44th Regiment Indiana Companies G & H  
Company G and partial list of Company H
Followed by a short history of the Regiment

     The companies of the 44th Regiment were raised from the 10th Congressional district.
They organized at Fort Wayne on October 24,1861 under Col.Hugh B. Reed.

    This is a full list of the enlisted men of Company G and a partial list of the 
enlisted men of Company H. Kindly submitted by Pati Blowers May .

    Pati states-"These records differ from other Civil War rosters that I have seen.Instead of the county
being named in the residence column,this roster has the town/township name. Also there
are whole sections in which no residence was given.

    This Roster is typed exactly as it appears on the roster.If I am in doubt of a letter 
I will [] that letter."

    This Roster was supplied by the wonderful people at the Indiana State Archives. They are from the Indiana Adjutant General- Report 1861-1865 . Samuel M. Douglass, 1866.

Enlisted Men of Company G

                                                                        Date of
NAME AND RANK          RESIDENCE         1861               REMARKS
 First Sergeant,
Rawson,B.[F]                           Lisbon              Nov.22            Discharged Sept.12,'62;disability.

Carey,Phinneus M.              Turkey Creek        Nov.22            Died at Henderson KY.,Feb.22,'62.
Blowers,Lyman                   Turkey Creek        Nov.22            Discharged Jan.5,'63;disability.
Ruthvan,Neal                      Turkey Creek        Nov.22            Died May 10,'62,on st'mer bound                                                                                          for Paducah.
Johnson,Daniel                        York Center      Nov.22            Veteran;Promoted to 1st Lieutenant.

Burwell,John G.       Kendaville       Nov.22            Veteran;mustered out Sept.14,'65,as Serg't.
Matth[o]ws,Edwin W.   Wolf Lake        Nov.22            Promoted Captain.
Monroe,H.J.           Albion           Nov.22            Died at Andersonville prison,Aug.22,'64
Rawson,O.Z.           Fremont          Nov.22            Discharged Feb.6,'63;disability.
Dukes,Isaac           Wawaka           Nov.22            Died at Murfreesboro,Tenn.,April 16,'63.
Wright,[C]hancy       Turkey Creek     Nov.22            Discharged Nov.25,'62;wounds rec'd Shiloh.
Wright,Samuel         Turkey Creek     Nov.22            Discharged March 22,'63;disability.
Sheilds,Alfred        Kendaville       Nov.22            Died at Murfreesboro,Tenn.,Dec.5,'63.

McMurry,W. II         Bolivar          Nov.22            Promoted 1st Lieutuenant.
Snow,Salmon           Kendaville       Nov.22            Deserted Oct.5,'62.

O'Flaherty,Patrick                     Nov.22            Veteran;deserted Aug.20,'65

   Privates Co G
Adams,Charles         Kendaville       Nov.22            Mustered out Nov.22,'64;absent sick.
Adams,George          Kendaville       Nov.22            Deserted Oct.4,'63.
Adkins,William        Kendaville       Nov.22            Died near Nashville,Tenn.
Aumsbaugh,Henry       Bourie           Nov.22            Veteran;mustered out Sept.14,65,as Serg't.
Belden,H.J.           Kendaville       Nov.22            Died at Evansville,Ind.,April 16,'62.
Bean,Solomon          Kendaville       Nov.22            Died at Nashville,Nov.2,'62.
Bean,Paul             Kendaville       Nov.22            Died at Glasgow,Ky.,Nov.6,'6[2].
Bradley,Ajuna         Fort Wayne       Nov.22            Died at Evansville,Ind.,April 26,'62.
Blowers,George        Turkey Creek     Nov.22            Died near Corinth,June 12,'62.
Bidlack,William       Bourie           Nov.22            Veteran;promoted 1st Lieutenant.
Baltzell,A.P.         Kendaville       Nov.22            Killed at Shiloh,April 6,'62.
Blair,William         Kendaville       Nov.22            Discharged May 7,'62;disability.
Bailey,James          Turkey Creek     Nov.22            Transferred 4th U.S. Cavalry,Dec.15,'62.
Caswell,Guy           Northport        Nov.22            Died at Kendaville,Ind.,May 8,'62.
Carmany,George        Northport        Nov.22            Transferred Engineer Brigade,May__,'64.
Eley,Henry            Albion           Nov.22            Died May 4,'62;wounds received at Shiloh.
Edsall,Jasper         Wolf Lake        Nov.22            Vet.;mustered out Sept.14,'65,as 1st Serg't.
Edsall,Milton         Marion           Nov.22            Transferred Invalid Corps,May 7,'63.
Ferington,David       Northport        Nov.22            Deserted Oct.5,'62.
Fuller,Ira            Wolf Lake        Nov.22            Transferred Invalid Corps' Aug.1,'63.
Gaff,John             Marion           Nov.22            Deserted Oct.7,'62.
Graumlick,J.                           Nov.22 
Hill,E.F.             Wolf Lake        Nov.22            Discharged Feb.17,'62;disability.
Henry,Marks           Wawaka           Nov.22            Discharged June 25,'62;disability.
Johnson,J.Y.          Kendaville       Nov.22            Died at Corinth,Miss.,June 11,'62.
Johnson,F.            Turkey Creek     Nov.22            Died at Newbern,Ind.,July 15,'62.
Leslie,Henry          Mariam           Nov.22            Died at Murfreesboro,Tenn.,April 17,'62.
Lee,Martin            Ligonier         Nov.22            Deserted April 1,'62.
Minard,Martin         Bourie           Nov.22            Discharged July 31,'62;wounds rec'd Shiloh.
Minard,Henry          Bourie           Nov.22            Discharged Oct.8,'62;disability.
McDonald,David        Wakaka           Nov.22            Discharged;disability.
McKee,William         Kendaville       Nov.22            Discharged July 31,'62;disability.
Mathews,J.B.          Wolf Lake        Nov.22            Died at Murfreesboro,Tenn.,Jan.2,'63.
Mohn,Jacob            Mariam           Nov.22            Killed at Shiloh,April 1,'62.
Madison.L.H.          Wolf Lake        Nov.22            Died at Hamburg Landing,Tenn.,May 1,'62.
Minkey,John           Wolf Lake        Nov.22            Died at Athens,Ala.,July 5,'62.
McGowan,Lucius        Wawaka           Nov.22            Veteran;mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Norton,J.W.           Kendaville       Nov.22            Died at Evansville,Ind.,Dec.18,'61.
Owen,Francis           North West       Nov.22          Died at Tuscumbia,Ala.,July 1,'62.
O'Grady,Henry          Fort Wayne       Nov.22          Discharged,Nov.17,'62;disability.
Perkins,Job            Turkey Creek     Nov.22          Veteran;mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Pierson,Thomas         Wawaka           Nov.22          Discharged March 27,'62;disability.
Pierson,Aaron          Wawaka           Nov.22          Discharged,Nov.1,'62;disability.
Prickett,John          Wolf Lake        Nov.22          Discharged Feb.7,'62;disability.
Prickett,J.V.          Wolf Lake        Nov.22          Discharged May 2,'63;disability.
Pfaff,Jacob            Mariam           Nov.22          Veteran;mustered out Sept.14,'65;Sergeant.
Rice,Albert            Kendaville       Nov.22          Discharged,July 1,'62;disability.
Riddle,J.C.            Mariam           Nov.22          Promoted 1st Lieutenant.
Shannon,Jefferson      Mariam           Nov.22          Veteran;mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Shannon,Andrew         Mariam           Nov.22          Died at Murfreesboro,Tenn.,May 20,'63.
Swem,Emery A.          Gallion          Nov.22          Veteran;mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Stoner,Melvin H.       Gallion          Nov.22            "        "      "    "   "   ".
Trowbridge,J.          Kendaville       Nov.22          Veteran;discharged Jan.7,'64;disability.
Wolfinger,John         Kendaville       Nov.22          Veteran;deserted July 31,'64.
Wortsbaugh,Samuel      Wolf Lake        Nov.22          Discharged Nov.17,'62;disability.
Wright,G.W.            Kendaville       Nov.22          Discharged July 31,'62;disability.
Weamer,George          Columbia City    Nov.22          Transferred to Co."E",Jan.2,'62.
Winebrener,John        Marion           Nov.22          Deserted Oct.1,'62.
Zumbran,Jacob          Marion           Nov.22          Died at Murfreesboro,Tenn.,Jan.21,'63.

Allen,Charles B.                        Apr.6,'64       Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Atkins,George W.                        Dec.29,'63         "      "    "   "   ".
Armstrong,William F.                    Dec.18,'63         "      "    "   "   ".
Ahrens,Augustus                         Oct.24,'64      Mustered out July 25,'65;drafted.
Ackers,Michael                          Oct.26,'64         "      "    "   "   "    ".
Bland,George W.                         Dec.29,'63      Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Bedall,Alexander J.                     Dec.9,'63         "       "    "   "  ".
Boteger,August                          Sept.27,'64     Mustered out July 25,'65.
Burnett,John                            Sept.22,'64     Mustered out June 13,'65;drafted.
Bit[z],Lawrence B.                      Oct.29,'64      Mustered out July 25,'65;drafted.
Biggs,Jesse                             Nov.2,'64       Mustered out July 17,'65;drafted.
Coyle,John L.                           Dec.18,'63      Mustered out Sept.14,'65,as Corporal.
Crume,Levi                              Mar.9,'64       Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Coats,John R.                           Oct.18,'64      Mustered out Sept.14,'65;substitute.
Cox,David A.                            Nov.3,'64       Mustered out July 29,'65.
Carroll,John                            Dec.11,'63      Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Colvin,Anderson D.                      Sept.21,'64     Mustered out June 13,'65;drafted.
Chamberlin,John                         Dec.23,'6[3]    Mustered out Aug.17,'65.
Craferd,John R.                         Oct.31,'62      Never reported to Co.
Dunlap,John R.                          Dec.6,'63       Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Dunlap,John                             Feb.11,'64         "      "   "    "  ".
Dailey,James                            Dec.25,'63         "      "   "    "  ".
Derby,John                              Dec.2,'63          "      "   "    "  ".
Dermeth,Michael                         Sept.26,'64     Mustered out June 13,'65;drafted.
Driendorfer,Sebastian                   Sept.26,'64        "      "   "    "  "    ".
Ellis,El[i]sha J.                       Apr.6,'64       Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Engles,Joel                             Sept.21,'64     Mustered out June 13,'65;drafted.
Erney,Francis J.                        Sept.26,'64        "      "   "    "   "   ".
Ediston,William                         Feb.1,'64       Deserted July 1,'65.
Flint,George D.                         Mar.11,'64      Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Fortune,Lewis                           Nov.1,'62          "      "    "   "   ".
Glover,Lafayette                        Nov.6,'62          "      "    "   "   ".
Galespey,James                          Dec.11,'63         "      "    "   "   ".
Gerrard,Mitchell                        Dec.13,'63         "      "    "   "   ".
Gies,Jacob                              Sept.26,'64     Mustered out June 13,'65;drafted.
Goodman,William H.                      Sept.26,'64     Mustered out May 13,'65.
Howe,Himan Jr.                          Apr.26,'64      Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Hainey,Thomas D.                        Jan.7,'64           "     "    "   "   ".
Hall,George W.                          Oct.18,'64      Mustered out Sept.14,'65;substitute.
Hall,James W.                           Dec.29,'63      Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Howard,Thomas J.                        Feb.5,'64           "     "   "    "   ".
High,Jenks P.                           Mar.11,'64          "     "   "    "   ".
Hoon,Jason                              Feb.21,'65          "     "   "    "   ".
Hughes,Thomas E.                        Jan.6,'64           "     "   "    "   ".
Helsley,Michael                         Sept.21,'64     Mustered out June 13,'65;drafted.
Hubbell,Charles P.                      Mar.11,'64      Mustered out Sept.14,'65,as Corporal.
Hathaway,Joseph M.                      Mar.11,'64      Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Johnson,Amos                            Mar.11,'64      Mustered out Sept,14,'65,as Corporal.
Jennings,Jesse                          Dec.26,'63      Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Jarvis,Frederick                        Sept.21,'64     Mustered out July 25,'65;drafted
Jasper,Henry                            Sept.29,'64        "      "   "   "   "     ".
Johnson,George L.                       Nov.25,'63      Deserted July 30,'65.
Kreis[h]er,Daniel                       Jan.6,'64       Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Kemper,Herman                           Sept.26,'64     Mustered out June 13,'65.
King,Henry                              Sept.26,'64     Mustered out July 25,'65.
Kellogg,James                           Oct.22,'64      Mustered out Aug.26,'65;substitute.
Kine,John                               Sept.21,'64     Mustered out July 20,'65;drafted.
Lattamore,John H.                       Jan.7,'64       Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Lawrence,Henry                          Oct.29,'64        "       "    "   "   ".
Loveless,Jacob                          Sept.21,'64     Died at Chattanooga June 11,'65.
Lent,James                              Sept.2,'62      Mustered out June 13,'65.
Lint,Daniel                             Sept.2,'62         "      "   "    "   ".
Levil,Solomon                           Dec.16,'62      Deserted July 1,'65.
Lins,Isaac                              Dec.23,'63      Deserted July 24,'65.
Langdon,William                         Dec.2,'63       Deserted July 30,'65.
Madison,Lorin C.                        April 6,'64     Mustered out Sept.14,'65,as Corporal.
Miles,Manson W.                         Dec.9,'64       Mustered out Sept.11,'65.
McGraw,Patrick                          Oct.4,'64          "      "    "   "   ".
Morganroth,Felix                        Oct.15,'64         "      "    "   "   ".
Murphy,Joel B.                          Oct.29,'62         "      "    "   "   ".
Mullon,Otis                             Jan.7,'64          "      "    "   "   ".
May,John Q.A.                           Dec.1,'62          "      "    "   "   ".
Malton,George W.                        Dec.9,'63          "      "    "   "   ".
McCann,James                            Dec.17,'63         "      "    "   "   ".
McGillem,Andrew J.                      Sept.21,'64      Mustered out Sept.14,'65;drafted.
Matthews,Alma L.                        Aug.9,'62        Mustered out June 13,'65.
McCall,Alexander                        Nov.2,'64        Mustered out July 4,'65;drafted.
Menaham,William                         April 6,'64      Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Ogden,Joshua L.                         Dec.26,'63       Deserted July 30,'65.
Peacock,Moses D.                        Dec.26,'63       Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Perkins,Joab                            Jan.9,'64           "      "    "   "  ".
Pfaff,Joseph                            Sept.26,'64      Mustered out June 13,'65.
Perlin,William                          Sept.27,'64      Mustered out July 25,'65.
Quiggins,James M.                       Sept.21,'64      Mustered out June 13,'65;drafted.
Robbins,Henry                           Dec.9,'64        Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Roetger,Augustus                        Sept.27,'64      Mustered out July 25,'65.
Reed,Zachariah                          Mar.17,'64       Mustered out Aug.29,'65.
Rawson,Alphonzo Z.                      Sept.21,'62      Mustered out June 13,'65.
Rumble,William F.                       Sept.24,'64      Mustered out June 13,'65;drafted.
Riser,Henry C.                          July 14,'63      Mustered out July 14,'65.
Rumble,Daniel                           Sept.21,'64      Mustered out June 13,'65;drafted.
Richardson,William                      Sept.28,'64         "      "    "   "   "    ".
Short,Alfred P.                         Nov.21,'62       Mustered out Sept.14,'65,as Sergeant.
Sayre,Harrison H.                       Jan.9,'64        Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Shoemaker,William                       Oct.5,'64        Mustered out Sept.14,'65;substitute.
Smith,Jeremiah                          Dec.9,'63        Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Smith,Henry                             Dec.18,'63          "      "    "   "   ".
Smith,George W.                         Jan.12,'64          "      "    "   "   ".
Swift,Richard [M]                       Dec.18,'63          "      "    "   "   ".
Sanders,Nathaniel                       Sept.26,'64      Mustered out June 13,'65;drafted.
Schmidt,John                            Sept.26,'64      Mustered out July 25,'65;drafted.
Steinmetz,George                        Sept.27,'64         "      "   "    "   "   ".
Scott,William                           May 6,'63        Deserted July 1,'65.
Tyner,George                            Mar.11,'64       Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Vanmetre,James                          Mar.11,'64       Mustered out Sept.14,'65,as Corporal.
Whitelock,Charles W.                    Dec.9,'63        Mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Walton,William                          Oct.28,'64       Mustered out Sept.14,'65;substitute.
Whitelead,Jordan J.                     Sept.21,'64      Mustered out June 13,'65;drafted.
Willis,Addison                          Sept.21,'64          "     "    "   "   "   " .
Wood,Isaac                              Sept.21,'64          "     "    "   "   "   ".
Wise,Henry                              Sept.29,'64      Mustered out July 25,'65;drafted.
Wise,William                            Sept.29,'64          "     "   "   "        ".
Yarding,Henry                           Sept.24,'64          "     "   "   "        ".

                   ENLISTED MEN OF CO. "H" 

                                                                        Date of
NAME AND RANK          RESIDENCE         1861               REMARKS

  First Sergeant
King,Hiram F.          LaGrange        Nov.22         Promoted 1st Lieutenant.

Hart,David M.          LaGrange        Nov.22         Mustered out Nov.23,'64.
Rowe,John B.           Kendaville      Nov.22         Promoted 2n Lieutenant.
Rowe,Daniel            Wolcottville    Nov.22         Mustered out Nov.23,'64.
Fish,George M.         LaGrange        Nov.22         Died at Calhoun,Ky.,Feb.24,'62.

Strecker,Daniel P.     Wolcottville    Nov.22         Promoted 2d Lieutenant.
Galloway,Augustus A.                   Nov.22         Killed at Shiloh April 6,'62.
Roy,George             LaGrange        Nov.22         Discharged;wounds received at Shiloh.
Sutton,James           Hawpatch        Nov.22         Mustered out Nov.23,'64.
Law,Charles E.                         Nov.22
Schermerhorn,Geo.W.    LaGrange        Nov.22         Died at Nashville,Tenn.,July 12,'63.
Preston,Seymour B.     LaGrange        Nov.22         Veteran;mustered out Sept.22,'65.
Longcor,James          Hawpatch        Nov.22         Died at Evansville,Ind.,March 10,'62.

Stoner,John H.         Hawpatch        Nov.22         Discharged Aug.10,'63;disability.
Sessions,Norman        Hawpatch        Nov.22         Veteran;mustered out Sept.14,'65.

Hoagland,James H.      LaGrange        Nov.22         Discharged May 10,'65;disability.

Arnold,Samuel          Wolcottville    Nov.22         Vet;transf'd to U.S.Eng'rs.Aug.18,'64.
Allspaugh,Peter        Wolcottville    Nov.22         Discharged Sept.9,'63;wounds rec'd Stone R.
Blough,Phillip         LaGrange        Nov.22         Veteran;mustered out Sept.14,'65,as Serg't.
Bower,Daniel           Wolcottville    Nov.22         Disch'd July 23,'62;wounds rec'd Ft.Donelson.
Babb,Samuel            Marcy           Nov.22         Mustered out Nov.23,'65.
Burridge,John          LaGrange        Nov.22         Died at Mound City,Ill.,May 20,'62.
Benham,George          LaGrange        Nov.22         Discharged June 25,'62;disability.
Beam,Henry C.          Milford         Nov.22         Transferred to Marine Brigade,June 20,'63.
Beard,Charles          Marcy           Nov.22         Veteran;mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Brown,Valentine        LaGrange        Nov.22         Vet.;mustered out Sept.14,'65,as Corporal.
Bradford,Samuel        LaGrange        Nov.22         Promoted 1st Lieutenant.
Crogham,Joseph         LaGrange        Nov.22         Veteran;mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Crist,John I.          VanBuren        Nov.22         Died at Nashville,Tenn.,Feb.2,'63.
Coldron,Jacob          LaGrange        Nov.22         Died at Pittsburg Landing,May 6,'62.
Croft,Henry            LaGrange        Nov.22         Died at Corinth,Miss.,June 9,'62.
Crow,William           Kendaville      Nov.22         Discharged;wounds received at Shiloh.
Curtis,John V.         Marcy           Nov.22         Killed at Shiloh,April 6,'62.
Diller,George W.       LaGrange        Nov.22         Vet.;must'd out Sept.14,'65,as Serg't.
Dawson,John            South Milford   Nov.22         Discharged;disability.
Deter,Jacob            LaGrange        Nov.22         Mustered out Nov.23,'64.
Driscoll,Jeremiah                      Nov.22         Deserted Oct.10,'62.
Dyaman,Vincent C.      LaGrange        Nov.22         Died at St.Lous,Mo.,March 21,'62.
Eiman,Samuel           LaGrange        Nov.22         Discharged by order of Gen.Rosseau.
Elya,Orson             Union Mills     Nov.22         Discharged.
Frisbey,Carey [R.]     LaGrange        Nov.22         Discharged July 17,'62;disability.
Freeman,Silas K.       VanBuren        Nov.22         Vet.;mustered out Sept.14,'65,as 1st Serg't.
Fisher,Van Buren       Hawpatch        Nov.22         Disch'd Jan.2,'63;wounds rec'd Stone River.
Fisher,John T.         Hawpatch        Nov.22         Veteran;mustered out Sept.14,'65,as Corp'l.
Foley,Patrick          LaGrange        Nov.22         Discharged Feb.20,'63;disability.
Fish,Oliver            LaGrange        Nov.22         Deserted July 4,'62.
Ginglesparger,Daniel   LaGrange        Nov.22         Discharged July 26,'62;disability.
Ginglesparger,David    LaGrange        Nov.22         Discharged.
Giggy,John             LaGrange        Nov.22         Vet.;mustered out Sept.14,'65,as Serg't.
Groves,William D.      LaGrange        Nov.22         Discharged March 24,'63;disability.
Gillett,John           Ringgold        Nov.22         Mustered out Nov.23,'64.
Gregory,George         VanBuren        Nov.22            "      "   "   "   ".
Grice,Joseph           LaGrange        Nov.22         Vet,;mustered out Sept.14,'65,as Corporal.
Hart,Andrew J.         LaGrange        Nov.22         Died at Henderson,Ky.,Jan.20,'62.
Harris,David           LaGrange        Nov.22         Died at New Albany,April 26,'62.
Hayward,Arthur         LaGrange        Nov.22         Died at South Carrolton,Ky.,Jan.28,'62.
Hanslip,Edward         LaGrange        Nov.22         Veteran;mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Hulburt,Edwin          Wolcottville    Nov.22         Discharged,Dec.31,'63;disability.
Holsinger,Elias        LaGrange        Nov.22         Died at New Albany,Nov.8,'62.
Holsinger,George       LaGrange        Nov.22         Died at Pittsburg Landing,March 28,'62.
Hoff,Melanethon        LaGrange        Nov.22         Discharged May 3,'62;disability.
Hill,John C.           LaGrange        Nov.22         Vet.;must'd out Sept.14,'65,as Serg't.
Hill,Joseph            LaGrange        Nov.22         Veteran;mustered out Sept.14,'65.
Johnson,John           LaGrange        Nov.22         Deserted April--,'62.
Ketchum,Victor         LaGrange        Nov.22         Died at Nashville,Tenn.,Feb.28,'63.
Knight,Daniel          Kendaville      Nov.22         Discharged;disability.
Knight,William         LaGrange        Nov.22         Discharged June 25,'62;disability.
Little,John            LaGrange        Nov.22         Deserted.
Moffett,David D.       LaGrange        Nov.22         Mustered out Nov.23,'62.
Morrison,James I.      LaGrange        Nov.22         Discharged April 28,'62;disability.
McDowell,Matthew       LaGrange        Nov.22         Discharged Aug.21,'62;disability.
McKillips,Joseph II    LaGrange        Nov.22         Deserted July 4,'62.
Newman,John            LaGrange        Nov.22         Mustered out Nov.2[8],'64.
Newman,Isiah           LaGrange        Nov.22         Veteran;mustered out Sept.30,'65.
Nelson,John            Middlebury      Nov.22            "       "      "    "   "   ".
Nelson,David           Middlebury      Nov.22         Died at Nashville,Jan.19,'63.
Nichols,Charles II     Wolcottville    Nov.22         Died at New Albany,April 17,'62.
Opie,Joseph            Marcy           Nov.22         Discharged Feb.2,'63;disability.
Pontius,Hiram          Wolcottville    Nov.22         Veteran;promoted 1st Lieutenant.
Perkins,Hiram S.       LaGrange        Nov.22         Died at Evansville,March 17,'62.
Page,Orwin             Lima            Nov.22         Died at Savannah,Tenn.,April 7,'62.
Rowe,Martin F.         Lima            Nov.22         Mustered out Nov.23,'64.
Randol,Henry           Marcy           Nov.22         Discharged June 15,'65.
Randol,Perry           Marcy           Nov.22         Deserted,returned;must'd out Sept.14,'65.
Randol,David           Huntington      Nov.22         Veteran;mustered out Sept.14,'65.

History of the 44th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry
From A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion by Frederick H. Dyer. 
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44th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry

     Organized at Fort Wayne, Ind., and mustered in November 22, 1861. Moved to Henderson, Ky., December. Attached to 13th Brigade, Army of the Ohio, December, 1861.13th Brigade, 5th Division, Army of the Ohio, to February, 1862. 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, Army of the Tennessee, to March, 1862. 3rd Brigade, 4th Division, Army of the Tennessee, to April, 1862. 14th Brigade, 5th Division, Army of the Ohio, to September, 1862. 14th Brigade, 5th Division, 2nd Corps, Army of the Ohio, to November, 1862. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, Left Wing 14th Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, to January, 1863. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 21st Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, to October, 1863. 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, 4th Army Corps, to November, 1863. Post of Chattanooga, Tenn., Dept. of the
Cumberland, to April, 1864. 1st Separate Brigade, Post of Chattanooga, Tenn., to January, 1865. 2nd Brigade, 1st Separate Division, District of Etowah, Dept. of the Cumberland, to May, 1865. 2nd Brigade, 4th Division, District of East Tennessee, Dept. Of the Cumberland, to September, 1865. 

     SERVICE -- Duty at Calhoun, Green River, Ky., January-February, 1862. Moved to Fort Donelson, Tenn., February 11-12. Investment and capture of Fort Donelson February 14-16. Expedition to Crump's Landing, Tenn., March 9-14. Battle of Shiloh, Tenn., April 6-7. Advance on and siege of Corinth, Miss., April 29-May 30. Pursuit to Booneville May 31-June 12. Buell's Campaign in Northern Alabama and Middle Tennessee June to August. March to Louisville, Ky., in pursuit of Bragg August 21-September 26. Pursuit of Bragg to Loudon, Ky., October 1-22. March to Nashville, Tenn., October 22-November 7, and duty there till December 26. Lavergne November 23. Advance on Murfreesboro, Tenn., December 26-30 Battle of Stone's River December 30-31, 1862, and January 1-3, 1863. Duty at Murfreesboro
till June. Middle Tennessee (or Tullahoma) Campaign June 23-July 7. Occupation of Middle Tennessee till August 16. Passage of the Cumberland Mountains and Tennessee River and Chickamauga (Ga.) Campaign August 16-September 22. Battle of Chickamauga September 19-20. Mission Ridge September 22. Before Chattanooga September 22-26. Siege of Chattanooga September 26-November 23. Assigned to Provost duty at Chattanooga November 8. Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign November 23-27. Mission Ridge November 25. On Provost duty at Chattanooga, Tenn., till September, 1864. At Tullahoma September 28 to October 2. Return to Chattanooga, Tenn., October 15, and Provost duty there till
September, 1865. Mustered out September 14, 1865. 

     Regiment lost during service 4 Officers and 76 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 9 Officers and 220 Enlisted men by disease. Total 309 

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