(Obituary By: D. C. Griffin)

"Tis finished, earth's conflict is past, The heaven born spirt is fled;
Her wish is accomplished at last,
And now she's entombed with the dead.

Her soul has now taken its flight,
To mansions of glory aove;
To mingle with angels of light,
And dwell in the kindgond of love,
Death has all seasons and ages ofr his own.
He comes to the gray-haired father and to the hopeful youth.
All must pay tribute to his universal sule.

He came to his home and took the pride and flower, the fair young wife.

Opal Netz Luellen, daughter of Andrew and Nora Netz was born in Ashland, Indiana, Mar. 28, 1889, and on the afternoon of the 21st of Oct. 1912, while the winds were whispering and rustling the bright autumn leaves the Angel of Death came and beckoned her to follow him.

Her lovely eyes, her smiling face, how can we let her go?
Can we no more her form embrace?
How sad the truth to know!
My soul, be still, such pinings flee,
Through grace she's taken home.

Opal was of a loving and childlike disposition, cheerful and hopeful to the last. She always had a smile for every one and to know her was to love her. Her earliest life was spent at Ashland and having completed the common school work there, she graduated from the New Castle school in 1907.

She then taught in the common schools of Liberty Twp. for two years. In all her school work, both as pupil and teacher, she was kind, considerate, always truthful and held in high esteem by those who knew her.

In the spring of 1909 she moved with her parents to Oklahoma; shortly after this on the 19th of May, 1909 she was united in marriage with Iver Luellen, and though their marriad life was of short duration it can truly be said to be one of happiness.

She leaves besides her husband to mourn her departure, a father, mother and one sister, Audrey, and a host of relatives and friends. Beyond our tear dimmed eyes, and broken hearts thy precious spirit reasts forever with the Lord.