LaGrange County Cemeteries  
LaGrange County Cemetery Listing

This list comes from those cemeteries found on the USGS Geographic Names Information System website combined with a listing  sent to me by a former lookup volunteer for the LaGrange website (I don't have any source listed for it). I have listed them by Township, those that don't appear on the USGS site are indicated with an *. The short list at the end are cemeteries that appear on the USGS site that aren't included in the other list.  The location descriptions that appear are from Lori Kime that submitted the burial listings of those cemeteries with links. If anyone has more detailed information on a cemetery  location, or any additions to the list, please email me.

Bloomfield Township

Greenwood Cemetery 
Hoagland Cemetery 
*Pleasant Hill
McCoy Cemetery 
*Plato- United Methodist -Bev Draper's "My Diggings In LaGrange Co."

Clay Township

Bethel Cemetery-Bev Draper's "My Diggings In LaGrange Co."
County Farm Cemetery -Bev Draper's "My Diggings In LaGrange Co."
*Mast- Amish --Bev Draper's "My Diggings In LaGrange Co."

Clearspring Township

Beulah Cemetery-Bev Draper's "My Diggings In LaGrange Co."
Jordo(a)n Cemetery- GNIS has as Jordan, cemetery list as Jordon
Miller Cemetery- Amish
Osborn Cemetery
*Rogers Orphans Home
Sloan Cemetery

Eden Township

Bontrager Family - Amish
Eden Cemetery
Gerber Cemetery
Hawpatch - Amish
Maple Grove Cemetery
Townline Cemetery
*Christner Family

Greenfield Township

Bontrager Family-W side of 375E, S of 750N.
*Brighton Chapel
Eagle Cemetery
*Fillmore- S. Side of St. Rd. 120, at 1000E.
*Pretty Prairie- (United Methodist Church) CR 750N just west of CR 475E

Johnson Township

Lakeside Cemetery
Oak Hill - Amish
*Pierce - Witmer
Tamarack Cemetery
Woodland Cemetery
Woodruff Cemetery -Bev Draper's "My Diggings In LaGrange Co."

Lima Township

*Harding Family-N. Side of 700N, E. of 250 E.
Ontario Cemetery
Riverside Cemetery
*St. James Chapel-On the Howe Military School Campus.
*Sexauer Family-East side of Still Lake
*Twin Lakes - Evang. Ass.

Milford Township

Lake Bethel Cemetery
*Milford Bethel
*Mt. Pisgah
*South Milford

Newbury Township

Bontrager North - Amish
Bontrager South
*Chief Shipshewana
*East Barren
Lupold Cemetery
Miller Cemetery
Pashan Cemetery
*Schrock Family
*Yoder Family - Amish
*Yoder Forks
*Yoder - Amish

Springfield Township

Brushy Chapel
East Springfield United Methodist Cemetery
*English Prairie
*Haskins Family
Mongo K. of P.
Mongo South
*Prentiss Family
Rogers Cemetery

Van Buren Township

*Beechy Family - Amish
*Berry Family
Bethel Cemetery
*Calahan Family
*Cramptons Corners
Mack Cemetery- On St. Rd. 120, South Side. 3/10 mile W. of 1150 & 600 N. 
New Pennsylvania
*North Barren - Amish
Sidener Cemetery

USGS cemeteries not on above list (I have included the name of the map on which they appear to help locate them)-

Barton Cemetery   Shipshewana
Clearspring Cemetery  Oliver Lake
Oaklawn Cemetery  Lagrange
Reed Cemetery  Stroh
Steinberg Cemetery  Topeka (same as Steinbarger?)
Woodruff Memorial Gardens Cemetery  Wolcottville

To see the maps-
USGS GNIS website

 Also see some partial cemetery burial listings submitted by researchers here.

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