Peyton Everett Ballard

Peyton Everett Ballard, son of Aaron and Nancy Ballard, was born in Henry county February 24, 1845, and departed this life April 9, 1903, aged 58 years, 12 month and 15 days.

"He was the youngest of six children, four of whom have passed to that great beyond.

"On October 11, 1875, he was united in marriage to Jane Spell, daughter of William and Nancy Spell, who survives him.

"To this union were born seven children, one having died in infancy, while three sons and three daughters are left bereft of a kind and loving father.

"Mr. Ballard contracted pneumonia some two weeks ago, and this with other complications brought on his death. He was a believer in God and the church, though he never made a profession. He lived a rather quiet life. He did not seek the gaze of the crowd but rather loved retirement. He made no attempt to shine in society for he chose the plain society of the common people. Of him we say:

'He was a friend to truth, of soul sincere,
'In action faithful, in honor clear;
'Who broke no promise, served no private end,
'Who gained no title, who lost no friend.'

"A few days ago, he was walking over his farm. Today he lies cold in death. Soon he will be resting in the low green tent whose curtains never outward swing. He lies in peace waiting the call of God and God's final destination, while we the children of earth and time linger a little longer for that same word."

Submitted by:
Mark Dixon

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