LaGrange County Old Settlers Meeting-1885  
 LaGrange County Records of 
Old Settler's Meetings
From the LaGrange Standard
June 18, 1885

These records of the Old Settlers' Meetings come from the  local newspaper of the time the LaGrange Standard. Barbara Henderson, after transcribing all that could be read of the handwritten record, was kind enough to go looking for more of their meetings and found them published in the newspaper. 

LaGrange Standard Newspaper June 18, 1885


    Last Thursday was a fine day for the annual meeting of the Old Settlers, and a goodly number of them gathered at the fair ground, where they were welcomed by a large attendance of the people of younger years, though a good many familiar faces were wanting.
    The attendance was large, making this one of the most successful meetings of the society.
    The programme was one of the best we have heard, and appeared to greatly interest the audience which filled all the places in the hall affording a place to sit.
    The record this year was very incomplete. The following list is made up from that reported, with many additions from the files of the Standard, in which a special effort is made to publish the record of every old settler:

Van Buren; Nichols Sidener, Wm. Allison, Phillip Swilley, Ami Callahan, Jacob Erb.

Lima: Wm. Nicholas, Mrs Otis Newton, Mrs Nathan Jenks, Miss Rebecca Doolittle, Anson W. Vaughn(in Chicago), Mrs George Eno, Dickenson Miller (in Ligonier), Mrs Wm. Hill, Mrs Mooney, Ortestes Jewett(in Hillsdale).

Bloomfield: Mrs Hezekiah Hoard, Mrs J.S. Merritt, Wm. Preston, Jas. Preston, Mrs Lucretia Newell, Isaiah Fish, John Walter,
Wm. S. Boyd, Z.L. Scidmore, Mrs James Dunton, Hepsibah Newton.

Clearspring: Wm. H. Price, Mrs H. Barnes, Benjamin Wertinger, Jas Haviland, Charles Sperling, William Temple, Mrs Robert Thompson, Mrs John Hart, Joseph Dallas.

Milford: Mrs Dryer, Wm. Kennedy, W.L. Dryer, Mr Falk, Mrs Strong, Wm. Gross, Edwin Temple should have been reported last year.

Eden: Mrs Melvin Taylor, Elizabeth Ditman, Mrs S.H.Sackett.

Springfield: Elizabeth Rawles, Sarah Booth, Mrs John Colwell.

Greenfield: Leonard Scott, Thos. Burnell.

Clay: Mahlon Strickland, Hetty Ann Sprague, James B. Sparks.

Newbury: Geo. Miller, Mrs Horatio Halbert, Elizabeth Harshberger, John E. Powell, John Keightley.

Johnson: Sam'l P. Sanders, Mrs John Hart, Mrs Jeremiah Outcalt, Alfred Eastlick.

There may be some omissions yet as some townships were not reported at all.



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