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Porter County Death Index, 1884-1927: C

The following are records that were copied from the Porter County Death Records Index located in the Porter County Public Library in Valparaiso, Indiana. View Our Publications to obtain cemetery indexes.

Last Name First Name Death Date Birth Date Age Place of Birth Place of Death Spouse First Name Spouse Last Name Father First Name Father Last Name Father POB Mother First Name Mother Last Name Mother POB Burial
Cahil Acelia E. 4/19/1906   62 Ohio Valparaiso     Marlin Bogart         Graceland
Cahill John W. 8/30/1915 1/21/1865 50 Canada Valparaiso Eliza   James Cahill Ireland     Ireland Mt. Olivette Cemetery Chicago
Cain Alberta S. 4/26/1909 4/3/1851 58 Canada Morgan Township Leonard Cain   McHenry Scotland Jerusha Baker Canada Adams Cem
Cadwell Levi 5/19/1896   30 New York Porter County     Edward Cadwell          
Caerulus Morris 3/21/1888   24 hrs Indiana Kouts     James McCarthy   Bridget Ryan    
Cagwasiak Martin 11/17/1924 11/16/1857 67 Poland Chesterton     John Egnasiak Poland       Chesterton
Cain Eva 12/20/1898   19 Massachusetts Valparaiso     James H. Cain   S.L. Decker    
Cain Elias 12/18/1905   88 Virgina Valparaiso     Arnold Cain   Elizabeth Lee   Adams Cem
Cain Clara 2/9/1913 2/5/1918 49 Indiana Washington Township   Harmon Beach Canada Olive Crain   Luther Cem
Cain Carminey Fay 1/25/1905 2/22/1904 11mons Indiana Porter     Hurbert Cain   Sadie Clayton   Graceland
Cain Anna Ritz 8/18/1916 4/9/1863 53 Indiana Christian Hosp. Valparaiso Frank   Christian Anderson Germany       Graceland
Cain Alfred 9/7/1912 6/4/1849 63 Indiana Valparaiso Celia L. Cain Elias Cain Virgina Elizabeth Lee Indiana Maplewood Cem
Cain Ida Rebecca 9/8/1908 8/22/1908 17 days Wash. Township Wash. Township     Martin W. Cain Indiana Edna Campbell Indiana Maplewood Cemetery
Cain James 9/13/1920   Stillborn Porter County Porter County     Herbert L. Cain Indiana Sadie Clayton Indiana Chesterton
Cain Lemon 11/29/1919 5/5/1844 75 Indiana Porter County Emma   Elias Cain Virginia Elizabeth Lee   Adams Cem
Cain Frank D. 3/2/1926 7/22/1858 67 Indiana Valparaiso Eva M.   Theopolis Cain   Rheunna Cook   Graceland
Cain Ida A. 4/14/1903 1/27/1905 48 Indiana Valparaiso     Henry Ward   Delia Ward   Maplewood
Cain Ida May 1/28/1909   2 days Indiana Valparaiso     William Cain Ind Nellie Mary Brown Ind Maplewood
Cain Rebecca 9/28/1905 1/11/1822 83 Indiana Jackson Township James     Sparks         Carters Cemetery
Cain Ruskana 9/29/1904   68 New York Valparaiso     Samuel Cook   Clair Neiver   Graceland Cem
Cain William D. 1/1/1916 11/18/1844 71 Indiana Jackson. Township Mary   James Cain Virgina Rebecca Armstrong Virgina Chesterton
Cain Leonard 2/16/1926 11/2/1846 79 West Virginia Morgan Township     Elias Cain W. Va. Elizabeth Lee W. Virginia Adams Cemetery
Cain Male 1/7/1902   5 hrs Indiana Valparaiso     Mark Cain   Edna Campbell   Campbell Private Cemetery
Cain Peter R. 2/27/1921 3/20/1887 34 Canada Porter     Richard Cain Canada Bridgeet Dorons Canada Port Lanebton. Canada
Callahan Archie Harrold 5/24/1917 9/30/1896 20 Indiana Porter County     Michael Callahan Indiana Rhoda Coleman Ohio Graceland Cemetery
Calahan Ella 11/8/1889   43 Ireland Kouts                  
Callalhan Ray 9/8/1917 12/18/1897 23 Indiana Porter County     Michall Callahan Indiana Rhoda Caleman Indiana Graceland. Cem
Call Mac 5/1/1927     Germany Union Township                 Maplewood Cemetery
Call William Henry 3/1/1917 78/2/1859 57 Indiana Porter County Sarah A.   George Call Ohio Vila Price Ohio Graceland Cemetery
Callson Oscar 11/11/1890   9 Indiana Hagerman     John Callson   Amnda Callson    
Callahan Thomas 1/10/1892   82 Ireland Porter                  
Camacho Gloria May 9/1/1923 11/1/1921 1 Illinois Washington Township   Alfonso Camacho S. America May Marm Illinois Chicago, Il
Cammon Charley 7/5/1889   1.5 years Indiana Kouts     John Cammon          
Callahan Rhoda Mae 5/4/1927 5/19/1864 62 Indiana Pleasant Township Michael   John Coleman Pennsylvania Margaret Adams New York Graceland Cem
Calohan Sarah Welcsh 2/17/1912 4/11/1823 88 Pennsylvania Valparaiso     Davidson Welsh Ireland Agnes Davison Ireland Hooks Town, Pennsylvania
Callahan Thomas 11/2/1889   30   Valparaiso                  
Campbell Claud E. 7/13/1904 12/11/1892 11 Indiana Valparaiso     L.F. Campbell   Lizzie McAllister   Kimball Cemetery
Campbell Earl A. 3/26/1925   3 hrs Porter Porter     Edwin Campbell Ind Nellie March Illinois Chesterton
Campbel Female 7/1886   Stillborn                      
Campbell Al 8/26/1918 4/29/1861 58 Indiana Valparaisos     Thomas Campbell   Mary Parkinan   Maplewood Cemetery
Campbell Albert 7/16/1906 2/1/1905 37 New York Valparaiso Lillie               Maplewood Cemetery
Campbell Harry A. 9/12/1901   1 yr 5 m 4 days Indiana Valparaiso     Carsius E. Campbell   Mabel L. Baker   Richwood, Oh
Campbell Male 7/29/1011 7/29/1911 2 hrs Indiana Porter     Charles Campbell Michigan Emma Irmhoff Illinois Crown Pt. Cemetery
Campbell Helen 11/6/1906   9 Indiana Porter     Otto Campbell Ind Lutes Finney Ind Graceland Cemetery
Campbell Elizabeth 7/21/1923 9/17/1828 94 West Virginia Valparaiso     David Hughartt West Virginia       Kimball Cemetery
Campbell Frank 4/21/1900   73 yr, 4 m, 5 d Ohio Center Township     Charles Campbell         Kimball Cemetery
Campbell Gordon 2/27/1921 12/26/1902 18   Porter     D. R. Campbell Canada Margaret McOnat Indiana Pevelertoke Cemetery
Campbell Polly 10/17/1892   94.5 New York       Samuel Adams          
Campbell Rebecca L. 4/14/1910 4/11/1855 55 Indiana Washington Township Otto Campbell Chas. Finney New York Elizabeth Bartholomew Ohio Graceland Cemetery
Campbell Rose 5/5/1909   26 Indiana Valparaiso Frank Campbell George Adams Ind Adeline Wilson Ind Maplewood Cem
Campbell Jessie 6/17/1916 2/22/1859 57 Indiana Pioneer Apt. Valparaiso T.A. Campbell John Warner Ind Mary Adams Maryland Maplewood Cemetery
Campbell Margaret 4/11/1902 11/22/1821 87 Pennsylvania Valparaiso     Gilson Parkinson   Mary Rogers   Maplewood Cemetery
Campbell Samuel A. 9/22/1909 2/21/1821 88 New York Washington Township   Adam S. Campbell   Mary Adams New York Family Cemetery
Campbell William H. 3/5/1904   80 West Virginia Porter County     H. Campbell     Neugart   Kimball Cemetery
Campbell William 8/6/1897   38 USA Hebron                  
Campbell Rosemary 9/24/1922 4/9/1912 10 Oregon Valparaiso     Barchar Campbell Indiana Pink Pailey Indiana DeLong, Indiana
Campbell Ruth Louise 3/4/1924   Stillborn Porter County Porter County     Edward Campbell Ind Nellie Marcy Illinois Chesterton
Campbell Sarah A. 9/18/1911 2/16/1845 66 Illinois 205 Wayne St. Valparaiso Emmett   John W. Johnson KY Mary Davis KY` Maplewood Cemetery
Carbon Mary P. 5/10/1903 5/4/1833 70 England Center Township     Samuel Payne         Maplewood Cemetery
Card Charles W. 4/1/1909   70 Ohio Valparaiso                 Oakwood Cemetery
Card Eunice 6/6/1906   72 years, 6m, 25 d New York Valparaiso     H. Knowels   Manda Sherman   Old City Cemetery Valparaiso
Canfield C.C. 8/20/1884   26 USA                    
Canrahan Elise Welty 6/6/1926 4/1/1884 42 Pennsylvania 105 Greenwich St. Valparaiso   Edward Welty Pennsylvania Lois Wilson Ind Graceland Cemetery
Capus Isaac 10/9/1896   64 Maine Porter County     Isaac Capus     Asborn    
Cary Edward 7/22/1905 1/9/1905 69 Ireland Porter County Infirmary               St. Paul Cemetery
Cannon Bertha 5/30/1913 8/7/1864 48 Indiana Pleasant Township               Adams Cemetery
Cannon Charles G. 3/29/1919 1/20/1834 85 New York Hebron     Morris Cannon New York Anna Gregg New York Hebron
Card Estella 2/21/1923 3/4/1874 49 Indiana Valparaiso George   William Young Ohio Estella Postman Indiana Maplewood Cemetery
Card Minnie 9/21/1927 8/6/1872 55 Germany Valparaiso George   Hans Rathman Germany       Maplewood Cemetery
Cardy Alexander 11/14/1927 1/17/1905 83 Ireland Hebron Sophia   Charles Cardy Ireland Anna Stewart Ireland Salem Cemetery
Cannon Male 10/13/1921   hr Pleasant Township Pleasant Township   Harry Cannon Ind Elsie Jarnecke Indiana Adams Cem
Carecebio Vincent 9/25/1920 3/20/1890 30 Italy Chesterton     Lawrence Cariabio Italy Catherine DeMiilta Italy Chesterton
Carey Mary A. 2/22/1903 11/15/1839 63 Maryland Porter County     Harry Davis         Hobart
Cannon Dorothy 1/20/1919 9/14/1917 1 Indiana Porter County     Hazen Cannon Ind Snow Johnson Ind Graceland Cemetery Kouts
Cannon Guy James 5/24/1900   20 y 4 m 24 d Indiana Kouts     James A. Cannon   Catherine Josephine Brown   Kouts Cemetery
Cannon Jospephine E. 8/24/1906 8/4/1860 46 Indiana Kouts James   George W. Brown   Sarah Holliday    
Carie James P. 4/28/1885   66   Berdick                  
Carle Harrison G. 2/17/1900   69 y 7 m 9 d Ohio Hebron                 Hebron Cemetery
Carleton Queeen E. 1/15/1899   33 New York Valparaiso                  
Carey Tracy May 8/20/1911 2/8/182 29 Indiana Christina Hosp. Valparaiso   Marion Ashton New York Harriet Watts New York Robbins Cemetery Porter County
Carey Thomas 12/23/1920 9/5/1862 58 Delaware Porter County Alice   William H. Carey Del Mary Davis Md McCool, Ind
Carfox Male 5/18/1888   70 Germany Calumet                  
Carlson Anna Sophia 11/10/1926 4/14/1858 68 Sweden Porter John   John Johnson         Augsberg Cemetery Porter
Carlson Arthur Edward 3/27/1912 12/10/1880 31 Indiana Westchester Township   John W. Carlson Sweden Hannah Anderson Sweden Baileytown, Indiana
Carlson August 4/23/1911 12/25/1838 72 Sweden Chesterton Mary               Porter Indiana
Carlson Male 8/4/1885   1 y 6 d Sweden Chesterton     C. H. Carlson          
Carlson Anna J. 11/19/1923 4/12/1848 75 Sweden Westchester Township   Carl Johanson Sweden       Burstroms Cemetery
Carlson Earl Barnett 9/12/1915 1/4/1915 8m Indiana Chesterton     Gust E. Carlson Sweden Hildah E. Levander Swedeen Baileytown Cemetery Porter
Carlson Elizabeth 11/16/1904 3/16/1878 26 Indiana Chesterton Theodore F.   Charles Lawrence   Charlotte J. Wahlgrn   Chesterton
Carlson Elmer 6/23/1922   31 Indiana Westchester Township   August Carlson Sweden Maria Johnson Sweden Old Porter Cemetery Valparaiso
Carlson Axel Herman 12/13/1919 3/23/1885 34 Indiana Porter County     Carl J. Carlson Sweden Anna Wistrand Sweden Porter County
Carlson Carl Kenith 9/21/1916 1/4/1915 1y Indiana County Asylum     Gust Carlson Sweden Hildah E. Levander Sweden Porter
Carlson Carolina Elizabeth 3/5/1903 7/15/1871 31 Sweden Westchester Township Gust E. Carlson P.A. Erdahl   Carolina L. Anderson   Porter, Ind
Carlson Gilbert 12/2/1922 12/10/1911 10 Indiana Center Township     Victor Carlson Sweden Helda Swenson Sweden Chesterton
Carlson Gust E. 9/25/1918 9/25/1863 53 Sweden Porter County     Karl Carlson Sweden       Baileytown, Ind
Carlson Harold 7/31/1915 8/14/1890 24 Illinois Westchester Township   John Carlson Sweden Hannah Samuelson Sweden Hegewisch, Illinois
Carlson Emil J. 3/17/1927 1/15/1879 48 Indiana Westchester Township   Charles Carlson Sweden Anna Carlson Sweden Porter Cem
Carlson Female 8/30/1909   17d Valparaiso Valparaiso     Carle Carlson   Ellen Lindgrins Illinois Maplewood Cemetery
Carlson Emily Maria 6/23/1909 1/2/1856 53 Sweden Chesterton     Anias Peter Swanson Sweden Anna Nelson Sweden Chesterton
Carlson John August 11/2/1907 4/15/1845 62 Sweden Westchester Township   Carl J. Carlson         Porter Cemetery Porter Indiana
Carlson John E. 12/23/1917 7/13/1856 61 Sweden Chesterton     Johan Carlson Sweden   Swanson Sweden Chesterton
Carlson John Erick 5/16/1913 1/29/1841 72 Sweden Chesterton     Carl Carlson Sweden       Chesterton
Carlson Hildue Emilia 1/9/1915 7/16/1877 37 Sweden Porter Gust   Karl Johan Levander Sweden Emma   Sweden Porter Cemetery Porter Indiana
Carlson Ida A. 10/25/1916 10/8/1876 40 Indiana Chesterton     John E. Carlson Sweden Louise Pearson Sweden Chesterton
Carlson Johanna 12/6/1912 8/11/1841 71 Sweden Westchester Township Larsh               Chesterton
Carlson Josephine 2/14/1921 1/8/1839 82 Sweden Porter County     John Johnson Sweden       Chicago, Illinois
Carlson Louisa 12/14/1917 11/12/1840 77 Sweden Porter County     John Olsleaf Sweden Anna Peterson Sweden Chesterton
Carlson John Gustove 4/28/1925 9/1855 69 Sweden Center Township                 Kimball Cemetery
Carlson John O. 6/15/1925 2/11/1882 43 Minnesota Valparaiso Amelia   Carl Carlson Sweden       Graceland Cemetery Valparaiso
Carlson John William 9/21/1906 12/29/1835 70 Sweden Westchester Township   Carl Johnson         Baileytown Cemetery
Carlson Sidney W. 3/17/1915 3/17/1915 2m Indiana Portage     Oscar Carlson Swedem Minnie Anderson Sweden Blake Cemetery
Carlson Theodore 6/12/1905 2/17/1883 22 Swedenq Porter County           Tilda Carlson   Chesterton
Carmon Kathyrne Louise 12/3/1918 11/29/1888 30 Indiana Porter County     Joseph Carmon Ind       Adams Cemetery Kouts
Carlson Maria 8/15/1914 7/22/1846 68 Sweden Porter     John Johnson         Porter, Indiana
Carlson Martin 1/8/1925 5/22/1872 53 Sweden Valparaiso Manda   Charley Carlson Sweden       Maplewood Cemetery
Carlson Selma E. 11/28/1904 6/8/1875 29 Indiana Westchester Township   John W. Carlson   Hanna Anderson   Porter, Indiana
Carpenter Stella G. 4/10/1926 1/9/1888 38 Indiana Boone Township Arthur Carpenter Joseph Sims Ind Catherine Lane Indiana Hebron Cemetery
Carr Barney 2/17/1923 6/13/1850 70 Indiana Valparaiso     Silas Carr Ohio Sadie Oaks VA Oak Ridge Cemetery Chicago
Carr Ben H. 11/26/1915 3/1890 25 Michigan Westchester Township Vera   Charles R. Carr Indiana Rinset Himan Illinois Montpelier, Ohio
Carpenter Abraham 8/16/1906 7/7/1904 2 Indiana Pleasant Township   Clarence Carpenter   Amanda Gelanie   Watseka, Illinois
Carpenter George 7/12/1897   25 Indiana Washington Township                
Carpenter Grace 9/9/1899   2 Indiana Porter County     George Carpenter   Martha Gant    
Carr William H. 3/9/1904 9/6/1837 67 Indiana Hebron Emeline   Thomas Carr   Elizabeth Burgham   Hebron Cemetery
Carr William I. 5/26/2903   65 Pennsylvania Valparaiso                 Maplewood Cemetery
Carreaux John 2/11/1924   1d Hebron Hebron     Claude Carreauz Loiusiana Ruth McAlpin Ind Hebron Cemetery
Carr Benage 5/19/1897   63 USA Valparaiso                  
Carr Eileen Viola 3/31/1918   1d Porter County Porter County     Edward Carr Ind Dena Doffin Iowa Blake Cemetery
Carr George Lester 7/30/1919 6/14/1919 1m16d Porter County Porter County     Charles E. Carr Ohio Bess K. Cory S. Dakota Graceland Cemetery
Carroll Hannah E. 2/14/1904 9/19/1833 70 New York Valparaiso     Joseph Higgins   Hannah C. Parkson   LaPorte, Indiana
Carroll Florence 6/14/1911 6/15/1880 30 Ohio Valparaiso J. B. Carroll Charles Myers Ohio Elizabeth Stewart Ohio Maplewood Cemetery
Carroll Sarah 10/15/1896   63 Ohio Porter County                  
Carrier Male 5/9/1902 Stillborn   Valparaiso Valparaiso     James Carrier   Nellie Rose    
Carroll Benjamin 12/16/1920 8/25/1829 91 Ohio Porter County Lena   William Carroll     Bryant   Maplewood Cemetery
Carroll Mrs. Ben 6/12/1892       Porter County                  
Carson Joseph C. 9/5/1916 11/29/1849 66 Ohio Christian Hosp. Valparaiso Elizabeth   Mathew Carson Ireland Margaret Knox Ireland Graceland Cemetery
Carson Samuel 12/17/1920 12/10/1847 73 Ohio Hebron Grace   Matthew Carson Ireland Margaret Knox Ireland Salem Cemetery
Carson Anna 2/6/1921 8/9/1862 58 Indiana Porter County John   Edward Kelley   Ida Garish   Graceland Cemetery
Carson James E. 12/17/1925 6/25/1841 84 Ohio Hebron     Mathew Carson Ireland Margaret Knox Ireland Hebron Cemetery
Carson Jane 4/6/1919 2/9/1846 73 Ireland Hebron James   William Stewart Ireland Nancy Wilson Ireland Hebron
Carter Earl T. 3/4/1907   1 d Indiana Valparaiso     Walter T. Carter Indiana Delia Wheeler Ind Kimball Cemetery
Carter Eleanor 10/25/1920 10/4/1842 77 Ohio Porter County     George Titler Ohio Mary C. Decker Ohio Easton, Ind
Carter Emma E. 8/19/1922 8/16/1841 81 Colorado Boone Township     Joseph Dipboye VA L. Summers Ohio Miller Cemetery
Carson William 5/5/1886   32 Ohio Porter County     Mathew Carson   M. J. Knork    
Carson Walter Ross 1/1/1919 7/14/1889 29 Indiana Hebron Catherine   Samuel Carson Ohio Grace Storey Ind Salem Cemetery
Carter Clarence 1/19/1896   1 Valparaiso Indiana     George Carter     Cole    
Carter Jacob 10/14/1885   80   Jackson Township                
Carter Jerome 12/24/1890   48   Valparaiso                  
Carter Mary E. 1/4/1925 9/15/1866 59 Indiana Washington Township Frank   George Beck Ohio Sarah J. Beck Ohio Maplewood Cemetery
Carter Filo 9/4/1906   77 New York Porter County Mary   James Carter   Jane Dowed   Carter Cemetery
Carter Frank 9/11/1891   11m Indiana Porter County     Frank Carter     Bryarly    
Carver John 5/7/1906 3/23/1833 73 Ireland Valparaiso Sarah   Thomas Carver   Nora McCuliff   St. Paul Cemetery
Casbon Charles T. 10/26/1915 11/6/1840 74 England 203 Monroe St. Valparaiso Mary               Maplewood Cemetery
Casbon Dorris Bernice 3/23/1915 4/14/1914 11m Indiana Boone Township     A. J. Casbon England Carrie B. Aylesworth Ind Cornell Cemetery
Carter Ray 2/28/1896   4 Indiana Valparaiso     George Carter     Cole    
Carver Bertha 3/17/1924 2/6/1862 62 Wisconsin Pine Township James   Christian Bull Germany Minnie Heise Germany Michigan City, Indiana
Carver Harrison W. 1/14/1917 1/8/1840 77 Ohio Porter County                 Maplewood Cemetery
Case Maria Louise 2/12/1904 12/17/1871 32 Indiana Kouts Edward S. Case John Bartholomew   Phoebe Jones   Adams Cemetery
Case Nellie 6/21/1886   10h Boone Grove, Indiana     Andrew Case   Abbie Price    
Case Nellie 6/20/1886   5 h Boone Grove, Indiana     Andrew Case   Abbie Price    
Casbon Sylvester 12/10/1927 6/6/1837 90 England 501 Academy St. Valparaiso Mary   Thomas Casbon England       Graceland Cemetery
Casbon Sylvester Hugh 6/3/1922 5/3/1895 27 Indiana Valparaiso Barbara   Thomas Casbon Indiana Ella A. Downs Indiana Graceland Cemetery
Casbon Virgil Wilbur 2/19/1925 9/12/1918 6 Indiana Valparaiso     Hugh Casbon Ind Barbara Sibbrell Ind Graceland Cemetery
Casey Susan H. 1/9/1906   68 Ireland Valparaiso     Carlulus Hewar   Sarah Markham   St. Paul Cemetery Valparaiso
Casey Winifred 4/30/1912 4/24/1828 84 Ireland Kouts Edward   Jas. Tanney Ireland Winifred   Ireland Valparaiso
Cason Annette 10/27/1908 10/5/1824 84 Pennsylvania Pleasant Township Joseph D. Cason Edmond B. Hayes Vermont Lydia W. Moss Massachusetts Spencer Cemetery Kouts
Casebene Jesse Stanley 2/5/1920 2/6/1886 33 Indiana Hebron Marguerite   John Casebene Ind Harriet Weitz Ohio Ohio
Casey Edward 1/8/1891   68 Indiana Porter County     James Casey          
Casey John 2/14/1888   52 Ireland Porter County                  
Casten Clarence 5/19/1913 8/10/1904 8 Indiana Pine Township     William Casten Indiana Minnie Brieger Indiana Michigan City, Indiana
Cassler David W. 1/14/1908 8/14/1845 62 Ohio Westchester Township   Henry Cassler Pennsylvania   Brady Ireland Carter Cemetery
Cassler Male 8/20/1885     USA Chesterton     Daniel Cassler          
Cass John E. 5/12/1901   60 Ohio Valparaiso     Lewis Cass           Maplewood Cemetery Valparaiso
Cass Laura 6/11/1918   70 Ohio Porter County     Samuel Cook Vt Olive Haymon Vt Maplewood Cemetery Valparaiso
Cassel Calvin 2/25/1899     Porter County                    
Castleman C. (female) 4/30/1895   80   Valparaiso     Jacob Dening          
Castleman Josiah 11/20/1910 4/30/1836 74 Ohio Chesterton Charlotte   William Castleman Ohio       Chesterton, Indiana
Caswell Frances 11/18/1902 1/29/1822 80 Canada Kouts     Sheldon Stoddard   Olive Chipman   Adams Cemetery
Castle Lois G. 3/2/1918 9/27/1837 81 Canada Hebron Harry   John Gordon         Hebron Cemetery
Castle Minnie 9/26/1912 7/12/1873 39 Indiana Hebron     Charles Castle Ohio Lois Gordon Canada Hebron Cemetery
Castleman C. (female) 4/30/18?   88   Porter County     Jacob Dening          
Cauliff Mary 8/9/19134   75 Ireland Valparaiso     David Daily Ireland Mary Dailey Ireland St. Pauls Cemetery Valparaiso
Cavanaugh Fred B. 2/12/1914 12/20/1880 33 Michigan Hebron Mabel   William H. Cavanaugh   Mary Duddleo England Springport, Michigan
Cavanaugh Pearl 2/27/1921 1/6/1911 9 Missouri Porter County     Charles Cavanaugh New York Ester M. Leffel Ind Michigan City, Indiana
Cattrill Male 9/14/1885 Stillborn   Jackson Township     Milton Cattrill   Amanda Cattrill    
Cattrill Female 9/12/1886 Stillborn   Jackson Township     Milton Cattril          
Cattron Edith Mable 5/13/1885   7 USA       W.O. Cattron   Georgia Cattron    
Chael Dorothea M. H. 4/14/1903 3/27/1853 50 Germany Kouts     John Otte   Sofia Powley   Lutheran Cemetery Kouts, Indiana
Chaipsenelle Pietro 9/5/1906 6/13/1883 23 Italy Kouts     Michael Chaipsenelle Italy Celestina Totaro Italy Winamac, Indiana
Chamberlain Annie 2/14/1894   21 USA Valparaiso                  
Cayo Bernice 7/13/1914 1/25/1913 1 Indiana Chesterton     Julius U. Cayo Wisconsin Jennie A. Korotene Wisconsin Chesterton, Indiana
Cemus Maggie 8/27/1893   77 Ohio Porter County     Jacob Miller     Martin    
Cjraninio George 6/11/1913   20 Austria Liberty Township                 Chesterton
Chambers Catherine 2/19/1907   75 Ohio Valparaiso     John Lambert Ohio Ola Spencer Ohio Luddington Cemetery Porter County Indiana
Chambers Emma 7/15/1896   29   Valparaiso                  
Chambers Laura 2/26/1885   46 Pennsylvania Valparaiso     Benjamin Lambert   Larua Decker    
Chamberlain Arnie 2/14/1894   21   Porter County                  
Chambis John Marion 10/6/1926 9/22/1926 14 days Indiana Wheeler     Pete Chambis Greece Mabel Dunkelberger Ind McCool, Indiana
Chambers Albert 4/8/1914 4/6/1858 56 Indiana Valparaiso.     James