetery
Fifield Eugene 6/13/1905   1 day Indiana McCool     Eugene C. Fifield   Maggie Wise   McCool, Indiana
Fifield Frank Wilbur 3/9/1917 4/14/1916 10 months Indiana Portage Township   Frank Fifield Indiana Susie Pearl Hammond Miss. McCool Cemetery
Fifield Walker 8/27/1907 3/14/1852 52 Indiana McCool Jennie Fifield Banj. Fifield   Sarig Spuller   McCool, Indiana
Filby Chrisan 9/20/1911 9/2/1822 89 Germany Valparaiso Michel Filby John Stair Germany Elizabeth   Germany Wooster, Ohio
Filbey John W. 12/10/1920 2/29/1844 76 Ohio Porter County                 Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Filbweck Paul Frederick 6/28/1918 7/30/1917 10 months Indiana Porter County     Frank Filbweck Germany Maud Morton Illinois Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Findling Max 1/2/1896 7/25/1830 85 Germany Washington, Township               Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Finley Mame E. 2/8/1896   45   Porter County                  
Finn J. Malcolm 9/5/1925 5/10/1901 24 Illinois Portage Township   John Finn Illinois F. Byrd Hall Illinois Chicago, Illinois
Finnel Bridget 12/17/1899   75 Ireland Chesterton       Conway         Chesterton
Finney Earnest 9/29/1920 10/20/1870 49 Indiana Porter County Mertel   George Finney Indiana Nettie Maxwell Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Finney George 1/7/1920 1/31/1845 74 Indiana Porter County     Charles Finney New York Elizabeth Bartholomew Ohio Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Finney Hattie Bell 3/17/1911 3/1/1875 33 Indiana Valparaiso Ernie Finney John Ritter New York Sarah Hesser Indiana Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Finney Male 12/10/1901   1 day Indiana Valparaiso     S.L. Finney   Eva Svenson   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Finney Mary E. 3/24/1902   41 Indiana Valparaiso     James Stevens   Martha Leonard    
Finney Mrs. Lansing 5/17/1885   75 USA         Allen          
Finney Nellie 11/28/1893   9 Indiana Valparaiso     Stephen Finney   Ena Stephens    
Finney Steven L. 5/6/1925 3/11/1860 65 Indiana Valparaiso     Charles Finney New York Elizabeth Bartholomew Ohio Maplewood Cemetery
Firanek Female 2/1/1925   Stillborn Pine Township Pine Township     Frank Firanek Indiana Rosella Hock Indiana Otis, Indiana
Firman Edward 11/29/1897   21 USA Chesterton                  
Fish Charles 9/25/1887   7 months Porter County       Herbert Fish     Haydew    
Fish Laurie M. 5/8/1902 6/25/1822 80 Connecticut Valparaiso     `Levi Foster         Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Fish Muriel Eileen 2/22/1920 8/10/1912 7 Illinois Porter County     Frank Fish Illinois Jenne Warden Canada Furnessville, Indiana
Fish William P. 12/12/1907 also filed 12/30/1907 90 years 8 months 14 days Connecticut Valparaiso     Moses Fish Connecticut       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Fishborn Sarah 9/20/1903 6/14/1832 71 Ohio Valparaiso     John Dye   Sarah Fisher   Maplewood Cemetery
Fishburn Hattie 1/19/1900   40 years 1 month 19 days Indiana Valparaiso     William Fishburn   Sarah Dye   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Fishburn John 6/20/1893   70 Ohio Valparaiso     Frederick Fishburn          
Fishburn William 2/22/1908   78 Ohio Valparaiso     Clarence Fishburn Penn. Mary Taylor Penn. Maplewood Cemetery
Fisher Albert Nelson 12/15/1904 4/10/1863 41 Indiana Kouts Dera   E.N. Fisher     Hunt   Spencer Cemetery
Fisher Charlotte C. 1/21/1926 10/25/1914 11 Indiana Valparaiso     Thomas Fisher Indiana Margaret Fyfe Scotland Hebron Cemetery
Fisher Chester L. 8/26/1909   26 Indiana Porter Township                 Fleming Cemetery
Fisher Dorthia 9/4/1923 11/16/1830 92 Germany Valparaiso     John Schrader Germany Mary Kruger Germany Maplewood Cemetery Valparaiso.
Fisher Elizabeth L. 11/30/1919 4/27/1853 66 New York Hebron David   Wm. Bliss New York   French   Hebron
Fisher Ellis Nordyke 12/28/1900   61 years 11 months 20 days Indiana Morgan Township     Edward Fisher   Phoebe Bunker   Spencer Cemetery
Fisher Female 8/3/1893   6 days Valparaiso Valparaiso     Thomas Fisher     Clites    
Fisher Fred N. 4/29/1901   19 years 11 months 19 days Indiana Kouts     Ellis N. Fisher   Abigal T. Hunt    
Fisher Henrietta 12/17/1914 5/10/1842 72 Indiana Valparaiso Jacob   Lewis Carnes Virginia Catherine Baum Penn. Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Fisher Jacob 2/17/1916 4/10/1843 72 Ohio 702 E. Main St. Valparaiso.   John Fisher Germany Elizabeth Rosbaubaugh Germany Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Fisher Lorenzo 1/25/1889   48 New York Porter Township     Warren Fisher   Ursula Stocker    
Fisher Male 4/4/1891   Stillborn Valparaiso Valparaiso     Theodore H. Fisher   Flora Zimmer    
Fisher Male 1/5/1888   19 Indiana Porter County     Ren Fisher          
Fisher Nancy Bryant 7/24/1913 9/25/1823 87 Ohio Hebron William   David Bryant Pennsylvania Rachel Adams Ohio Hebron Cemetery
Fisher Nellie M. B. 6/27/1904 1/18/1887 17 Illinois Valparaiso     Sylvester Bouch         Wanatah, Indiana
Fisher Ollie May 2/6/1905 11/14/1884 21 Indiana Porter County Christie   Frank Eaton   Liza Schwanke   Boontown
Fisher Rebecca 10/18/1915 7/17/1841 74 Ohio Porter Township     William Bales Virginia Mary Bouirer Penn. Fleming Cemetery
Fisher Sex not stated 1/1/1902     Indiana Valparaiso     Herman Fisher   Lillie Schneider    
Fisher William 10/5/1897   10 months Indiana Kouts     Harvey Fisher   Lillian Fisher    
Fisher William 1/19/1917 6/7/1825 91 New York Hebron     Alexander Fisher Scotland Agnes Brown Scotland Hebron Cemetery
Fisher William G. 7/11/1918   65 Ohio Valparaiso May   Samuel Fisher Ireland Susannah Hail   Hebron
Fisk Jaida 6/23/1895       Porter County                  
Fiske Elizabeth 1/15/1922 1/4/1848 74 Canada Westchester Township   John Fullerton Scotland Elizabeth Nichols England Furnessville, Indiana
Fitzgerald Maxine 4/10/1921   1 day Porter County Porter County     Meredith Fitzgerald KY Isa Rathman Indiana Salem Cemetery
Fitzgerald Merideth 1/14/1921 12/6/1894 26 KY Porter County Isa   George Fitzgerald   Emma Gerald   Salem Cemetery
Fitzwilliam J. Fred 6/19/1923 5/8/1883 40 Indiana Valparaiso Ida   John F. Fitzwilliam   Margaret McCarthy England St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Fitzwilliam John 7/13/1914 2/29/1828 86 England Center Township Margaretta   John Farrell Fitzwilliam England       St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Flake George 12/29/1908   78 Germany Valparaiso                 Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Flake Wilhelmina 4/29/1910 12/20/1830 79 Saxony Valparaiso George Flake H. Wetzel Germany       Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso., Indiana
Flander Ole 11/24/1921 4/27/1830 91 Sweden Portage Township               Miller, Indiana
Flanders Samuel 10/26/1921 7/31/1867 54 Sweden Crisman Orphia   Olie Flanders Sweden   Ingrar Sweden Oak Hill Cemetery, Hammond, Indiana
Flannary Martin 2/12/1884   2 Indiana       Mich Flannary     Leahy    
Flannery Eliza 11/18/1924 10/18/1860 64 Indiana Chesterton John   John Barret Ireland       Chesterton
Flannery Elizabeth Virginia 2/7/1922   30 minutes Indiana Chesterton     Patrick J. Flannery   Bertha Slont   Chesterton
Flemming Emma 11/2/1887   24 Indiana       H.M. Keys   E. Atkins    
Fleming Florence 2/27/1921   52 New York Porter     William Philo New York Catherine Ede New York  
Fleming Henry 11/12/1927 3/5/1851 76 Indiana 304 lincolnway Nettie   Jacob Fleming Indiana Katherine     Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Fleming John 2/25/1896       Valparaiso                  
Fleming Lera Louise 10/5/1910   2 months 6 days Indiana Valparaiso     Fred Fleming Indiana Hattie Scherick Indiana Fleming Cemetery, Porter, County
Fleming Lucinda 3/11/1904   43 Wisconsin` Valparaiso Lincoln   Isaac Capers   Ellen Neartney   Fleming Cemetery
Fleming Sarah 1.31.1911 2/4/1844 66 Ohio Valparaiso Silas Fleming   Mutchler         Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Fleming Silas 10/21/1925 10/20/1844 81 Indiana Valparaiso     Jacob Fleming Ohio       Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Fleming William 5/21/1925 2/23/1845 80 Indiana Valparaiso Emma   Robert Fleming Ohio Margaret Walker Ohio Fleming Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Flemings John 1/28/1896       Porter County                  
Flint Austin 5/25/1905   70 New York Valparaiso     J. Flint         Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Flint Caroline 4/12/1912 12/14/1834 77 New York Hebron     Nicholas Berdine New Jersey Sarah Bartholomew New York Hebron, Indiana
Flint Eddie 6/27/1905 9/2/1002 2 Indiana Kouts     Charles Flint   Anna Stanley   Spencer Cemetery
Flint Fern 6/27/1893   4 Indiana Valparaiso     Austin Flint          
Flint John C. 5/3/1909   70 New York Valparaiso     Zackriah Flint New York Margret Rowe New York Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Flint Rue Ann 12/26/1913 10/15/1840 73 Illinois Valparaiso     William Rue New York Mary Ann Ten Eych New York Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Flitter Anna 7/22/1927 7/10/1859 68 Ohio Morgan Township Constantin   August Fritz Germany Anna Smith Germany Sacred Heart Cemetery, Wanatah
Flitter Female 5/6/1891   3 days Porter County Porter County     Con Flitter     Fritz    
Flitter Henrietta 2/29/1888   14 months   Porter County     Con. Flitter     Fritz    
Flocker Female 1/21/1884   18 months Valparaiso                    
Florer Infant (sex unknown) 9/10/1909   Stillborn Kouts Kouts     William Florer Indiana Orma McCay Indiana Kouts
Florer Margaret 4/19/1921 5/3/1825 85 Kentucky Porter County                 Wheatfield, Indiana
Flowers Bert 8/1/1913 7/8/1877 36 Ohio Valparaiso     Henry Flowers Ohio       Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Floyd Female 5/24/1914   Stillborn Indiana 2551/2 W. Chicago St., Valparaiso.   Lane Floyd Indiana Ellen Sims Indiana Kouts, Indiana
Foester Female 9/3/1892   2 days Valparaiso Valparaiso                  
Fogaty John 12/3/1888   38 New York Valparaiso     James Fogaty   Mary Ryan    
Fogg M. Abbie 12/21/1924 11/9/1858 66 Maine Center Township     Thomas C. Smith Maine Mary Trafton Maine Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Fogle Sarah Lydia 2/17/1905 10/8/1854 50 Indiana Chesterton       Barnes   Elmira Day   LaPorte, Indiana
Fogle Wesley 1/31/1919 1/21/1853 66 Indiana Porter County Elba   Benjamin` Fogle Ohio Permelia Grey Ohio Pine Lake Cemetery, Michigan City, Indiana
Foley Elmiar 9/1/1909 8/9/1839 70 Ohio Hebron     William Jackson Ohio Mary Lynn Ohio Hebron
Foley Francis K. 1/26/1907 5/15/1836 70 Pennsylvania Hebron Elmina Foley             Hebron Cemetery, Hebron, Indiana
Folf Caroline 5/21/1921 4/15/1845 76 Poland Chesterton           Mary Welsh Poland Furnessville, Indiana
Folsom Adeline 3/5/1900   88 years 6 months 0 days New Hampshire Hebron                 Hebron Cemetery
Folsom Alice 4/5/1924 4/20/1859 64 Indiana Boone Township     John Brough England Elizabeth Caslleman Ohio Hebron Cemetery
Folsom Delia 12/18/1905 4/14/1865 40 Indiana Porter County Samuel   John Wells   Mary Foltz   Hebron Cemetery
Folsom Elsie 12/?/1912 5/6/1835 77 Ohio Hebron Harrison Folsom John Lightfoot Maryland       Hebron Cemetery
Folsom Emily 1/31/1916 8/9/1842 73 Ohio Hebron     Robert P. Folsom N.H. Adelina Perkins N.H. Cornell Cemetery
Folsom Gladys D. 10/4/1921 11/15/1919 1 Indiana Pleasant Township   Harry Folsom Indiana Edith Smith Indiana Graceland Cemetery
Folsom William H. 2/15/1917 10/6/1829 87 N.H. Hebron     Robert P. Folsom   Adeline Perkins   Hebron Cemetery
Foltz Joseph 3/18/1887   75 Pennsylvania       John Foltz          
Foltz Male infant 10/30/1912   8 hours Valparaiso Valparaiso     George Foltz Indiana Sophia Summers Illinois St. Paul Cemetery Valparaiso.
Foltz Melvin 3/14/1921 3/14/1851 71 Indiana Hebron Margie   Joseph Foltz   Mary Jones   Graceland Cemetery
Foord Robart Barr 12/6/1916 4/10/1886 30 England Christian Hospital, Valparaiso.   Robart Foord Scotland Jane Edmanson England Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Forbes Amanda 12/5/1918 5/4/1883 35 North Dakota Furnessville Thomas   Wm. Hofeman Minn. Tilda Fortman Minn. Furnessville, Indiana
Forbes Emma 10/5/1921 9/12/1864 57 Indiana Pine Township James   James Spurgeon         Furnessville, Indiana
Forbes Female 8/12/1898   9 months Indiana Colbury     Jackson Forbes          
Forbes Gertrude 5/16/1913 10/18/1900 12 Illinois Portage Township   William Forbes Ohio Mary Huston Ohio St. Paul Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Forbes Helen 7/30/1924 12/31/1845 79 Indiana Washington Township Jacob Shinebarger Pennsylvania Hannah Heller Pennsylvania   Westville, Indiana
Forbes Jacob T. 8/25/1906 12/14/1877 88 New York Jackson Township   David J. Forbes   Martha Sheridan   Westville, Indiana
Forbes Louis Fritz 9/29/1914 9/12/1912 2 Minnesota Furnessville     Thomas Forbes Indiana Manda Hoffman Dakota Furnessville, Indiana
Forbes Mamy 8/18/1905 1/30/1874 37 Michigan Westchester Thomas   Peter Burows   Mary Jan McKenzie   Furnessville, Indiana
Forbes Martha 11/6/1896   76 New York Valparaiso                  
Forbes Mary 10/6/1901   37 years 5 months Indiana Valparaiso     Nicholas Picklell   Sarah Bell   Westville, Indiana
Forbes Thaddeus 2/23/1923 8/20/1951 71 Canada Valparaiso     Jacob T. Forbes Canada Martha Pillet Canada Westville
Forbes W.J. 9/4/1887   78 USA                    
Ford Adeline 8/20/1925 8/18/1845 80 Canada Valparaiso Harry   Mark Perry Canada Julia Coash Canada Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Ford Morrell E. 5/12/1924 5/14/1879 44 Indiana Valparaiso Mayme   Strander Ford Indiana Mary Hobson Iowa Fowler, Indiana
Forear Charles 7/13/1904 6/6/1833 71 England Porter County     William Forear   Tracne Hopkins   Adams Cemetery
Foreman ClintonArthur 9/14/1914 6/26/1911 3 Indiana Union Township     Arthur Foreman Indiana Elizabeth Lenburg Indiana McCool, Indiana
Foreman Minnie 11/21/1922 2/8/1864 58 Indiana Portage Township William   William Frasa Germany Caroline Wolfe Germany McCool
Foreman William John 11/10/1924 2/3/1854 70 Germany Portage Township   John Foreman Germany Sophia Foreman Germany McCool, Indiana
Forman Otto 2/2/1919 2/28/1890 28 Illinois Porter County Ollie   Fredrick Forman Germany Mary Vose Illinois Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Forney Amy 11/19/1905   30 Indiana Valparaiso     John Forney   Any Buchanan   Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Forney John W. 10/4/1914 3/5/1845 69 Ohio 707 Garfield St. Valparaiso.   William Forney Holland S. Hummel Germany Maplewood Cemetery, Valparaiso.
Forrest Ada 10/1/1902 10/1/1883 19 Ohio Valparaiso     F.S. Forrest   Lettie Beaufre   Bowling Green
Forsythe Female 5/26/1906   15 days Indiana Eagle Creek Township   James Forsythe   Marie Pratt   S.E. Grove, Cemetery
Fosho Elizabeth 4/21/1889   66 Canada Valparaiso                  
Foss Augusta Wilhelmina Catrina 9/23/1911 11/18/1889 21 Indiana Porter Paul Foss Charles Huhr Germany Minnie Rhoda Germany Chesterton, Indiana
Foss Frank 11/1/1914 1/8/1874 40 Pennsylvania Porter Hilda   John Foss Penn. Louisa Rannance Germany Porter Cemetery, Porter, Indiana
Foss Fred 10/25/1918 8/30/1891 27 Indiana Westchester Township   John Foss   Louise Rearance   Chesterton
Foss John 7/8/1910 8/7/1852 57 Germany Westchester Township Louise Foss             Chesterton, Indiana
Foss Mildred 6/17/1905 9/5/1904 10 months Indiana Porter     John E. Foss   Lilian Heiden   Chesterton, Indiana
Foss Raymond Henry Carl 11/16/1913 2/16/1898 14 Indiana Porter Township     Fred Foss Indiana Emma Hesterberg Indiana Crown Point, Indiana
Foster A.P. (male) 10/24/1910 10/1/1835 75 Massachusetts Valparaiso     William Foster Mass. Elizarem Hall