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Parker Lacey

Parker Lacey

One of those sad affairs that startle and horrify the community and shock the nerves of the entire neighborhood occured Monday afternoon near Blountsville. Mr. Parker Lacey was an old citizen of Blountsville and he raised a large family of six children, all of whom have grown up and married. As a consequence he has grown old, without a home of his own, has become destitute and has been obliged to make his home with his son Francis Lacey and son-in-law Jacob Becktell and a daughter at New Lisbon. Of late he has been at his son Francis' at Blountsville. He has been for some time afflicted with a terrible cancer on his face, which has almost entirely eaten away his nose and caused him terible suffering. As a consequence of these troubles he has grown discouraged, and on Monday afternoon, being missed, and search being made for him by his daughter-in-law, he was found in a pond near by where he had evidently walked out on a log and stepped in. His cane was found sticking in the bank nearby. He was about sixty-eight or seventy years old. The Coroner was notified this morning, and is holding an inquest today. It is not known here yet when the funeral will occur, but probably today or tomorrow. He has no relatives in this city but many near Blountsville.

Submitted by Eva Woolard

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