Old Evergreen
Old Evergreen Cemetery

Directions:  Union Township, DeKalb County, Indiana,   S°32   T°34N  R°13E
This public cemetery is in the town of Auburn on Union St. near the Evergreen Cemetery. From Main St, south of Seventh St/SR8, go east on 18th or 19th St and is located on the east side of Union St.

From "History of DeKalb County Cemeteries" by Dorothy A. Ditmars, April 18, 1924.

    A few years after the Civil War and after the old Auburn Cemetery dates back to the founding of Auburn in 1863.  This was the first in Union township and is located in the south east part of Auburn.
    William McIntosh of Auburn gives the following account:
    "Few, if any people are living who took part in the funeral procession which proceeded through the woods, slowly on foot. For a long time it was a peaceful spot, whose solitude was rarely broken, except for the wild-wood birds singing, and by Nature's lovely herbage in the narrow pathways, and here and there a grave stone of marble, fallen from its' base.

Dec. 2, 1897, The Auburn Courier, Thursday (Submitted by Roselyn Wells)

    Charlie Bartels was over at Kendallville Monday, and while there had a talk with Mr. Harry I. Park in regard to the old part of the cemetery here, Mr. Park has several relatives buried there and is anxious to see it put in good shape and kept so.  He prepared two papers for subscriptions to be used for that purpose.  One paper is to raise money for an iron fence, which is estimated would have to be about 820 feet long, and cost something like $500.  For this purpose, he heads the list of subscribers, putting down $125.  On the other list, which is for the expense of keeping the grounds in proper repair he subscribed $3.  Mr. Bartels and others interested will circulate these papers, asking such sums as the people feel like giving.  If they succeed as we hope they may, this old cemetery where repose so many of the pioneers of Auburn and DeKalb county, will be redeemed from the disgraceful condition into which it had fallen.  Let us see that it is done.

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