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ANGLETON"The children of Mrs. Angleton of North Anderson, who was abused by a step-father will be taken to the (Orphan's) Home."  [Anderson Daily Bulletin, 7 Mar 1896.  The article also stated, "Re-Employed - Mrs. Ferrell Will Be Matron of the Orphan's Home Another Year.  The Commissioners today re-employed Mrs. Ferrell as matron of the Orphan's Home for another year. A visit to the home finds it in excellent condition. There are 49 inmates, forty of whom are boys.  Hereafter no children with both parents will be admitted....."].

BARBOURLucinda Barbour taken from the home by Mrs. Zimmer of Alexandria, June 5.  [Commissioners of Madison County Report:  Anderson Weekly Democrat, 15 June 1894.]

BEACH:  Blanch Beach and Otis Beach, taken  by their mother Mrs. Vina Beach, 26 Feb. 1894, Elwood, Indiana.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.]

BLAKE:  Mariah Stewart has adopted, as her heir-at-law, the 3 year old son of Abe Blake, and had his name changed to Frank Leslie Steward" [Anderson Democrat, 27 Nov. 1891]

BOGGS:  Ernest Boggs and Willie Boggs (2 of 4 children who are from Madison County and lived in Northern Indiana Orphan's Home in Laport, IN were taken by train to Grinnell, Iowa, November, 1893.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.] **Another note reported that day:  Ernest Boggs, age 10, was placed with Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Manor; and, Willie Boggs, aged 11, was placed with Mr. & Mrs. S. H. Fuller.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.] 

BOLTON:  Bolton Brothers.  A Sort Of Dog Fall - Judge Divan Strikes a Happy Medium in This Case.  Judge Diven rendered a decision this morning in the habeas corpus case brought by Hiram Bolton to secure the release of his two little boys from the county infirmary. Judge Diven in his decision struck what is generally conceded to be a happy medium. He ordered the two fellows away from the poor house but at the same time declined to place them with their worthless father. The court gave instructions that the two be placed on the Orphans' Home and they will be at once sent to that institution. [Elwood Daily Press, 25 September 1895]. 

BROWN:  Linnie & Mary Brown (2 of 4 children who are from Madison County and lived in Northern Indiana Orphan's Home in Laport, IN were taken by train to Grinnell, Iowa, November, 1893.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.]

CLEM:  Effie Clem.  "Little Effie Clem - An Affidavit Filed Stating That She Has Been Kidnapped."  Mr. & Mrs. Frank Phillips, who reside at the corner of Madison Avenue and Third Street, some months ago adopted Effie Clem, a bright eyed, bright minded eight year old orphan girl. They said they soon grew very fond of her and regarded her as they would their own child. Mrs. Phillips filed an affidavit in Squire McCarty's court Wednesday evening charging Wm. Shroad with kidnapping the girl. The Phillipses and Mr. Shroad, who is a farmer living near Strawtown, thirteen miles west of the city are distantly related. According to the story which the Phillipses tell Mr. Shroad has tried for several months to get possession of Effie, he wanting to raise her at his own home. They refused to give her up and Mrs. Phillips states that Shroad picked her up upon the street while she was on her way to school, placed her in his buggy and took her to his home."  [Anderson Morning Herald, 13 Nov 1896].

Another Article:  Kidnapped - Mrs. Phillips Makes Serious Charges Against Farmer Shuard - Mrs. Clara Phillips, living in the west part of the city filed an affidavid inSquire McCarey's court this afternoon against William Shuard, a farmer living west of the city, charging him with kidnapping Effie Clem, her adopted daughter.  Mrs. Phillips said it was in September that Shuard went to the school and took the child away with him.  [Anderson Daily Bulletin, 12 Oct. 1896.]

COLE:  Iona Cole, (1 of) 5 orphan children admitted to the Orphan Home.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.]

CORYFlorence McBeth Cory.  ".....Married Woman Adopted.   Killinger & Reardon today filed papers in the Circuit court for Mr. & Mrs. Hosea Funk, asking an order that they adopt Floorence McBeth Cory as their heir and her name be changed to Florence Funk.  Mrs. McBeth, mother of Florence, was a sister of Mr. funk and the little girl was left an orphan for 7 months.  She was taken into the Funk family and has been a member of it ever since.  She is now 25 years old.  About five years ago she was married to John Cory, but they afterword separated and were divorced.  Mr. Funk is a well-known and a well-to-do groceryman.  The Funks have no children.  [Anderson Daily Bulletin, 28 Nov. 1896.]
CRAMER:  Mabel Lulu Cramer.  COURT RECORD - Circuit Court - Ex parte Jennie Cramer, petition to adopt child Mabel Lulu Cramer.  Petition granted. [Anderson Morning Herald, 27 March 1896.] 

DORSEY:  Trissie Dorsey & brother (name not given);  (2 of) 5 orphan children admitted to the Orphan Home.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.]

DRAWHAN:  Admitted to the Home - Morrel J. Drawhan of Boone Tp., age 3 years.  Both father and mother died. [Commissioners of Madison County Report:  Anderson Weekly Democrat, 15 June 1894.]

FORD: James Ford.  "Runaway Boys"  James Ford and Albert Murphy, two runaway boys from the soldiers and sailors orphans home in Knightstown, were locked up by Patrolman Pritchard last night.  They were found at Tenth street and the Big Four railroad and said they left the home yesterday morning and were going to Chicago.  The superintendent of the home came up and took the boys back at noon.  [Anderson Daily Bulletin, 18 Aug, 1896].

HELVIE:  John Helvie, taken by Adam Unrue of Pendleton, 21 Jan 1894.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.]  John Helvie, returned 24 Dec 1893.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.]

HIATT:   Hattie Hiatt taken from the home June 5, '94 by Mr. Ally of this city.  [Commissioners of Madison County Report:  Anderson Weekly Democrat, 15 June 1894.]  

In March of 1896, this record was made of an attempted suicide:  "Attempted suicide - Miss Hattie Hiatt Grew Despondent - Without Purpose or Home She Sought Refuge From Life's Trials by Chloroform - She is Recovering". Hattie Hiatt, formerly an inmate of the county orphan's home but who has made her home with Mrs. Lambert at the corner of Jackson and Eleventh streets, as a domestic for several months took chloroform thursday night just to see what the effect would be.  The young girls has fits of despondency and it was during one of these spells that she did the w_k.  she was found by Mrs. Lambert lying on a bed in her room in a stupor and after a great effort she was rescectated (sp?).  After being dosed with all sorts of antidotes she was finally revived and by continuous walking was kept from relaxing into insensibility.  She had the partially emptied bottled hid in her dress and threatened to take the rest of its contents but was prevented by force.  She is still in a weak condition, but out of danger. The girl has no relatives and no friends who can take care of her and her occassional despondency comes from thoughts of this.  She is good looking and bright appearing, but it is said she shows symptoms of mental derangement at times of despondency.  Anderson  Morning Herald, 26 March, 1896.

HOWARD:  Charles Howard, age 3,  was admitted to the Home 13 Jan. 1894,  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.]

HUNNAMAKER:  Ralph Hunnamaker, taken by Mrs. Luch Winters, 13 Feb. 1894, of city.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.]

JARVIS:  Sarah J. Jarvis, age 6 and Jessie Jarvis, age 4.  Brought by their father James J. Jarvis of Florida, IN and admitted to the Home 7 Mar 1894.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.]

MANISEthel Manis taken from the home by Mr. Gardner, June 5, '94 of Summitville;  [Commissioners of Madison County Report:  Anderson Weekly Democrat, 15 June 1894.]

MANISJessie Manis, age 7, daughter of Jesse Manis was taken from the County Orphan's Home and adopted by the family of William Wigner, 186 W. 14th Street.  She has been ill treated by the Wigner's.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 31 Jul 1896.]  An earlier reference appeared also in the Anderson Morning Herald, 25 Jul 1896"Abused The Child - A Little Girl Yesterday Removed from Her Adopted Parents."  About two years ago little Jessie Manis, then seven years of age and the daughter of Jesse Manis, deceased, was taken to the County Orphan's Home and adopted into the family of William Wigner, 180 West 14th St. Township Trustee Shreeve has for some time been receiving evidence that the child was ill-treated and was thrown in evil associations. He made a demand at the Wigner home for her, but met a chilly reception. Yesterday he applied to the police for assistance and Patrolman Pritchard was detailed to get the little girl and take her back to the orphans home. On the way to the home the child told that she had been beaten many times by the Wringers".

MANIS:  Myrtle Manis was returned to the Home 02 Jan, 1894, by Mrs. Sadie McKinney.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.]

MILLER:  Amanda Miller by Mrs. Thos. Kinch, 06 Jan 1894, of City, taken as an adopted daughter.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.]

MILLER:  Cora Miller, taken by Joseph Zimmer, 12 Mar 1894, Alexandria, IN.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.]

MILLEREmma Miller, an inmate of the Orphan's Home, age 7 years, has found a comfortable home with Mr. & Mrs. John Walker of Pendleton. The Walker's have no children and Emma being a bright little girl, they concluded to adopt her.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat - 12 October, 1894]

MILLERCourtney Joseph Miller; Lydia Irene Miller.  "Remove Children from Perkinsville".   Courtney Joseph & Lydia Irene Miller, children of the late Hurlie Miller, were taken to the Soldier's Orphans Home at Knightstown to be cared for.  Mrs. Eva Miller, who has accepted a position at Muncie wilL keep a small daughter.  [Anderson Daily Bulletin 24 Sept. 1925].

MORRIS Brothers:  Two bright little boys age 10 and 7 are hunting their papa Joe Morris of Anderson. They come from Indianapolis. They have been sent to the Orphans Home.  [
Anderson Democrat, 2 October 1891].

MURPHY:  Albert Murphy.  (See note above on James Ford.)

NUNNAMAKER:  Edward Ray Nunnamaker, age 6 years, admitted to the Home 13 Jan 1894.  Parents Charles & Nellie Nunnamaker, Alexandria, IN.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.]

PINE:  Clark Pine, admitted May 12, 1894, age 3 years, by Trustee Kelley.  [Commissioners of Madison County Report:  Anderson Weekly Democrat, 15 June 1894.]

PRICE:  Jessie & Jimmie Price; (2 of) 5 orphan children admitted to the Orphan Home.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.]

RITCHIE:  Willie Ritchie.  "A Baby's Sad Lot - As A Last Resort It is Placed in the County Infirmary.  'Trustee Joe Hunter of Elwood and Mrs. Hunter were in the city last evening. They brought down with them little Willie Ritchie with the intention of placing him in the Orphan's home. The baby is only eleven months old and during its brief life has had its share of troubles. It's father died shortly after it was born and its mother deserted it at Elwood some months leaving it in the hands of its grandmother, who is quite old and an invalid.  She was unable to take care of it physically and financially so Trustee Hunter came to the rescue. It was taken to the Orphan's Home, but was refused admittance on account of age. Mr.& Mrs. Hunter then drove to the poor farm and left it there. When one year old it will be placed in the Orphans' Home'."  [Anderson Herald - Elwood Daily Press, 31 August 1895.]

SCOTT:  Virgie Scott, taken by her sister, Mrs. Anna Dehurst, 12 Jan, 1894.  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.]

SHARP:  Irene E. Sharp.  3 Articles show the particulars surrounding this story: 

1.)  "In the Matter of application of Irene E. Sharp for adoption of Benton E. Ronrig & Dilla E. Ronrig.  Circuit Court.  [Anderson Morning Herald, 23 Nov. 1896.]

2) "Baby Romig -She Came From the Soldiers Orphan's Home - Her Father.."  The Bulletin was in error Saturday as to some minor points connected with  the adoption of little Irene Sharp by Mr. & Mrs. Benton Romig of 92 South Hendricks street.  the child is by 5 years old and born in Henrdricks County.   She was taken from the So ldier's orphans' home near Knightstown and has been legally adopted.  Both her parents are dead.  Her father's name was F. L. Sharp, and he was a member of Co. C 51 Indiana Infantry.  Mr. & Mrs. Romig are anxious to know something of his history.  The little girl is an exceptionally bright child and fully believes the the Romigs are her parents.   They took a little girl from the poor asylum last summer and had fully attended to adopt her, but the child's mother came and took the little one
away. [Anderson Daily Bulletin, 30 Nov. 1896].

3)  "Adoption - A Little Girl And ........  Petitions in the Circuit Court to Make Them Members of the Family."   Mr & Mrs. Benton Rowing of Hazelwood today filed a petition in the Circuit court to adopt Irenne E. Sharp aged seven years. She was born in Hendricks County, Ind.  Her parents are both dead.  She had been an inmate of the Madison CountyOrphans' home until about two weeks ago when Mr. & Mrs. Rowing who have no children of their own took her into their family.  They  soon became attached to the little girl and will now give her their name and maker her their heir.  Ed Daily is attending to the legal part of the matter.  [Anderson Daily Bulletin, 28 Nov. 1896].

STANLEY:  Lillie Stanley.  "Dr. & Mrs. B. H. Perce adopt Lillie Stanley, aged nine.  Lillie is a child of Mrs. Amelia Stanley, who is not able to rear them as she would like. [Anderson Daily Bulletin, 19 Mar 1896].

STANLEY:  Emil Stanley (brother of Lillie Stanley).  
Emil g
oes to Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Spangler.  Emil is a child of Mrs. Amelia Stanley, who is not able to rear them as she would like. [Anderson Daily Bulletin, 19 Mar 1896].

SHAW:  Orville Shaw, by his mother 24 Dec. 1893; also Chester Shaw & Wayne Shaw.  (Taken from the Orphan Home.)  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 16 Mar 1894.]

UNDERWOOD: Gertrude Underwood.  "Safe With Friends - An Orphan from Arkansas Finally Arrives in Elwood.  Two months ago people in Harrisburg, Ark. wrote to Postmaster F. M. Harbit of Elwood, asking in any one by the name of Heater or Sansberry resided near there to which the reply in the affirmative. In a few days he received a letter saying that Miss Gertrude Underwood, aged sixteen had been left an orphan there and desired to go to her relatives and that they would start her on a certain date. The time of her arrival came and her friends Postmaster Harbit, and Rev. T .M. Guild watched the trains for several days, but she came not, and telegrams was sent to Harrisburg, Ark asking for her and it was learned that she had started. Then a letter came from Elwood, ILL, saying that she had been put off there by mistake and was being cared for by the Ladies Aid Society of the M. E. Church there. Postmaster Harbit received word yesterday that she would arrive on the 9:16 train from the west and with Rev. Guild and John Heater he met her at the train. Postmaster Harbit decided to give the unfortunate young girl a home and has taken her into his family and will care for her as his own child. She is an intelligent and prepossessing girl, and her romantic journey and its happy ending are all the talk.  [Anderson Daily Bulletin, 3 Mar 1896.]

UNKNOWN  "Pearl":  Monday night some unknown person called at the home of a prominent family living in the plate glass addition to Alexandria, and when the gentleman of the house went to the door the caller disappeared in the darkness. Looking out he saw a basket and taking it into the house found that it contained a bright little girl babe. the following note was found pinned to its clothing. "this little baby's name is Pearl _____. she was born November 8, 1894. We give up all claim on her and hope she will fall into the hands of good and careful people. May God bless her." where it came from who its parents are is a profound mystery. The people having no children of their own say they will keep it as their own."  [Anderson Weekly Democrat, 7 Dec. 1894].

WILLIAMSThere is a bright little three year old girl at the poor farm that some good family may adopt or take to raise if they wish to. She is pretty and intelligent. The little one belongs to Mrs. Williams of Ingalls who was recently abandoned by her husband leaving her with a little girl and a three months old boy. She was forced to go to the poor farm for the present and is serving in the capacity of cook there now. She wishes to give the girl away or place her in some good family and then she believes she can make her own living outside of the institution.  [Anderson Morning Herald, 7 June 1896.]

Various newspaper articles and notes of interest gleaned from assorted Madison County, Indiana newspapers, starting in 1891, provided the above data.  The records were transcribed by and provided by Mrs. Phyllis Hart Leedom, 2001. {Text was altered as necessary to share them here; however, we have tried to maintain the integrity of the record as much as possible.


Anderson Daily Bulletin, 10 March 1896.  The Orphans - Diphtheria Appears at their Home and Causes Alarm.  There is one case of diphtheria and indications of another at the Orphans Home. The disease developed yesterday and the sick child was at once quarantined in a separate room from the children's quarters. A card was tacked up at the Home today. Dr. Newlin is the attending physician.

Anderson Herald, 26 Sept. 1924.  Workers Executives at New County Orphans Home - (Picture) - Grouped At Main
Entrance Of The Institution - Left to right - Charles E. Thornburgh, his wife Mrs. Minerva Thornburgh, superintendent and matron; Mrs. J. J. Netterville, Mrs. J. A. VanOsdol, Mrs. W. H. Forse Jr., Anderson and Mrs. Florence Austill, Elwood, trustees of the Madison County Board of children's Guardians. 


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