Interesting Facts

  1. John Humphreys was elected sheriff in 1836. He qualified but never served. As salaries at that time were not attractive, Mr. Humphreys swapped the office to Mr. Merriam, the man whom he defeated, for a shotgun.
  2. Then, in Nov. 1840, it became the duty of Mr. Meriam to hang John Lechner, near Augusta, the then county seat, for the murder of John Farley. That's Noble County's only legal hanging.
  3. The Old Jail was built in 1875-1876 for $27,000 and used until 1968. The Old Jail is 12 years older than our present courthouse.
  4. In 1880 Ham and Irons put down a new well at the County jail, which was operated by a wind wheel.
  5. The most infamous inmate, Marvin Kuhns escaped from our jail in 1889. He continued his life of crime and died at the hands of a sheriff’s posse near Van Wert, Ohio.
  6. In 1904-1908 prisoners helped with the labor on the dwelling Sheriff Metz built in Albion. They tried all conceivable means of escape but could not out-wit the sheriff.
  7. In 1908 the jail was wired for electricity.
  8. In a dimly remembered incident John Cleland while in office (1910-1914) was stabbed while in the line of duty.
  9. In 1918a prisoner hanged himself in the jail the first Sunday Charles Black was in office. Charles was about ready to return to the farm.
  10. In 1934 William Hoffman died in office
  11. In 1924-1928 when John Singleton was sheriff he asked Bill Huntsman to go with him, just for a ride, to serve a summons. While John was talking to his man, Bill got to toying with the handcuffs on the car seat and through curiosity tried them on. They locked and Bill was secure until John returned with the key.
  12. In 1932-1936, the stone wall around part of the lot was built while Irvin Cazier was sheriff. Prisoners did part of the shovel work. Stanley drove a span of ponies.
  13. In 1936-1938 while Roscoe Rimmell was in office, the garage was added to the property.
  14. In 1937 Sheriff Cazier had an experience in which he and an A & P clerk were wounded and an officer killed. A 1938 magazine in the museum gives the details of this event.
  15. Two children were born at the jail while their fathers were sheriffs.
  16. It is estimated that our sheriffs since 1836 have entertained at least 20,000 unwilling and ungrateful guests for periods from hours to months.

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