Children of
Abraham Lennington Sr.
Elizabeth (Bole/Boles) Lennington
1. William Lennington
b: 1804 Armstrong Co. Pa.
d: 1860/1870 Grant Co. Indiana
Married: Maria Powell  1 May 1829  Wayne Co. Indiana
b: Abt. 1813  Va.
d: unknown

2. Mary Lennington
b: 14 Jan. 1806  Armstrong Co. Pa.
d: 27 Mar. 1874  Girard Twp., Crawford Co. Ks.
Married:  John Small   2 Nov. 1826  Wayne Co. Indiana
b: Abt. 1796  N. C.
d: 28 Oct. 1851  Clinton, Indiana

3. Margaret Lennington
b: 30 Jan. 1807  Armstrong Co. Pa.
d: 17 Oct. 1883
Buried: Blountsville Cemetery, Blountsville, Stony Creek Twp., Henry Co. Indiana
Married; Henry Warren  13 May 1824  Wayne Co. Indiana
b: 15 June 1803  Orange Co. N.C.
d: 15 April 1841
Buried: Blountsville Cemetery, Blountsville, Stony Creek Twp., Henry Co. Indiana
Son of: James and Sarah (Williams) Warren


Henry Warren is a brother of Sarah "Sally" Warren who married Andrew Blount, the founder of Blountsville.
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4. Jane Lennington
b: 28 July 1808  Titusville, Crawford Co. Pa.
d: 11 Feb. 1857  Westville, Laporte Co. Indiana
Married: Jonathan Williams  17 Jan. 1826  Wayne Co. Indiana
b: 17 June 1803  Friendsville, Blount Co. Tn.
d: 6 Dec. 1858  Porter Co. Indiana
Son of: Azariah and Sarah (Blakely) Williams


Jonathan Williams was a grandson of David and Debra (Horser) Williams and first cousin to Sarah "Sally" Warren, who married Andrew Blount, the founder of Blountsville.

5. James Lennington
b: 31 Oct. 1811 Armstrong Co. Pa.
d: 24 Aug. 1885
Buried: Blountsville Cemetery
Married; Emily Woolcut  20 June 1833  Wayne Co. Indiana
b: 26 Nov. 1812  NY or CT
d: 26 Mar. 1901  Stony Creek Twp., Henry Co. Indiana
Buried: Blountsville Cemetery


James Lennington came to Henry Co. in 1835. For 12 years, he was a strong supporter of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Blountsville, Stony Creek Twp. He then served as Pastor of the New Light Christian Church in Blountsville for 5 years.

6. Abraham Lennington Jr.
b: 1812  Armstrong Co. Pa.
d: Feb. 1842
Buried: unknown
Married: Elizabeth "Betsey" Murray  2 May 1834  Wayne Co. Indiana
b: Abt. 1814  Armstrong Co. Pa.
d: 14 Feb. 1842
Buried: Blountsville Cemetery
Daughter of: William Sr. and Mary (Bole/Boles) Murray


Abraham Lennington Jr. and Elizabeth "Betsey" Murray, were first cousins. Their mothers, Elizabeth (Bole/Boles) Lennington and Mary (Bole/Boles) Murray, were sisters.

Not much is known about Abraham Jr. and Elizabeth "Betsey"  except for the fact that, Abraham Lennington Jr. was the first to open a hotel in Blountsville in 1834, and his brother, James Lennington opened the first store in Blountsville probably around the same time.

Judging from this information, it is assumed that Abraham Jr. and Elizabeth "Betsey" had a bright future in Henry Co. But their full potential was not be be realized due to their tragic deaths in 1842.  Even sadder  were the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

Sometime on Valentine's Day, 14 Feb. 1842, Abraham Lennington Jr. laced an apple with Arsenic and in some manner made sure that Elizabeth "Betsey" ate it, resulting in her death. He murdered his wife of 8 years, because he desired to marry a servant girl who's name to this day, remains a mystery.

It did not take long for the crime to be discovered and Abraham Jr. was the prime suspect. In desperation, he fled to Kentucky but his freedom was short lived, as he was apprehended not long after he arrived there.

He was being transported back to Indiana to face the consequences of his evil deed on a riverboat. The exact date is not known except that it was sometime after Feb. 14, 1842.  While on the riverboat, which was crossing the Ohio River, Abraham Lennington Jr. committed suicide by throwing himself over the wheel.

At this time, it appears there were no children born of the union between Abraham Jr. and Elizabeth "Betsey" (Murray) Lennington.

7. Samuel Lennington
b: 1814/1815  Wayne Co. Indiana
d: 1850  Wayne Co. Indiana
Married 1st: Abigail  McPherson  2 April 1835
Married 2nd: Ann Doughty  6 Aug. 1843

8. Sarah Lennington
b: 17 Sept. 1817  Wayne Co. Indiana
d; 16 May 1906  Stuart Twp., Guthrie Co. Iowa

9. Eliza Lennington
b: 21 Apr. 1821  Economy, Wayne Co. Indiana
d: 20 Dec. 1987   Losantville, Randolph Co. Indiana
Buried: Blountsville Cemetery
Married: Cyrus K. Templin  16 May 1842  Wayne Co. Indiana
b: 6 June 1822  Blountsville, Stony Creek Twp., Henry Co. Indiana
d: 22 Dec. 1854  Blountsville
Buried: Blountsville Cemetery
Son of:  Robert and Eunice (Bales) Templin

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10. Hannah Lennington
b: 1825  Wayne Co. Indiana
d: unknown
Married: Jonathan Vannote   30 July 1841  Wayne Co. Indiana
b: unknown
d: unknown