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Korea War Casualties from Lake County, Indiana

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Looking for Northwest Indiana Relatives from the Korean War?

The local Veterans Affairs Regional Office has a complete listing of Korean War casualties from Lake and Porter counties. The information includes the name, rank, branch of service, and date of casualty. These records are the only official documentation of the casualty since no death certificate, or discharge paper issued when a soldier died in the line of duty.

With this information, a researcher can go to The Times or the Post Tribune to find the obituary or story about the soldier. The Lake County and Porter County public libraries have microfilmed newspapers from this time period in their possession.

Local researchers can go to the local veteran affairs regional office for help in obtaining the information that is need. Those living out of the area may contact our list of local researchers for assistance in locating a relative from this era.

Researchers interested in learning more about military records might also be interested in the book How to Locate Anyone Who is or has been in the Military, by Lt. Col. Richard S Johnson and Debra Johnson Knox.

BECK William PFC Army March 9, 1951
BOOTH Herbert PFC Army July 30, 1950
BOYER Howard CPL Army September 5, 1951
BUDDENBURG James PFC USMC August 19, 1952
BYARD Billie PFC Army November 29, 1950
BYRD Glenn PRC USMC March 11, 1951
CHITWOOD Floyd MSGT Army February 12, 1951
CLARK Harold PVT Army February 13, 1951
CLARKE Wilson PFC Army October 12, 1952
CLAY Robert PVT Army August 10, 1950
CLEM Kenneth CPL Army July 20, 1950
COX Clarence SGT Army November 10, 1950
DAKE Russell PVT Army April 23, 1951
DOUGLAS William PVT Army October 17, 1951
FARLEY Jack PVT Army August 21, 1950
FORTNER Donald PFC Army March 7, 1951
GILLASPY Paul PVT Army June 6, 1951
HANCOCK Milton PVT Army October 15, 1952
HANEY Andrew CPL Army October 7, 1951
HOOPER Floyd PFC Army February 4, 1951
JEFFRIES Victor PFC Army February 1, 1951
LAMB William PFC Army August 23, 1951
LOSH John PFC Army September 10, 1950
McCREARY Addison CPL Army October 19, 1951
MEADOWS Kenneth PFC Army July 19, 1950
MILLER John PVT Army April 9, 1951
MOHNEY Gene PVT Army May 25, 1951
MOORE Thomas PFC Army July 20, 1950
MOORE Robert CAPT Army July 16, 1950
MORGAN Charles SFC Army November 4, 1951
MORRIS David PFC Army February 12, 1951
MURDOCK Jackie PVT Army July 6, 1950
NICHOLSON Franklin CPL Army April 11, 1951
PORTER Oscar CPL Army April 26, 1953
SECHMAN Donald PFC Army July 20, 1950
SHEA Jeremiah PFC Army September 24, 1951
SMITH Calvin SGT Army June 16, 1951
SMITH Paul PVT Army February 12, 1951
SNODDY Robert PFC USMC October 2, 1952
SNYDER Donald CPL Army October 14, 1952
SOOTS Walter PVT Army July 25, 1950
STROCKON Cecil PFC Army January 30, 1951
STULLER Charles SGT Army September 1, 1951
TANKSLEY James PVT Army March 24, 1953
TOOPS William 1LT USAF June 16, 1952
WAPLES Charles 1LT Army April 5, 1951
WASIAK Richard Lawrence PVT Army December 2, 1950

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