Wartenbe Cemetery

Directions:  Stafford Township, DeKalb County, Indiana,   S°29   T°34N   R°15E     41 22'29"N   84 49'02"W
From Newville, drive northeast on CR71A to CR79 and turn north.  Continue northbound to CR42.  Turn west and go about 0.3 miles where the private cemetery is located on the south side of the road.  From SR1, go east on CR40, south on CR75 and east on CR42.

From "History of DeKalb County Cemeteries" by Dorothy A. Ditmars, April 18, 1924.

    Henry Wanemaker, Stewart Wartenbee, and George D. Webster, trustees of the cemetery, conveyed the same to S. S. Casebere, trustee of Stafford township on February 21, 1905.
    Some prominent members who are buried there are Chas. Wanemaker and wife, John J. Greenwalt and wife, Henry Webster and wife, and a host of others.

Information from John Scoville:

The (above) is the order for a tombstone for Minnie Joslin.  Minnie was the daughter of Clark and Mary Joslin and is buried in the Wartenbe Cemetery.  Clark and Mary are my great great grandparents.  Clark Joslin died in 1873 and Mary remarried to Erastus Wanamaker in 1878.  The reason for Mary V. Wanamaker ordering a stone for Minnie in 1879.  Note, "to be set in the Webster yd" [yard].  I believe that this cemetery was probably originally known as the Webster Cemetery.  Below the stone order is a picture of Minnie's stone today.
The stone is missing today, but the earliest burial, that I know of in the Wartenbe Cemetery, is for a John Webster who died in 1841 at the age of 19 years.  This John Webster was a son of John & Betsey Webster.  John Webster, the father, and his brother Hazzard Webster settled in Stafford in 1836 and entered large tracts of land.  Another son of John & Betsey Webster was William Webster.  William owned the farm that the Wartenbe Cemetery is located on and I would assume that William got this farm from his father.  John Webster, the father, died in 1854.  William Webster first married a Lovisa Ann Barber.  She died and William remarried to Cordelia Wanamaker in 1848.  In 1857 William Webster died and Cordelia remarried to Steward Patterson Wartenbe in 1859.  Steward was from Defiance Co., Ohio and did not live in this area until his marriage to Cordelia.  When he married Cordelia he moved to the William Webster farm.  William and Cordelia living there until their deaths in 1905.  Steward and Cordelia's son Corwin Wartenbe then lived on this farm for a few years before selling it.
I would assume that the Wartenbe Cemetery started out as a Webster family cemetery and quickly became a community burial ground as several of the early family of this area are buried there.  Also, it couldn't have been known as the Wartenbe Cemetery until after 1859 as there weren't any Wartenbe's in the area.

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