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The book, Our Answer, Being A Record of The East Chicago High School in The World War, A Tribute from the High School to Her Boys in the Service, East Chicago, Indiana, June, 1919, is located in the East Chicago Room in the East Chicago Public Library, 2401 East Columbus Drive, East Chicago, Indiana 46312. The articles on each boy/man are anywhere from a half dozen lines up to a page. If you are interested in any of these people, please contact the East Chicago Public Library. There are pictures included with almost every name.

This book was prepared by 41 students of the Senior Class of 1919 in order to pay tribute to the teachers, alumni, and undergraduates of the East Chicago High School who answered their country’s call by entering the Army, Navy, Marines or S.A.T.C. Those students are as follows:

BARKER, Harold
BOGGS, Norman
DAY, George
De HOLL, Gesiene
EATON, Valma
HILL, Elouise
HUGHES, Lillian
HUISH, Eugene
JONES, Herbert
KELLY, Isabel
KETCIK, Milton
KRILL, Hazel
LEVIN, Nathan
McCORMACK, Beatrice
McCOY, GailMEADE, William
ROBERTS, Frances
SCHWAB, Clarence
SMITH, Irene
SMITH, Roland
SWIGER, Mildred


ALLEN, James, b. 1892, New Zealand, Physical Training Inst. at E.C.W.; Grad. Chgo Phy. Train. School
BELL, Bruce, b. 4/22/1887 at Saratoga, Kan., Manual Train. Inst. At E.C.W., 1st Lt. In 139th M.G. Comp.
BERGLUND, Frank, b. 11/20/1898 at Milwaukee, WISC; Camped Hempstead, L.I. NY; Disch 12/13/18
BLAND, Roy, b. 1894 at Bourbon, IN; at Camp Custer, Mi.1st Lt.; to Eng. 8/1/1917, 2 weeks later to Fran
BUNTING, Earl Harry; 2nd Lt.Stationed Camp Jackson; Disch. 3/1/1919 Fort Sills, OKLA, US Reserve Co
CALLAHAN, Jack, b. 6/5/1899; Enl. 4/29/1918 in Med. Corps.; stationed at Toule, France 1918
CANINE, Ralph J., b. 11/9/1895 in Flora, IN; Grad. 1912;Attend NW Med Col. Chgo., taught ECW \
CARNES, Kenneth, b.11/2/1893 at Mt. Zion, Wells Co., IN; Sgt.at Camp Gordon, GA; DISC 2/3/1919
CHERRY, Lester,b. 1/30/1890 in St. Charles, ILL; in Eng. 10/10/1918; In France Jun, Jul, Aug 1918
CLARK, Howard, Jr., Capt. b. 5/17/1893, Salina Kan.; Grad ECW 1910; Grad. I.U. A.B. in Eng.;(article)
COHEN, Harry, entered ECW 1904, dropped 1904; DISC. 12/14/1918, Vancouver Bar., Vancouver, WA
COLLINS, William, b. 8/11/1894 in Shieldmuir Scotland, arrived US 8/13/1904; Grad ECW 1912 Art.)
CONSTANT, Orville C., b. 11.27.1898, arrv. E.C. 1907; drove ammunition truck Alsace Front (see Art.)
CURRY, Lee, b. E. Chgo.; Drop. ECW in 1914 when Soph.; Serg. Ele. Eng. Dept., Ft. Stevens, WASH
CURRY, Will, b. E.Chgo.; Ele. School Harrison School; Drop H.S. when Soph.; in 131st Ill Inf.
DICKES, Herman W., b. ½/1892 at Canton, Ohio; Phy. Inst. ECW; Corporal 10/1/1918; DISC 2/6/1919
CONOVAN, William H., b. 11/1/1895 in E.C.; 3 yrs. ECW; sent to France 7/2/1918 but did not see action
DREESEN, Claude H.b. 4/6/1891 at E. Side, Chgo; Grad ECW 1911; 1st Lt.; In Co.M, 112th Inf, 28th Div
DREESEN, John J., b. 1/30/1893 at E. Side Chgo.; Grad 1911 ECW; 1st Lt.; 3rd Bat. France, no action
DRUMMOND, John F., 1st Lt.; s/o Mrs. E. S Drummond; Grad 1914 No.West. Un. Dental School. Surg.
EGHERMAN, Abe, b. 10/17/1899 in Roumania, Europe; arrv. US 1904; Chgo 1906; EC 1911; ECW 4mo
FEIK, Roy W., b. June 1890 in La Moillel, ILL; Capt. 8/1918;Teach Biology ECW;Married in Miss.
FILSON, Dwight, b. 1/28/1902 New Lisbon, IN; arrv. E.C. 7 months later; enlisted 1/9/1917 (long article)
FISHER, Eugene, b. 2/18/1899 at Muncie, IN; Grad ECW 1916; Reject Amer. Army; join Canadian Army
FLEMING, Arlington, b. 2/16/1900 at Detroit; fought at front 9/8/1918 to 11/11/1918; DISC 3/6/1919
FOX, Hayden, b. 7/12/1900 at Cleveland; Enl. 12/1917; drove ammunition truck 3 months St. Mihiel
GALICK, Louis, b. 2/16/1899 in Chicago; 1908 moved to Ind Harbor; enlisted 5/1/1917 in Ind. Harbor
GARDNER, William, b. 1/28/1894 at Muncie, IN; Grad 1912 ECW; 1st Sgt, 6/8/1918 in Co. D; build hosp.
GIVEN, Milton A., b. 11/17/1888 in Poland, Rus.; arrv US when 9; Grad ECW 1907; Grad 1911 NW Univ6/1911 Asst Super. Windfield Tuber. San.; 1/1912 Cook Co. Hosp. As intern; 1915 mar. Esther Cohn; From EC W.H.S.; 1915 to Des Moines set up practice; Enlist Med Corp 6/1917; serv France(article)
HALSTEAD, Paul, b. 3/20/1897 in Toledo, Ohio; Grad ECW 1916; Attn N.W. Dental School; sent to Camp Meade, MD drove ambulance; DISC. 1/25/1919; married Lillian Lewis, ECW Grad. 1917
HARTLEY, John, b. 1899 in E.C.; left school 1910 to work with father; enl. E.C. Co. L, was 1st class Sgt.
HASCALL, Lesh, b. 8/3/1888 in Goshen, IN; Grad 1904 ECW; attd. Culver Mil. Acdy; Grad 1910 Purdue Chem. Dept.; left for Franced 4/1/1918; he was railroad officer supply men in the lines with “corned willie”; never saw action but subjected to night bombing raids quite often’ married, two children
HUCKER, Carlton, b. 1/12/1899, Franklin, N.J.; Moved to Wharton, N.J, then Ind, Harbor; Quit 9th year; worked drafting dept. Inland Steel until enlisted; in 3rd Co., Artillery; disch. from Panama Canal
HATHAWAY, Haroldm b. 9/28/1898 at Winamac, IN; moved to Ind. Harbor in 1914; play in 18th Band
HEGLIN, Ray, b. 4/20/1899 at Monon, IN, moved to I.H. before attending school; disch. 2/18/1919, ILL
HENRY, Wm., b. 10/9/1883 at Springfield, ILL, Grad 1903, Grad. Purdue 1907; commissioned 1st Lt., HUISH, George H., b. 5/20/1897 at Muncie, IN, moved to I.H. in 1902, quit 2nd yr. H.S.; enl. 8/1/1918
JARACZ, Walter, 1st Lt., b. 5/10/1894 in I.H.; Grad. 1912; entered Chicago Col. of Physicians and Surg.; spent 2 yrs in hosp. as intern at St. Louis, MO; entered 3/1/1918 in Medical Corps. (more)
JOHNSTONE, Jack, 2nd Lt.; b. 5/14/1893 in Wishaw, Scotland; when 10 yrs came to left Scotland and came directly to I.H.; was in partnership with brother-Lake Co. Vulcanizing Co.; sent overseas to Paris
JOHNSTONE, James, b. 7/20/1896 in Wishaw Scotland; on 2/5/1918 made Corp; on 11/23/1918 made Sergeant; went overseas on 3/16/1919
JORDAN, Wilson K., b. 12/19/1896 in Portsmouth, OH; moved Hammond when 3 yrs.; moved to E.C. for H.S.; in almost all atheletics; starred in basketball; good debater; grad. 1916; entered I. U. Bloomington
JOYCE, Stephen, b. 4/1/1894 in Letonia, OH, worked as clerk Hubbard Steel Foundry; enl. 9/1917; sent to France 3/1918 was sergeant; disch. 3/27/1919
KEENAN, Frank E., b. 11/16/1894 in E. Chgo.; Grad St. mary’s Parochial School; attended H.S one year enl 5/7/1917 in Quartermasters Corp; made Sgt. 9/3/1917; on 4/1/1919 serving Bordeaux, France
LEVIN, Eli, b. 9/28/1892 in Chicago; Grad in 1911; went to Ill. Univ.for 2 yrs.; Grad. Ill Med School 1917; then went to Chicago Col. of Physicians and Surgeons, interned Inland Steel Co. Hosp.; 2nd Lt.
LEVIN, Reuben, b. 11/30/1893; Grad 1913; Attend Chicago and N.W. Univ.; Member Sigma Pi Frat.
LEWIS, Alan, b. 6/29/1897in E.C.; played football, baseball and capt of track team; disch 1/9/1919
LLOYD, William, , ent serv. 4/11/1917 with Artillery; overseas 8/18/1917; attained Sergeant, disc 2/1919
LONG, Harry C., b. 4/17/1895 near Dayton, PA; came to I.H. in 1905; enl. 4/20/1917; assigned to 7th Cavalry L. Troop, Fort Bliss, TX; On 12/13/1917 while in cavalry drill, thrown from horse and the horse feel on him and killed him; buried at Dayton, PA
LOVIN, James R., b. 7/23/1898 in Muncie, IN; Came to I. H. when young; Priv. In 17th Artillery
LUCAS, Frank, b. 1/4/1900 in Russia; came to Amer 5/16/1909; remained in N.Y few days and came to Indiana Harbor 5/25/1909; disch. 3/27/1919 at Camp Taylor, KY
LUKENS, Boyd, b. Muncie, IN; Grad H.S. 1914; attended Culber Military School and later IN Univ.
MARTIN, Clarence, Corp., b. 5/14/1895in Watseka, ILL; came to E.C. 1904; grad 1913; enlist. Infantry 8/26/1918 reported to Camp Sherman, OH, spent time playing nurse when the “Flu” epidemic hit the camp, because he was one of the very few of his company who did not have it, disc 12/1918
MATASAR, Sam, b. Chicago; attended Lincoln and Riley schools and 1st yr H.S. in 2/1918; rejected from           U.S.Army and enlisted in Canadian Army on 8/8/1917
MATTOX, Henry, b. 3/14/1897 at Crescent City, ILL; Quit school as soph.; took commercial course at So. Chicago Business College afterwards working for Inland Mill and American Steel Mill; enl. 5/2/1917
McSHANE, John J., b. 7/7/1897 Pittsburgh, PA, nicknamed Mickey; went al through school in E.C.;
MILLER, Paul, Lt.; b. 10/30/1899 in Middleburg, N.Y.; came to E.C. in 1914; finished H.S. in 3 yrs; charter member of Olympia Debating Society; Grad. 1915, entered N.W. Univ in 1918; commissioned 2nd Lt. In Infantry Officer’s Reserve Corp 1/14/1919; disch. 1/15/1919; returned to N.W. Univ 3/31/1919
MOORE, William, entered H.S. in 1909 but withdrew; no other data
MOREA, Vernon, b. 7/5/1901 in Chicago; attended H.S. 2-1/2 yrs.; tried many times to enter the Service but each time was rejected on account of underweight; succeeded 4/1/1918; at Camp Jackson presently
MOREA, William Wirt; b. 7/21/1897 in Chicago; nickname “Frenchy”; in 28th Infantry, Co. H, 1st Div.
MOSES, Harold, Sgt. Major; from Garret, IN; stayed short time moved to Chicago; Harold started Soph year H.S.; came out from Chicago to finish educ.; V.P. class of 1917; Editor-in-Chief of Anvil; Pres. Of Lavoisier Scientif Soc, a member of “Lotus” staff and member of Olympia Debating Soc.; known as a “would-be women hater”; 1st boy from E.C.H.S. to enslist 4/24/1917, a few days after his 18th birthday;
MOSNY, George, b. 5/1/1894 in Irondale, ILL; went to E.C.H.S. 1910 and 1911; worked in Real Estate Dept at Citizens Trust & Savings bank for 3 years; enl. 5/29/1917 in Aviation Corps; arr Eng. 3/5/1918
MOSNY, John, b. 6/3/1896 in Chgo.; moved to I.H. in 1901; ent. H.S. 1912, quit 1914 to go to work
MYREN, Stanley F., b. 4/13/1899 in St. Louis, MO; enl in Chicago 4/16/1917 disch 4/3/1919
O’CONNELL, John, b. 12/16/1893 in Chicago; came to E.C. when 6; quit before end of Freshmen yr and went to St. Cyril’s College in Chicago, distinguished in all branches of Athletics; discharged. 2/20/1919
O’CONNOR, Jack, Corp. b. 1893 in Chicago; grad. Lincoln School 1907, attended E.C.H.S. 2 yrs. Worked at Republic Steel as shipping clerk; joined Army 3/6/1918; promoted to Corp 2/15/1919
O’CONNOR, Tom, b. 1895 in Chicago; grad Lincoln Grammar school 1908; Grad E.C.H.S. 1912 and went to Northwestern Univ. Enl. In Dental Reserves at Northwestern 12/15/1917 where he remained until his discharge on 1/15/1919
OTTENHEIMER, Lester, b. 1/4/1894 in Hammond; grad E.C.H.S. 1912; spent 1 yr Ind Univ; then went to Law School at Northwestern for 3 yrs; 6/1918 entered Aviation Corps at Urbana, ILL. Discharged 11/11/1918. Married Alta Specter, also a grad E.C.H. S. in 1912
PETERS, Edward J., b. 12/21/1892 in Chicago, enl. 5/1917; employed as chief photographer for Inland
PHILLIPS, Harvey, 2nd Lt.; b. 3/24/1897 in E.C.; entered Purdue 1916; enl. 4/16/1917 in engineer dept. (Quite a long article)
POTESTA, Bennie, b. 7/19/1899; enl. 2/1/1918, wounded 10/21/1918; left leg amputated above knee because of wound
PULLING, Joe, b. 4/1/1892 on an Indian Reservation at Darlington, Okla. Enl. 8/1/1918
PULLING, Louis, Capt., b. 3/25/1897 at Starkville, Colo. Attended E.C. H.S. 2 yrs. Moved to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, entered the Collegiate Institute there; worked for Grasselli Chem Co at Hamilton
RIEL, Edward, b. 2/15/1890 in Chicago; Grad. 1907 E.C.H.S. and went to Purdue for motor engineering; grad. 4 yrs later; enl. 3/20/1918; rejected for poor eyesight when ready to sail overseas.
RILEY, William, 1st Lt., grad. E.C.H.S. 1910; studied and completed medical course, became one of the Inland Steel Company’s physicians; enl in Medical Corp and went to France
RISBERG, Andrew, Sgt., b. 2/6/1897 in So. Chicago, grad E.C.H.S. 1915, worked for Edward Valve Mfg. Co. had several promotions; enl. 6/4/1918 in Medical Corp. arrvd France 9/7/1918
ROBINSON, Russel F. Capt., born and grad Dana H.S. (Ind) in 1908; entered Ind. State Normal Institute in Terre Haute, grad 1913; came to E.C. in fall of 1916 as teacher of Gen’l Science; enl. 5/12/1917
ROSENTHAL, David Theodore, b. 10/4/1896 in Joliet, ILL; moved to E.c. age of 7; grad 6/1912 E.C.H.S. grad 1916 B.A. Literature, Science and Arts at Michigan; addl year spent at Mich in Law and then to northwestern Univ Law school; enl. 5/25/1918; arrv home 3/8/1919; manage Rosenthals
ROSENTHAL, Julius, “Snaps”, b. 5/4/1899 in Joliet; enl. 5/2/1917 (did not grad); Disch. 2/27/1919
SAYLOR, Richard, b. 3/1/1900 at Falls City, Neb.; Also lived in San Juan, TX; stayed 2 yrs E.C.H.S.
SCHLIEKER, Grant, 1st Lt.; b. 3/8/1896; Grad E.C.H.S. 1915; went to Ind. Univ. enl. 3/1917
SHOEMAKER, William J. B., Grad. 1914; went to Ind. Univ for 1-1/2 yrs and worked at Inland Steel;
SMITH, Leonard, 2nd Lt., b. 5/2/1896 in E.C.; spent 1 yr Northwestern; enl. 11/2/1917;
SPECTER, Walter, Sergt-Major, b. 9/18/1898 in E.C.; grad 1916; work 1 yr Hubbard Steel Foundry enl 8/18/1917 while working for Goldsmith Detinning Co.; Discharged 3/1919
SPEEDY, Clarence, b. Irondale, OHIO
SPENCE, Ernest, b. 11/13/1890 at Boston, Mass; Grad E.C.H.S. 1912; was farming in Plymouth, In when enl. 8/20/1917 in 309th Engineering Corp; left for France summer of 1918
STEVENS, R. A., 1st Lt., Grad Avon H.S. in Avon, ILL; entered Knox College, Galesburg, ILL, grad 1916; came to E.C. 1917 enl 5/12/1917
WALTON, Rex, Sergt.; Grad E.C.H.S. in 1915; enl. 4/27/1917; Disch. 12/24/1918 (long article)
WELDON, Frank E., Corporal Chemical Warfare.; b. 5/20/1900 at Chicago; attend 2 yrs E.C.H.S.; enl. 5/21/1918; helped train many units going overseas but not go himself; at Camp Kendrick, Lakehurst, NJ
WICKEY, Wesley, b. 1/30/1897 in E.C.; Grad 1916; after grrad worked for Lake Co. Ice & Cold Storage Co. enl. 8/1/1918; on 9/1/1918 went to France landing at Bordeaux; on 10/29/1918 transf to Limoges
WILCOX, Charles Blair, b. 3/9/1900 in Apollo, PA; attend E.C.H.S. until 1916; working in the Electrical Dept at Buffington; enl. 3/1917; In 11/1917 sailed for England
WILLIAMS, Hubert, “Rip”, b. 4/13/1895 in Phoenix, IN; Grad E.C.H.S. 1912; worked 2 yrs Universal Portland Cement Plant; then attended Art Institute for 3 years and became commercial artist; rejected many times but finally accepted 9/23/1918; disch 1/6/1919; employed by Swift & Co, Chicago
WILLIAMS, Llewellyn D., b. 1896 in Chicago Heights; Moved to Joliet 1902; Few years later moved to E.C.; Grad. 1913; worked at Bates Plant; his eye was severly hurt playing basketball and was not able to pass test to enlist but succeeded finally 7/7/1918 in Motor Mechanics Dept.; Sent to France 10/20/1918
ZIMMERMAN, Harry, Corp.; b. 3/4/1898 in Toluca, ILL; when 5 yrs old moved to E.C.; Grad 1914; went to Ind. Univ for 2 years; then entered business with father; went to service 8/27/1918


BERGLUND, John, C.P.O.; b. 2/14/1894 in Manistee, MI; attended public in Milwaukee, WISC; attend E.C.H.S. one yr.; Enl. 3/9/1918 in U.S. Coast Guard stationed Barge Off., Battery NY, Disch 12/20/1918
BIGNEY, A. L., Ensign; Faculty member in 1917; enlisted in Merchant Marine, b. Moore’s Hill, IN
CUTLER, Leslie H.; b. 3/16/1897 at Youngstown, OHIO; came to E.C. during grade school; entered H.S. Fall of 1912; enl. 6/21/1918 at Great Lake, ILL; Disch. 1/1/1919; worked International Lead Refining Co.
DAVIS, John; b. 5/1893 in Baltimore, MD; moved to E.C. 1907; withdrew E.C.H.S. 1910; worked at Inland Steel as chemist; joined Navy and re-enlisted in 1915; was a 1st class Pharmacist;s Mate; Discharged Feb. 1919; Spring 1919 plunged in Hudson River and saved life of young boy; presently employed by Cunard Steamship Co and resides with his brother in Bayonne, N.J.
DIXON, Edward, b. 12/26/1896; after attend H.S. 2 yrs, entered Technical Institute in Chicago, studied drafting; enl. At Great Lake Naval Training on 6/3/1918 as 2nd class seaman, Disch. 1/8/1919; Married 11/5/1918 to Mabel Deraine Thomas, grad of E.C.H.S. 1915
DIXON, Louis J.; b. 8/11/1893 in E.C.;attended 2 yrs E.C.H.S.; worked switchman for IHB at Gibson; Enl. 4/20/1917 sent to Great Lakes Navel Training Station
EDGAR, Harold, b. 1/10/1898 in E.C.; attended part Freshman yr at E.C.H.S.; Ens. 5/3/1918 at Great Lakes and became 2nd Class Gunner’s Mate; Disch 2/28/1919 at Newport News, VA; works at Inland Steel Co.
FOEDISCH, W. C., was E.C. Basketball Coach from Feb. to may 1918; Enl. 5/1/1918 at Municipal Pier Training School; sailed in March 1919
HEGLIN, Roy, b. 4/20/1899 at Monon, IN; Enl. 8/1918 sent to Great Lakes
HILL, Arthur, b. 3/13/1897 in E.C.; Grad H.S. 1913; Enl. 6/18/1918 at Great Lakes; Disch 12/3/1918
JONES, A. R. Ensign; b. 1892 at Van Kroff, NEB; attended Bellevue College at Bellevue, NEB; was coach at E.C.H.S. in Fall of 1917; Enl. 12/8/1917; Disch. 3/1919; never went overseas
LEWIS, Lyle, b. 3/30/1901 in E.C.; attended H.S. until Sophomore in 1918 enl. 6/1/1918; sent to Brest France and in 1919 was a Second Class Seaman
LEWIS, Paul, b. 10/4/1896 in Terre Haute, IN; attended E.C.H.S. 3 yrs leaving 1915; employed Hubbard Steel Co as craneman before enlistment; enl. 4/20/1917; since armistice was signed, stationed at Plymouth, England and is 2nd Class Electrician. Enlisted for 4 years
LUNDQUIST, Lurel, b. 1898 in LaPorte, IN; came to E.C. early grad 1915 E.C.H.S.; was Pres. Of Class of ‘13, ‘14, and ‘15 and is Senior Pres. Of class at Ann Arbor, Mi Univ.; enl in U.S.N R. at Univ.; He went in training along with his daily school work and discharged in Dec. 1918
McGILL, Jesse, b. about 1902; attended Freshman yr in 1918. Worked for Inland during summer 1918; rejected by Navy so entered Merchant Marines as signalman. After discharged, enlisted in Navy
McGILL, Robert Vernon, b. about 1898 in America; worked at Inland before and after serving in War
McVEY, Glenn, Elect. Mate, b. Easter Sunday, 4/18/1897 at Lafayette, IN; come to E.C. when 2 yrs. Old; withdrew from H.S in first year to work for Northern Ind. Gas & Ele. Co. to learn electrician’s trade; enl. 7/5/1918 to Great Lakes; Disch. 12/20/1918 presently working with Graver Tank Works
MISEVICH, Alex, b. 1899 in Russia; came to America when 12 yrs.; left school when Soph.; Enl. 9/1917 in Wireless Corps in the Navy
MARCOVISH, Paul, b. 8/6/1898 in Adobest, Roumania; came to America when 4 yrs. Old; came to Indiana Harbor when 5; Grad. 1916 E.C.H.S.; Enl. 10/1/1918 in the S.A.T.C. at Bloomington; 10/5/1918 transf. To Naval Reserve; Release signed 12/21/1918; working at Father’s exchange
MORRIS, James Henry, b. 11/7/1896 in Chicago; came to I.H when 7; before enl 7/15/1918, he worked as a clerk in the office of Buffington Cement Co.; Disch. 3/18/1919
QUINN, Maurice James, b. 7/30/1896 in Brazil, IN; grad from St. Mary;s Parochial School in Brazil and from E.C.H.S. in 1915; had typhoid for 2 months; Enl. 7/15/1918 at Great Lakes; Disch. 3/26/1919 and returned to work at Hubbard Steel Foundry
STIRLING, Edward R., “Barney”, b. 7/22/1899 in E.C.; withdrew H.S. in Freshman year; Enl. 4/6/1917
THUE, Martin J., C.P.O.; b. 3/17/1888 in Bristol, WIS.; came to E.C. 1914 as Head of Hist Dept at H.S.; Enl. 8/22/1917 and discharged 12/14/1918 and resumed his duties at E.C.H.S. on 1/6/1919 (long Article)


DUPES, Karl, b. 11/12/1891 at Dunkirk, OH; came to I.H. 1906; stayed 2 yrs H.S. (Very long article)
FISH, Ferol, “Snoodles”. B. 2/19/1900 at Windom, MINN; Grad E.C.H.S. 1916; worked at Inland Steel, enl. 5/14/1918; as of 1919 still in service at Newport News, VA
KIRK, Pursel, b. 9/26/1900 in North Indianapolis; came to E.C. early in life, Hammond first for a short time, then E.C.; withdrew H.S. when Junior; worked for Sinclair Oil Co. left for Culver Military Academy and joined Marines 10/10/1918 in Chicago; awarded Sharpshooter’s Medal
LLOYD, Thomas, 2nd Lt.; b. 12/4/1894 at Linn Grove, Iowa; came to E.C. beginning of Sr. Year, class of 1913; attended Morningside College, Sioux City, IA for 3-1/2 yrs; Enl. 6/1918
RUDOLPH, Henry, b. 3/8/1902 in Penn.; early years in PA, attended H.S. until 9th Grade; then sent to Military School in Racine, Wisc. For 1 yr then to St. John’s Military School in Salina, Kan. Enl. 11/9/1918
SHEEKS, Earl, b. 9/7/1899 in Teegarden, IN; attend E.C.H.S. 3 yrs.; enl. 10/2/1918
WISTRAND, Harry, did not grad E.C.H.S.; residing at Pittsburgh, PA when enlisted 4/1917; sailed for France May 1918; gassed at Belleau Woods and again at Blanc Mont; wounded by shrapnel in Soissons on July 19


CARLSON, Theodore, b. 11/17/1898 in Chicago, grad E.C.H.S. 1917; joined SATC at Univ of Ill
GIVEN, Eugene, b. 3/25/1897 in Poland, came to E.C. when 7; attended Univ of Mich. Ann Arbor 1915 for 3 yrs, entered univ of Chicago enl 7/19/1918
DUPES, Marion, b. 8/28/1900 in Chicago, came to I.H. 1906, grad E.C.H.S. 1918; entered SATC at Chicago Univ, discharged 12/12/1918
FEIN, Louis, b. 11/15/1895 in Chicago, moved to Kensington, Ill in 1902, moved to I.H. 1909, grad E.C.H.S. 1914, was in civil service for 2-1/2 yrs., entered N.W. Univ in 1916 in dental course, enl 12/31/1917 in Medical Reserve Corp, discharged 12/31/1918
HERMANSDORFER, Paul, Corp., grad 8th grade McKinley Grammar School, entered Harrison H.S Feb 1914, left school in 2nd year, enl 10/12/1918 in U.S. Army Motor Transportation, disc 12/14/1918
GEORGE, Lawrence, b. 5/19/1898 in Chicago; in 1917 went to Valparaiso Univ and there to Ind Univ., enl. 10/7/1917 and disch 12/21/1918
LA BOUNTY, Fred, b. 2/12/1897 in Chicago, quit H.S. when sophomore, enl 8/1/1918, disch. Dec 1918
LARSON, Ivar, b. 11/9/1899 in E. C., grad 1916, entered Purdue School of Engineering fall 1917, enl. At Purdue on 10/11/1918, discharged Dec. 19, 1918
McCORMACK, Vincent, Corp, b. 10/22/1898 at Terre Haute, grad 1918 E.C., enl. 10/15/1918 transfered to Valparaiso, Ind in motor Transportation Corps as Corp., discharged 12/12/1918
McQUISTON, Caryl,, b. 7/11/1899 in Valparaiso; grad 1918, enl SATC at Urbana Ill, Disch. 12/21/1918
MOSNY, Joseph, b. 7/28/1898 in Chicago, grad 1916 and post grad course 1917, fall of 1917 entered Ind., Univ.; during 1918 joined ROTC returned to school fall 1918 joined SATC, disc 12/21/1918
QUINN, Earl Sylvester, b. 4/24/1894 in Brazil, IN, grad 1910 St. Mary’s School, E.C.; grad 1913 E.C.H.S., worked 2 yrs Inland Steel, entered N.W. Univ course of Dentistry, enl M.E.R.C. 4/30/1918, trans to SATC 10/23/1918, discharged 12/17/1918; graduates from N.W.U. in 1919
SAUNDERS, Reese, b. 4/4/1898 in Cleveland, grad 1917, worked Inland when enl 10/1/1918 Discharged 12/21/1918, in 1919 working at Inland, residing at 3415 Grapevine St., Ind. Harbor
SIRLIN, Tony, Corp., b. 9/8/1899 in Muncie, moved to Whiting 1900, moved to I.H. few years later, grad 1918, entered SATC 10/1/1918 while at Indianapolis at Ind. Dental College, disc. 12/11/1918
SKRENTNY, Matthew, b. 6/8/1898 in Matters, Maryland, movedto New Britain, Conn, in 1906, enteredH.S. at New Britain in 1912, moved to I.H. 1916,after grad entered N.W Univ. taking up dentistry, enl 10/2/1918, discharged 12/17/1918
SLOCOMB, C. Raymond, b. 8/1/1899 in Lowell, IN, grad E.C. 1917, in Sept 1917 entered Purdue and enl in the SATC there on 10/11/1918 and discharged 12/19/1918
SOMLYO, Joseph, b. 8/16/1897 in Vienna, Austria, came to N.Y. when 4 where stayed 11 years, grad 1915 took art course at Art Institute and later one in Architecture at Armour Institute, enl. 10/1/1918 in SATC at Armour Institute, Disch 12/6/1918, will grad June 1919 from Armour
SPECTER, Wilmont, “Spec”, b. 4/6/1899 in E.C., grad 1916, went to work Wm Graver Tank Works as paymaster, enl. 9/15/1918 in SATC at Northwestern Univ in Law and Dental Detachment, Dis 12/17/1918
THOMAS, Frank, b. 11/15/1899 in Muncie, moved to E.C. 1905, left school 1917 and went to Western State Normal in kalamazoo, Mich, enl 11/1/1917 there, disch 11/11/1918
WILLIAMS, Vernon, Sgt., b. 10/10/1897 in Joliet, Ill, grad 1915, worked as Asst Foreman Hypo Dept at Grasselli Chem Co., E.C., until enl 10/14/1918, disch. 12/11/1918 and returned to old position at Grasselli Chem Co.
ZIMMERMAN, Leo M. “Zim”, entered H.S. fall 1911, grad age 16 in 1915, and took post grad course, entered Ind. Univ. in 1916 as a Sophomore and started to study surgery, enl. 10/1918 in SATC, spent two months fighting the “Flu”, assisted organizing emergency hospital and put in charge of a ward, disch. Dec. 1918 and returned to Indiana to finish his course, will grad with B.A. 6/1919

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