Code# Street Location Name Notes
CR008 Churchman Ave. 2101 S  New Crown      
CR072  West Street   400 S   Greenlawn   [Closed; Graves moved]  
CR092 Meridian Street 2700 S  Concordia  Lutheran; at Southern
CR093 38th Street 700 W Crown Hill 180,000+ burials
CR096 Kelly Street    2200 S   Hebrew  North of Holy Cross
CR097  Troy Ave.  435 W Holy Cross Combined w/St.Joseph 
CR101 Troy Ave. 435 W St. Joseph Combined w/Holy Cross
CR124 Michigan St. 860 W. Patterson No Stones
DC003 Mills Road 5200 W Mt. Pleasant Baptist
DC029 Haueisen Road 9200 W Center Friends AKA Starbuck  
DC036 Mann Road 5100 S McFarland  AKA Mars-Beeler
DC040 Milton Street 6700 W  West Newton In West Newton
DC042 Mooresville Road 3900 S  Liberty AKA Mars-Hill
DC043 Mooresville Road 7500 S Easton Friends AKA Old Quaker
DC057 Seerley Road 6500 W Bethel Methodist AKA Hoffman 
DC073  Scott Road  3100 S  Lick Branch On Indpls.Int'l. Airport   
FR001  Acton Road 8000 S   Acton   
FR009  Churchman Ave. 6400 S  Wheatley  In yard of house
FR010 Cincinn./Garstang 3500 S Meth. Episcopal South of Big 4 Yard
FR016 Edgewood Ave.  6800 E United Brethren AKA Ebenezer    
FR017 Emerson Ave.  6500 S   Mount Zion
FR023 Franklin Road 400 S  Big Run At Indian Creek Rd   
FR035   Knapp Road   8400 S Morris 
FR056 Senour Road 3600 S Buck Creek Christian
FR058    Shelbyville Road 7300 E  Kemper Off road/frt yard
FR060 Southeastern Ave 9000 E New Bethel Wanamaker  
FR062 Southport Road 6400 E Piner AKA Combs
FR121 Doe Creek Hickman 2 graves
FR122 Wildcat Run   Parsley  6 graves
FR123 Maze & Yoke Roads Rubush-Joyce AKA Sampson
FR124     Buck Creek Rector Destroyed
LA006 Castleton Road 8000 N Wright-Gentry    AKA Whitsell; W of I-69  
LA011 DuBarry Road 4315 N Vine In rear NW corner of apt complex  
LA019 Fall Creek Road  5400 E   Negley AKA Stoop  
LA020 Fall Creek Road 8300 N Salem Off Road  
LA021  Fox Road  11000 E  Klepfer Post 1870
LA026 Germantown Road 7100 N Oaklandon AKA IOOF
LA028 Post Road  6200 N Spring Valley AKA Reddick Farm  
LA032 Indian Lake Road  7700 N Emery Off road; AKA Day
LA047 Old Orchard Drive 12200 E McCord    In Oaklandon  
LA049 Pendleton Pike 10700 E Hoss At German Church Road     
LA050 Pendleton Pike 11300 E Mock Off road; On Mock Creek
LA054  Sargent Road  8200 N Hopewell Pre 1870
LA065 Sunnyside Road 7800 N Todd  Post 1870
LA076 46th Street 11000 E Wesley Chapel Pre 1870 
LA085  E.County Line   9000 N  Bills AKA George Beaver 
LA102 Emerson Ave.  4600 N   Episcopal AKA Highland; AKA Pogue
LA118 52nd & German Ch. 10800 E   McConnell AKA Plummer    
LA119 Fall Creek Road 6800 E  Old Silvey AKA Silvey   
PK015 Crown Point Rd. 8200 W    Crown Point AKA Caldwell 
PK041 Moore Rd.&US 100 8400 N  Pleasant Hill Rev War marker   
PK063 Striebeck Road  9100 N Cotton Off road; AKA Harmon   
PK064 West 56 St. 8000 W Jones Chapel At Sunnyhill Road   
PK077 52nd Street 5200 W  Bethel Baptist Pre 1870   
PK078 52nd Street  6000 W North Liberty Off road behind church   
PK079 62nd Street 4100 W   New Augusta AKA Old Glory
PK081 76th Street   2800 W  Old Augusta
PK082 7940 Fox Run Rd 6800 W Hopewell AKA Connaroe Woods
PK105 74th & Woodland 7400 N   Wiley On Golden Rule Insurance land
PY002 Banta Road 1200 W Tilton-Alcorn  AKA Banta  
PY007 Churchman Ave. 1300 E Lick Creek By Beech Grove Park  
PY013 Concord Avenue 5900 S    Concord Ave. Open field
PY018 Epler Ave. 1700 W Bell  Pre 1870
PY037 Meridian Street 5300 S Round Hill Pre 1870  
PY061 Southport Road 2800 E Southport  
PY084 Bluff Road 3900 S Vorhees  Pre 1870
PY091 Troy Ave. 400 W Calvary At Bluff Road
PY103 W. Southport 4000 W Mundy AKA Fowler-Mundy
PY106 Stop 6 & Thompson Webb
WA012 Cold Springs Road 4500 N Bridgeford
WA030 Union Chapel Road 8306 N  Union Chapel AKA Whitinger
WA033 Kessler Blvd. 300 W Crows Nest AKA Krise; AKA Scott  
WA038 Millersville Road 4020 N  Sutherland Park  (private) AKA Ebenezer Lutheran
WA039 Millersville Road 4110 N Fall Creek Off road; behind church
WA080 75th Street  4720 E  Old Battleground North of road  
WA083 96th Street 700 W Williams Creek
WA089 42nd Street 2400 W  Swift No longer exists 
WA100 Kessler Blvd. 2700 N Washington Park N Large site
WA104 75th Street 4700 E DeFord AKA Old Ford
WA111 E. 61st St. & US37  Huffman-Rink No longer exists
WA115  Kessler Blvd. 2300 W Glen Haven Park Within Wash Park 
WA116 Spring Mill Road 7900 N  Newby
WA117 Keystone and Kessler Bacon
WA117 Keystone and Kessler Bacon / Dawson AKA Dawson Farm
WR004 Brookville Road   5700 E Brookville Road In IHC front yard
WR005  Brookville Road 10400 E Mt. Pleasant Meth. E of Bade Rd  
WR022 Franklin Road 2700 N Van Sickle Off road 
WR024 German Church Rd 200N St. John's Evang.
WR025 German Church Rd 100 S  German Church Road Post 1870
WR031 Huber Street  100 S  McVey
WR034 Kitley Road  2600 S Freeman Poor Condition 
WR044 Muesing Road  100 S  Cumberland In Cumberland 
WR045 Muesing Road 200 S Huntington
WR046 Muesing Road  1500 S Muesing  Off road
WR051 Post Road  2900 S Koch AKA Deutsch Evangelical.
WR052 Prospect Street 10800 E  Luebking Off road 
WR053 Prospect Street 11300 E Kitley-King
WR055 Senour Road 2700 S Davis   Off road behind pines  
WR059 Shortridge Road   1100 S Brady
WR071   Troy Ave. 7500 E St. Johns Lutheran On Marion County Fairgrounds 
WR074 10th Street  6200 E Anderson North side only in 1870 
WR088 Prospect Street  10400 E Witte East bank of Grassy Ck
WR098 Washington Street 9300 E Memorial Park Large comm. site
WR099  Washington Street 10800 E   Washington Park E Large commercial site
WR107 E. 34th St. near Arlington Johnson Farm 
WR108 S. Raymond near Franklin  Rohde AKA Rhode  
WR109 Raymond & Post Piel
WR112 5633 Southeastern Ave. Elbrock/Eickhoff
WR114 E. 16th St near Franklin  Jinkins
WR120 East Washington Street 11077 E. Whisler  
WR123 Julian Ave. 5120 Wilson
WY014 County Line West  2300 S Bridgeport Friends
WY027 Girls School Road 2300 N Old Union Off road
WY048 Park Fletcher 2000 S Old Baptist  Off road 
WY066 Tansel Road 3600 N Clermont In Clermont  
WY067 Tibbs Ave. 200 N  Mount Jackson
WY068 Tibbs Ave. 300 N Central State Hospital 
WY069 Tibbs Ave.  2100 N  Marion Co. Pauper 
WY070 Tibbs Ave.  2900 N  West Union AKA Meyer  
WY075 21st Street   9000 W Floral Park West
WY094 Cossell Road 3600 W  Floral Park


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