LaPorte County Indiana Deaths
Name                        Birth Date      State          Death Date      Residence
WAAK, LESTER                9/3/1907        IN              June,1982      LA PORTE
WAAK, ROY                   12/14/1907      IN              Dec.,1982      LA PORTE
WABSHALL, ANNA              4/27/1887       IN              Feb.,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WABSHALL, ERNEST            1/6/1888        IN              June,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WACHOWSKI, DOROTHY          7/6/1917        IN              11-08-1992     MICHIGAN CITY
WACHOWSKI, JACOB            5/25/1887       IN              Oct.,1967      MICHIGAN CITY
WACKER, ERWIN               12/31/1923      NE              Oct.,29-1992   LA PORTE
WADAS, VERONICA             2/18/1914       IN              Oct.,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WADE, CATHERINE             7/21/1906       NJ              Oct.,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WADE, ETHEL                 1/23/1911       IN              July,1973      LA PORTE
WADE, JOSEPHINE             8/8/1916        IN              July,1983      LA PORTE
WADE, LEROY                 5/5/1929        IN              Dec.,1981      LA PORTE
WADE, LUTHER                10/12/1889      MS              Nov.,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
WADE, MARJORIE              4/11/1910       IN              Aug.,1992      LA PORTE
WADE, PATRICIA              2/13/30         IN              03-31-1991     LA PORTE
WADICK, MARY                6/13/1903       IN              July,1973      LA PORTE
WAGENMAN, DOROTHY           6/17/1920       IN              Aug.,1985      LA PORTE
WAGNER, ADELINE             11/30/1898      OH              June,1984      LA PORTE
WAGNER, CLARA               11/10/1894      IN              June,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WAGNER, EDMUND              4/2/1918        AR              12-01-1992     MICHIGAN CITY
WAGNER, EDWARD              10/27/1913      IN              Nov.,1985      WANATAH
WAGNER, ELSIE               9/3/1889        IN              June,1976      LA PORTE
WAGNER, GERALD              12/9/1914       IN              Mar.,1978      LA PORTE
WAGNER, HARRIET             1/4/1897        IL              Jan.,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WAGNER, HENRY               12/19/1896      IN              May ,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WAGNER, JOSEPH              2/20/1896       IN              Oct.,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WAGNER, JULIUS              11/10/1900      IN              Oct.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WAGNER, JULIUS              7/1/1925        IN              Oct.,10/1988   MICHIGAN CITY
WAGNER, LENA                8/4/1879        IN              Mar.,1971      WANATAH
WAGNER, LETA                7/7/1903        IN              Dec.,1972      LA PORTE
WAGNER, MARIE               7/15/1902       IN              Aug.,1979      LA PORTE
WAGNER, MAYME               9/11/1898       IN              Apr.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WAGNER, MICHAEL             8/16/1891       TX              Feb.,1968      MICHIGAN CITY
WAGNER, NICHOLAS            12/16/1901      IN              Jan.,1969      MICHIGAN CITY
WAGNER, ORVILLE             6/1/1918        IN              Feb.,1985      LA PORTE
WAGNER, ROBERT              1/1/1926        IN              01-01-1991     MICHIGAN CITY
WAGNER, ROSE                5/7/1915        IL              Feb.,1987      LA PORTE
WAGNER, VERNIE              11/23/1911      IN              Jan.,1987      WANATAH
WAGNER, VERONIKA            11/19/1876      IN              May ,1968      UNION MILLS
WAGNER, WILBUR              11/3/1915       IN              July,1980      LA PORTE
WAGONER, HELEN              10/5/1899       IN              June,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WAGONER, LUCILE             4/17/1906       WI              May ,1974      LA PORTE
WAHL, CHRISTIAN             4/16/1883       IN              May ,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WAHL, MATILDE               9/20/1883       IN              Jan.,1966      MICHIGAN CITY
WAHLEN, MYRNA               12/30/1894      FL              Dec.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WAHLSTROM, SYLVIA           10/27/1913      IN              Apr.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WAHRENBERG, EDITH           3/15/1903       IN              May ,1974      LA PORTE
WAHRENBERG, FRANK           3/6/1897        IN              Aug.,1965      LA PORTE
WAHRENBERG, WALTER          12/4/1898       IN              Apr.,1965      LA PORTE
WAINSCOTT, CATHERINE        11/3/1892       IN              June,1982      LA PORTE
WAINSCOTT, CLARA            9/3/1894        IN              Nov.,1984      LA PORTE
WAINSCOTT, MARTHA           9/26/1897       IN              Mar.,1984      LA PORTE
WAINSCOTT, ROBERT           3/13/1917       IN              08-24-1992     LA PORTE
WAITE, ANGELINE             10/18/1902      IN              Oct.,28-1993   MICHIGAN CITY
WAITE, STEPHEN              8/30/1897       IN              Mar.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WAKEMAN, GEORGE             1/7/1885        IN              July,1968      UNION MILLS
WAKEMAN, JASPER             6/26/1888       IN              Oct.,1966      LA PORTE
WAKEMAN, VERA               12/22/1892      IN              Oct.,1985      UNION MILLS
WALCZAK, EDWARD             11/15/1894      IN              May ,1973      LA PORTE
WALDO, ETHEL                12/5/1898       IN              Feb.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WALDRON, KENNETH            11/28/1920      NY              Oct.,09-1992   MICHIGAN CITY
WALDROP, WILLIAM            3/29/1918       KY              Oct.,1974      KINGSFORD HEIGHTS
WALENGA, HELEN              8/19/1896       IN              Nov.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WALK, RUTH                  4/5/1893        IN              Mar.,1972      LA PORTE
WALKER, ALEX                2/23/1909       CA              July,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WALKER, ALFRED              12/4/1906       IN              June,1978      LA PORTE
WALKER, BARBARA             2/20/1912       IN              Nov.,1983      LA PORTE
WALKER, BIRDIE              9/7/1905        GA              July,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WALKER, CARYL               6/12/1911       IN              July,1966      MICHIGAN CITY
WALKER, DONALD              12/1/1897       IN              July,1974      LA PORTE
WALKER, ELDRED              12/31/1901      IN              Oct.,1968      LA PORTE
WALKER, ESSIE               2/23/1893       IN              June,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WALKER, ESTELLA             8/3/1892        TN              03-15-1993     MICHIGAN CITY
WALKER, FANNIE              6/26/1918       KS              Aug.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WALKER, GEORGE              4/2/1897        IN              Dec.,1968      LA PORTE
WALKER, GLADYS              8/16/1920       MO              Aug.,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WALKER, JOSEPH              1/5/1905        IL              Oct.,1981      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WALKER, K                   8/11/74         IN              July,1992      MICHIGAN CITY
WALKER, LAWSIE              4/15/1913       IN              03-24-1992     MICHIGAN CITY
WALKER, LEORAH              3/4/1880        IN              Dec.,1969      MICHIGAN CITY
WALKER, LEWIS               11/18/1888      IN              Apr.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WALKER, MARIE               1/4/1908        IN              Oct.,04-1991   LA PORTE
WALKER, MARY                12/19/1880      IN              June,1968      LA PORTE
WALKER, MINNIE              5/15/1891       IN              May ,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WALKER, MITCHELL            7/23/1921       TX              June,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WALKER, ROSE                12/24/1912      IN              Apr.,1976      LA PORTE
WALKER, WILLIE              2/11/1906       TX              Dec.,1973      LA PORTE
WALLACE, ANNA               12/20/1884      IN              July,1973      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WALLACE, CLIFFORD           7/29/1906       IN              Mar.,1980      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WALLACE, COLUMBUS           4/1/32          IN              Aug.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WALLACE, FLORENCE           8/25/1888       IN              Dec.,1976      LA PORTE
WALLACE, FLOYD              8/2/30          AR              Oct.,1983      WANATAH
WALLACE, LESSLEY            8/3/1899        IN              May ,1977      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WALLACE, WILLIAM            1/8/1902        IN              Nov.,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WALLEN, MARGART             8/23/1892       IN              Aug.,1972      LA PORTE
WALLEN, WILLIAM             9/3/1894        IN              June,1985      LA PORTE
WALLEN, WILLIAM             12/16/1893      KY              Dec.,1969      KINGSFORD HEIGHTS
WALLER, ELSIE               5/31/1907       IL              June,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WALLING, ALBERTA            7/8/1889        IN              July,21-1988   ROLLING PRAIRIE
WALLIS, FLORENCE            11/20/1920      IN              Apr.,1993      LA PORTE
WALLS, HAROLD               11/3/1896       MI              Oct.,1966      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WALLSCHLAEGE, MARTHA        6/4/1889        FL              Nov.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WALLSCHLAGER, LILLIAN       9/6/1926        IL              Mar.,1984      LA PORTE
WALONG, ARLIE               10/7/1911       IN              Aug.,1984      LA PORTE
WALONG, MARY                6/16/1916       IN              Mar.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WALOTKA, CLARA              2/15/1906       IL              Feb.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WALOTKA, LEO                2/8/1908        IN              Mar.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WALOTKA, STANLEY            10/17/1901      IN              June,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
WALSH, FLORENCE             11/17/1899      IN              Oct.,1986      LA PORTE
WALSH, JOHN                 5/26/1912       IL              Dec.,1977      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WALSH, MARY                 12/13/1897      IL              June,1971      LA PORTE
WALSH, TERRY                8/7/61          IN              May ,1985      LA PORTE
WALTER, CHARLY              10/11/1891      IN              June,1972      HANNA
WALTER, CYNTHIA             7/9/1898        IN              Aug.,1967      LA PORTE
WALTER, FLORENCE            5/7/1907        IN              Nov.,1978      LA PORTE
WALTER, LOUIE               9/22/1895       IN              July,1975      WANATAH
WALTERAITIS, ANTON          12/13/1899      IL              May ,1980      UNION MILLS
WALTERAITIS, MARY           1/6/1909        IL              June,1973      UNION MILLS
WALTERITIS, PETE            3/28/1893       IL              Mar.,1985      LA PORTE
WALTERS, ANSEL              2/9/1915        IN              June,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WALTERS, DONALD             3/28/1907       IN              Mar.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WALTERS, EDITH              8/10/1906       IN              July,1987      LA PORTE
WALTERS, FRANCES            3/7/1901        IN              Apr.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WALTERS, FRANK              5/14/1902       IN              Oct.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WALTERS, LARRY              7/13/1906       IN              Feb.,1984      LA PORTE
WALTERS, RILEY              6/6/1921        KY              Oct.,1983      KINGSFORD HEIGHTS
WALTERS, RONALD             1/25/1903       IN              Feb.,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WALTMAN, JOHN               5/28/1906       IN              12-21-1992     LA PORTE
WALZ, WALTER                1/19/1911       IN              Aug.,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WALZAK, JOSEPH              8/4/1900        IN              Aug.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WANDELL, JOHN               9/10/1897       IN              July,1976      LA PORTE
WANDREY, JOSEPHINE          6/7/1908        IN              Mar.,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
WANGEROW, PAULINE           3/20/1912       IL              Oct.,1975      LA PORTE
WANICHEK, EDNA              12/30/1910      WI              Aug.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WANKE, JOHN                 5/16/1914       IN              Dec.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WANMER, ETHEL               3/22/1925       IN              Jan.,1985      LA PORTE
WANTLAND, DOROTHY           12/23/1924      NC              Dec.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WANTLAND, EDGAR             3/1/1924        IN              July,14-1988   MICHIGAN CITY
WANTUCH, SOPHIA             4/29/1888       IN              Dec.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WARD, BEATRICE              10/13/1906      MI              Oct.,1984      LA PORTE
WARD, BYRON                 6/24/1904       IN              Nov.,1983      UNION MILLS
WARD, CHARLESTON            3/20/1898       IN              Feb.,1968      LA PORTE
WARD, ELI                   1/28/1900       IN              Jan.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WARD, FLOSSIE               12/31/1905      IN              June,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WARD, FRANK                 11/6/30         IN              Aug.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WARD, FRED                  6/23/1891       IN              Feb.,1965      MICHIGAN CITY
WARD, HENDERSON             8/4/1894        AR              Oct.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WARD, LYNDAVID              10/22/1913      IN              Mar.,1979      LA PORTE
WARD, MARY                  7/17/31         IN              09-27-1993     MICHIGAN CITY
WARD, WARREN                8/29/1892       IN              Dec.,1970      MILL CREEK
WARD, ZELLUS                4/11/1920       MS              Mar.,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
WARDEAN, DAVID              9/28/1906       IL              June,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WARDEAN, LORRAINE           7/14/1888       IN              July,1969      LA PORTE
WARDEAN, RUTH               2/17/1917       IN              Oct.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WARDMAN, HAL                5/20/1888       IN              July,1966      LA PORTE
WARE, RUTH                  2/2/1915        NY              June,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WARNE, MARY                 6/7/1905        IN              June,1973      LA PORTE
WARNE, ORBIN                11/12/1894      IN              July,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WARNER, ALBERT              7/8/1906        IL              Nov.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WARNER, DOROTHY             8/20/1918       IN              Mar.,1993      LA PORTE
WARNER, FRED                10/15/1886      IN              Nov.,1967      MICHIGAN CITY
WARNER, GILES               6/5/1894        IN              Aug.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WARNER, JULIAN              3/31/1900       IN              Aug.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WARNER, LESTER              3/21/1891       IN              June,1968      LA PORTE
WARNER, LESTER              8/3/1915        IL              Dec.,1977      LA PORTE
WARNER, LESTER              9/19/1916       OH              Apr.,1987      LA PORTE
WARNER, MARIE               9/17/1894       FL              Aug.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WARNER, RUSSELL             2/4/1916        IN              01-24-1993     LA PORTE
WARNER, VIOLET              8/26/1900       WI              Mar.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WARNER, WILLIAM             5/14/1902       IL              Jan.,1968      MICHIGAN CITY
WARNKE, BESSIE              2/11/1896       IN              May ,1983      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WARNKE, CHARLES             10/29/1892      IN              June,1985      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WARNKE, CHARLES WI          12/14/1919      RR              Dec.,1983      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WARNKE, EMMA                2/18/1892       IN              Oct.,14-1992   LA PORTE
WARNKE, EVELYN              10/29/1893      IN              Jan.,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WARNKE, FRED                12/14/1888      IN              Feb.,1966      MICHIGAN CITY
WARNKE, GEORGE              5/19/1893       IN              Jan.,1970      MICHIGAN CITY
WARNKE, GEORGE              10/24/1910      IN              June,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WARNKE, HARRY               7/31/1891       IN              June,1971      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WARNKE, MELVIN              9/22/1922       IN              June,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WARNKE, ROYAL               3/25/1923       IN              12-15-1992     MICHIGAN CITY
WARNKE, VERA                7/18/1913       IN              May ,1974      LA PORTE
WARREN, BARBARA             7/7/1911        IN              Feb.,1975      LA PORTE
WARREN, CHARLESETT          1/24/1895       IN              12-10/1990     MICHIGAN CITY
WARREN, EARL                4/27/1906       IN              Feb.,1973      LA PORTE
WARREN, ELLIOTT             7/31/1902       IN              June,1970      LA CROSSE
WARREN, J                   2/26/47         IN              Oct.,1990      LA PORTE
WARREN, JB                  5/7/34          OH              June,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WARREN, KENWOOD             4/11/1910       MI              Apr.,1985      LA PORTE
WARREN, LESLIE              11/1/1922       MO              02-18-1993     LA PORTE
WARREN, MELVIN              10/6/1895       IN              Aug.,1968      LA PORTE
WARREN, RUTH                4/27/1907       IN              May ,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WARRINGTON, HARRY           5/4/1911        IN              July,1975      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WARRINGTON, MARY            5/26/1913       IN              11-5/1993      LA PORTE
WARRIX, WILLIAM             10/28/39        VA              Feb.,1983      LA PORTE
WARSTLER, GORDON            2/11/1890       IN              Mar.,1970      LA PORTE
WARTHA, ARTHUR              12/6/1910       IN              02-16-1992     MICHIGAN CITY
WARTHA, KATHERINE           10/27/1887      DC              May ,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WARWICK, EVA                7/15/1889       IN              June,1978      LA PORTE
WASCHER, CARL               3/25/1894       IN              Apr.,1967      LA PORTE
WASHLUSKE, THELMA           9/18/1913       IN              Dec.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WASHLUSKE, WILLIAM          8/30/1894       IN              Jan.,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
WASILEWSKI, ALICE           12/8/1886       IL              Oct.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WASKOM, ALICE               3/8/1907        IN              Oct.,1975      LA PORTE
WASKOM, JAY                 2/13/1900       IN              June,1970      LA CROSSE
WATERS, JANE                12/4/1897       IN              Mar.,1974      LA PORTE
WATERS, MUNSEY              7/28/1907       OK              May ,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WATHEN, CHARLES             5/20/1925       IN              July,17-1993   LA PORTE
WATKINS, ANNA               2/22/34         MO              June,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WATKINS, DAVID              5/31/1925       IN              04-19-1993     LA PORTE
WATKINS, ESTHER             12/30/1905      AR              Mar.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WATKINS, LENA               8/23/1900       WV              Dec.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WATKINS, MARY               8/9/42          KY              Mar.,1983      LA PORTE
WATNICK, DELIA              1/26/1892       IN              June,1978      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WATSON, BERT                11/27/1879      IN              Nov.,1972      LA CROSSE
WATSON, CLYDE               6/10/1900       IN              May ,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WATSON, CURTIS              11/9/1903       IN              Jan.,1967      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WATSON, DUDLEY              12/3/1887       IN              Feb.,1967      LA CROSSE
WATSON, EDNA                1/29/1898       IN              June,1972      LA PORTE
WATSON, ELLEN               8/25/1903       IN              Nov.,1976      LA CROSSE
WATSON, FLOYD               8/30/1898       IL              July,1983      LA PORTE
WATSON, GLEN                11/7/1899       IL              June,1981      LA PORTE
WATSON, IDA                 12/1/1899       IN              Feb.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WATSON, LAWRENCE            12/12/1897      IN              Mar.,1979      LA PORTE
WATSON, WILLIAM             5/23/1923       IL              04-19-1993     LA PORTE
WATT, HARRY                 4/7/1899        IN              Feb.,1983      LA PORTE
WATT, JOHN                  2/19/1895       IN              July,1966      WANATAH
WATT, RUTH                  8/15/1908       IN              Dec.,1991      LA PORTE
WAVRENCZUK, PHILIP          6/2/1889        IN              Feb.,1968      WANATAH
WAYER, EDWARD               2/8/1899        IN              Mar.,1973      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WEAR, EMMA                  7/28/1890       IN              Oct.,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WEATBROOK, WILBUR           1/18/1900       IN              June,1979      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WEATHERBEE, ADA             9/3/1919        IL              Nov.,1992      MICHIGAN CITY
WEATHERBEE, WALTER          11/10/1909      IN              July,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WEAVER, CHARLES             11/20/1912      IN              June,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WEAVER, GEORGE              1/2/1907        IN              Feb.,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WEAVER, LULU                10/31/1881      IN              Dec.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WEAVER, NORA                3/18/1886       IN              June,1970      MICHIGAN CITY
WEAVER, SELEY               4/16/1898       IN              June,19-1993   MICHIGAN CITY
WEBB, ARLIE                 8/21/1912       IL              Oct.,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WEBB, CLINTON               4/26/1900       IL              Jan.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WEBB, FRANCIS               8/2/1908        IN              Feb.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WEBB, LEROY                 8/4/1894        IN              Dec.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WEBBER, EVELYN              12/21/1917      IN              03-04-1990     MICHIGAN CITY
WEBER, HAROLD               6/16/1902       TX              Mar.,1965      MICHIGAN CITY
WEBER, JEROME               12/10/1907      IN              Aug.,1979      WANATAH
WEBER, LOUIS                7/20/1911       IN              01-17-1988     MICHIGAN CITY
WEBER, WILLIAM              12/31/1894      TX              Jan.,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WEBER, WILLIAM              12/7/1899       IN              May ,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WEBER, WILMA                2/3/1906        IN              Oct.,6/1992    MICHIGAN CITY
WEBER, ZOA                  6/19/1902       IN              Mar.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WEBSTER, ELMER              4/1/1913        IN              Oct.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WEBSTER, GAYLORD            11/21/1908      IN              Oct.,14-1993   MICHIGAN CITY
WEBSTER, LURLINE            10/27/1902      IN              July,1967      MICHIGAN CITY
WEDDLE, LEMUEL              7/18/1898       IN              June,1967      MICHIGAN CITY
WEDEL, OTTO                 5/25/1883       IN              July,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
WEDEL, WILLIAM              3/22/1893       IN              Nov.,1967      MICHIGAN CITY
WEDOW, ALBERT               10/6/1891       IN              Apr.,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WEDOW, LESTER               3/12/1916       IN              Oct.,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WEED, GLENN                 9/15/1912       IL              Dec.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WEEKS, PATRICK              12/27/1887      IN              Jan.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WEGENER, GERDA              9/7/1911        IN              May ,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WEGENER, HANS               2/16/1911       IL              July,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WEICHERT, JOHN              11/2/1893       IN              Oct.,1968      MICHIGAN CITY
WEIDEMANN, HENRY            5/26/1901       IL              June,04-1992   LA CROSSE
WEIDNER, OTTO               2/14/1898       IN              Aug.,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
WEILER, ARTHUR              4/19/1896       IN              June,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WEILER, MABEL               5/5/1894        IN              June,1966      MICHIGAN CITY
WEILER, PAULINE             12/25/1893      IN              Nov.,1969      MICHIGAN CITY
WEILER, RICHARD             5/5/1894        IN              June,1966      MICHIGAN CITY
WEILER, ROBERT              8/8/1907        IN              July,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WEINAUER, PEARL             5/28/1884       IN              Dec.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WEINBERG, CAROL             1/28/1893       IN              Apr.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WEINKAUF, VERNON            8/27/1893       IN              Apr.,1972      LA CROSSE
WEINKAUFF, ESTHER           10/5/1923       IN              Oct.,1987      WANATAH
WEINKAUFF, EVELYN           4/5/1913        IN              Dec.,1985      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WEIR, GLENDON               6/7/1914        MI              Mar.,1976      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WEIR, PRESTON               2/20/1910       IL              July,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WEISJOHN, CLARENCE          7/2/1902        IN              Jan.,1981      HANNA
WEISS, CARL                 7/22/1922       IN              Mar.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WEISS, JOHN                 10/23/1897      IN              July,1969      LA CROSSE
WEISS, LINDA                7/24/1896       IN              May ,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WEISS, LOUISE               9/18/1900       OH              Oct.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WEISS, MARGARET             12/3/1892       IN              Feb.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WEISS, SARAH                3/2/1891        IL              June,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WEISS, WALTER               12/26/1920      IN              Oct.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WELCH, BERTHA               7/2/1907        IN              Mar.,1987      HANNA
WELCH, HOMER                10/18/1906      IN              Aug.,1978      HANNA
WELCH, PHILLIP              9/25/1917       IN              July,1977      MILL CREEK
WELDON, CLARENCE            10/24/1905      IN              Nov.,1973      UNION MILLS
WELHAM, ESTHER              9/11/1894       IN              Mar.,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
WELKIE, GRACE               9/12/1887       IN              Nov.,1979      WANATAH
WELKIE, GUST                11/24/1884      IN              Feb.,1966      WANATAH
WELKIE, HENRY               10/21/1886      IN              Apr.,1966      WANATAH
WELKIE, OTTO                8/17/1888       IN              Mar.,1976      WANATAH
WELLINGTON, JOSEPH          12/13/1899      IN              Dec.,1977      WANATAH
WELLMAN, BERT               5/10/1928       IN              Oct.,15-1993   MICHIGAN CITY
WELLMAN, KENNETH            9/5/1904        IN              Mar.,1969      MICHIGAN CITY
WELLNITZ, EILEEN            4/20/1903       IN              Dec.,1966      MICHIGAN CITY
WELLNITZ, THERESA           11/15/1902      IN              July,30-1992   MICHIGAN CITY
WELLS, FOY                  4/10/1928       IL              July,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WELLS, MARY                 5/23/1913       IN              Nov.,1992      MICHIGAN CITY
WELNETZ, AMELIA             12/18/1899      IN              May ,1970      MICHIGAN CITY
WELNETZ, FRANK              3/1/1892        IN              Feb.,1969      MICHIGAN CITY
WELNETZ, JOSEPH             9/18/1895       IN              July,1970      MICHIGAN CITY
WELNETZ, LAWRENCE           9/8/1906        IN              12-13-1991     MICHIGAN CITY
WELNETZ, LILLIAN            9/28/1904       IN              Nov.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WELNETZ, THERESA            10/5/1917       IN              Jan.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WELNITZ, RUSSELL            12/7/1925       IN              Mar.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WELSH, MARY                 8/10/1901       IN              Aug.,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
WENC, ROSE                  3/30/1894       IL              Feb.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WENCLAFF, MARY              3/8/1906        IL              Apr.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WENCLAFF, RUDY              6/12/1912       IL              Dec.,1975      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WENDT, BURDETTE             6/20/1909       IN              Feb.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WENDT, EMMA                 8/4/1884        IN              Dec.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WENDT, FREDERICK            12/12/1915      IN              Jan.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WENDT, LAWRENCE             1/18/1927       IN              July,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WENGER, FLORENCE            2/15/1896       IL              Mar.,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
WENINGER, RUSSELL           10/5/1913       IN              Aug.,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
WENSEY, ANDREW              9/26/41         LA              Jan.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WENTLAND, AUGUST            10/15/1883      IN              Jan.,1969      MICHIGAN CITY
WENTLAND, BENJAMIN          2/26/1888       RR              June,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WENTLAND, FRANCES           10/24/1879      IN              July,1967      MICHIGAN CITY
WENTLAND, FRANK             8/28/1897       IN              Dec.,1967      MICHIGAN CITY
WENTLAND, WALTER            4/17/1899       IN              Dec.,1967      MICHIGAN CITY
WENTZ, LEONARD              9/8/1898        IN              Jan.,1968      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WENZEL, MABEL               3/26/1902       IN              Jan.,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WENZEL, ROBERT              3/3/1926        IN              July,17-1993   MICHIGAN CITY
WERDIN, WALTER              2/6/1911        IN              04-16-1993     MICHIGAN CITY
WERDINE, KENNETH            3/4/1924        IN              June,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WERDINE, ROBERT             9/28/1907       IN              June,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WERNER, ALFRED              3/31/1891       IN              Dec.,1973      WANATAH
WERNER, ARTHUR              9/21/1909       IN              Mar.,1987      LA CROSSE
WERNER, BEN                 3/22/1904       IN              June,1975      WANATAH
WERNER, BESSIE              6/22/1886       IN              Nov.,1969      WANATAH
WERNER, CLARENCE            4/30/1915       IN              Oct.,15-1993   MICHIGAN CITY
WERNER, DORIS               5/20/1902       IN              June,1992      HANNA
WERNER, DOROTHEA            2/10/1888       IN              Oct.,1978      WANATAH
WERNER, EDWARD              7/24/1902       IN              Mar.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WERNER, ELIZABETH           4/2/1915        IN              Jan.,1987      UNION MILLS
WERNER, ERNEST              7/19/1884       IN              July,1979      UNION MILLS
WERNER, HAROLD              6/16/1917       IN              Mar.,1986      WANATAH
WERNER, JULIA               8/3/1877        IN              Mar.,1968      WANATAH
WERNER, LOUISE              6/30/1913       IN              11-5/1988      HANNA
WERNER, ORA                 2/24/1893       IN              June,1985      HANNA
WERNER, PAULINE             10/9/1895       PA              Aug.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WERNER, RAYMOND             9/4/1913        IN              Oct.,18-1993   WANATAH
WERNER, RUBY                5/1/1917        IN              July,08-1993   WANATAH
WERNER, VIOLET              12/4/1905       IN              Mar.,1983      WANATAH
WERNER, WALTER              6/14/1904       IN              Feb.,1976      HANNA
WERNER, WILLIAM             11/10/1886      IN              Aug.,1974      WANATAH
WERNER, WILLIAM             7/13/1906       IN              Feb.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WERNIS, STANLEY             12/10/1888      IL              July,1969      MICHIGAN CITY
WERRE, ALOIS                6/8/1918        IL              Nov.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WERRE, ARTHUR               6/9/1911        IN              Nov.,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WERRE, GENEVIEVE            11/20/1922      IL              08-22-1992     MICHIGAN CITY
WERTH, ALFRED               6/3/1893        IN              Oct.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WERTH, FRANCES              4/24/1896       IN              June,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WESELMAN, JUANITA           12/22/1921      IN              Jan.,1981      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WESELMAN, WILLIAM           12/14/1908      IL              Nov.,1981      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WEST, ADAM                  10/26/71        IN              July,1982      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WEST, ARTHUR                6/30/33         IN              Dec.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WEST, CAROL                 9/18/43         IN              June,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WEST, CROMWELL              2/18/1884       AR              Nov.,1976      LA PORTE
WEST, DELLA                 3/10/1905       AR              Mar.,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WEST, EMMA                  4/12/1902       AR              Mar.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WEST, GEORGE                2/9/1920        AR              Oct.,01-1993   MICHIGAN CITY
WEST, MARY                  7/30/1895       IN              July,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WEST, WILLIAM               8/31/1891       IN              Dec.,1969      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTBERG, ELDORA            7/30/1908       IN              Mar.,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTCOTT, EVELYN            1/24/1901       MI              Feb.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTFAHL, ADOLF             8/10/1894       IN              Feb.,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTFAHL, LILLIAN           9/27/1896       IN              Aug.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTFALL, CLARENCE          6/6/1894        IN              May ,1979      WANATAH
WESTFALL, OSIA              12/18/1894      IN              June,1977      WANATAH
WESTMAN, EDITH              1/17/1902       IN              June,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTMAN, ELMER              6/21/1898       IN              Jan.,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTMAN, FRED               7/15/1903       IN              Apr.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTPHAL, ADDIE             3/18/1894       IN              Nov.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTPHAL, ARNOLD            6/23/1897       IN              12-30-1991     MICHIGAN CITY
WESTPHAL, ARNOLD            9/5/1902        IN              Apr.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTPHAL, ELSIE             12/21/1907      IN              Nov.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTPHAL, GLENN             9/16/1905       IN              Mar.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTPHAL, HARRY             4/17/1893       IN              July,1968      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTPHAL, HAZEL             8/26/1898       MI              July,1968      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTPHAL, HERMAN            2/21/1900       IN              Dec.,1968      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTPHAL, INA               12/5/1901       IN              Mar.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTPHAL, ISABEL            6/22/1916       IL              03-30-1993     MICHIGAN CITY
WESTPHAL, LOIS              4/29/30         IN              Oct.,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTPHAL, LOUIS             8/1/1896        MI              June,1968      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTPHAL, ORVILLE           9/5/1919        IN              June,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WESTPHAL, RODGER            7/12/1912       IN              Apr.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WETMUR, RAYMOND             8/18/1917       ND              Oct.,19-1992   MICHIGAN CITY
WHALEN, RALPH                               RR              Dec.,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
WHEELAND, VIVIAN            11/6/1912       IN              Nov.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WHEELDON, CURTIS            11/24/1922      IN              June,16-1992   MICHIGAN CITY
WHEELDON, GLORIA            5/14/1925       IL              June,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WHEELER, BEATRICE           9/22/1912       IN              May ,1984      UNION MILLS
WHEELER, CHESTER            12/28/1893      MA              Nov.,1970      MICHIGAN CITY
WHEELER, DOLLIE             1/7/1888        MI              July,1968      UNION MILLS
WHEELER, FRANK              3/6/1926        CA              July,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WHEELER, LOIS               5/30/1905       IN              Apr.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WHEELER, LUCILLE            4/6/1912        IN              May ,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WHEELER, PAUL               10/26/1899      IN              Aug.,1974      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WHEELER, ROBERT             10/5/1911       IN              Apr.,1978      UNION MILLS
WHIPPER, JEFF               6/4/1908        MS              Apr.,1968      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WHIPPLE, EDNA               8/16/1895       IN              Jan.,1981      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WHISMAN, THELMA             11/11/1910      IN              11-08-1993     MICHIGAN CITY
WHITAKER, FLOSSIE           5/24/1892       IN              June,1972      KINGSBURY
WHITAKER, GEORGE            10/12/1888      IN              Mar.,1972      KINGSBURY
WHITAKER, MARY              11/11/1916      IN              Oct.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITAKER, MYRON             8/16/1914       IN              Mar.,1983      KINGSBURY
WHITAKER, NORMAN            9/13/1928       IN              09-17-1992      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITAKER, VIOLET            5/1/1927        IN              Aug.,1985      KINGSBURY
WHITBECK, ESTHER            12/16/1917      IN              May ,1992      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITCOMB, ORANGE            4/6/1892        IN              Jan.,1978      HANNA
WHITE, AMANDA               11/18/1905      IN              Jan.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITE, BERNARD              11/16/1913      IN              Apr.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITE, DOROTHY              2/15/1910       IN              Dec.,1985      HANNA
WHITE, E ANN                3/17/34         IN              July,26-1989   MICHIGAN CITY
WHITE, EARL                 12/28/1893      IN              Feb.,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITE, FRED                 5/26/1895       RR              Mar.,1986      WANATAH
WHITE, GEORGE               2/9/1910        IN              Mar.,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITE, GEORGIA              9/24/1888       IN              Mar.,1968      WANATAH
WHITE, GLEN                 10/8/1905       IN              Dec.,1984      HANNA
WHITE, HENRY                5/25/1892       IN              Oct.,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITE, JOHNNY               12/28/1924      MS              July,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITE, KELLOUS              5/12/1922       MS              June,20-1993   MICHIGAN CITY
WHITE, LAURA                4/5/1896        IN              Oct.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITE, LEONARD              7/17/1888       AK              Feb.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITE, LILLIAN              12/29/1895      IN              Aug.,1973      WANATAH
WHITE, MARTIN               12/9/1884       IN              Jan.,1967      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WHITE, NELLIE               11/24/1872      IN              June,1967      KINGSBURY
WHITE, OLIVER               7/23/1924       KY              Apr.,1983      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WHITE, ORVIS                1/10/1911       AL              Feb.,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITE, PAUL                 9/18/1900       IN              Jan.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITE, RICHARD              1/15/1913       IN              Mar.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITE, RUTH                 11/14/1910      IN              July,1968      HANNA
WHITE, STANLEY              2/4/1914        IN              04-12-1992     WANATAH
WHITE, WENDELL              3/20/1902       IL              Mar.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITEHEAD, ARTHUR           3/9/1903        MI              June,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITEHEAD, RALPH            9/30/1905       IN              June,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITEHURST, ELLIE           5/9/1909        AR              July,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITLOW, EULA               4/28/1885       IN              July,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITLOW, JAMES              11/28/1912      IN              July,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITLOW, LOUIS              7/2/1906        IN              June,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITLOW, ROSE               1/4/1899        IN              Feb.,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WHITMER, DOROTHY            5/23/1912       IL              Jan.,1984      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WHITMER, HOWARD             9/2/1908        IL              July,1987      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WIBERG, ESTHER              2/2/1891        IL              Dec.,1978      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WIBLE, GLEN                 3/30/1902       MI              Oct.,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WIBLE, MARGARET             3/11/1910       IN              08-17-1992     MICHIGAN CITY
WICKELMAN, HENRY            6/23/1901       IL              May ,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WICKELMAN, MARGARET         5/14/1912       IN              Oct.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WICKIZER, JESSIE            7/8/1904        IN              Oct.,1982      LA CROSSE
WIDEMAN, CHARLES            3/31/1895       IN              Mar.,1982      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WIDUCH, ADAM                12/24/1882      IN              Feb.,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
WIDUCH, MARY                11/26/1893      IN              Jan.,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WIDUGIRIS, WILLIAM          7/21/1900       IL              Oct.,1968      MICHIGAN CITY
WIEDENHOFT, HATTIE          9/18/1898       IN              June,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WIEDENHOFT, JOHNNIE         2/22/1921       IN              June,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WIEGEL, EVALYN              11/2/1916       IL              Dec.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WIEGERT, FLORENCE           9/10/1897       IN              July,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WIEGERT, KARL               4/29/1908       IN              Dec.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WIEMANN, GILBERT            2/9/1904        IN              May ,1984      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WIEMANN, MAE                4/15/1910       IN              Mar.,1975      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WIENCEK, JOHN               1/20/1883       IN              Nov.,1978      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WIENCEK, STANLEY            12/24/1907      IN              Nov.,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WIENCEK, STANLEY            12/1/1912       IN              Aug.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WIENKE, ANNE                11/6/1894       IN              May ,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WIENKE, FRANCES             12/19/1894      IN              June,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WIENKE, HERBERT             9/14/1889       IN              Jan.,1968      MICHIGAN CITY
WIESJAHN, EDNA              3/8/1897        IN              Apr.,1986      WANATAH
WIESJAHN, OTTO              9/3/1884        IN              Feb.,1975      WANATAH
WIESJAHN, ROBERT            5/28/1892       IN              June,1969      WANATAH
WIESNER, EMMA               4/14/1887       IN              Dec.,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WIESNER, ROLAND             6/29/1910       IN              02-17-1992     MICHIGAN CITY
WIGERT, HOWARD              9/3/1918        MO              Aug.,1965      MICHIGAN CITY
WIGGINS, IRA                8/27/1882       IN              July,1966      HANNA
WIKIERA, SABINA             12/29/1914      IN              Aug.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WILBER, HELEN               9/21/1885       IN              May ,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WILBERG SR, CARL            12/8/1885       IN              Dec.,1967      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WILBERG, KATHERINE          5/16/1889       IN              June,1969      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WILBURN, MABEL              10/2/1902       IN              Dec.,1973      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WILCOX, ROBERT              7/19/1903       IL              June,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WILDER, ODESSA              2/3/1897        IL              June,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WILDHART, ANNA              7/3/1898        IN              Apr.,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WILDHART, HARRY             5/27/1923       MI              Apr.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WILDHART, JOHN              6/29/1901       IN              July,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WILER, HAZEL                8/3/1901        IN              June,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WILER, RALPH                1/5/1902        IL              May ,1966      MICHIGAN CITY
WILFONG, HENRIETTA          6/29/1887       IN              Mar.,1973      LA CROSSE
WILHART, STELLA             1/2/1897        IN              Dec.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WILHELM, PAUL               2/2/1913        IN              July,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WILHELM, PAUL               3/29/40         IN              Dec.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WILHITE, LUCILLE            10/15/1900      IN              Feb.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WILKE, CARL                 5/2/1921        IN              Oct.,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
WILKE, JACK                 3/10/38         IN              Aug.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WILKE, NAYCIAL              7/4/1910        IN              July,26-1989   MICHIGAN CITY
WILKE, OTTO                 6/1/1894        IN              Dec.,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WILKE, ROBERT               9/4/1897        IN              May ,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WILKE, WILLIAM              11/28/1907      IN              03-5/1992      MICHIGAN CITY
WILKES, EMMA                5/28/1887       IN              Jan.,1968      MICHIGAN CITY
WILKIE, ARTHUR              3/20/1915       IN              Jan.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WILKINS, NATHANIEL          7/1/1923        AR              Mar.,1966      MICHIGAN CITY
WILL, ANN                   6/26/1911       IL              Jan.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WILL, DOROTHY               3/9/36          IN              12-01-1992     MICHIGAN CITY
WILL, ELMER                 11/20/1897      IN              Oct.,1968      MICHIGAN CITY
WILL, EMORY                 10/31/1912      IN              Jan.,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WILL, FRANCES               1/3/1914        IN              Apr.,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WILL, FRED                  12/21/1886      IN              Nov.,1968      MICHIGAN CITY
WILL, GERALD                6/22/33         IN              June,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WILL, HAZEL                 10/14/1899      IN              Nov.,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WILL, WILLIAM               4/1/1910        IN              May ,1969      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLARD, JOHANNA            6/2/1906        IL              11-6/1993      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLARD, JOHN               10/13/1909      PA              Aug.,1966      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLARD, PHILLIP            11/6/38         IN              Feb.,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLENS, MOLLIE             5/30/1895       IL              May ,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLETT, JEWELL             12/10/1908      IN              Mar.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLEY, CHARLES             1/9/1911        OH              July,1992      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIA, I                   12/8/41         AR              Mar.,1989      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS JR, BOOKER         9/13/30         MS              01-20-1993     MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, ADDIE             12/26/1917      IL              Dec.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, BERNARD           7/4/1905        IN              June,1987      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WILLIAMS, BERTHA            6/13/1917       MI              Jan.,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, CALLIE            11/21/1894      IN              Aug.,1970      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, CHARLES           4/29/1889       IN              June,1966      HANNA
WILLIAMS, CHARLES           8/24/42         MS              09-01-1993     MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, CLARENCE          8/13/1896       OK              Aug.,1984      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WILLIAMS, CLINTON           9/25/1895       IN              July,1978      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WILLIAMS, DONALD            5/11/1925       IN              Jan.,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, EDWARD            2/2/1900        IN              Dec.,1967      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WILLIAMS, EMMA              10/12/1903      IN              June,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, ETHEL             9/2/1890        IN              Mar.,1980      LA CROSSE
WILLIAMS, EVERETT           2/26/1902       IN              Apr.,1977      UNION MILLS
WILLIAMS, EVERETT           5/28/1908       IN              May ,5/1988    MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, FORESTER          7/22/1876       IN              July,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, FRED              4/23/1893       IN              Aug.,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, HAROLD            12/9/1916       WI              Mar.,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, HARRY             11/29/1901      IN              Apr.,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, HARRY             7/17/1915       IN              May ,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, HATTIE            4/20/1903       IN              June,1991      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, HAZEL             7/24/1900       IN              Feb.,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, HENRIETTA         8/21/1905       TN              Jan.,1980      KINGSFORD HEIGHTS
WILLIAMS, HENRY             1/31/30         RR              Jan.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, IVA               4/2/1880        IN              Mar.,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, JAMES             10/27/1912      IL              03-6/1988      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, JAMES             4/18/1925       IN              June,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, JOHN              3/8/1927        TN              June,1987      KINGSBURY
WILLIAMS, KATHERINE         5/27/1898       WI              May ,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, LALAR             2/25/1911       MS              Jan.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, LEO               2/23/1903       IL              June,1970      KINGSBURY
WILLIAMS, MARY              4/5/1902        NY              Nov.,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, MARY              5/11/1921       MS              Mar.,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, MERLE             6/3/1905        WA              Mar.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, NAOMI             2/26/1892       IN              July,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, NELLIE            8/11/1908       IN              Mar.,1972      UNION MILLS
WILLIAMS, RICHARD           5/26/52         IN              Feb.,1992      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, ROBERT            8/16/1918       IN              09-13-1993     WESTVILLE / OTIS
WILLIAMS, ROBERT            2/28/1907       IN              July,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, ROGER             11/10/1914      IN              Nov.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL            9/14/47         IN              Mar.,1985      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WILLIAMS, VIOLA             7/29/1914       IN              08-25-1993     MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, VIVIENNE          4/20/1914       WI              Apr.,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMS, WINSTON           7/7/1897        AR              June,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMSON, CLAUDE          4/3/1894        IN              June,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMSON, DE BAUM         5/27/1914       RR              12-16-1988      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIAMSON, GEORGE          12/8/1912       NV              Dec.,1978      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WILLIAMSON, J               10/10/1897      IN              Dec.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIS, DOROTHY             10/9/1917       IN              Oct.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIS, HENRY               4/4/1918        IN              July,28-1988   MICHIGAN CITY
WILLIS, SUE                 5/11/1897       IN              Oct.,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WILSON, CHARLES             5/15/1916       IN              03-13-1992     WANATAH
WILSON, DARLENE             9/1/45          IN              Mar.,1991      KINGSFORD HEIGHTS
WILSON, EDWARD              6/8/1895        IN              Apr.,1979      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WILSON, FANNIE              1/23/1884       IN              June,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WILSON, GEORGE              9/18/1920       IN              Oct.,1986      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WILSON, HARRY               5/15/1912       IN              May ,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WILSON, HELEN               8/17/1920       IN              June,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WILSON, HENRIETTA           8/13/1911       IN              June,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
WILSON, JAMES               1/6/1907        AR              June,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WILSON, JANE                10/13/1915      IN              May ,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WILSON, JOE                 12/13/1907      IN              May ,1982      MILL CREEK
WILSON, JONATHAN            10/7/1899       RR              June,1980      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WILSON, KATHRYN             5/23/1907       IN              Mar.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WILSON, LEAH                11/2/1890       IN              Feb.,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
WILSON, LEO                 5/3/1887        IN              June,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WILSON, LEONARD             12/24/1915      IN              09-12-1993     MICHIGAN CITY
WILSON, OZETTA              6/29/1892       IN              Apr.,1970      MICHIGAN CITY
WILSON, PERLINE             7/24/1911       AR              June,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WILSON, R                   2/23/1912       AR              June,1966      MICHIGAN CITY
WILSON, RALPH               11/24/1890      IN              Oct.,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WILSON, ROGERS              8/20/1905       AR              June,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WILSON, TERRY               8/14/59         IN              July,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WILT, MARY                  5/8/1897        IN              Oct.,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WILTFONG, HOWARD            8/21/1891       IN              Apr.,1972      MILL CREEK
WILTON, WILLIAM             4/6/1882        IL              Oct.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WINDSOR, RICHARD            1/28/1906       IN              Oct.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WINEMAN, PARKER             4/29/1904       IN              Oct.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WINES, ZELMA                1/31/1905       IN              May ,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WINGLER, FRANK              4/8/1901        IN              July,1969      MICHIGAN CITY
WINKLER, ELLEN              4/12/1888       IN              Jan.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WINN, CHESTER               8/27/33         TN              Oct.,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WINSKI, HENRY               12/7/1908       IN              May ,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WINSKI, NATHAN              6/4/1906        IN              01-20-1991     MICHIGAN CITY
WINTERBERG, ROSA            4/22/1890       IN              May ,1973      LA CROSSE
WIORA, MILDRED              12/22/1898      IL              Jan.,1975      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WIORA, VIOLA                10/25/1887      IN              Oct.,1966      MICHIGAN CITY
WIPPERMAN, MABEL            7/25/1890       IN              Nov.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WIREMAN, CLEVELAND          10/31/43        IN              Mar.,1976      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WIREMAN, FLORA              1/5/1915        IN              June,1983      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WIRTZ, AGNES                2/3/1893        IN              July,1978      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WIRTZ, ELIZABETH            9/5/1885        IN              Dec.,1967      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WISE, CLARENCE              2/8/1928        AL              08-31-1993     MICHIGAN CITY
WISE, CORNELIA              5/17/30         AL              Jan.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WISE, ENNET                 9/1/1876        IN              Aug.,1966      MICHIGAN CITY
WISE, SADIE                 12/13/1913      IN              June,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WISEMAN, HANNAH             10/7/1899       IN              Mar.,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WISEMAN, LEONORA            4/15/1906       IN              July,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WISEMAN, RAYMOND            4/7/1904        IN              Jan.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WISEMAN, ROBERT             6/16/1918       IN              Apr.,1976      UNION MILLS
WISEMORE, BERTHA            8/3/1916        AR              Dec.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WISENBAUGH, CLAUDE          7/29/1904       IN              Aug.,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WISENBAUGH, EDITH           12/15/1901      IN              July,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WISHON, LAWRENCE            3/25/1896       IN              Dec.,1967      MICHIGAN CITY
WISHON, MAMIE               10/7/1902       IN              July,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WISHON, WILLIAM             5/28/1900       IN              July,1969      MICHIGAN CITY
WISNER, FELIX               3/17/1915       IL              June,22-1993   MICHIGAN CITY
WISNIESKI, AUREL            9/3/1915        IN              Dec.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WISTHOFF, BERT              6/4/1916        IN              July,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WITEK, ANDREW               10/29/1906      IN              Feb.,1985      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WITEK, EDWARD               10/8/1904       IN              Oct.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WITHERS, GEORGE             5/13/1926       PA              June,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WITHROW, KATHERINE          6/10/1909       IN              02-22-1993     MICHIGAN CITY
WITHROW, ORVILLE            3/8/1907        IN              Nov.,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WITOWSKI, STEVE             4/5/1918        IN              July,08-1993   MICHIGAN CITY
WITTCHEN, JOSEPH            2/13/1903       IL              Oct.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WITTE, ELAINE               4/9/1908        IN              Jan.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WITTE, HERMAN               5/11/1901       IN              Mar.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WITTKE, EMIL                7/1/1900        IN              May ,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WITTMAACK, HARVEY           5/5/1912        IN              Nov.,1978      WANATAH
WITTMAACK, LOUIS            4/23/1903       IN              Mar.,1972      WANATAH
WITTMAACK, MAVIS            5/25/1921       IN              July,1986      WANATAH
WITTNER, MARIA              2/21/1908       IN              June,1986      KINGSBURY
WITZEL, BERTHA              10/26/1898      IL              Apr.,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WITZEL, HARRY               1/5/1894        IL              Aug.,1967      MICHIGAN CITY
WIZIECKI, JACK              5/19/1919       IL              June,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
WOCHOLSKI, EMIL             6/4/1900        IN              Oct.,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WOCHOLSKI, MARTHA           10/16/1894      IN              Mar.,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WOHLFEIL, LENA              8/22/1896       IN              July,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WOJAHN, HERMAN              4/29/1908       IN              Feb.,1984      WANATAH
WOJASINSKI, FRANK           1/15/1914       IN              June,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
WOJASINSKI, WALTER          2/22/1916       IN              May ,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WOJCIK, DORIS               1/26/56         IN              June,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WOJCIK, TILLIE              9/1/1891        IN              Mar.,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLAVKA, MILADA             12/29/1888      IN              June,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLCOTT, CORA               3/14/1905       IN              June,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLCOTT, HAROLD             8/27/1889       IN              Jan.,1985      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WOLCOTT, RUTH               11/30/1890      IN              Jan.,1982      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WOLDT, MONA                 6/20/1900       IN              July,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLF, DIANE                 7/6/1914        IN              Feb.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLF, FRANK                 3/16/1903       IN              Jan.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLF, FRED                  5/7/1907        IN              May ,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLF, HELEN                 12/1/1909       IN              Apr.,1968      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLF, JESSE                 7/5/1893        IN              Feb.,1966      WANATAH
WOLF, MARGARET              7/17/1889       IN              Dec.,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLF, SOPHIE                1/4/1910        IN              Mar.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLF, WILLIAM               11/5/1910       IN              Jan.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLFE, EDNA                 1/20/1897       IN              Dec.,1988      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLFE, EDWARD               12/14/1893      IN              May ,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLFE, FRIEDA               8/9/1899        IN              June,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLFE, HAZEL                12/31/1896      IN              Mar.,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLFE, RUSSELL              1/14/30         IN              11-17-1993     MICHIGAN CITY
WOLFE, WILLIAM              7/8/1891        IN              May ,1967      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLFF, CLIFFORD             1/10/1915       IN              Aug.,1972      MILL CREEK
WOLFF, FLORENTINE           4/28/1891       IN              Mar.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLFF, LEONARD              7/8/1903        IL              Dec.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLFINGTON, WILLIAM         9/20/1924       IN              11-28-1991     MICHIGAN CITY
WOLFORD, GERALD             10/8/36         IN              Dec.,1984      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WOLFORD, RUTH               9/10/1902       IN              Apr.,1985      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WOLFORD, WILLIAM            12/2/1919       IN              Feb.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLTER, MARTHA              7/20/1898       IN              May ,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WOLTER, ROBERT              6/19/1888       IN              July,1968      LA CROSSE
WOOD, ANNA                  7/2/1901        NY              Nov.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WOOD, CHARLES               9/3/1913        OH              June,1980      KINGSFORD HEIGHTS
WOOD, EDITH                 2/6/1897        OH              Oct.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WOOD, EDWARD                5/15/1920       IN              Aug.,1985      WANATAH
WOOD, ELSIE                 7/8/1918        MI              Dec.,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WOOD, GEORGE                6/10/1926       IN              04-22-1992     LA CROSSE
WOOD, HAROLD                1/15/1911       IN              Aug.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WOOD, JAMES                 3/13/1899       IN              Oct.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WOOD, JOHN                  3/9/1908        IN              Oct.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WOOD, LEONA                 12/27/1900      IN              Aug.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WOOD, ORISON                1/20/1888       IN              Jan.,1970      MICHIGAN CITY
WOOD, REALURA               12/25/1900      IN              Feb.,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WOOD, RUTH                  4/3/1912        IN              Feb.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODARD, ESSIE              2/27/1906       IN              Jan.,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODARD, GEORGE             2/8/1908        IN              May ,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODARD, JAMES              4/25/1895       IN              Jan.,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODARD, MARY               9/18/1901       IN              Mar.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODARD, NEVA               7/19/1901       IN              Jan.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODARD, PAUL               5/14/1903       IN              Oct.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODARD, THOMAS             12/17/42        IN              Mar.,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODLE, ALBERT              9/24/1918       AR              May ,1987      LA PORTE
WOODLEY, ROOSEVELT          8/16/1910       MS              June,1974      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WOODRICH, BESSIE            5/4/1898        IL              Nov.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODRICK, LLOYD             3/3/1906        IN              May ,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODRICK, MABEL             9/12/1893       IN              May ,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODRUFF, ELIZABETH         10/29/1885      IN              Oct.,1967      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODRUFF, FLORENCE          3/20/1902       IN              Feb.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODRUFF, FLOSSIE           2/6/1903        IN              June,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODRUFF, FLOYD             1/30/1917       IN              Aug.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODRUFF, GEORGE            6/12/1910       IN              June,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODRUFF, HARRY             10/8/1897       IN              Aug.,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODRUFF, JUNIOR            5/26/1924       IN              Apr.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODRUFF, ROBERT            10/16/1919      IN              02-15-1993     MICHIGAN CITY
WOODRUFF, WILLIAM           9/19/1919       WI              July,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODS, ANNIE                12/31/1887      IN              Nov.,1966      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODS, CLEMENT              11/25/1903      IN              May ,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODS, GENEVIEVE            12/17/1914      IL              Mar.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODS, SADIE                5/27/1913       PA              Jan.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WOODS, STANLEY              5/5/1892        IL              June,1972      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WOODWARD, PHYLLIS           5/25/1914       CT              Nov.,1986      KINGSFORD HEIGHTS
WOODY, RENA                 9/15/1889       MO              Oct.,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
WOOLDRIDGE, WILLIAM         1/15/1886       IN              July,1967      MICHIGAN CITY
WOOLLEY, CLARENCE           10/25/1889      IN              Aug.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
WOOLUM, CHARLES             8/14/1921       KY              Jan.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WOOTEN, FLORENCE            9/28/1902       IN              Dec.,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WOOTON, JENNIE              9/10/1900       IN              June,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
WORDELMAN, HERMAN           10/13/1882      IL              Nov.,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
WORDEN, BESSIE              11/6/1882       IN              Dec.,1966      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WOREK, STANLEY              5/8/1896        PA              Aug.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
WORKMAN, JOHN               3/2/48          IN              Feb.,1992      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WORLDS, GENOVA              8/9/1906        IN              June,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WORLDS, GLOYD               4/22/32         IN              Dec.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
WORLDS, NOVLA               3/27/1904       IN              Mar.,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WORTHINGTON, ANNE           12/25/1892      IL              June,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WORTHINGTON, HILDA          8/9/1886        IN              June,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WORTHY, LOUISE              6/1/1915        IL              Apr.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WOSS, MARGARET              4/6/1875        IN              Jan.,1967      MICHIGAN CITY
WOZNIAK, ALPHONSE           7/6/1919        IN              09-21-1993     MICHIGAN CITY
WOZNIAK, BARNEY             12/21/1910      IN              Oct.,20-1992   MICHIGAN CITY
WOZNIAK, BERNARD            7/26/1913       IN              Oct.,1981      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WOZNIAK, ELIZABETH          10/10/1897      IL              Aug.,1964      MICHIGAN CITY
WOZNIAK, FLORENCE           4/15/1907       IN              June,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WOZNIAK, FRANCES            2/21/1876       IN              Apr.,1966      MICHIGAN CITY
WOZNIAK, FRANCES            1/13/1911       IN              June,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
WOZNIAK, GERTRUDE           5/7/1904        IN              Nov.,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
WOZNIAK, IRENE              4/5/1926        IL              July,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WOZNIAK, JOSEPHINE          2/21/1879       IN              Jan.,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WOZNIAK, LAURA              4/17/1912       IN              01-31-1992     MICHIGAN CITY
WOZNIAK, LEONARD            7/9/1905        IN              Apr.,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WOZNIAK, MARION             9/17/1916       RR              Apr.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
WOZNIAK, RAY                2/4/1912        IN              03-11-1990     MICHIGAN CITY
WOZNIAK, RAYMOND            9/26/1910       IN              Jan.,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
WOZNIAK, ROMAN              4/25/1913       IN              Dec.,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
WOZNIAK, THOMAS             12/22/1884      IN              Nov.,1970      MICHIGAN CITY
WOZNY, STELLA               8/29/1888       IL              June,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
WRAY, CHARLES               5/7/1897        RR              Oct.,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WRAY, CYRIL                 5/29/1901       OH              Feb.,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WREN, ELGIN                 3/22/1908       AR              June,1969      MICHIGAN CITY
WREN, ELGIN                 9/13/41         AR              01-29-1993     MICHIGAN CITY
WRENN, SYBIL                11/27/1891      IN              May ,1979      UNION MILLS
WRIGHT, CHARLES             7/8/1907        IN              12-26-1991     MICHIGAN CITY
WRIGHT, CORNELIUS           12/7/1899       IL              June,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
WRIGHT, DEWITTE             11/10/1902      IN              Oct.,1980      LA CROSSE
WRIGHT, EMMA                8/8/1894        IN              Aug.,1977      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WRIGHT, EMMITT              3/12/1888       IL              July,1968      MICHIGAN CITY
WRIGHT, ESTHER              4/17/1903       IN              June,1974      WANATAH
WRIGHT, HARRIET             5/12/1909       IN              Dec.,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
WRIGHT, HERSCHEL            11/14/1904      IN              Jan.,1981      HANNA
WRIGHT, HILLIS              3/4/1900        IN              Apr.,1976      HANNA
WRIGHT, JAMES               3/28/1921       IL              July,11-1993   WANATAH
WRIGHT, LAURENCE            10/30/1910      IN              Mar.,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
WRIGHT, ROYSE               9/9/1901        IN              July,1967      LA CROSSE
WRIGHT, SPENCER             5/1/1912        IL              03-03-1992     MICHIGAN CITY
WRIGHT, WALTER              12/4/1894       IN              May ,1986      WANATAH
WROBLESKI, HERMAN           6/26/1915       IN              03-15-1989     MICHIGAN CITY
WROBLEWSKI, CAROLINE        11/14/1915      IN              Aug.,1966      MICHIGAN CITY
WROBLEWSKI, CLARA           2/5/1902        IN              Apr.,1979      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WROBLEWSKI, FRANK           4/9/1919        IN              Nov.,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
WROBLEWSKI, HELEN           3/3/1917        IN              Apr.,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
WROBLEWSKI, JOHN            3/11/1886       IN              June,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
WSOL, ISABEL                9/12/1914       IL              Oct.,1987      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WSOL, JOHN                  10/26/1905      IL              Nov.,1981      ROLLING PRAIRIE
WUERSCH, LOUISE             3/8/1897        FL              04-16-1992     MICHIGAN CITY
WURST, THURSTON             9/3/1906        IN              May ,1975      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WURSTE, A                   2/7/87          IN              May ,1989      WESTVILLE / OTIS
WYATT, ADDIE                11/29/1896      AR              Dec.,1992      MICHIGAN CITY
WYKOFF, CAROL               10/9/1900       IN              Mar.,1993      MICHIGAN CITY
WYKOFF, GEORGE              11/3/1898       IN              Nov.,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
WYKOFF, ROBERT              2/13/1924       IN              May ,08-1992   MICHIGAN CITY
WYRWALSKI, JOSEPHINE        2/20/1898       IL              June,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
WYSE, LELDON                2/18/1924       AR              Oct.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
YACKUS, JOSEPH              4/6/1910        IN              Oct.,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
YAGELSKI, JOHN              7/28/1910       IN              08-12-1991     MICHIGAN CITY
YAGELSKI, ROSE              3/7/1888        IN              Mar.,1976      WESTVILLE / OTIS
YAGODA, JOSEPH              6/13/1920       PA              Oct.,1992      ROLLING PRAIRIE
YANAGAWA, HANA              1/21/1903       IN              Mar.,1978      LA PORTE
YANCEY, LEOLA               6/21/1911       IN              Oct.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
YANKE, ALVIN                6/21/1889       IN              May ,1970      MICHIGAN CITY
YANKE, RUTH                 9/9/1889        IN              May ,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
YATES, JAMES                12/7/1908       VA              Nov.,1981      LA PORTE
YAZEL, KENNETH              12/10/56        IN              July,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
YEADON, ADELINE             11/3/1906       IN              Nov.,1969      LA PORTE
YEADON, RAYMOND             8/15/1896       IL              Dec.,1976      LA PORTE
YEANEY, BLANCHE             12/14/1888      IN              Jan.,1970      LA PORTE
YEATER, FRANK               11/4/1887       IN              Mar.,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
YEATER, TREVA               6/1/1889        IN              Oct.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
YELKICH, MAYME              1/20/1895       IN              June,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
YELTON, HAZEL               5/7/1900        IN              Feb.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
YELTON, JAMES               1/27/1890       IN              Oct.,1969      LA PORTE
YEOMAN, RALPH               10/31/1907      IN              Apr.,1976      HANNA
YERGER, S                   1/23/1901       IN              Apr.,1971      LA PORTE
YERGLER, GEORGE             12/21/1887      IN              Nov.,1976      LA CROSSE
YESKE, IDA                  3/10/1891       MN              09-09-1993     LA PORTE
YESSEN, ASSEM               9/1/1888        IN              May ,1969      LA PORTE
YETTER, EDWARD              8/1/1913        PA              Dec.,1982      WESTVILLE / OTIS
YODER, NELLIE               10/24/1895      IN              Feb.,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
YODER, OMER                 11/27/1899      IN              July,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
YODER, ROSE                 11/11/1909      IL              Apr.,1986      LA PORTE
YOHN, LORENA                12/11/1899      IN              May ,1969      LA PORTE
YOHN, THEODORE              6/20/1900       IN              July,1981      LA PORTE
YOREK, LEO                  8/26/1925       IL              04-02-1993     WESTVILLE / OTIS
YORK, LEAH                  10/29/1889      IN              Mar.,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
YORK, RUSSELL               2/22/1909       IL              Oct.,1976      LA PORTE
YORKEY, WALLACE             6/30/1902       IN              Feb.,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
YOUDELL, ALBERT             1/12/1902       OH              June,1969      MICHIGAN CITY
YOUNG, CARL                 8/8/1906        IN              June,1970      LA PORTE
YOUNG, CHARLES              8/25/1887       RR              July,1966      LA PORTE
YOUNG, ESTHER               1/2/1900        IN              June,27-1993   LA PORTE
YOUNG, ESTHER               5/10/1901       IN              Dec.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
YOUNG, FRANK                6/20/1908       IN              Oct.,02-1993   LA PORTE
YOUNG, FRED                 2/14/1907       IN              Oct.,1985      LA PORTE
YOUNG, FRED                 8/16/1914       IL              04-28-1993     WESTVILLE / OTIS
YOUNG, FRED                 5/20/1903       IN              Jan.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
YOUNG, GLADYS               1/2/1909        IN              June,16-1988   LA PORTE
YOUNG, GLORIA               9/20/1920       IN              May ,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
YOUNG, HARRY                9/18/1905       IN              July,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
YOUNG, JAMES                2/3/1920        IN              July,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
YOUNG, JULIA                12/4/1886       IN              Dec.,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
YOUNG, KENNETH              1/24/1912       IN              June,1976      LA PORTE
YOUNG, LAWRENCE             11/4/1903       IL              Dec.,1987      LA PORTE
YOUNG, LILLIE               12/21/1909      IN              Jan.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
YOUNG, MICHAEL              11/23/1883      IN              May ,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
YOUNG, ORIS                 6/14/1902       IN              Mar.,1977      LA PORTE
YOUNG, RELLIS               5/1/1923        IA              June,1974      LA PORTE
YOUNG, ROSA                 1/28/1905       GA              Dec.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
YOUNG, VERA                 3/29/1913       IN              Jan.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
YOUNG, WILLIAM              5/10/1894       IN              May ,1969      LA PORTE
YOUNG, WILLIAM              7/22/1911       IN              Feb.,1968      MICHIGAN CITY
YOUNG, WILLIAM              5/19/1926       IL              June,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
YOUNGBLOOD, MARTHA          12/23/1895      IN              Oct.,1977      LA PORTE
YOUNGBLOOD, THERESA         2/7/1908        IN              June,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
YOUNGGREEN, CHESTER         4/27/1897       IN              Feb.,1979      UNION MILLS
YOUNGGREEN, ESTHER          4/22/1886       IN              July,1980      LA CROSSE
YOUNGGREEN, HERBERT         3/21/1886       IN              Dec.,1966      LA CROSSE
YOUNGGREEN, LILLIAN         9/10/1890       IN              Apr.,1977      LA CROSSE
YOUNGREN, WALTER            6/16/1912       IN              Dec.,1984      LA CROSSE
YOUNKERS, HENRY             11/9/1890       IN              Nov.,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
YOZMAN, ANTHONY             10/21/1909      IN              Jan.,1983      LA PORTE
YOZMAN, STELLA              11/18/1907      IN              Mar.,1985      LA PORTE
YUHASZ, MARTHA              9/5/1902        IN              Mar.,1979      LA PORTE
YUHASZ, MIKE                5/29/1895       IN              June,1975      LA PORTE
YUSSUM, FRANK               8/3/1911        IN              Dec.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
YUZAMAS, MARGARET           5/8/1893        IN              June,1968      MICHIGAN CITY
ZABEL, EDNA                 9/19/1895       IN              Feb.,1975      HANNA
ZABEL, GUST                 3/28/1881       IN              July,1970      WANATAH
ZACH, HELEN                 3/10/1890       IN              Oct.,1972      LA PORTE
ZACKY, IRENE                7/13/1926       IN              Jan.,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
ZAHN, CODY                  12/10/1900      IN              Nov.,1971      LA CROSSE
ZAHN, DONALD                12/10/1900      IN              June,1982      LA CROSSE
ZAHN, MILDRED               7/17/1902       IN              02-25-1993     LA PORTE
ZAHN, VIOLET                3/24/1912       IN              May ,10/1992   WESTVILLE / OTIS
ZAHRN, FRED                 12/1/1886       IN              Apr.,1974      ROLLING PRAIRIE
ZAHRNDT, HARRY              6/11/1905       IN              Mar.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
ZAHRNDT, LOUIS              12/28/1876      IN              June,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
ZAHRNDT, MARIE              5/6/1895        MI              Nov.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
ZAHRNDT, MARY               1/1/1904        IN              July,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
ZAHRT, BELVA                9/12/1899       IN              July,1966      MILL CREEK
ZAHRT, LILLIE               7/19/1890       IN              Apr.,1978      LA PORTE
ZAHRT, MAMIE                6/26/1887       IN              July,1974      LA PORTE
ZAJAC, ANNA                 8/8/1900        IN              June,1980      LA PORTE
ZAJAC, JOSEF                12/4/1902       OK              Oct.,1980      LA PORTE
ZAKES, CONSTANCE            12/18/1893      IN              July,1982      LA PORTE
ZALLAS, CARL                5/28/1905       IN              11-16-1989     LA PORTE
ZALLAS, LEO                 10/24/1900      IN              May ,1969      MICHIGAN CITY
ZALLAS, MICHAEL             9/29/1898       IN              July,1966      MICHIGAN CITY
ZALLY, ALPHA                9/15/1912       IL              Aug.,1983      LA PORTE
ZALOHA, ELLA                2/19/1898       IL              Apr.,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
ZAMBRANO, YGNACIO           5/15/1906       MI              Mar.,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
ZAN, WALTER                 10/28/1893      IL              June,1971      LA PORTE
ZANDER, JUDITH              11/19/38        IN              July,1987      WESTVILLE / OTIS
ZAPALA, WALTER              3/4/1911        IL              Feb.,1987      LA PORTE
ZARANTONELLO, REGINA        3/28/1898       IN              Aug.,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
ZARR, ALAN                  9/16/46         IN              Oct.,1974      KINGSFORD HEIGHTS
ZARTH, MARIAN               3/25/1908       IL              June,1976      MICHIGAN CITY
ZAWACKE, RAYMOND            10/25/1913      IN              Oct.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
ZAWACKI, CLEMENT            6/9/1918        IL              Apr.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
ZAWACKI, HELEN              5/4/1891        IN              May ,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
ZAWACKI, HELEN              3/22/1917       IN              09-15-1988     MICHIGAN CITY
ZAWACKI, LEONARD            3/27/1914       IN              June,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
ZAWACKI, VALERIE            1/31/1910       IN              May ,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
ZAWADA, JOSEPH              2/16/1915       IN              01-10/1993     LA PORTE
ZAWADZKI, WALTER            12/3/1888       IN              Mar.,1966      LA PORTE
ZBOZEN, ALBINA              5/10/1900       IN              Apr.,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
ZBOZEN, JOSEF               6/10/1897       IN              Apr.,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
ZDYB, JOHN                  8/17/1916       IN              Oct.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
ZDYB, KAY                   12/31/51        IN              Mar.,1989      MICHIGAN CITY
ZEBRO, JOSEPHINE            3/13/1921       IL              July,1986      HANNA
ZEDECK, HELEN               9/29/1910       IN              Dec.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
ZEDRO, CHARLES              4/11/1913       IL              May ,18-1988   HANNA
ZEESE, ALVIN                10/13/1914      IN              Apr.,1992      MICHIGAN CITY
ZEESE, ELMER                7/13/1894       IN              Jan.,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
ZEESE, FLORENCE             9/8/1908        IN              Dec.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
ZEESE, FRANK                1/22/1889       IN              July,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
ZEESE, LYDIA                9/12/1902       IN              Feb.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
ZEESE, NORMAN               1/1/1905        IN              Dec.,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
ZEESE, WALLACE              2/26/1907       IN              June,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
ZEH, LAURA                  1/29/1914       IN              Feb.,1990      LA PORTE
ZEIDLER, EDWARD             2/8/1891        IN              July,1966      MICHIGAN CITY
ZEIDLER, EMMA               7/29/1912       IN              July,1982      LA PORTE
ZEIDLER, LAURA              12/5/1893       IN              Apr.,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
ZEIDLER, MARY               3/10/1889       IN              Feb.,1969      MICHIGAN CITY
ZEILER, RAYMOND             8/3/1914        IL              June,1979      ROLLING PRAIRIE
ZEILSTRA, GERALD            10/17/1899      IL              Mar.,1976      LA PORTE
ZEILSTRA, HARRY             10/29/1922      IL              09-29-1991     LA PORTE
ZEILSTRA, MARIE             10/2/1903       IL              June,1979      LA PORTE
ZEILSTRA, MARIE             10/2/1903       IL              June,1979      LA PORTE
ZEISIG, MARTHA              9/11/1902       IN              Jan.,1974      MICHIGAN CITY
ZEITZ, JOHN                 12/10/1914      IN              May ,1975      LA PORTE
ZEITZ, MARGARET             9/9/1912        IN              July,1987      LA PORTE
ZEKOWSKI, HATTIE            10/11/1889      IN              Nov.,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
ZELDEN, ELLA                9/15/1892       IN              Mar.,1968      LA PORTE
ZELENKA, EMMA               2/16/1911       IN              Apr.,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
ZELI, JOHN                  7/21/1896       IN              June,1967      LA PORTE
ZELLER, MATHIAS             4/13/1897       IN              May ,1970      MICHIGAN CITY
ZELLERS SR, GLEN            11/20/1898      IN              Aug.,1972      LA PORTE
ZELLERS, ANNA               2/14/1898       IN              June,1979      LA PORTE
ZELLERS, ARLENE             8/13/1917       IN              Oct.,1983      LA PORTE
ZELLERS, GRACE              2/27/1900       IN              Oct.,1967      ROLLING PRAIRIE
ZELLERS, INA                9/7/1896        IN              Dec.,1976      LA PORTE
ZELLERS, RAYMOND            6/9/1894        IN              Feb.,1977      LA PORTE
ZELLERS, VIOLET             10/25/1919      IN              June,1986      LA PORTE
ZELLMER, NORMAN             2/23/1914       IN              01-15-1992     LA PORTE
ZELTNER, HELEN              9/13/1895       IN              Jan.,1972      LA PORTE
ZEMAN, JOSEPH               6/13/1918       MI              June,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
ZEMAN, RUDOLPH              3/5/1905        IN              Oct.,1970      MICHIGAN CITY
ZEMANEK, JOSEPH             11/30/1893      IN              May ,1967      HANNA
ZEMROWSKI, BERNARD          8/19/1900       IN              June,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
ZEMROWSKI, EDMUND           10/28/1898      IN              Oct.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
ZENER, LYNNIE               12/2/1880       IN              Apr.,1970      LA PORTE
ZENZEN, RHODA               10/7/1898       IN              Jan.,1983      LA PORTE
ZEPIK, HAROLD               8/18/1918       IN              Dec.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
ZEPIK, LOUIE                5/21/1898       MI              Dec.,1977      UNION MILLS
ZERNICK, ELIZABETH          8/8/1908        SC              Aug.,1987      LA PORTE
ZGRAGGEN, EUGENE            12/12/1889      IN              04-21-1992     WESTVILLE / OTIS
ZGRAGGEN, MARIE             11/10/1891      IN              Dec.,1980      WESTVILLE / OTIS
ZIARNEK, PRUDENCE           12/10/1903      MO              Oct.,1975      LA PORTE
ZIEKE, EMMA                 2/21/1889       IN              Apr.,1970      LA PORTE
ZIELINSKI, IRVIN            7/23/1919       IN              July,1986      WESTVILLE / OTIS
ZIELINSKI, MICHAEL          7/10/1912       IN              Nov.,1983      LA PORTE
ZIESKE, KATHRYN             5/3/1904        IN              June,1969      MICHIGAN CITY
ZIESMER, ADELIA             1/21/1894       IN              Mar.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
ZIESMER, ARTHUR             8/7/1892        IN              July,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
ZIESMER, HARRY              4/21/1898       IN              Aug.,1971      MICHIGAN CITY
ZIESMER, MABEL              1/5/1895        IN              May ,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
ZIGLER, ARTHUR              9/11/1907       IN              Feb.,1981      LA PORTE
ZIKA, JOSEPH                3/13/1915       MI              Oct.,1978      LA PORTE
ZILA, WILLIAM               10/31/1910      IN              Jan.,1979      LA PORTE
ZILLIGEN, MAE               11/16/1898      IL              May ,1981      MICHIGAN CITY
ZIMMERLE, HERMAN            7/4/1887        IN              Aug.,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
ZIMMERLE, JOHN              6/20/1891       IN              May ,1982      MICHIGAN CITY
ZIMMERLE, LUTHER            1/9/1913        IN              July,1984      MICHIGAN CITY
ZIMMERMAN, EDGAR            4/2/1908        IN              Mar.,1987      LA PORTE
ZIMMERMAN, ELNORA           9/26/1910       IN              Oct.,1984      LA PORTE
ZIMMERMAN, GENE             2/12/1914       IL              June,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
ZIMMERMAN, NETTIE           7/10/1893       IN              May ,1981      LA PORTE
ZIMMERMAN, PAUL             7/4/1929        IN              11-15-1993     UNION MILLS
ZIMMERMAN, RITA             9/6/1891        IN              Dec.,1981      LA PORTE
ZIMMERMAN, SELMA            6/20/31         IN              08-16-1993     MICHIGAN CITY
ZINK, AUDRA                 10/20/1913      IN              01-18-1991     LA PORTE
ZINKEL, ARTHUR              4/17/1902       IL              May ,1980      LA PORTE
ZIPPEL, LOUISE              6/27/1905       IN              09-29-1993     UNION MILLS
ZIPPEL, MOLLIE              2/2/1888        IN              Mar.,1972      UNION MILLS
ZIRKLE, FRANK               12/23/1877      PA              June,1966      LA PORTE
ZIRZOW, FRED                1/1/1900        IN              June,1978      LA PORTE
ZIRZOW, FRIEDA              9/11/1895       IN              Mar.,1981      LA PORTE
ZIRZOW, MARTHA              11/22/1885      IN              June,1976      LA PORTE
ZITZELBERGER, DELIA         8/28/1910       MO              Mar.,1993      MICHIGAN CITY
ZITZELBERGER, FRANK         4/22/1905       MO              Apr.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
ZOCH, MARGARET              4/24/1908       IN              July,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
ZOCH, RALPH                 2/9/1894        IN              June,1967      MICHIGAN CITY
ZOET, LILLIAN               8/31/1903       MI              Aug.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
ZOLINSKI, ANTHONY           5/2/30          IN              July,1972      MICHIGAN CITY
ZOLKOWSKI, FRANCES          8/7/1907        IN              June,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
ZOLKOWSKI, FRANK            7/8/1904        IN              Mar.,1978      MICHIGAN CITY
ZOLKOWSKI, LEON             4/7/1902        IN              Apr.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
ZOLL, HERMAN                8/8/1901        IN              Jan.,1981      LA PORTE
ZOLLER, OMA                 9/29/1908       IL              Mar.,1987      MICHIGAN CITY
ZOLVINSKI, ROSE             9/2/1894        IN              Mar.,1978      LA PORTE
ZOLVINSKI, STANLEY          4/24/1883       IN              Jan.,1979      MICHIGAN CITY
ZONA, ROSE                  3/3/1917        IN              July,1975      WESTVILLE / OTIS
ZONYK, MITCHELL             11/7/1908       IN              Mar.,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
ZONYK, RUTH                 11/29/1920      IN              Apr.,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
ZOOK, ANNA                  7/15/1903       IN              Oct.,1980      LA PORTE
ZOOK, DONALD                7/26/1920       IN              June,1987      LA PORTE
ZOOK, J                     3/25/1906       IN              Feb.,1986      MICHIGAN CITY
ZOOK, LILLIAN               4/11/1898       IN              June,1987      LA PORTE
ZORGER, MABEL               3/18/1890       IN              June,08-1991   MICHIGAN CITY
ZORN, PHILIP                4/17/1907       IN              Mar.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY
ZRINY, EDWARD               9/9/1907        IN              July,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
ZRINY, EMMA                 11/14/1887      IN              June,1973      MICHIGAN CITY
ZRINY, EVELYN               9/8/1906        IN              June,1988      MICHIGAN CITY
ZUBIK, GENEVIEVE            4/23/1897       IN              03-21-1990     MICHIGAN CITY
ZUKOWSKI, ROBERT            8/11/33         IL              Oct.,1970      WESTVILLE / OTIS
ZUMMAK, LEON                12/3/1910       IL              Dec.,1985      MICHIGAN CITY
ZUPP, WILMA                 9/16/36         IN              Aug.,1986      LA PORTE
ZURMEHLY, CLARA             5/27/1898       IL              Jan.,1978      LA PORTE
ZUTTERMEISTE, FREDRICH      7/17/1904       IL              Aug.,1967      LA PORTE
ZUZOCK, JOHN                8/28/1921       NJ              Jan.,1975      MICHIGAN CITY
ZWERG, EMELIE               11/5/1892       IN              July,1976      LA PORTE
ZWERG, ERNEST               11/29/1885      IN              June,1973      LA PORTE
ZWEYER, OLIVE               2/18/1910       IN              03-7/1990      MICHIGAN CITY
ZWILLING, EMMA              12/16/1889      IN              Oct.,1977      MICHIGAN CITY
ZYCH, JOHN                  4/18/1916       IN              Feb.,1980      LA PORTE
ZYCH, MAGDALENA             7/22/1892       IN              Dec.,1978      LA PORTE
ZYGMANTOWSKI, MARTIN        9/8/1898        IN              Feb.,1967      LA PORTE
ZYGMANTOWSKI, MILDRED       8/24/1909       IN              July,1983      MICHIGAN CITY
ZYGMONT, EDITH              9/20/1903       IN              Jan.,1988      LA PORTE
ZYGMUNTOWSKI, ANTHONY       10/29/1906      IN              Mar.,1980      MICHIGAN CITY

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