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DeKalb County Indiana Genealogy Society Meeting

Don't miss this meeting! Such a fun experience.

Trash or Treasure
Roger Lash

Monday, December 10, 2018
6:00 social time 6:15 meeting

Bring a plate or dish of food to share. (cookies, chips, hot dish, etc.) Drinks will be furnished. Do you have something that you have in the family or you just picked up at a recent garage sale!? Is it worth more than you thought or is it trash? Even if you think he will not value it very much, it might mean a lot to you or your family. It is a time to share with others too!

DeKalb County Indiana Genealogy Society Meeting

February 13, 2018

Historical Traditions in Modern Weddings


Amanda Wells Blackman

6:00 social time 6:15 meeting time


National Truck and Automotive Museum,
meeting room

Amanda Blackman, native of DeKalb County and resident of Kendallville will be presenting this thought provoking program. Some questions she will be answering will be: What metal were the first engagement rings? Why do brides wear veils and white dresses? Why do we serve wedding cake? What is the purpose of attendants? What did they originally throw at the end of the ceremony? Join us and learn the real stories of our most common traditions. Bring your wedding photo and wedding story, if you wish to share at the end of the program.

In our family there were three women married on the same day, 26th of September. The first wedding was of a DeKalb County woman that was born in Butler. She was Mary Ella Hanes, married in 1891 to William “David” Gardner. Her daughter, Dorothy Gardner married George Mailloux on the same date in 1931. Dorothy’s daughter, Veronica Mailloux and Robert Theine tied the knot in 1953.

The picture of three couples belongs to Roselyn Wells and is a good representation of three brides getting married on the same day.

The single couple is Bethel Hanes and George Buss on their wedding day in 1936. George and Bethel lived in Waterloo many years where Bethel had grown up. George managed the Waterloo Texaco Station for 25 years.

If the roads are treacherous, the meeting will be cancelled. We do not want anyone hurt trying to come to our meeting. Please call 260.925.0384 before 5:00 to see if we have our meeting on that night. You do not have to be a member to attend.

Three couples getting married  Betel Hanes and George Buss

DeKalb County Indiana Genealogy Society Meeting

Cancellation of meeting. We will be cancelling our January 9, 2018 meeting “Research Night” for various reasons. It will be rescheduled on March 13 at the Willennar Genealogy Center at 6:00.

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