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We have been reorganizing the website here lately, and we apologize for any convenience we have caused in moving things around....but, maybe you'll find something new!


bullet We welcome Debbie Beheler as the new State Coordinator for InGenWeb.


bulletMost Wanted Madison County Ancestors have been indexed and compiled here on the website.  While you're looking up one of your ancestors, why not look up one of these?  If you wish to have your elusive ancestor from Madison County, IN included here, just contact the webmaster.
bullet Obituaries.  We have been compiling obituary records which pertain to Madison County Ancestors and making them available for viewing here at the website.  We have added some new ones to our index in the past week.
bulletMadison County Area Cemetery Database.  This database may help you find your ancestor who was buried in Madison County, as well as the death date and cemetery.  While it does not include all cemeteries, it includes a majority and is a vital tool.  Reach it thru our County Resources page, cemeteries.

Reminder:  The Index of Madison County Divorces, 1849-1880 can be reached thru County Resources>Civil Records.  (Original compilation was made by Haroldyne Zook in 1987 and we have indexed the entries from her compilation.)  While not every divorce may be listed, we are fortunate to have this source since our court house has burned a couple of times and records for divorce, before Dec. 10, 1880, were destroyed. 


bullet Remember, the Great War Society link.   https://sites.rootsweb.com/~inmadiso/history.htm, - Military - World War I.  This site is for the study of all aspects of World War I and how we have been affected by it in the 20th century.

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