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Taken from LaGrange Standard Paper, June 6, 1889
Deceased Pioneers.

J.M. Keith, of Ontario, furnishes us the following list of deceased residents of Lima township from about 1831 to the present (June 6, 1889). It will serve to refresh the memory of many of the old settlers for their next annual meeting next Thursday.
Deacon Miles, Averill, wife and daughter, Alanson Averill, Henry L. Averill, Henry Averill and wife, Zimri Atwater and wife, Dr. Arial Alvord, Geo. Agnew and wife, Lewis Abbott and wife, Asa P. Adams, Thomas Atchison.

Deacon Benjamin Blair, Sr. and wife, Francis Blair, wife and child, Benjamin Blair Jr., Miss Ann Blair, Mr. Bristol (father of Miles), Mr. James Best, George Brown and wife Elizabeth, Wm. K. Bowles and wife, Mrs. Peter Beisel and son Beecher, father of A.W., Mrs. John Brown of Ontario, Henry Brooks of Ontario, F. H. Brown and wife, Deacon Joseph Bunnell and wife, Benjamin Bates and wife, Samuel Bunnell, Mrs. S. A. Bartlett in California.

Rev. Christopher Cory and wife, Deacon Samuel Cory, wife and daughter, Deacon Robert Cummings and wife, Abraham Cole and wife, Simon M. Cuttler, Esq., and wife, John Craig and wife, Mrs. R. P. Clark and three daughters, Mrs. T. H. Cadding, James Corey, Simon Cookingham and wife, Robert Craig, F. D. Craig, Mrs. Joseph Craig, Cone, wife and son, _____ Cothrel, wife and son Newell.

David Divine and wife, Deacon Waitstill Dickinson and wife, Deacon Ira Dickinson and wife, Elisha Dickinson, Synthia Dickinson (Mrs. Ingraham), Statira Dickinson (Mrs. Bigelow), Deacon Ansel Dickinson, Mrs. Doolittle (mother of Charles), Mrs. Charles Doolittle, Deforest Doolittle and sister, Rebecca, Geo. Dayton and wife, Jackson Downing of Ontario, Elijah Demming and wife, David Dodge and wife, David D. Dodge's daughter, Mrs. Wm. H. Depuy, Mrs. John Draper, Mrs. Robert Dykes, Charles Doolittle.

George Elmore, Esq., James Ellis and wife, ___ Eaton, wife and two daughters, Newton Eno.

Deacon Mersen Fox and son, Lemnel Fobes and wife, Hon. Timothy Field and wife, Rev. Fox, wife and son, Dr. Fox, Charles Fox, Rev. Bethnel Farrand, wife and daughter, Resolve Fish (on his way to California), A. D. Follett, Ephraim Frisbey, J. D. Filkins.

Joshua Gale and wife, Thomas Gale and wife, Samuel Gardner, Jonathan Gardner and mother, John Griffith and wife, Wm. W. Gardner, and wife (a merchant, Lima), Palmer Grannis, wife and daughter, ______ Gurnea, wife and three sons, Duncan, John and Oscar Gurnea, Isaac Grannis, Isaac Gilmore, George Garrison and wife.

Mikajah Harding, Mikajah Harding Jr., Daniel Harding and wife, Eliphlet Harding, Norman Harding and wife, Mrs. Margaret Hopkins, nee Smith, Robert Hamilton and wife, Hugh Hamilton, Frederick Hamilton and wife, Sylvanus Halsey, wife and daughter Emeline, Dr. J. T. Hobbs and wife, Hoard and wife (parents of Hezekiah), Hezekiah Hoard and first and second wife, William Holmes and wife, James Holmes, Deacon Wm. Hawley and wife of Ontario County, N.Y., Hon. J. R. Howe and sister, Howard and wife (parents of Samuel), Samuel Howard, Esq., John and Thomas Howard, Horning and wife (parents of George), Geo. Horning, Levi Horning and wife, Simon Harris and wife, Ambrose Halsey and wife, Wm. Hill and wife, Samuel and Elisha Hudson, Rev. Lewis Hamilton, wife and son, of Lima, Rev. Hobson and wife, of Ontario (Hall, son of Elder, a soldier), Hosea Hunter, Sylvanus Holiday, Mrs. Hurd, grandmother of John Smith.

Jesse Ingraham Sr., wife and daughter, Wm. Ingraham and wife, Jesse Ingraham Jr.

Nathan Jenks, wife and daughter, Carlos Jenks and wife, David Jewell and wife, F. F. Jewett, wife and daughter, Orestes Jewett, H. L. Johnson and wife, Stephen Jenks, murderer of Geo. Mallow.

Simeon Keith and wife, Sidney Keith and first and second wife and son, John Kromer and wife, James Kinney and wife, John Kinney, wife and son, F. C. King.

Lewis and wife, John Lewis, wife and son, Deacon Leighton and wife, Clark Lee, Sr., Clark Lee, Jr., J. H. Ladd, Esq., and wife, Francis Lampman, wife and son, Oliver George Lamphere, of Ontario, Thomas Lock and wife, early settler, George Leterer, settler in 1835.

Peter Miller (old settler), Mrs. Rev. Morse, of Lima, Sheriff P. L. Mason and wife, Deacon Ezekial Miller, wife and son, Wm. E. Miller, Solomon Miller (cabinet maker), John Moore and wife, Nathan Merriman, Ozro Morse, of Lima, Mashann, wife and son Benjamin, Otia Moore, wife, son and daughter, Theodore Moore, wife and daughter, Gustavus Moore, Wm. Martin and wife, Hon. Delavan Martin and wife, George Mallow and daughter (Mrs. Jenks), Simon Mills (carpenter, built Ontario Cemetery), Daniel McKinley and wife, Mrs. Mann (mother of Wm. Mann), McGregor (two sisters) of Ontario, Dr. James McConnel, Dr. McKelvie, Hiram Mashon, R.B. Mosher (soldier) of Ontario.

Judge Luther Newton and wife, Otis Newton and wife (a daughter of Mrs. Mann), Datis Newton and wife.


Samuel Parker and wife, Orra Parker and wife, Jas Patterson and wife (Ontario), first and second wife of Kufus Patch, William and Nathan Place (brothers), Seth Parmely, Powell (hotel proprietor, Lima), Adam Parker.


John C. Robertson and wife, Martin Roe, Nathan Reynolds and wife.

Shumway and wife, Dr. Boulton Smith and wife, Rev. Raselar Sears, David Smith and wife (early settlers), Judge T. J. Spaulding, Mrs. Smith (wife of Hon. William Smith), Johnathan Stephens and wife (Mrs. Craig and daughter), Joel K. Salmon and wife, Mrs. Smith (wife of John Smith), Mrs. Smith (wife of Hugh Smith), Boston Shoup and wife, Jas. Stephenson, wife, son and daughter, Calvin Summers, Pierpoint Seymour and wife, Leonard Scott, wife and brother, Sanburn, wife and son (Luther), Nelson Sherman and wife, Adam Smith, wife and son (David), Adam Stine and wife, Mrs. T. J. Spaulding.

Rev. Stephen Thompson, Colonel Asan Thompson, wife and son, John Trask, wife, 3 sons (John, Alfred and Henry), Turnbull, wife and child, Tuttle, wife and son (Lorenzo), Deacon Seth Tucker, wife and son (Albert), John Taylor and wife (an Englishman), John Taylor, brother-in-law of Wm. Whitney.

Deacon Jonathan Upson.

Charles Vaughn and 2 daughters, Deacon Lewis vance, Mrs. A. C. Vanornam.

Jas. Whitaker and wife (early settler in Lima), Jonathan Woodruff and wife (early settler), Samuel West and wife, Randall Wood, wife and child, John Russel Wood (son of Randall Wood), C. W. Wilson, Joseph Wilson, of Ontario, Major Samuel Wright and wife, Wm. Whitney and wife (died in Oregon), Wm. W. Wood (died in California), Woodruff (first buried in Lima Cemetery), Wood, wife of Harvey W. Wood, Lyman Wilcox (cabinet maker), Mrs. Ranson Willard (early settler in Lima).

Mrs. Alonza Young.


Whole Number of deaths 385.

LAGRANGE STANDARD, September 5, 1919, Page 1, col. 2


Another Old Soldier Answers the Last Roll Call.

George R. Kunce, a soldier in the war for the nation, died early Tuesday morning, about half past two o'clock, at his farm home in the Brushy Prairie neighborhood following an invalidism of fourteen years, the result of valvular heart desease.

While his condition was serious all of the time, he was able to be up and around and attended to business almost until the last.

He was one of the old soldiers attending the annual soldiers' and sailors' picnic at the Mount Pisgah grove, held on Saturday, August 23, that being his seventy-seventh birthday.

Mr. Kunce was born in Huntington county, Indiana. He came to LaGrange county forty-two years ago, locating in Springfield twonship, and had owned the farm on which he died nearly forty years.

He leaves a widow, two daughters, Mrs. Clark Cornell of Huntington and Mrs. Sherman Chalmers of Larned, Kansas, a son, Charles A. Kunce of LaGrange, and a step daughter, Mrs. Thomas Hockensmith.

His funeral was held on Thursday afternoon at half past two o'clock at the East Springfield church, with a sermon by Rev. Leroy W. Kemper of Fremont, former Methodist Episcopal pastor of the South Milford circuit, and burial was made in the nearby churchyard.

Mr. Kunce enlisted in Company F of the unassigned guards, in the Civil war, and received his honorable discharge in May following the surrender of Lee to Grant at Appomattox.

Mr. Kunce was a man of industry and integrity. He was interested in public affairs and in politics was a strong and sturdy Republican. He had the courage of his faith, but was thoughtful and generous with his friends. He was intensely interested in the Mount Piagah reunion and never failed to attend the annual meetings, if his physical condition would permit it. His neighborhood and his county lost a man of character and worth when he died.

Note from Submitter: George R. Kunce is the son of Henry and Susannah (REAM) Kunce of Huntington Co., IN.

Submitted by: Lucille Wilkinson

Belva R. Raley
Sturgis- Belva R. Raley, 92, formerly of 302 C. Gateway Village, died July 10, 1995, at Lutheran Hospital, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  She was born September 20, 1902 in LaGrange County, Indiana, a daughter of Frank and Rachael (Taylor) Kime.
  On August 11, 1920, she married James Raley, in Centreville.  He preceded her in death.
  She had lived most of her life in the Sturgis, Michigan area.  She was employed 44 years at the Kirsch Company, retiring in 1965. She was a member of the First Baptist Church and the Philathea Class of the church.
  Surviving are 1 daughter, Pauline Radloff, Sturgis; 2 granddaughters, Mrs. Charles (Priscilla) Butler, Hawthorne, California and Mrs. Ernest (Peggy) Bodenmiller, Belleville; 2 grandsons, James Radloff, Sturgis, and Charles M. Radloff, Virginia Beach, Virginia; 6 great-grandchildren, 4 great-great-grandchildren; 2 brother, Lester Kime, Sturgis, and Marion Kime, Centreville; and 2 sisters, Elsie Baker, Centreville and Mildred Wood, LaGrange, Indiana.  She was preceded in death by her parents, 3 brothers and 1 sister.
  Relatives and friends may call after 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Rosenberg-Schipper Funeral Home, Sturgis.  Services are at 1 p.m. Thursday at the Sturgis First Baptist Church with the Rev. James Bender officiating.  Burial will be in Oak Lawn Cemetery, Sturgis, Michigan.
  Memorials may be directed to the First Baptist Church.  Envelopes are available at the funeral home.
(Source: Sturgis Journal Paper, Michigan)

Contributed by Lori Kime

G. W. Chupp, 82, Dies near Howe
Was Last of Family of Nine Children.
Howe, June 5- George Washington Chupp, aged 82, the last of a family of 9 children, died at 10 a.m. today (June 5, 1940) at his residence, 5 miles west of Howe, after a 5 week illness due to complications.
  He was born in LaGrange County on March 06, 1858, the son of Betsey Roop and Henry Chupp.  He married Anna Roop on November 30, 1880.
  Mr. Chupp was a LaGrange County farmer and a member of the Methodist Church.
  Surviving are his widow, a son, Clyde at home, and nieces and nephews.
  Funeral arrangements are being made by the Shoup Funeral Home in Howe.  Burial will be in Riverside Cemetery, Howe, Indiana
(Source: Sturgis Journal Paper- Wednesday-June 5, 1940)

Contributed by Lori Kime

Aged Woman Dies Near Howe
Mrs. Chupp, 82, Will Be Buried Thursday.
Howe, July 28- Mrs. Anna Roop Chupp, 82, the widow of George Washington Chupp, died at her home 4 miles west of Howe at 10:45 a.m. today (July 28, 1941).  She had suffered a paralytic stroke 2 weeks ago.
  Mrs. Chupp was born in DeKalb County, Indiana on May 10, 1859 and had always lived in Indiana.  She and Mr. Chupp were married in LaGrange in November of 1881.  Mrs. Chupp was a member of the Evangelical Church  west of here.
  Surviving relatives are a son, Clyde at home; a sister, Mrs. Maude Gorrell of Hudson, Ind., and a brother Jake Roop of Traverse City, Michigan.  Mr. Chupp died in June, 1940.
  The body will be taken to the home from the Shoup Funeral Home tomorrow morning to remain until the funeral hour.  Services will be held Thursday at 3 p.m. EST from the funeral home with the Rev. G. Allen Steeby of the Evangelical Church officiating and burial will be made in Riverside Cemetery, Howe, Indiana.
(Source: Sturgis Journal Paper- Monday-July 28, 1941)

Contributed by Lori Kime

Charles E. Keim

In the loss of Charles E. Keim, the schools, the family and the community, the Sunday School and the Epworth League and the Church share.
  Mr. Keim was a beautiful character whenever you saw him, in social or family life, in his school and in his religious work he exhibited those traits of gentle strength which endeared him to all.
  He was born in LaGrange County near Brighton, Ind. on April 13, 1868.  After a course in the Brighton public school, he taught a district school when only 17.  A short time was devoted to illness followed by a course in the Lima High School, graduating in 1890, and from the Indiana State Normal School 2 years later.  For 3 years he taught the high school at Newport, Indiana.  On account of failing health he resigned his school work and gave his endeavor to regaining his health.
  He united with the Methodist Episcopal Church, February 14, 1893 and most beautifully exemplified the spirit of Christ in his life.
  He died of consumption on May 3, 1897.
  A very large concourse of friends and acquaintances attended his funeral at the home farm, Thursday, May 6 and the interment at the Brethern church.
  His life, poured out in blessed fragrance, will long linger in our memories.  As he followed Christ, we will follow him.
(Source: LaGrange Standard Paper- 1897)

Contributed by Lori Kime

Died, January 6, 1897, A. H. Keim of Lima, Indiana in the 34th year of his age.  He was born in Owen County, Indiana, on September 22, 1863 and died at Maniton, Colorado, whether he had gone to regain his health.

  His early life was spent on his father's farm, near Brighton.  Of recent years his home has been with his mother of Lima.  He began his individual career by teaching school, which profession he followed for several years.  He then became a canvasser, following this occupation at interval during the remainder of his life.  He was first stricken down with a fever last May, while at Rochester, Indiana.  He returned home soon, but several months of home care found his physical condition without material improvement.  In September last he sought relief in the mild rare atmosphere of the mountains of Colorado.  But this failed to strengthen and invigorate him.  His strong constitution preserved him until 3 to 4 week previous to his death when he began to fail rapidly, and especially was this true during the last week of his life.  He died before his friends could reach him.
  His nobility of character is attested by all with whom he was acquainted.  He was reserved yet affable, economical yet charitable, a true son and brother.  He was of a cheerful disposition and always had a kind and encouraging word for everyone he met.  In a business way he was moderately successful.  In a moral and religious way he was found on the side of right and truth.  He was a member of but one organization, Star in the West Lodge, L.O.O.F. of LaGrange, Indiana.  The funeral services were held at his mother's home in Lima, on Sunday last at 1 o'clock p.m. conducted by Rev. Coffman of LaGrange.  His remains were deposited in the family cemetery, near Brighton.
  In the death of Mr. Keim, LaGrange County loses one of its sterling young men, respected by all who knew him.
(Source: LaGrange Standard Paper- 1897)

Contributed by Lori Kime

Gone to Rest
George W. Hissong, Soldier of the Union, Answers Roll Call Beyond

(From The Standard, LaGrange, Indiana, April 6, 1923. Printed obituary
contains photo)

The death last Sunday of George W. Hissong, for many years a highly esteemed citizen of LaGrange, has occasioned much sorrow to his many old friends. For many weeks he had been suffering great pain and death was a merciful release, but his passing has taken from the town a long-familiar figure.
Mr. Hissong was born in Richland county, Ohio, March 9, 1840, the eldest son of Martin and Elizabeth Hissong. When he was a small child the family moved to Elkhart county, and later his home was Warsaw, where he enlisted in May, 1861, in Company E of the Fourth Indiana cavalry. He was on active duty with his command for three years, until the close of
the war, receiving his honorable discharge June 29, 1865.
Mr. Hissong came to LaGrange in January, 1866, and lived here continuously from that date. He was married January 21, 1866, to Mary Jane Cline. Two children were born to them, Charlie M. Hissong, of LaGrange and Mrs. Lulu M. Teeter of Elkhart.
After Mr. Hissong came to LaGrange, he was associated for many years with Moon and Company, carriage makers. Later he was for nearly twenty years the photographer at LaGrange, with a business extending over a wide territory, and more recently, up to the time of the failure of his health, he was the justice of the peace.
Early in life he joined the Methodist Episcopal church, of which he was a faithful member. For many years, also, he was one of the leading members of the Grand Army of the Republic.
There survive him, besides the widow and children, two sisters, Mrs. Mary J. Warren of Elkhart, Mrs. Harriet A. Windbigler of Plymouth, a half-sister, Mrs. Alice J. Wolgamott of VanNuys, California, four grandchildren, K.A. Teeter of LaGrange, Michel and Naomi Teeter of Elkhart, Ethel L. Olds of LaGrange, and one great grandchild, William C. Olds.
Mr. Hissong died about two o'clock Sunday afternoon, April 1, aged eighty-three years and twenty-two days.
The funeral services were conducted at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Hissong at two o'clock Tuesday afternoon, by Rev. G. F. Hubbartt and the burial was made at Greenwood cemetery.
He was a gallant solder of the Union and a good citizen, always true to the best interests of his community and the nation. May he rest in peace.

Contributed by Sally Kimbel

Mrs. Mary M. Hartman, age 86 years, passed away this morning at Mercy Hospital after a lingering illness. She was born Aug. 26, 1885 in LaGrange, Indiana where she graduated from high school in 1904 and then moved to Grand Rapids but had resided in Muskegon for many years. She was the former Mary M. Shattuck and was married to Otto C. Hartman on Sept. 17, 1911 at Grand Rapids and he passed away on March 21, 1959. She attended First Congregational Church, member of the Salvation Army Golden Age Club and the Society for Better Hearing. She is survived by one son, Louis H. of
Muskegon (MI); 6 grandchildren and 1 great-grandson. Services will be held at 1:30 p.m. Thursday at the Sytsema Chapel, Rev. Robert J. Herman officiating and interment will be in Oakwood Cemetery. Friends may call at the Sytsema Funeral Home beginning at 7 p.m. this evening.
(Muskegon Chronicle, 23 May 1972 p. 30)

submitted by Peg Adams

George W. Henricks

Howe - George Walter Henricks, 63, Rt. 2, Howe, died at 3:40 p.m. Wednesday in Parkview Memorial Hospital in Ft. Wayne, where he was admitted Friday.
He had been ill for 16 years.
Mr. Henricks was born Jan. 23, 1907 in White Pigeon, Mich., a son of Oliver and Elizabeth (Schmidt) Henricks. He was married to Minerva Warner in 1929, in Elkhart, Ind.
Surviving are his widow; one son Walter W. Henricks of Howe; three grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs.Ruth Geeting of Ft. Wayne and Mrs. Phyllis Machan of Sturgis; and one brother Paul of Coldwater.
He was a member of St. Mark's Parish and of the Howe Lions Club.
Mr. Henricks was employed for 29 years in the Crandall Grocery Store in Howe. He had worked in the Warner Hardware Store in Howe for a year, was an attendant for two years on the Indiana East-West Toll Road, served five years as trustee of Lima Township, was a member of the Howe Volunteer Fire Department for 19 years, served eight years as a member of the Lima School Board, was in the vestry of St. Mark's Parish for nine years, and served for two years in the U. S. Army during World War II.
Mr. Henricks was a graduate of Lima High School and took post graduate work at Howe Military School. Later he attended Purdue University. He was a member of American Legion Post 215 in LaGrange.
Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday in St. James Chapel in Howe, with the Rev. Theodore Sirotko, rector, officiating. Burial will take place in Riverside Cemetery, Howe.
Friends may call at the Shoup Funeral Home in Howe after 2 p.m. Friday.
The family requests that memorials be directed to St. Mark's Parish or the Lions Club in Howe.

(Sturgis Journal 19 March 1970)
Submitted by  Peg Adams

Minerva A. Henricks

Howe, Ind. -- Minerva A. Henricks, 77, Rt. 2, died Monday, Feb. 1, 1983 at LaGrange Hospital. Born in Erie County, PA., she was married to George W. Henricks Nov. 24, 1938. He died in 1970.
She was a member of St. Mark's Parish, Howe, and belonged to St. Mark's Episcopal Church Women.
Surviving is one son, Walter (Mike) Henricks, Wolcottville; one brother Lynn Warner, Howe,\; one sister, Susan Milliken, Byron, Texas; three grandchildren and three great grandchildren.
Minerva A. Henricks was born Dec. 1, 1905. Funeral services will be at 11 a.m. Thursday at St. James Chapel. The Rev. George Minnix will officiate.
Burial will be in Riverside Cemetery, Howe. Calling will be today from 3-5 and 7-9 p.m. at the Shoup-Carney-Frost Funeral Home, Howe. Preferred memorials to St. Mark's Parish.

(Sturgis Journal, Wed. February 2, 1983)

submitted by Peg Adams

Mrs. Daniel Long

A Worthy Life is Closed at Ripe Old Age, Full of Years

The funeral of Mrs. Daniel Long was held on Tuesday of last week and was attended by many relatives and friends.
The following sketch of the life of this venerable lady was prepared:
"Sarah Bair, daughter of Christian and Mary Bair, was born in Holmes County, Ohio, June 28, 1826, and died August 29, 1915, aged eighty-nine years, two months and one day. She was married on October 9, 1842, to Daniel Long, who preceeded her to the spirit world September 14, 1889. To them were born eleven children, eight of whom preceeded her in deaths, Mrs. Mary Blasius, Mrs. Rebecca Steirnagle of Mongo, Benjamin F. of Brighton, David J. of LaGrange, Phoebe J. and three in infancy. The three surviving are Mrs. A. H. Sigrist of Brighton, D. H. Long of LaGrange and Mrs. E. M.
Rowe of Brighton, with whom she has made her home. She was the grandmother of  thirty two grandchildren and had fifty-seven great-grandchildren. Over sixty-five years ago she sought her Savior and united with the Church of the Brethren. With the surviving family should be noted a niece, Lizzie Bair. Many friends there are who join their tears with those of the closer kin. For about three months Mrs. Long suffered much. In this time she was anointed in the name of the Lord. As the end drew near she oftimes expressed her desire to go home, to be released from a world of struggle to a world of light. On Sunday morning, at twenty minutes to four, her spirit went home to its maker, God. The funeral discourse was preached by her pastor, Samuel J. Burger, and interment was at the Brighton cemetery."

(Unknown paper, probably the LaGrange Standard)

submitted by Peg Adams

Life of John Long

John Long, son of George and Rebecca Keifer (Keefer) Long, was born in Somerset county, Pennsylvania, February 28, 1821, and died in Brighton, LaGrange county, Indiana July 11, 1907, aged eighty-six years, four months and thirteen days. He emigrated with his father's family in 1845 to Holmes county, Ohio. This family consisted of twelve children, five sons and seven daughters, who all lived to see their families grown. Three of his brothers were ministers of the gospel. Two brothers, George Long, who lives with his daughter Lydia Smith, Clarksville, Michigan, and Peter Long of Brighton, Indiana, and one sister Mrs. Lana Keagy, who lives with her daughter, Mrs. E. L. Horner of Brighton, Indiana, survive him. He was joined in marriage, December 31, 1846, to Hannah Rowe (Row) of Coshocton county, Ohio, who departed this life October (correction: November) 17, 1903. To this union were born twelve children, six sons and six daughters, seven of whom
survive him - Pius Long of Indianapolis, Indiana, Lucy Hendricks (Henricks) of Sturgis, Michigan, Isabella Collins of Elkhart, Indiana, Eleanor Crandell and Amos Long, Brighton, Indiana, Nancy Custer, Clarksville, Michigan and Silas Long of Badger, Iowa. He entered the mercantile business in Rowville, Ohio, in 1846 and continued for ten years. when in 1856 he moved with his family to Owen county, Indiana, where in 1857 he entered the same business and continued until 1879. He was postmaster continuously at this place for twenty-one years. In the fall of 1880 he removed with his family to Brighton, Indiana, where he again took up his chosen profession and continued in business until age and infirmities made it necessary for
him to lay it asides, which he did very reluctantly, having been in business for about fifty years. In his business affairs he was scrupulously honest, clever and obliging. As a father he was most tender and sympathetic, always extending a hearty welcome to the children as they one by one came under the parental roof. During his long affliction, which continued for nine and a half months, he was tenderly nursed by his own children and everything was done for him that loving hands could do to
relieve his suffering, and through all this he was so patient - never heard to complain. A lesson of patience to all who knew him. He united with the German Baptist church in early life, and lived a faithful, consecrated Christian, true to the doctrine and principles of his chosen church. He was a deacon in the same for about forty years and as long as his health would permit, was a regular attendant at the public services. He made no loud or boastful profession, but lived that simple, quiet life which always leaves its influence on mankind. He was a lover of music, especially vocal, and enjoyed the company of the pure and good. The funeral services were conducted by S. J. Burger at the English Prairie Brethren church, July 13, 1907, and his body was laid to rest in the cemetery adjoining the same by the side of that of his wife in the presence of a large congregation of sympathizing friends and neighbors.               F.

(LaGrange Standard July 25, 1907 - which also contains a picture of John and Hannah. The original gives the birth state of Tennessee but it has been corrected to Pennsylvania. Correct spellings of some names are in parenthesis.)

submitted by  Peg Adams

Mrs. John Long

Hannah Row, daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth Row, was born in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, October 26, 1828 and died at Brighton, November 17, 1903, aged 75 years and 21 days. Her parents being Lutheran she was brought up in that church, which connection she sustained with the Christian church until death. She was married to John Long, a member of the German Baptist church, Dec. 21, 1846 and to them were born six sons and six daughters, the eldest dying in infancy. She is survived by her husband, seven children, two brothers and one sister. The surviving children, namely Pius Long of
Indianapolis, Lucy Henricks of Sturgis, Isabelle Collins of Elkhart, Eleanor Crandell and Amos Long of Brighton, Nancy Custer of Elmdale, Mich., and Silas Long of Edon, Ohio, were all present at the funeral except Pius.
As a wife she was most faithful to the best interests of her companion with whom she was permitted to walk side by side for nearly 57 years, and no words can express her worth as a mother. As a neighbor she was kind and considerate to those about her. Her illness was but of a few minutes duration, being an internal hemorrhage. The funeral service was conducted
by Rev. S. J. Burger from the Dunkard church.
The family wishes to express heir thankfulness for the kindness of the neighbors and friends.

(paper unknown but probably the LaGrange Standard)

submitted by Peg Adams

Alexander Carnahan


Original spelling

Clay Township Pioneer Meets Death This -Friday- Afternoon, Near Howe-
Was Driving A New Ford Car, His Own, Home From Sturgis-Machine Ran Into
Ditch Alexander Carnahan of Clay township was accidently killed this
Friday afternoon, on the Vistula road, west of Howe, not far from where
the Foremans live. Mr. Carnahan was driving home from Sturgis in a new
Ford automobile, accompanied by a young man named Long. In turning the
corner on the west Sturgis road, going west on the Vistual road,and
running about thirty miles an hour, according to the Long boy, Mr.
Carnahan lost control of his machine and the automobile slid into the
ditch made by a fill-in. Dr. Stewart H. Shrock, deputy coroner, who held
an inquest shortly after the accident occured, is of opinion that the
death of Mr. Carnahan was caused by shock. No bruise or contusion could
be found upon the body, nor was the body crushed or any bone broken.

Mr. Long, who was in the car with Mr. Carnahan, was not injured, being
thrown clear of the machine. He righted the automobile and called to Mr.
Carnahan to "get up". No response coming, he examined the body and found
that the aged man was dead.

Mr. Carnahan was born in Ohio, seventy-three years ago, the son of
Samuel and Mary Carnahan. He came with his parents to LaGrange county
and Bethel street in Clay township at three or four years of age, his
home thereafter.

Mr. Carnahan leaves a widow, two daughters, Mrs. David M. Ream of
Sturgis and Mrs. Julian Doriot of Kansas City, Missouri, a son, Albert,
living in Clay township, a brother, Samuel Carnahan, of Sherman,
Michigan, and two sisters, Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Naomi Taylor of Clay

Alexander Carnahan was one of the strong and sturdy men of the county,
of rugged honesty, bluff in his manner, but considerate and tender at
heart. His accidental death has come as a saddening shock, more
especially to his old friends and neighbors of seventy years in Clay
township, and the sympathy of all our people is with the aged widow and
the other members of the stricken family.


Alexander Carnahan Was Driving the Frank W. Wait Car With reference to
the death of Alexander Carnahan, which occured last Friday afternoon,
near Ilowe, the result of an automobile accident, the Sturgis Journal of
last week said:

"In company with his wife, Mr. Carnahan came to this city to spend
Thanksgiving with his daughter, Mrs. David M. Ream, at 204 North
Jefferson street, as had been the custom for a number of years.

"During his visit Mr. Carnahan expressed the wish to his son-in-law that
he would like to have him purchase a good driving horse, which Mr. Ream
agreed to do. After circulating around town for a few hours, he entered
the Parker & Kenyon livery stable, where Mr. Ream is foreman, and
imparted the information that he was considering the purchase of an
automobile. Nothing more was said until he requested Mr. Ream to go to
the Ford garage on North Nottawa street and look at the Frank W. Wait
car, which Mr. Wright was trying to dispose of. Mr. Ream pronounced the
car in good condition, and the deal was made a little later.

"In the meantime, Mrs. Carnahan becoming worried about the son they had
left at home, decided to take the one o'clock train for home, leaving
her husband to follow, as she supposed, on the later train. "At the
dinner table Mr.
Carnahan told his daughter that he had purchased the car, and that he
intended to drive home in it, telling Mr. Ream that a Mr. Long was going
along to drive the car. Mr. Ream supposed at the time that it was Long
of the firm of Curtis & Long. Instead it was Ray Long, son of Mr. and
Mrs. W D. Long, who was to accompany him. Had Mr. Ream known the true
state of affairs he would have gone along, being an experienced and
licensed chauffer himself.

Contrary to the statement appearing in several papers, Mr. Carnahan died
from shock, and not from an injury, according to Dr. Stewart H. Schrock,
deputy coroner, who held the inquest and examined the body. No bones
were broken and there was no abrasion of the skin.


Be ye also ready, for in an hour that ye know not the Son of Man cometh.
Death rides aloft on every breeze and lurks in every flower. It comes
with the lightning flash, from the blast of a tornado, and on sea and
land we see its relentless hand. The rich, the poor, the old, the young
must pass under its rod.

To our brother the blow was quick and relentless and his spirit was
wafted away in a moment to that land whence no traveler ever returns.

Alexander, son of Samuel and Mary Carnahan, was born in Marion county,
Ohio, March 2, 1841, and departed this life November 28, 1913, aged
seventy-two years, eight months and twenty-six days. He came with his
parents to Clay when two years of age and the father settled on land in
Section 11 and from the dense forest burned coal, lumbered, split rails
and plowed among stumps until a good farm and comfortable home was
Those pioneer days were trying and the hardships many. It was a common
thing to see the boys out at four o'clock with their ox teams, drawing
logs to the mill until school hours, and this in zero weather.
Alexander, Hiram and Samuel lived to see a good farm and plenty for
their parents in their declining years as a reward for their toil.

The deceased was united in marriage to Sarah Fought, October 12, 1866,
and five children blessed this home. Two died in youth, while Mrs.
Lorana Ream of Sturgis, Albert of Clay and Mrs. Nellie Doriot of Kansas
City, Missouri, with their mother, are left to mourn the loss of a kind
husband and father. He was one of a family of nine children. Six have
passed the river of life, Mrs. Robert Allen and Mrs. Oregon Taylor of
Clay township survive him.

The deceased was a hard working industrious man and by industry and
economy has left a good farm and comfortable home for his family.
In early life he was converted and he united with the United Brethren
church at the Saylor schoolhouse on Bethel street.

The class became disorganized and the members drifted away and he never
united with any other faith, was a firm believer of the bible and
believed a rest remains on the other shore for the children of God.

submitted by
Barbara (Boyd) Stewart

Samuel Carnahan

B. April 15, 1813 in Pennsylvania
D. November 5, 1867 in LaGrange, In.
buried at the Bethel Cemetery.

From the LaGrange Standard

Samuel Carnahan, who lived some three miles north west of this place,
died on Tuesday afternoon, under somewhat peculiar circumstances. On
Saturday last he was in town and purchased mourning clothes for his wife
and family, remarking that such clothing would be most apprpriate for
them. Sunday morning he sent for Mr. Davis, his nearest neighbor, to
whom he gave money to pay his funeral expenses, stating that he should
soon die. He was up to this time in his usual health, which though has
been poor for several years. He died that afternoon in the presence of
his family, and as far as we can learn without any further cause. Mr.
Carnahan was about fifty years of age, an old and esteemed citizen, and
in comfortable circumstances. His sudden departure will occassion much
surprise and universal regret among his numerous acquaintances.

submitted by
Barbara (Boyd) Stewart

James Boyd

From the LaGrange Standard Sept 12, 1889

James Boyd was born in Somerset county, Pa., May 17, 1801 and died
September 1, 1889, aged 88 years 3 mos and 14 days. He was married to
Miss Catherine Engle, March 13, 1831, and soon after moved to Tucarawas
county, Ohio, where they lived a few years and then came to Indiana, and
after living in Noble County several years, came to Clay in 1854.

From that time until his death he was well known by the name of  James
Boyd. James & Catherine Boyd were parents of eighteen children, fourteen
of them are alive and have families.

Father Boyd was a hard working industrious man, and for truth and
honesty none surpassed him, although a poor man the needy always found
shelter beneath his roof, and a beggar was never thrust away from his

He was a member of the German Baptist church for many years and lived in
accordance with their doctrine.

For nearly three years he was deprived of his reaon and was almost a
child again. But during the sad years of his declining life he was
kindly cared for by his children and friends.

The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Peter Long and Benjamin
Davis at the Bethel Church, with Revs. W. Schrock and Croom present, and
his remains laid to rest with his wife and many relatives.

Father Boyd, farewell until thee and thy kindred awake and come forth in
the likeness of the son of Man.

Those who helped so kindly care for Father Boyd during his illness have
the best wishes of his chidren. Thanks to Mother Latta and R. Eaton for
the beautiful wreath placed upon the old man's breast.

submitted by
Barbara (Boyd) Stewart

Nancy Jane (Carnahan) Boyd

Obituary as it appeared in the LaGrange Standard on Thursday 25 March
1897 as follows:

Mrs. Nancy Boyd died at her home in LaGrange, March 11, 1897, after many
long weeks and months of suffering, aged 60 years, 8 months and 27 days.
Mrs. Boyd was born in Marion County, Ohio, and when 4 years of age came
with her parents, Samuel and Mary Carnahan to LaGrange county, and
settled in northeast Clay twp, and has lived in the county all her life.

Her father cleared up a large farm in the heavy time, and she with the
rest of the children knew what hard work was and the privations of the
old settlers. She was married to Arion Boyd in July of 1856 and by that
union five children were born: Samuel, Ella, James, Emma, and Mate and
all survive her but Emma who died some eight years ago. The deceased
united with the Methodist church many years ago, and had strong faith in
a future life, and tried to to live to be ready to enter the Heavenly
mansions when the messenger bade her come. The funeral services were
conducted by Rev. Keasy, assisted by Rev. Stennard at Bethel, on
Saturday and her remains laid to rest with her many kindred kin at the
Bethel Cemetery.

[Nancy died of Tuberculosis]

submitted by
Barbara (Boyd) Stewart

James V. Boyd

James V. Boyd, son of Eston and Sarah Boyd, died at his aunt's, Mrs.
Delilah Fricks, near Wawaka, on the 21st of March, aged 33 years, 6
months and 9 days.

He was born in Clay township, and when a small boy, had a spell of
sickness that resulted in a deformed spine or rickets, which disabled
him for manal labor, but he was of a disposition to help himself and not
dependent upon the charities of others.

Jimmie was an honest, upright boy, respected by all who knew him and for
the three years was a faithful member of the GERMAN Baptist church.

His remains were brought to the Saylor grave yard for interment and the
services conducted at Bethel by Revs. Leer and Bollinger, and he sleeps
with his kindred.

submitted by
Barbara (Boyd) Stewart

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