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The following lists of names appear in a booklet from a December 5, 1920, gathering of the Gary Elks Lodge. The original booklet is housed at the Lake County Historical Society, Crown Point, Indiana. We hope that this transcription of the booklet will help the genealogist and/or historian place one of their family members in the Gary area at that time. Note that surnames are not necessarily in alphabetical order.


Sunday December 5, 1920
Orpheum Theatre at
5 p.m.

Once a year on the first Sunday of December the Elks Lodge No 1152 would gather to memorialize the members that have departed into the realms of eternity.

“The faults of our brothers we write upon the sands;
their virtues upon the tablets of love and memory”


RODGERS, James N.             January 2, 1911
LINKHART, Harry                 November 9, 1912
GORDON, Edwin R.              December 20, 1912
DORMAN, Clarence C.           January 27, 1913
GILLIS, Joseph W.              January 30, 1913
MacNEILL, Wm.                  December 4, 1913
SHEA, Jeremiah T.              May 13, 1914
SHAW, Frank A.                  September 24, 1914
MORRIS, Edward                 October 23, 1914
PAINTER, George G.            October 27, 1914
WILSON, Henry P                February 3, 1915
KIRK, John                         November 2, 1915
HUTTON, Levi                     November 26, 1915
PAINE, Henry A.                  July 14, 1916
RHODES, Louis J.                December 7, 1916
SASSLINE, W. O.                January 11, 1917
MEYER, James B.                March 5, 1917
ALBIN, Chas C.                   August 10, 1917
SCHAFFER, A. D.                 March 28, 1918
BECKHART, J. C.                 April 18, 1918
DAOUST, H. J.                    June 24, 1919
ECKSTROM, Harold              February 5, 1920
DWYER, Frank                    June 6, 1920
ARCAND, Geo T.                 Sept 13, 1920


GLEASON, W. P.                 1909-1910
BRENNAN John A.                1910-1911
HUNTER, Clyde                   1911-1912
NORTON, H. S.                   1912-1913
MacCRACKEN, H. F.             1913-1914
WELLS, Kay M.                   1914-1915
GREENWALD, Chas.             1915-1916
HAGUE, James V.                1916-1917
LEONHART, H. K.                1917-1918
BALDWIN, Fred L.                1918-1919
NUPPNAU, Chas P.               1919-1920


FRIEDMAN, Jacob E.            BLANK, A.M.
TOMBER, A.                       BLOCK, Abe


ORBISON Chas, J. Judge -
Indianapolis Lodge No 13
HUNTER Clyde - Gary Lodge No. 1152


Exalted Ruler                     Floyd D. SAXTON
Esteemed Leading Knight     A .M. BLANK
Esteemed Loyal Knight         Geo. E. WEEKS
Esteemed Lecturing Knight   Frank J. MC MICHAEL
Secretary                          H. K. LEONHART
Treasurer                          J. P. BRELLAHAN
Esquire                              Weyman ALGER
Tiler                                  Robert KURTH
Chaplain                            Victor THORSEN
Inner Guard                       Harold SUMMERS





AARONSON, Sam                ALLEN, Samuel, Lon
ADAMS, Barney                  ANDERSON, Edgar
ADAMS, Paul A.                  ANDERSON, Chas. O.
ADAMS, R. Earl                   ANDERSON, F. L.
AFTON, Norbert L.               ANGELL, GEO. L.
ALBRIGHT, John                  ARMBRECHT, A. C.
ALGER, Frank                      ARNETT, Lex C.
ALGER, Weyman                 ASPINWALL, John H.
ALLEN, F. T.                       ATKINS, Chas. S.
ALGER, Lewis                      ASHFORD, Wm. E.


BADER, Chas L.                   BELL, John H.
BAEHRET, R. M.                  BELL, John
BAIN, Leslie, R.                   BENIGHT, Donald E.
BAIRD, John G.                   BENIGHT, Ray
BAIRD, Fred O.                   BENSER, Julius
BAIRD, Wm. K.                    BERG, Walter C.
BAKER, Carl D.                    BERKSON, Louis
BAKER, Chas M.                  BERNARD, Harry
BALDWIN, Fred L.                BERWANGER, Joseph L.
BANDY, Alfred M.                BIAGI, Carlo
BANE, John L.                     BIALAS, Edward
BARBER, Peter F.                BILLINGS, Wm H.
BARD, S. Poulton                BINZEN, Michael
BARKAM, C. F., Jr.               BINZEN, Theodore
BARNES, Louis E.                BINZER, Fred
BARNES, Owen L.                BLACK, Floyd S.
BARRETT, M. L.                  BLANK, A. M.
BARTON, Carroll                  BLAIR, Oscar
BATCHELDER, H. L.              BLANK, Chas A.
BAYTON, E. G.                    BLOCK, Abe
BEACH, Dill F.                     BLOOM, Isaac
BECK, B. G.                        BOCKENHEUSER, Albert
BECK, Harry W.                  BOEHM, Joseph S.
BECKHAM, Jos. D., Jr.          BOLTE, Frederick H.
BEERS, James R.                 BOOTH, Samuel H.
BEINE, H. E.                       BORRMAN, F. C.
BELL, A. H.                        BOYD, Alex M.
BELL, Forrest H.                  BOYD, John S.
BOYD, Robert R.                 BROWN, Joseph E.
BOWLER, C. W.                   BROWN, Marion
BOWSHER, Ivan P.              BROWN, Matt J.
BRANDS, C. Fred                 BROWN, Neil
BRAND, John D.                  BROWN, Olin
BRATICH, Christopher R.      BROWN, Sidney N.
BRAUN, A. L.                      BUCKLIN, Stanley
BRELLAHAN, J.P.                 BUERGIN, Wm. J.
BRENNAN, John A.               BURKE, John B.
BRENNAN, Joseph V.            BURKE, John T.
BRENNAN, M. W.                 BURKE, Leo A.
BRIER, H. F.                       BURKE, M. L.
BRIGGS, Harrison R.             BIRKE, Samuel N.
BRITTON, J. E.                   BURKE, Thomas J.
BRINEY, Chas. E.                BURKE, Thos. P.
BROWN, Clarence R.            BURNETT, Frank R.
BROWN, Donald                  BURNS, James W.
BROWN, Edwin H., Jr.           BUSHONG, A. T.
BROWNE, John F.                BUTTS, Marshall


CAINE, Harry A.                  CHRISTENSON, M. O.
CALDER, W. A.                   CLARK, H. E.
CAMPBELL, Charles             CLARK, J. A.
CAMPBELL, Frederick L.        CLARK, Lee L.
CAMPBELL, Gordon C.          CLEMENTS, Jos S.
CAMBELL, R. F.                  CLEMENTS, Murrel C.
CANADAY, O. B.                 CLIFF, Chas E.
CARGILL, Frank R.               CLIFFORD, John P.
CARMICHAEL, A. F.             CLINGER, Chas. C.
CAMICHAEL, R. D.               CLINKHAM, C. H.
CARPENTER, F .D.               CLOTHIER, Ernest J.
CARR, Homer J.                  CLUM, Harvey R.
CARLYLE, Chas Ball             CLUNE, Thomas
CARROLL, James J.              COGLEY, Harold E.
CASTLE, Clarence A.           COHN, Lewis L.
CASPER, W. D.                   COHN, J. A.
CASEY, Joseph A.               COLE, R. A.
CAVANAUGH, F. J.              COLLETTER, A. L.
CECIL, Henry J.                  COLLINS, F. H.
CERY, Harold                      COLLINS, F. C.
CHMELA, Joseph M.             COMBS, L. L.
CHRISMAN, H. O.                CONDON, E. J.
CONNELLY, James H.           CRAIG, A. P.
COOLEY, Harry T.               CRAIG, F. M.
COOK, Jake M., Jr.              CRAIG, James A.
COOPER, Walter G.             CRAWFORD, Earl J.
CORBIN, Frank J.                CRIPPEN, E.
CORNS, Walter C.               CRONIN, William P.
CONRAY, Edward                CROSBIE, James
COTHARP, Ralph A.             CULBERTSON, W. O.
CONNOR, W. J.                   CULLERTON, Peter M.
CONWAY, James J.             CUNNING, R. V.
COTHERY, Joseph H.           CUPPLES, J. S.
COWAN, Joseph S.              CURNANE, J. J.
COYLE, M. J.                     CURTICE, Edward B.
COX, Charles D.                 CURTIS, Harvey J.


DIAGLER, Henry T.              DIERKING, Geo P.
DANFORTH, Clarence N.       DILLING, Geo A.
DANIELS, F. C.                   DIVEL, Harvey W.
DANIELS, Joseph H.            DONAHUE, Thos. E.
DANIELS, Thomas               DOHAHY, John B.
DAVIDSON, Chas. D.           DONLIN, James A.
DAVIES, John                     DOORLEY, James A.
DAVIES, E. R.                    DOORLEY, Robt, M.
DAVIES, J. E.                     DORMAN, John, C.
DAVIS, Martin H.                DOUGAN, Walter
DAVIES, P. J.                     DOUGLASS, R. A.
DAVIS, Howard M.              DOUGLASS, W. L.
DAVIS, Hoy D.                   DOWLING, James F.
DAVIS, John E.                   DRAPER, F. S.
DAVIS, L. E.                      DRISCOLL, Bernard, E.
DAWSON, Charles H.           DUKE, L. M.
DeBOLD, Jos. A.                 DUNN, William M.
DeHAAN, Paul                    DUNN, Paul
DeHAAN, Peter                   DUNNIGAN, C. A.
DENNEWITZ, Carl, O.           DUNNIGAN, Wm. N.
DENNISON, Claude O.          DVITT, J. K.
DEPUTY, Ralph P.               DVORSKY, B. J.
DERION, M. H.                    DWYER, John
DEUTSCH, Jos. L.               DWYER, MARTIN J.
DEWEY, Frank T.                DWYER, Ray D.
DIRKING, David                   DYE, Burrell T.


EARL, H. B.                        ENGLE, S.G.
EASON, Frank B.                 ENGLEHART , Harry R.
ECKLEY, Earl                      ENGLEHART, T. W.
EGBERT, Edward                 ERICKSON, Herbert
EICHENGREEN, D.                ERNEST, Charles
ELBE, Ed, G.                      ETTEL, B. F.
ELLMAN, Anthony G.           EWALT, Robt. M.
ELKINS, Walter                   EVANS, Wm. L.
ELSER, Irwin S.                  EVANS, Samuel, L.
ENGEL, Albert E.                 EZER, O. D.


FAGE, William C.                 FLEIG, Frank H.
FAHEY, James F.                FLEMING, Geo. G.
FANSHEE, Wm F.                FLIGHNER, Forrest D.
FARRELL, Harold K.              FLOOD, James O.
FARRELL, L. J.                    FLOYD, John D.
FATE, Clarence P.               FLOYD, Leroy L.
FAUST, Chauncey               FODOR, E. R.
FEELY, Joseph J.                FORBES, W. K.
FEISTER, Walter                 FOREMAN, Herbert E.
FELIX, Glenn H.                  FORTE, R. O.
FELIX, Matthew F.              FOSTER, Harry L.
FERGUSON, Isador              FRANCIS, H. C.
FERMAN, Joseph W.            FRANCKE, Richard C.
FEUER, William S.                FRANK, Sol
FEY, Anton                        FRAZURE, F. A.
FIFIELD, Otto G.                 FREDRICKSEN, John C., Jr.
FINCH, Paul M.                   FREW, R.L.
FISHER, H. B.                     FRIDLHOLM, Bernard
FISHER, J. F.                     FRIEDMAN, Jacob E.
FISHER, J. Foster               FRYDENLUND, T. J.
FISHER, Roy V.                  FRYE, J. Fred Fraser
FISK, Henry B.                   FULER, Arthur
FITZGERALD J. J.                FULTON, Wm. J.
FITZGERALD, Mike              FLANAGAN, W. C.


GAFFNEY, Matthew J.          GANNON, G. W.
GALLAGHER, H. J.               GARDNER, Clark M.
GALLAGHER, W. H.              GAYNOR, John
GALLOWAY, Frank, M.         GEBHARDT, H. C.
GEOHEGAN, H. J.                GREEN, G. S.
GERBER, Robt.                    GREEN, HARRY
GERBERICK, Vincent W.        GREENE, Ralph O.
GIBSON, Wm., Jr.               GREENBERGER, Bernard
GILLER, Edw. J.                  GREENBERGER, Max
GLANCY, Leroy                   GREENBURG, J. A.
GLEASON Wm. P.                GREENWALD, Chas E.
GLOVER, Edward C.             GREER, E. B.
GOLDSTEIN, Harry              GREGORY, A.G.
GOLDSTEN, LEON                GROOM, John L.
GOODTEIN, A. L.                GROVE, A.C.
GORDON, Joseph A.             GUENBAUM, Harry
GRACE, Edw. J.                  GUIPE, Harry W.
GRAF, Gus C.                     GUNDERSON, George
GRAND, David                    GUNDY, Thomas
GRATNER, Bert                   GUILFO, Peter D.
GRAVES, Bernard S.            GUTELINE, H. H.


HAAK, Charles                    HASSLER, Griffin E.
HAGUE, Harry                     HABERTHUR, August A.
HAGUE, James, V.               HATHAWAY, H. O.
HAHN, Oliver J.                   HAUK, Wm. F.
HALL, Arthur                      HAUSER, Albert
HALL, Claud B.                   HAUSER, Carson W.
HALEY, E. F.                      HAVRILLA, George
HALLES, W. J.                    HAVRILLA, Michael
HALSTEAD, Arthur              HAVRILLA, Wm. B.
HALSTROM, A.                   HAWKINS, Glenn D.
HAMAN, Fred                     HAWLEY, Clark W.
HAMILTON, Fred G.             HAY, W. Howard
HAMMOND, H. A.                HAYES, Thomas J.
HANNAN, Thos, R.               HAYES, R. N.
HANNON, Thos, J.               HAYNES, Estle N.
HANSEN, Fred J.                 HEIKEMA, Jacob
HARDY, Charles                  HEINTZ, Pontus
HARMAN, Harry W.              HELIN, Alex F.
HARRINGTON, E. B.             HENDERSON, Jos. P.
HARRIS, J. GLENN               HENNESSY, John J.
HARRIS, L. Massey              HENNESSY, M. I.
HENNESSY, William H.          HOGAN, John W.
HERR, John D.                    HOLMES, J. T.
HERSHMAN, Geo E.             HOOD, H. C.
HERVEY, Arthur                  HOOD, Harry
HEADRICK, Blair R. V.           HOOPER, Daniel, W.
HEATHERLY, John E.            HOOPER, Elisha, C.
HECK, C. F.                       HOPKINS, Robert M.
HEIDE, August F.                HOPPER, M. S.
HEIDE, Wm. F.                   HORST, FRED J.
HEUCK, Henry                    HORSTETTER, Homer H.
HICKEY, John A.                 HOTTELL, Lynn
HIGHLANDS, H. F.               HOWE, Chas F.
HIGHLANDS, H. H.               HUBINGER, Erwin
HIGGINS, L. J.                    HUGE, Stewart A.
HILE, Fred C.                     HUGHES, Henry H.
HILLMAN, John                   HUMMELL, Wm. H.
HIRSHORN, Nimo L.             HUNTER, Clyde
HIRSCHBERTG, Michael        HUNTER, Thomas P.
HODGE, Richard T.              HURTT, Russell D.
HOEFFLE, G. F.                  HIRSCHBERG, Sam


ISAY, Max                         IHLE, Paul


JACOBS, Roe M.                 JOHNSON, R. O.
JAMES, James                    JOHNSON, Theodore
JAMES, R. F., Jr.                JONES, Chester R.
JEWELL, Burt E.                  JONES, Harry
JIMERSON, C. A.                 JONES, James M.
JOHNSON, Chase B.            JORDAN, J. E.
JOHNSON, Edmon F.            JULIAN, Ralph W.


KAHAN, Harry L.                 KEIGHER, Bernard M.
KANKINSON, Geo M.            KELLY, F. H.
KAPLAN, Joseph B.              KELLEHER, J. C.
KAPSCH, Jacob                  KEMP, Howard H.
KAPSCH, Joseph                 KENNDEY, Wm P.
KEARNEY, A. M.                  KENNEDY, Jos. J.
KEARNS, T. H.                    KENNEDY, Patrick W.
KEELEY, Edward L.              KENWARD, Chas F.
KENNEDY, John H.               KLEINMAN, Edward
KERIN, Wm R.                    KLEINSCHIMIDT, Ed. H.
KERR, Wm S.                     KNIGHT, John H.
KEYES, Robt. P.                 KNOST, Chas G.
KILPATRICK, J. O.               KNISLEY, Ferne, A.
KILPATRICK, Gordon E.        KNIGGE, Arthur, W.
KILLGALLON, Jerry J.           KOCH, Phillip R.
N.         KOHN, E.A.
KILLIGREW, John                KOSCHINICK, Aug J.
KILLIGREW, W. J.                KOSCHNICK, Clarence J.
KIMBLE, Frank E.                KOZOROWSKI, Leo J.
KIMMEL, Chas P.                KRAMER, Ralph N.
KING, Paul D.                     KRANER, James
KINNALLY, John F.              KRAUSE, L.V.
Roy C.        KRESS, Pete
KINDER, Dwight M.              KUCEWICZ, Chas A.
KINZEL, G. M.                    KUNERT, Wm C.
KIRK, Edw. A.                    KURTH, Robert
KLEFFEL, A. H.                   KUSSBAUL, Walter


LAFFERTY, Josiah L.            LENNERTZ, Carl W.
LA FREMIER, Rudolph           LEONHART, H. K.
LAKIN, Howard S.               LEVERETT, Gorham V.
LAMBERG, Emil A.                LEVY, Sam J.
LAMP, Emil                        LEWIS, Wm. E.
LAMP, August W.                LICTENFELS, Edw. T.
LANDECK, E. R.                  LINDERMUTH, L.
LANG, Chars, W.                 LINN, Wm. J.
LARSON, Harry M.               LINTON, Irwin P.
LASSAR, Abraham               LINTON, Wm.
LAUE, W. P.                       LOCKWOOD, Geo. C.
LAUE, G. F.                       LODWIG, Brinley
E.         LOGAN, H. C.
LAWRENCE, Wm. L.             LONG, J. Harding
LAWRENCE, John T.            LONG, Harry W.
LEACH, Matthew                LOWELL, Chas. O.
LEARY, C. M.                     LUCAS, B. A.
LEE, Charles L.                   LUCK, W. A.
LEE, J. J.                          LUND, S. J.
LEE, Clayton P.                  LUSVARDI, William
LEHMAN, V.R.                    LYON, Myron B.
LEIBOLE, M. D.                   LYON, E. F.


McALLISTER, J. M.              McFADDEN, John
McALLISTER, John              McFARLANE, Bert R.
McBRIDE, Matthew             McGHEE, Stanley E.
McCARTNEY, James            McGINNITY, Geo. A.
McCARTNEY, Virgil A.          McGUNNIS, Chas. J.
McCARROLL, John E.           McGill, Arthur P.
McCAULEY, Jos P.               McGUIRE, P. J.
McCAFFERY, S. M.              McGREGER, S. A.
McCHESNEY, Harry H.          McHENRY, Wm. H.
McCORMICK, Arthur F.         McHENRY, Henry
McCLOSKY, R. M.               McKENIZIE, Maurice
McDONALD, P. J.                McKIE, James E.
McDONALD, Wm.                McMICHAEL, Frank J.
McDOWELL, John M.            McTENNON, Geo.
McDOWELL, Joseph J.          McWAYNE, Clarence


MacCRACKEN, Henry F.        MENEAR, Harry A.
MACK, Harry L.                   MENNINGER, Jacob M.
MACLENNON, Raymond        MERRITT, Geo. M.
MADISON, Roy B.                MESSNES, Lou
MADERA, David G.               METCALF, J.
, Frank                   MEYER, Elmer E.
MANCZYNSKI, Theo.           MCHAELY, A. H.
MANION, James F.              MICK, JOHN R.
MANLEY, John                    MILGRAM, Sam H.
MANLOVE, Geo. H.              MILLER, A. F.
Marshall                 MILLER, L. R.
MARCUS, David                  MILLER, Henry, Jr.
MARCHAL, Edward F.           MILLER,
Raleigh O.
MARKLEY, Wm.                   MILGRAM, David H.
MARKS, John                     MILLSTONE, Joseph H.
MARQUARDT, Wm. J.           MILLSTONE, Israel, S.
MARTIN, Alfred                   MINAS, R. H.
MARTIN, CHAS, S.              MINNICH, Virgil S.
MARTIN, A.V.                     MISSMAN, RALPH H.
MARSH, Edward B.              MITCHELL, JOHN R.
MATTICE, Olin R.                MORGAN, GEO. L.
MAXWELL, Chas F.              MORGAN, Mark G.
MAY, Raymond P.               MORGAN, Donald B.
MAYHAK, Oscar                  MONTAGUE, John P.
MELTON, A. P.                   MOE, Ingwald
MOHLER, Arthur G.              MUSCAT, Soly
MONASEE, Sam                  MURQUIS, Wm. P.
MONTGOMERY, M. G.           MULLEN, Frank L.
MORRIS, Joseph                 MULLEN, Joseph L.
MORRISON, E. H.                MURRAY, P. A.
MORRISON, J. H.                MULLEN, John E.
MORTON, D. C.                  MURPHY, P. J. L.
MORTON, O. D.                  MUNDEN, John L.
MORTON, Walter O.            MURPHY, H. E.
MOSHER, R. L.                   MURPHY, H. G.
MOY, Wm. J.                     MUSGROVE, John, E.
MURLEY, E. M.                   MYERS, H. C.


E.          NIMMO, Lloyd A.
NARCOVICH, Bryan S.          NOLAN, John J.
NAY, Clarence F.                NORTON, E. Miles
NELSON, Gilbert                  NORTON, Floyd E.
NELSON, Wm. J.                 NUPPNAU, Chas. P.
NESSER, John                    NUSBAUM, Meyer
NEUNFELDT, Aug. W.           NUSBAUM, Wilber
NEWLIN, R. S.                    NUSBRAUM, Roy E.
NICHOLSON, Harry M.          NYGAARD, R. P.
NEWER, Claude


OAK, Lyndon H.                  O.CONNOR, Harold A.
OAKLEY, John R.                 O’DONNELL, George
OATES, Chas. J.                 OGILVIE, Robt. L.
OATES, Wm. H.                  O’ROURKE, John P.
O’BRIEN, Louis G.                O’SHEA, Jack
OCCLESTON, John H.           OVERMYER, Geo. C.
O’CONNOR, Maurice


PARKER, D. J.                     PATTON, Richard E.
PARKING, Fred A.                PAYZER, Stanley D.
PARRISH, Clifford C.            PENLAND, John H.
PARR, Carl C.                     PENDLETON, Claud M.
Vernon                   PERRILL, Cliff G.
PAPPAS, Don P.                  PERRING, Walter J.
PATTERSON, W. P.             PETTIJOHN, J. E.
PATTERSON, Phillip E.          PETERSON, C. A.
PHELPS, John B.                 PRITCHARD, D. Stuart
PLUMMER, T. M.                 PROWELL, Paul T.
POLLOK, V. B.                    PROWELL, Paul
POTTER, Ray D.                 PSCHOOR, Wm. J
POTTS, Nathan T.              PYCHA, Jerome


RADIGAN Michael F.            ROGERS, Benj. J.
RALPH, Robt. A.                 ROGERS, Carl B.
RANSGAW, O. J.                 ROGERS, Joseph
RANGE, C. F.                      ROGGE, G. C.
RANKINS, K. P.                   ROLLINGS, Reginald
RAY, Harry W.                    ROPER, Evan J.
REDDING, Daniel P.              ROSIN, Harry
REDMAN, G. F.                   ROSS, A. W.
REED, Geo. B.                     ROSSL, Max
REESE, James R.                 ROTHERMEL, W. C.
REISS, Martin M.                RUBACH, Hobart
RHOADS, Forrest                RUBACH, R. B.
RHOADS, Fern W.               RUDD, Edw. A.
RICHTER, Otto                   RUDOLPH, Luther H.
RICKERT, Harry A.               RUGER, R. R.
RICKS, L. F.                       RUMAN, Isaac
RILEY, W. G.                      RUST, George D.
RIMMER, Geo. W.                RUMAN, George
RINEHART, W. G.                RYAN, C. W.
ROACH, F. T.                     RYAN, James
ROBERTS, John J.               RYAN, Wm. T.
ROCKFORD, John D.             RYAN, Thos. L.


SALSIG, Harry D.                SCHAVEY, G. F.
SASSE, Herman E.              SCHMITT, Robert V.
SAUTER, Geo. V.                SCHMIDT, Clarence
SAXTON, Floyd D.               SCHAVEY, Geo. F.
SACKETT, Ross O.              SCHILLEN, Joseph H.
SARGENT, Louis A.              SCHAAF, F. R.
SCHMIDT, Carl K.                SCOTT, John W.
SCHMOEGER, Aug               SCHAEFER, Geo. J.
SCHUESSLER, Fred A.          SCHROEDER, Herbert G.
SCULL, R. C.                      SCHIESS, H. A.
SEABRIGHT, Fred                SMITH, Jas. T.
SEBERGER, Omer                SMITH, Chas. M.
SEEGER, Henry L.               SNYDER, Olaff W.
SENSIBAR, Jacob                SNYDER, J. R.
SELSTEAD, Edward             SNYDER, Paris L.
SHAFER, Eugene F.             SNYDER, Henry B.
SHAY, John                       SOTOCH, Michael
SHEARER, C. C.                  SOMMERS, Harry W.
SHRYOCK, Virgil P.              SPINDLER, Raymond L.
SHAFFER, John W.              STRAYER, Lansing W.
SHRYOCK, Paul L.               STEPHENS, Jos. D.
SHUMAN, C. G.                   STROSBERGER, M. J.
SHAVER, DAVID G.              STANTON, Jas E.
SHUTT, Claud M.                STAPLETON, Roger J.
SIMARD, Frank E.               STEIFEL, O. C.
SIMON, Lewis                    STETSON, John W.
SIPPLE, E. J.                      STEVENS, Perry H.
SITKA, Stanley J.               STORM, Gust
SINGER, Sam Harris             STRAITS, E. C.
SINES, Fred                       STRINGFELLOW, Harry
SICILLIA, Victor                 STUBER, Gustav F.
SKINNER, Chas, H.              STULTS, Fred M.
SKILTON, John J.                STURGESS, Geo. C, W.
SLOCUM, John                   STURGESS, Geo. M.
SLICK, Carroll                     STEWARD, Harrison B.
SLOAN, W. J.                     SULLIVAN, Ed M.
SMITH, Edwin W.                SULLIVAN, E. F.
SMITH, Vaughn                  SULLIVAN, Frank J.
SMITH, Wallace C.              SULTBAUGH, Harry L.
SMITH, Benjamin F.             SUMMERS, Arthur M.
SMITH, H. F.                     SUMMERS, Harold L.
SMITH, Houston S.             SWARTZ, Eugene H.
SMITH, J. A.                      SWANSON, F. B.
SMITH, R. J.                      SWANK, Robert W.
SMITH, Rudolph J.              SZYMANSKIM E. J.


TALBOTT, W. S.                 TEMPLETON, C. R.
TAYLOR, Carl                     TEMPLETON, Robt. D.
TEFFT, Leo E.                    THOMPSON, Geo. L.
TEEPLE, D. B.                     THOMPSON, Hugh H.
THOMPSON, J. W.               TITTLE, John
THOMPSON, Luttrell            TODD, Rollo S.
THATCHER, Harry E.            TOMPT, Alfred T.
THOMPSON, Virgil R.            TOWER, Harold
THORSEN, Victor E.             TOMBER, S. Abe
TIMMER, Carl A.                 TRAEGER, Jack L.
TITTLE, Fred                      TROST, Joseph H.
TITTLE, Frank J.                 TUCKER, W. M.
TITTLE, James A.               TUERFF, Herbert H.
TITTLE, Joseph                  TURNER, John D.


UHL, Wm. C.                      UMPLEBY, Donald J.
ULAM, David M.                  UMPLEBY, James R.


VAUGHN, Charles F.            VODICKA, James


WACHTER, John                 WELCH, Chas. F.
WAFEL, E. Ellswort              WELLS, Kay M.
WAEVTHER, Geo. J.             WERBER, Herman H.
WAGNOR, Clifford J.            WESTERGREN, R. W.
WAITE, Allen D.                  WESTERGREEN, William
WALKER, A. J.                    WEST, Geo. T.
WAKE, John W.                  WESTERGREEN, Martin L.
WALES, F. A.                     WHITE, Paul G.
WALKER, C. J.                    WHEATON, Herbert I.
WALSH, Vincent T.             WHELAN, H. J., Jr.
WARD, R. O.                      WHITE, Baker T.
WARNER, Arthur C.             WHITE, Wm. J.
WARWEG, Harry                 WHITSON, Paul B.
WATKINS, George               WILD, Alvin
WEAVER, G. B.                   WILDERMAN, Geo. F.
WEBBER, John H.                WILLIAMS, Floyd E.
WEBBER, Wm. H.                WILES, R. A.
WEBBER, Roy J.                  WILSON, Harry V.
WEBSTER, B. F.                  WILSON, R. E.
WEEDMAN, Carl C.              WILLIAMS, Wm. J.
WEEKS, Geo. E.                  WILLIAMS, Donald H.
WEIGEL, Fred D.                 WILTON, W. O.
WEISS, Joseph                   WILSON, Lightner G.
WILKINS, R. R.                   WOOD, Rundell N.
WILLAMS, T. M.                 WOOD, Harold P.
WINDMULLER, Arthur H.       WOOD, Carl J.
WISE, Clair E.                    WRIGHT, W. G.
WISHER, Gordan P.             WRIGHT, R. B.
WOOD, Rundell N.


YALOWITZ, Edward             YOST, Harry
YALOWITZ, Henry               YOUNG, Vernon U.

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