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On Sunday, July 26, 1998 a piece of Henry Co. history fell victim to the violent and destructive act of arson.

The Blountsville Nazarene Church was set fire to and burned to the ground, despite the efforts of the Blountsville Volunteer Fire Department and 8 other Volunteer Fire Departments who assisted them.

It was truely a sad day in Blountsville, not only for the 35 member congregation and their pastor who lost their church home, but for the town as a whole.

The church was built, circa 1839/40 and was the original church in Blountsville. The cemetery, which lies to the side of the church was set aside in May of 1839 by William Murray Sr., whose wife Mary was the first person to be buried there. It is not clear what denomination the church was at that time. It is believed that it was a Methodist or Methodist Episcopal Church.

All of the old church records were kept in the basement and were destroyed in the fire. If you have ancestors who attended the church in Blountsville and have records such as an old family bible or any other source of history that may help reconstruct these church records please consider donating copies of the information.

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