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Lake County Circuit Court Docket Book - January 2, 1884 to June 12, 1888

This book was NOT microfilmed and the Lake County Circuit Court Clerk has not been able to locate any of these records. In the late 1960s, what is now the “Old Court House” had some flooding and some records were destroyed because of it. We therefore suggest that you visit or contact The Lake County Public Library, Periodical Department, 1919 West 81st Avenue, Merrillville, Indiana 46410-5382, the Crown Point Community Library, or the Indiana State Library to view the microfilms of the early newspapers, Lake County Register and the Lake County Star.

You may also be able to locate a local researcher if you are unable to make it to one of these libraries to conduct research. In addition, we have published an index of the docket book that may assist you with your research.

A Circuit Court Docket Book shows the court term, claim number, date, names of the plaintiff and defendant, attorneys, and the kind of action. Examples of kinds of actions include divorces, assault and battery, quiet titles, foreclosures, bastardies, drawing deadly weapon, selling liquor to a minor, among others.

According to the 1851 Indiana Constitution:

Section 8: The Circuit Courts shall each consist of one Judge and shall have such civil and criminal jurisdiction as may be prescribed by law.

Section 9: The State shall, from time to time, be divided into judicial circuits; and a judge for each circuit shall be elected by the voters thereof.  He shall reside with the circuit, and shall hold his office for the term of six years, if he so long behave well.

Section 10: The General Assembly may provide, by law, that the Judge of one circuit may hold the Courts of another circuit, in cases of necessity or convenience; and in case of temporary inability of any Judge, from sickness or other cause, to hold the Courts in his circuit, provision may be made, by law, for holding such courts.

Section 11: There shall be elected, in each judicial circuit, by the voters thereof, a Prosecuting Attorney, who shall hold his office for two years.

Section 13: The judges of the Supreme Court and Circuit Courts shall, at stated times, receive a compensation, which shall not be diminished during their continuance in office.

Section 18: All criminal prosecutions shall be carried on, in the name, and by the authority of the State; and the style of all process shall be: “The State of Indiana."

Attorneys, plaintiff, and defendant throughout this publication were:

Agnew & Border

Baker, John H.

Bartholemew & Crumpacker

Bartholemew, H.

Bartholomew, A. D.

Bozareth, N. J.

Bradley, J. H.

Buesch, A.

Bullock, Asa

Burrough, J. L.

Burson & Mattingly

Burson & Spangler

Cass, J. E.

Cleveland, Tim

Crumpacker & Dowdell

Crumpacker, Bozarth & Dowdell (Porter County)

Crumpacker, E. D.

Dowdell & Wood


Easley, George W.

Eldridge & McMahan

Fancher & Reading

Fancher, T. S.

Friedley & Armstrong

Gartside, J. M.

Gillette, H. A.

Gillette, John H.

Gray, J. P.

Griffin & Ross

Griffin & Son & Stillwell

Griffin, Charles F.

Griffin, E.  & Son

Griffin, Samuel

Hale, Charles E.

Hardy, C. M.

Howard & Merrifield

Johnston & McLaughlin

Johnston & Pagin

Johnston, William O.

Jones & Jones (DeMotte)

Jones, A. L.

Knotts & Krinter

Knotts, A. F.

Kopelke, Johannes

Lincoln, T. J.

Ling, John

McDonald, Donald

McMahan, W. C.

Merrifield, Thomas J.

Morton, C. N.

Morton, Smith

Murphy, George A.

Newberger & Kingsburgy

Nye & Nye

Nye, J. C.

Peterson & Beerman

Peterson & Calkins

Peterson, John B.

Pettibone, Robert F.

Primrey, W. E.

Rose, Merrifield & Skinner

Russell, W. H.

Skinner & Johnston

Slick, J. S.

Smith, E. E.

Spangler & Steis (Pulaski County)

Stillwell & Griffin

Thomas, Leslie


Wettengil, Louis

Wile Harphame & Thomas

Wood & Wood

Youche, J. W.

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