Johnson County, Indiana

Edinburg Business Directory 1858

ALEXANDER, A. J. Dealer in watches, clocks, and jewelry
BELL, Henry Boot and shoemaker
BRADLEY, James President, Board of Trustees
BROWN, J. R. Dealer in stoves, tinware and hardware
CLARK, John Town Trustee
CLARK, Alanson Saloon Keeper
CLARK, A. Physician and surgeon
COCHRAN, J. W. Daguerrian artist
COLEMAN, J. O. Dealer in stoves, tinware and hardware
COLLIER, Samuel Blacksmith
COOPER, William Grocer
COX & MURPHY Butchers
DAVIS, A. T. Physician and surgeon
EASON, J. G. Physician and surgeon
FROST & FORER Cabinetmakers
GOODWIN, Wm. R. (Rev.) Clergyman
HACKNEY, L. J. Proprietor livery stable
HINEKEN, Mrs. Milliner and dealer in fancy goods
HOLSTEAD, A. Town Trustee
HONTZ, John Boot and shoemaker
HUBBARD, W. W. Attorney at law
HYMAN, R. Saloon Keeper
KEIFER, A. Druggist and dealer in books and stationery
KELLY, R. M. Attorney at law
LONG, Henry Baker
LEWIS, Harvey Town Clerk
LEWIS, Harvey, II Grocery and provision dealer
McCRAE, John Constable
MATLOCK, D. D. Baker and confectioner
MITCHELL, R. M. Barber
MOFFATT, M. Saloon Keeper
MOORE, T. S. Merchant Tailor
PATTON, S. E. Constable and Town Marshall
PEGGS & TAYLOR Dealers in dry goods and groceries
PIDGEON, C. B. Proprietor billiard saloon
ROBINS, D. F. Druggist and watchmaker
ROTH, Charles Saloon Keeper
RUNKLE, J. Saddler and harness maker
RUSH, W. P. Postmaster
RUSH, W. P. Physician and surgeon
SHIPP, Austin General Store
SIED, William Clothier
SIMS, N. M. & Co. Butchers
SNOW, Charles W. Justice of Peace
STERRY, S. C. Proprietor Union House
THOMPSON, J. M & W. H. Grocers
THOMPSON, Jas. & Co. Dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware, iron
THOMPSON, James Justice of Peace
VAN DORMER, L. D. Carriage and wagon manufacturer
WALL, John General Store
WALSH, John Town Treasurer
WATTS, R. L. Justice of Peace
WILKINSON, L. P. Dental surgeon
WINANS, William Boot and shoe manufacturer
WOODWARD, W. H. Physician and surgeon