Funeral Memorial Cards
Funeral Memorial Cards

   I was given these by my grandfather's 89 year old cousin, her mother saved these for years and passed them to her.I am now hoping to return them to their rightful families.If you are descended from any of these people and would like to have their memorial card please email me at :
     Thank you, Pati Blowers May

Emery H.Axel 1875-1959                         Belle Bailey 1867-1957
Lloyd D. Becker 1898-1951                     Pearl Case Blough died 1952
Roelif G. Butler 1860-1956                       Eddie A. Carothers 1870-1952
Frieda Louise Cary 1913-1953                 Ulilla Cary 1878-1960 (also Thank you card)
Waylin W. Cary 1918-1954                     Hattie M. Conley 1869-1949
 Lester Conley 1906-1955                        T.Jay Conley 1902-1957
William L. Davey 1885-1961                   Herbert R. Davis 1916-1951
Artimus (Artie) Dickinson 1875-1955
Dora I.Dell Emerick 1884-1956              Adrain C. Eshelman 1880-1954
Frank W. Eshelman 1910-1954              Fred J. Exner 1874-1961(Also Thank you card)
Ferman Dowen Fiandt 1896-1962          Nancy C. Fiandt 1895-1962
Etha B. Frick 1905-1960                       Onata Hanes 1868-1962
Thelma Jane Hass 1909-1949                Dorothy Marie Himes 1907-1962
 Ida C. Hoffman 1871-1958                  Clarence A. Holsinger 1876-1959
Clark A. Holsinger 1884-1962 (also 50th Anniversary Invitation)
Nellie Varner Houser 1878-1962          Nancy A. Young Howard 1872-1955
Walter Perry Howard 1870-1952         Edna Johnston 1887-1960
Thomas Kewley 1923-1961                 Zella Mae Kurtz 1891-1956
Inez Kyle 1891-1961                           Jesse C. Kyle 1886-1958
Hattie M. Lamp 1881-1957                  Louis B. Liebing 1877-1956
Bessie May Loomis 1889-1951             Rosalie Delight McDonald 1924-1943
Laura A. Mellinger 1885-1953             George E. Milnor 1873-1959
Nellie Mildred Myers 1868-1953         Vernon (Duney) Myers 1893-1960
Minor A. Newman 1883-1961             Earl R. Parker 1913-1962
Minnie Black Rimmel 1886-1961         Dora Pearl Fields Schrock 1887-1954
Alice Louise Skinner 1892-1954        Leona Bell Spice 1892-1960(Also Thank you)
Homer F. Spidel 1868-1955               Mary M. Spidel 1868-1958
Opal Sturgis 1900-1962                    Laura E. Talbert 1869-1949
Earnest R. Thomas 1895-1958          William H. Uhl 1874-1954
Nellie Waldron 1864-1954                 Hazel E. Walker 1891-1950
Frank E. Webb 1879-1959                Louie B. Webb 1882-1959
Ann Wolf 1875-1956                   David Henry Young 1875-1961  (Thank you)
Jennie M. Young 1880-1962              Cora Lena Zollman 1887-1955
Elizabeth Brown
Harry F. Rife
Elizabeth Kelly Athison Family
Myrtle Fields
Harry Sanders

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