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Index of Land Transfers and Assessment Records for Calumet Township, Lake County, Indiana, 1895-1899

This index covers land transfers for Calumet Township only, Lake County, Indiana for the years 1895 thru 1899. The original deeds for these lands are housed at the Lake County Government Center in the Office of the Recorder, 2293 North Main Street, Crown Point, Indiana, 46307.

Originally, land was purchased from the Federal Government (known as a land grant or land patent). When the Federal Government wanted to “get out of the land selling business”, they gave grants for whatever land was remaining to each state. After the original purchase, land was

transferred between private persons. All purchases of land required recording in the county clerk’s office and then became known as Land Transfers.

Note that the Bureau of Land Management web site, http://www.glorecords.blm.gov, provides a good background on this subject and they have a database for searching for Federal Land Patents.

One of the best reasons for using land records is to locate your ancestors and also to be aware of the surrounding neighbors. Often times, young couples met their spouses from one of the neighboring farms, or relatives of these neighbors or even the adjoining farms/land.

Some of the terms used in this index are:

Deed: a legal document used to transfer title and ownership of property.

Quit Claim Deed: a deed which transfers land or real property without guarantee of clear title. Quit Claim Deeds are valuable in that the heirs of a deceased individual, especially if the deceased intestate, would all be listed on such a deed as the heirs of the property of the deceased.

Sheriff’s Deed: a deed given by the sheriff (with a court order) when land is sold to cover a debt or back taxes. It does not guarantee a clear title.

Tax Title Deed: the sale is the forced sale conducted by a government agency of Real Estate for non-payment of taxes.

Commissioner’s Deed: When property owners default on their mortgage, the mortgage company files a foreclosure action against them. The case will be referred to the Commissioner for sale of the property. Therefore, Commissioner’s deed are evidence of the legality and regularity of the sale of the lands conveyed.

Court Partitions: Partition is the legal process by which co-owners ask the court to force a sale or division of their property. It is the real property version of a divorce, often among family members or friends who own property together.

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