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These will books are located in the Clerk's Office in the DeKalb County Courthouse.  Listed are all pages that the will is on.  Cost of each page is $1.00.  You may send a Self-Addressed stamped envelope with a money order enclosed for the full amount to: 
Clerk's Office    
Circuit Court    
P. O. Box 230   
Auburn, IN  46706   
Attention:  Microfilm Dept. 
If you have an email address, please enclose it with your request in case there is a question. 

Information about Will Record Books
Will Record Book No. 1  Jan. 7, 1852-Dec. 17, 1877
Will Record Book No. 2 and Will Record Book No. 3  Jan. 28, 1878 to Oct. 3, 1910  No. 2 & 3 are in the same book.  No. 2 Runs to page 224 where Will Record No. 3 Commences.  For ease of Indexing - these were split up into their separate numbers (2 & 3).
Will Record No. 4 March 6, 1900 to January 8, 1908  Note:  Some of the pages were marked out with no number assigned to the crossed out pages.  If the last number was 433 and the next pages were not numbered (or reassigned a number), then I marked them 433a, 433b, 433c, etc….this is to show you how many pages there were all together so if you want a copy of the will, you will know how much money to send.  The microfilm department person was told of this and thank you for your patience. This was to help us index the wills also.
Will Record No. 6  Oct. 24, 1912 to May 18, 1921

These records are from valid wills (testate means a person died and left a valid will) and are located in the County Clerk's office but some additional wills may be located in the Recorder's Office.  Land was very important to our ancestors; so some wills are deeds to heirs for the property they owned.  Wills from Will Book 2 & 3 were almost totally destroyed by the courthouse records fire in 1913.  Many of these names do not have a complete will, only a name and very brief comment.  Original wills with signature are available after 1913. Will Book No. 5 was burned up in the 1913 courthouse records fire.  Election is a choice of administering the will differently than written within the law.

This will index was retyped from the list compiled by various genealogy society members including Ruth Camarata, Jenny Blomeke, and Betty Blomeke.  It was sorted and put into numerical order.  Page by Page it was checked with the original Will Record Books.  If there was a discrepancy in the names or page numbers it was double-checked and changed.  Page numbers were also added for each page of the will instead of just the starting page of the will.  It was then put into a format to have later Will Record books indexed and added to this database.  An effort to be as accurate as possible was made.  Please excuse if any mistakes were made and please check out your original wills as these records are invaluable to your research.  A committee of Renee Collins, Carol Pettit, and Roselyn Wells has been formed to put together these records and future Will Record books Indexes into the format of a book.  This will be offered for sale by the Genealogy society at a later date. A free copy will be given to the courthouse and also made available to the DeKalb County libraries to copy.

DeKalb County Will Index